“Sidney Powell is registered as a MILITARY LAWYER and is the only one who can prosecute TREASON at a TRIBUNAL!”

So don’t let spin doctors and fake media tell you lies about the woman who is bringing down the giants in the swamp! And there are a great number of them, more than anyone could have imagined!

Powell stated that the ‘New World Order’ has ‘OVERTHROWN The Republican Party’ and that the Republican Party sold its soul to the “New World Order” in return for large cash payments in the form of “enormous bribes.” Sidney Powell  warned the GOP risks being “neutered like a bitch” by “the Great Reset” in 2021 if President Trump’s second term is stolen from him by “children of darkness.”

Thank you to Sidney Powell for exposing corruption on all sides. The Republican Party sold out for some cash and the American People have found out! Now wait and see the real uniting- patriots stand for a nation not a party! RINOS join your minions on the left and get out of America’s way! We are for freedom and we are standing up!

These are strong and vividly colorful words from a serious, well seasoned Military Attorney who just won’t roll over and allow the media to drag her reputation through the mud. She is chomping at the bit to get on with the real justice and that is the days in court. Be it the Supreme Court or before the Military Tribunal.

In an interview Sidney Powell stated, “The Republican elite are not safe hiding behind their propaganda fueled media institutions, making unaccountable decisions in D.C., and silencing patriots who speak out against this insanity.

“When Trump begins his second term a tidal wave of punishment will be coming their way, the likes of which has never been seen before in this country.” In a news report by Hal Turner, his sources state that Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp and the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger both allegedly took money from Communist China, perhaps to intentionally STEAL the November 3rd  Election for Joe Biden.

These two sold our votes and constitutional rights to China for a buck! The devil went down to Georgia and indeed he found some to fiddle with!

Click link to read full report: https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/news-nation/k-a-b-o-o-m-governor-and-secretary-of-state-in-georgia-took-money-from-china-to-steal-election-from-trump?fbclid=IwAR39S7jlhYktsvvSQpEJCbWPo4XixSk-OPi8OUURa_x3OO1k1v3QdkADqaM

Excerpts from Hal Turner Report: “According to very high level sources from my years working National Security Intelligence with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, the feds have PROOF of the payments to both Kemp and Raffensperger.

A recent report states the feds have PROOF of the payments to both Kemp and Raffensperger.

The Trump election legal team forced the President to WAIT before revealing this, until both Kemp and Raffensperger CERTIFIED the Election results.

According to those same sources, once Kemp and Raffensperger CERTIFIED  the results, their crime was complete.   Both men certified those election results this week.  By law, Mr. Raffensperger was obliged to certify the election results before 5 p.m. on Friday.   Gov. Kemp, had to then certify the results by 5 p.m. on Saturday.   Both men did exactly those acts.

The implications of this revelation are staggering.  First, that a sitting REPUBLICAN Governor would stab his Party’s President, and our nation, in the back, for a foreign government, is utterly horrifying.  People are already asking ” My God, what could they have offered that he would sell out his own people?  His own country?”

That a foreign nation would DARE to pay money in order to rig or steal a U.S. Presidential Election is . . .  a casus belli (Cause for war.)  China appears to have tried to STEAL our freedom by STEALING our Elections.  War is justified.

Again, the national security intelligence sources with whom I have spoken, assure me this information is solid and the proof is already in government hands.

And now you know why Attorney Sidney Powell said she was going to Blow up Georgia starting with the Governor and Attorney General!

According to Hal Turner, Intel sources now also confirm that “Other Governors, Secretaries of State, State Election officials, County Election officials and even several big city Mayors also allegedly received payments from Communist China and those payments have been tracked as well.”

Dianne Marshall

The Devil Went Down to Georgia – YouTube

SIDE NOTE ADDED: 11/23/2020

The Marshall Report says: 

A registered civilian military lawyer IS NOT A JAG which is a Judge Advocate General. Sidney Powell has been a Federal Prosecutor as well as has her own law firm. In Military courts: Other Federal Courts. Anyone going before a military tribunal can have an attorney appointed through JAG or have one from the civilian sector. We are looking at both non-military justice cases regarding treason against the American people and military treason involvement.
Non-military justice cases relating to national security issues (such as treaty interpretation, constitutional law, federal criminal law, and civil liberties) are heard by the general federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals, and U.S. District Courts. For more information on these courts and where you can find their decisions, see the Library’s Case Law Research Guide.https://guides.ll.georgetown.edu/c.php?g=365986&p=5204253
Laws are complicated but rest assured Sidney Powell knows the law and is both a criminal prosecutor, and defense lawyer. She is now representing the United States Citizens against blatant constitutional, federal criminal, and civil liberty violations WHICH are treasonous and will not relent in representing the citizens at any court level. She is equipped. Moreover, here is a link that shows the laws and offenses those who took part in the election fraud and foreign nation meddling are facing: https://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?path=%2Fprelim%40title18%2Fpart1%2Fchapter115&edition=prelim Aside from her extremely huge Federal Attorney record with the Department of Justice with over 500 Supreme Court Cases, Sidney Powell has proven she is more than equipped to represent military justice/Federal cases such as General Flynn in his Military Logan Act case and had it overturned. Deep State is still fighting that ruling. If there is a discrepancy, it would be in the part of the statement that “she is the only one who can prosecute at” should be stated “She is the best one to prosecute at”.

338 thoughts on ““Sidney Powell is registered as a MILITARY LAWYER and is the only one who can prosecute TREASON at a TRIBUNAL!”

  1. Peter Cartano says:

    I am German and I am very worried President Trump is no more in office.How I remember Senator Pompeo did mentioned it will be a smooth continuation with President Trump. 75 million americans + myself are now very angry! Or will it be possible President Trump can work again when all the proofs are on the table?


  2. Linda Koenig says:

    I have the ut most respect for Sidney Powell and her tirless work for me and the patriots of the USA. We are indeit to this brave humanbing that God hand picked for the safety of America! I love you Sidney Powell!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nadine A Donahue says:

    Sidney, God bless you for your patriotism to our country. Hold the line. Such patriots Lin Wood, General Flynn, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Pompeii and many others on the President Trump’s team. Thank you.


  4. This whole debacle is extraordinarily disproportioned. My main concern is will it be
    Possible to find an objective non-partisan judge
    To hear this case? So far it stands to reason that aside from a very SMALL remnant…everyone has sold US out.
    This is something that will indeed require the supernatural intervention from God, or at the very least someone to develope a conscience.
    It appears that the soul sellage phenomenon has
    Taken an extraordinary turn for.the worst as there are very few left who havent sold out.
    This is definitely a matter that if not resolved properly in a relatively timely fasion could enable
    our adversary an opportunity to nullify the fact that this experiment of a free and open society /democratic republic ever even existed.


    1. thelister8 says:

      We have to believe Gods word states that ” I will bless them that bless thee and I will curse them that curse thee, and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed” Gen 12:3 President Trump has blessed Israel more than any president that we have ever had. He has stood for God’s people and for the innocent unborn babies more than any President. He cannot lie. Millions have cried out to Him to save our country and to bring justice to the wicked. I believe He will answer.


  5. Tammy Robbins says:

    She works for our military so the military is very much in control look she dont need no Supreme Court she uses the usa military court thank you very much america loves u

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Vickie DeMaagd says:

    God bless America, God bless President Trump, God bless Sydney Powell, God bless all Patriots. The truth WILL prevail and America will be great again. The sooner the better!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Matt r says:

    Here are 2 names ya’ll know we call him [no name] mcc**n [ ] = kill box._ he was the treasonous traitor,,,forme armed and funded isil. Next [poppy field] both put to sleep. Now Sidney will exterminate more, sooo much more. Dont quote my numbers of high ranking officers are the jury. Some 3, 5, 7, and or 9. The jury does not have to be unanimous. Thank you God,, From all us God fearing humans

    Liked by 1 person

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