A leaked zoom call is beyond ghastly – it’s treason all by itself! Biden orders his “zoomers” what they are gonna have to start doing as he yells ‘this country will be minority white European’ in one breathe and ‘you’re gonna have to start working with hispanics’ in another and ‘this country is doomed’ in the next. Watch and listen close – in this call he is raising his voice like a mad dictator at his …(whatever they are) I’ll call them his crew.

Full Zoom call with civil rights leaders.

Are you awake yet America? Listen to the zoom call.

Column: The improbable resurrection of Joe Biden - Chicago Tribune
The man is mad with imaginary power and appears to have demonic obssessions. His agenda is pure evil.

Dianne Marshall


  1. golding4 says:

    Some bad time coming! I wonder when it’s time to lock and load, we will all, seem to know when, at the same time. but than again, there are some biblical facts that will, and is in play already. A book coming out soon called “Pro Verses” pertaining to out choices.

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  2. golding4 says:

    I believe the reality of fact is looking us in the face, and with just a little knowledge of what is going on, one can know that the democrat party had been taken over by Satan himself, He is out in the open now, alive and well, and knowing his time is short, Satan needs to bring down the whole world, and he knows if America goes down, so goes the whole world. and it may happen sooner, then later. The 18th chapter of Isaiah is only seven verses long, the first three descripts a nation, the next three descripts what God is going to do to it, and I like the last verse, it says, some of them will stand before the Lord in worship…..I starts out; WOE to that nation under the eagles wing, a nation beyond civilization ( Ethiopia was the fringe of civilization in Isaiah’s time) and beyond a sea where they have to go by ship to get to the modern world, A people tall and smooth skinned, a people strong from their beginning….am I descripting America yet? Choices are going to become very important in our lives soon, Amazon will have a new book out in a few weeks called “Pro Verses” that may help a lot of people in the near future.

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  3. The election was invalidated by voter fraud and illegal election tampering.
    These law abiding folks have to choose between obeying the law or seizing power by taking advantage of criminal election interference in defiance of the law.

    Are you patriots or insurrectionists in support of an illegal government takeover?

    How the Trump administration deals with this will be based on your decision.

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    1. Oscar says:

      Totally agree, he has the power for a short time, he has already waited too long. If he does not act now with either the Insurrection Act or declare Marshal Law then not only our country and we the people are lost, but he has to also know he and his family will be in dire danger ! He now has the power to save us all, why would he not do this?


  4. No need to ruin everybody’s Christmas, a Saturday to Monday noon , but election fraud is building up. Forget what these feckless courts are doing. Trump got 74 plus million , leaving Biden with a possible 60 million tops. He could not have won. Have the courts ruled on this fact? The anomaly is where did these ballots come from and why were they counted or certified?


    1. ROBERT PILCHMAN says:

      If the Congress overrides POTUS’s veto of the defense bill – that apparently takes away his ability to use the insurrection act – then what??? WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME !!!!


    1. MelH says:

      An Election Re-Do, without machines and mail-in ballots, is the only way to PROVE the Trump Landslide. Obviously Jack Dorsey is a Communist and why he has not been charged with TREASON is way beyond me. But be of good cheer! Trump is our President for ther next four years. Count on it!


  5. ROBERT PILCHMAN …. are you Jewish? Cause if you are, I cannot believe my eyes. Somebody of that kind fighting for the right causes is a very pleasant surprise


  6. Death Merchant says:

    Tired of all of this ?? Want to do something that makes sense and isn’t radical?? Look into the Three Percenters-Original website. Make sure the -Original is part of the website name as there are a couple of fake sites using the Three Percenter name and logo. They are not a militia but national organization that consists of regional, state and county chapters. It is a way to meet other people with your same mindset. You don’t just “join up” you apply and get a face to face vetting interview before you are accepted into the state level chapters. Check them out, it is a way to join patriot groups to serve your community and the country during these dark days. Learn about them before you reject them, you’ll be glad you did. They are legit.


  7. Joe Morse says:

    For a group of people not condoning racism they sure excludes races from their agenda on these talks… Seems the only people benefitting here are them.


  8. Whirled Peas says:

    Those American citizens who believe that the election was fair and fraud free are either brainwashed, brain-dead or both.
    Those Americans who KNOW that the election was rigged and continue to go along and accept the results because they hate Trump (America), are complicit in the crime and are guilty of treason and sedition.

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  9. Robert Wayne Smith says:

    Donald Trump is the only hope for keeping our country as it was planned by our forefathers.
    Get right with God and keep Donald Trump as our duly elected president.


  10. ken h hurder says:

    I am going to try and be in DC to support POTUS. As an American veteran I can’t stand to see our country taken by radical socialist. People need to wake up to the fact that the Dems will control us with utilities, gas, heat, water, food, etc. Just a matter of time. If you don’t do what the Dems want, look out. Just look at Venezuela, they are controlling the food, people are starving. This is what will happen to us someday with the Democrats, when and what will it take for us to make sure POTUS stays in the WH. I think the president understands the bible and what it is pointing to now. For your children and grandchildren do something now!


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