The evil ones not only censored, they tried to destroy the reputations and livelihoods of the doctors on the front lines who stood up and told the people the truth about therapuetics that can heal them from COVID-19. They forbid taking therapeutic drugs that could help and laughed at building the immune system through non GMO foods that had nutritional value.

No Evidence That Doctor Group in Viral Video Got Near COVID 'Front Lines' |  MedPage Today
Brave front line doctors stepped out to tell the truth and were censored by all the media fake and social! Read their censored SCOTUS press conference transcripts here: https://www.rev.com/blog/transcripts/americas-frontline-doctors-scotus-press-conference-transcript
America's Frontline Doctors? Misleading COVID-19 Video Goes Viral, Removed  By Social Media Giants - YouTube

They lied about what a virus was in spite of biologists and medical experts coming forward with the truth and facts. Social media censored our medical doctors and listened to non medical vaccine pushers like Bill Gates.  They shut down small businesses and many closed permanently. Many opened up and were limited to as few as one person at a time into your business. At the same time big chain stores could have capacity and that was hundreds. They closed down our non-essential churches and said tough to our first amendment rights. At the same time they allowed ANTIFA AND BLM GROUPS to burn, destroy precints, cities, and national monuments. They allowed them to loot, steal, beat up and kill people.

I Do Not Consent: My Fight Against Medical Cancel Culture: Gold MD, JD,  Simone: 9781642938906: Amazon.com: Books
Dr, Simone Gold’s book “I Do Not Consent- My Fight Against Medical Cancel Culture” Is sold on line at Amazon.
From treating COVID patients in her local hospital to fighting for the rights of frontline doctors, Dr. Simone Gold tells her story.

“The bumper-sticker directive to ‘follow the science’ was actually an evasion of responsibility. It let people off the hook for their bad decisions in a crisis. Was New York Governor Cuomo’s executive order sending COVID-hospitalized patients back to nursing homes to infect other vulnerable nursing home patients ‘following the science’? Of course not. And sending post-hospitalization COVID-positive patients back to nursing homes was unnecessary. Relative to the total nursing home population, Governor Cuomo contributed to a larger percentage of nursing-home deaths—especially when compared to the states without such a policy. New Jersey’s over seven thousand nursing home deaths account for half of the state’s fatalities since March. Pennsylvania did just as miserably. These governors made specific decisions that cost thousands of the most vulnerable, most expendable, their lives. But they didn’t do it to their own relatives.”
—From I Do Not Consent

 Sick people and those who needed follow up therapy, heart and other surgeries were denied medical care as they were only treating those with COVID, unless you were dying. Tens of thousands went  without medical care because their illness was not essential.

They mandated face masks and six foot distance, home lockdowns, and inflated the numbers of sick people to hide their evil lies. They showed us charts that made no sense. In lockstep democratic states made demands from the president in a coordinated effort to make him look like he couldn’t handle a plandemic. Or so they thought they were going to do that, especially after Obama left them drained of all supplies. But, to their dismay, Trump had rebuilt supplies and built more. He delivered ahead of schedule and under budget as he always does. So the disaster didn’t fall on America as fast as they had desired…the evil traitors dug their heels in and demanded more while they sent their thugs to burn cities and create chaos in the streets.  One of their goals was to crush small businesses and they did. It would have been worse had President Trump not set up loan programs that never had to be paid back and added increased monetary unemployment programs and sent out stimulus checks.  The democratic mayors and Governors refused to open their states and cities. ALL OF THESE ACTIONS WERE TREASONOUS!

Is This Photo From Barack Obama And Anthony Fauci's Visit To Wuhan Lab?

Well America how does it feel to know the same people who have been trying to overthrow the Government and take down President Trump, Michael Flynn, Stone, and the entire Trump Family were also oppressing YOU AND DESTROYING YOUR BUSINESSES YOUR LIVES AND KILLING OUR ELDERLY AND ALL AGES BY THEIR EVIL.  Look at the number of those who committed suicide because they lost everything and fell to the wickedness of their fake news doom and gloom feeling there was nothing more to live for. THIS WAS AND IS MURDER! Not for certain what degree, whether second or third degree man slaughter, or what it can be called, but trust me…the thousands of elderly that were pushed together was murder of some degree.

Coronavirus / COVID-19 - Exposing Dr. Fauci & the Deep State - Secure  Arkansas - A Grassroots Organization
Read about Wuhan, Gates, Fauci, COVID and Bio Warfare Here: https://www.gospanews.net/en/2020/05/08/wuhangate-7-bio-weapons-un-dossier-pentagon-fauci-28-us-labs-secrets/

Well take a long hard look at those who boldly and very coldly look at you and demand you go willingly into their lock downs!

Quarantine is for sick people not for HEALTHY PEOPLE! End the covid madness by ending those who are delivering out the oppressive madness. This IS TREASON AND DOWNRIGHT EVIL!

People around the world are suffering, and their cries have reached into the heavens.  God is sending a mighty force to blow these heartless, wicked enemies of the people into hell!  Watch and pray. For there is only one direction to go to live free and that direction is forward with God!

Hold the line!

Dianne Marshall


  1. Heather Tate says:

    My father had 150 farms. I was born with unexplained organ failure. Feeding tubes, bloody diarrhea my entire life! Finally, hair analysis, muscle samples found layers of chemicals. You could map my hair when my father used which chemical like rings on a tree! I was tested. Had to pay a lot of cash but I am walking, living proof my RNA was altered. My father was part of Deep State! Sold out 6 years ago for mass amounts of money. Bill Gates attempted to buy his farms. I have known since day 1 the geome sequencing in this Covid bio weapon!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. udonmp61 says:

    To start with, regarding Fauci and treason charges, probably not until and only after all white hats are de-platformed from word press.  Then the entire MSM, along with the U. S. Justice Department, the political uni-party, big tech and NWO corporate CEOs, et al appear before a Nuremberg type military tribunal, and our Constitutional Republic is restored.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nikolai says:

    I read this and the linked articles with interest. I have believed that this and other terminal virus outbreaks were engineered. Of course they were.
    Then we come to Lin Wood’s question about Dems not getting Covid.
    You never release an engineered virus without first engineering a cure.
    May they have loooong covid free lives in their cells at Gitmo. Those who manage to avoid the firing squad that is.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Gayle says:

    Wow..Love your eloquent words on such a dark dark time in American History. I have autoimmune diseases and my husband has COPD and we have not complied to the lock downs. We wear a mask to buy groceries but our belief has always been that this was a lie. I live my life in FAITH OVER FEAR and will not get a covid test or take a vaccine. If I need papers of vaccinations for anything I won’t use that facility or travel. I can from food, can food, we have chickens for eggs and meat. We can survive without Government interference. God bless you in all you do.

    Liked by 1 person

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