Trump Strengthens The Guard and The Left Screams Like A Plane Hit The Pentagon!

The way the left is screaming, is a strong indication that there is a level of fear and panic in the Biden Imaginary presidency. How dare President Trump appoint retired Brig. Gen. Anthony Tata to take over policy at the Pentagon. What the heck are they going to do now? This wasn’t in the plans!!

If they could only play chess they would have known that these moves have been planned way before the elections and as some may say…the game was won before President Trump moved them into play.  Kind of like the Art of War….make sure the war is won before you enter into battle. I believe President Trump has always taken war seriously (we are in a state of war ever since 911) and has taken his State of Emergency serious as well. There are a host of things the President can do under all the dire events that have transpired. Overthrow of the Government through tampering with elections is a very serious thing.

Trump administration removes senior defense officials and installs  loyalists, triggering alarm at Pentagon - CNNPolitics
Click link to read more on how the left defines the recent changes at the Pentagon.

Meanwhile with all the left wing chatter of “Orange Man Bad” and “Trump supporters evil mindless followers” and other stinging twitters such as, “Every single person from team trump needs to be terminated on the spot and escorted out no notice given,” one would think they must have just thought everyone was stupid about what was taking place except for them.

Spelling challenged Trump halts money to fight 'Forrest fires' -

President Trump had told people many times that he caught them all and he had everything. But, alas those who have short attention spans were busy laughing at their ANTIFA army and laughing at conservative patrons having their outdoor dining disrupted with food fights.  They seemed to be in their own fantasy world and acting it out in real live theater as they burned and looted buildings, downed national monuments and marched through cities destroying everything in sight getting some long desired reparations. Maybe they were just too busy delivering bricks at key unknown locations for the nights activities that did not include coloring with crayons. More like spraying hate speech on other peoples property before they destroyed it.

Photos | The concerning progression of police response to Portland protests  | Street Roots

Whatever it all was and is, it all timed well with tyrannical mandates passed down by democratic Governors and Mayors. It’s still okay to destroy, loot and burn, but churches remain closed and businesses shuttered with thousands permanently closed. There is no bringing back the 7 thousand plus elderly Cuomo sent sick into nursing homes while the hospital in the Javitz center sat empty. Not to mention the Ship in the harbor.

Judge Hears Oregon Request to Restrain Federal Agents | Voice of America -  English

Now in the midst of the biggest and most obvious voter fraud in world history, we are supposed to shut up, sit down and just let the election thieves have their overthrow of the government without question and without a peep?  They act like ANTIFA in Portland claiming their little zone as their new found city…only on a larger scale. They want the entire United States of America zoned off so they can pillage and burn everything that reminds them of God, Country, and the American Flag, let alone patriots.

Disturbing photos of Portland riot damage | The Oregon Catalyst

So let them grumble all they want that President Trump has removed Esper and placed Miller in charge and let them grumble at appointing  retired Brig. Gen. Anthony Tata to take over policy at the Pentagon. And removing Christopher Wray from the F.B.I. head, along with the head of the C.I.A. and relieving a number of other positions that the Dems had in place.

Why one would think something big was going down if they didn’t know any better. But hey…why is the left worried? After all, Biden has been pronounced President Elect by the fake news media, right?

Donald Trump's pick for top Army policy post after IG investigated two  affairs | Daily Mail Online

Sadly, no one told them that is not how American law and the constitution works. It just doesn’t work like communism and when there are blatant signs that America is under attack at home or abroad, emergency actions and measures are put into place swiftly.

So now we are hearing words like bigoted conspiracy theorists, xenophobic, and evil nationalists who believe in American Exceptionalism.    Oh how awful…where are the algorithm bots to fact check this hate speech?   It simply isn’t there.

Thank God we have seasoned Patriots to fight the great fight like Ruddy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Jenna Ellis, and all those behind the scenes.

Keep your eyes lifted to God and keep going forward for there is no going back…the only way out is straight ahead!

Dianne Marshall

24 thoughts on “Trump Strengthens The Guard and The Left Screams Like A Plane Hit The Pentagon!

    1. Two different personalities, expressing same set of circumstances from two original perspectives. Rudy being much more guarded as to what he says, yet, he says it straight. I think what the people love about Sidney is her bold, gutsy straight to the point approach where she tells the people much more than any one has in the past. She’s like a female version of Trump when it comes to communicating with the people and that is why they love her. She’s a fighter and fresh new figure for most of the public and the hero we are looking for. The real hero is God who has brought his best people forward to fight for We The People. What is happening now has never happened before in our country so openly, and we are watching an attempt to take over the government and reset our nation into a global governance. This has never happened before and no one knows how to explain it without giving away the strategies in play. Therefore, we must all reason what a modern day warfare scenario is and go forward with strategy and the best way to fight this type of censoring deception is to proclaim the truth of what is taking place. That is an attempt to overthrow the voice of the people and the ones they have chosen to govern them.Voter fraud is the villian they want us to look at, when in fact the fraud is just one part of the entire disorder at hand. Pres Trump is still in charge and he has taken the steps to protect us from the foreign interference and as I can put it…since this is cyber warfare that he has been telling us about with China 5G and space based weaponry forbidding them to set up in the US, his changing of the heads of the important organizations DOD, Pentagon, etc., he has positioned the US for his checkmate and to protect America. Basically he has lopped off the snakes from Medusa’s head and gouged out her eyes and there is nothing now that can stop the Kraken!!! The only direction to go is forward and know that God is at the helm of this ship in the midst of the storm. There are mighty angels shielding this nation against the bellowing winds.

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      1. ROBERT PILCHMAN says:

        The bottom line of our current existence is that we are in a situation that is comparable to 1776. This is Patrick Henry time. Failure is NOT an option..


  1. Jeffrey Rautio says:

    This is the best news I have seen, read or heard since the night the election was stolen from President Trump! True patriots must remain steadfast and pray these people are brought to justice, so this NEVER happens to another presidential candidate again! USA!

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    1. Isn’t it “…I pray it is true.”; Not “…I pray it us true.”?
      One who corrects others must always be cautious when correcting others in their writing. Perhaps proofreading is something we should all incorporate into out work on written words. But alas, in the fast paced digital world we live in, we rush.

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      1. Paul says:

        I pray everyday for our nation and leaders. I believe deep down that this evil move towards our nation is real. I believe our Lord and savior will protect us. I don’t believe most democrats are evil. I believe that the leadership of the party is. Biden made a comment that he is the Democratic party. I think a great shake up of the deep state is coming. It will take down some Republican folks as well. God bless America, our troops and all the patriots who stand strong in their conviction to pull our nation from the edge of disaster. This is real and the war for our way of life is going on.
        God bless all these men and women who are at the front line.


  2. Debbie says:

    Job 5:12 He disappointeth the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise.
    Psalm 5:10 Destroy thou them, O God; let them fall by their own counsels; cast them out in the multitude of their transgressions; for they have rebelled against thee. Praise God!

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  3. Once again, thanks Diane for your postings! With all of the liars on social media and the main stream media pushing their tyranny, far left views & trying their best to cause fear and trembling, it is a breath of fresh air to hear the truth being told! Happy Thanksgiving too!


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