Subpoenas were served up in style to all the Palm Beach County elected officials who are in violation of the constitution and federal law.

No one is above the law and Palm Beach County in Florida from the Mayor on down to all the city council members just got served papers showing how that all works. And justifiably so with a mandatory mask mandate that was authorized to be extended every 30 days and would not stop until there is a vaccine that the Vice Mayor, Robert Weinroth admitted he did not forsee any changes to that ordinance for some time as vaccines take time to develop. It can take up to 10 or 15 years to properly develop and perfect it. The lawsuit states that keeping a mask order in place until there is a vaccine available is unreasonable. Click link to read more:

Not only is it unreasonable it is unconstitutional and irrational with the new CDC numbers that show COVID-19 had only a 1% fatality rate. A little over 9,000 actual deaths and most of those were from nursing homes due to governors sending sick people into them.

Civil Rights group files lawsuit against Palm Beach County over mask mandate,  calling it “unlawful” | Coronavirus |

People have complied to close businesses and follow the government GUIDELINES during the onset of COVID-19. These were always presented by the CDC and the Whitehouse Administration as GUIDELINES for mandates would have been UNCONSTITUTIONAL. But now, almost four months after the President said to open up the states, it is obvious that democrat run states, and cities have decided to make a power grab and in some sort of Orwellian lockstep, stand together using the pandemic as a source to implement control over the citizens in their municipalities.

This lockstep mandate on steroids has affected our schools, our businesses, people’s health ( mental-emotional-and physical). It has disrupted home life and family security and most certainly peoples finances. Many hard working people have lost their homes, their life savings, their jobs, their businesses and many have had to watch as ANTIFA/BLM anarchists burn, loot, kill, torment and destroy whatever and whoever they please in their cities. They and the world are watching in horror as this continues on with no consequences on the lawless ones.

The good people have had enough of the insanity and lawlessness. They have awakened to see that what they have been told does not equal what they have and are seeing and living through.

Those in office who have taken advantage of a crisis to push their own agendas and those who hire those who push it on the streets for a buck, know what that is, but I will say it here for those who haven’t a clue…it is a war to usher in a new global order, agenda 21. The globalist ideology for a one world government and its’ United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for the 21st Century.

For Americans who thought one world governance was nonsense and the green new deal was good for the planet, they are now getting a dose of socialism and they don’t like it at all. And then there are the Karen’s of the world who are willing to wear a mask forever because they have no clue that it is one of the worst things they can be doing for their health.

Dentists are reporting outbreaks of gum disease they call “mask mouth”. People with sensitive skin have developed rashes and many of those have led to severe skin infections. People with respiratory issues have complicated their conditions and many people, young and old, working long hours with face masks have developed lung infections and other illnesses. People with PTSD have been triggered, and many people are claustrophobic and feel like they are smothering.

Suicide rates are on the rise as peoples lives and livelihoods have been altered and shattered. There is no accurate count of the number of people who died alone and there is no account of the mental torture and sadness family members have and are experiencing for not being allowed to see their loved ones in the hospital when they were sick, nor before they died, nor were allowed to have a funeral for them due to COVID mandates. I can’t even imagine not being able to hold, touch or see my sick child only to be later told he/she died. No words can console such horrid mandates of such unjust actions.

Last Saturday August 29, 2020, people showed up in Berlin by the millions to speak out against the COVID mandates with guest speaker Robert Kennedy Jr. attending and boldly speaking out about the lies people have been told.

On the same day in Great Britain millions took to the street protesting the same and demanding to end the sham. They called out the pandemic as planned and exposed the globalists depopulation and contact tracing plans for their new world global order.

Protests in Serbia, Ireland, Italy, and throughout Europe have been taking place gathering momentum in August to a pinnacle that could no longer be ignored even by fake news. The time has come to say enough. Do what is right, build the immune system with healthy food and shuck the masks. Disinfect surfaces, but do not muzzle your very breathe. It is a known fact, unless OSHA is lying, that masks will not protect you from a virus. If it could, they would not have to list a disclaimer ON MASK PACKAGING stating that THEIR MASK WILL NOT PROTECT YOU FROM COVID-19.

America has had enough of the push for socialism, enough of the pandemic fear mongering, enough of mandates that go against our freedoms, enough of trampling our constitutional rights, enough of lawlessness, enough of ANTIFA/BLM riots that kill, steal and destroy, and enough of watching elected progressive democrats support and participate in the same treasonous destruction from within! And last but not least, sick of watching the seditious fake media fan the “fiery peaceful protest flames of lies”!


Vote out all the lawless ones or forever live in chains!

Dianne Marshall



  1. Maria Luna says:

    Not only is it unreasonable it is unconstitutional and irrational with the new CDC numbers that show COVID-19 had only a 6% fatality rate.

    Please correct this number. The fact is that only 6% of the claimed Covid deaths were actual Covid deaths. The actual mortality rate is less than 1%.

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    1. Julie says:

      it is not a 6% mortality rate. the 6% was that only 6% of the deaths they are currently claiming are COVID-related deaths, were solely due to COVID, the remaining 94% had an average of 2.5 morbitities (ie other causes of death). We have enough trouble fighting the fake news, please make sure you use the facts correctly for all our sake. Thanks 🙂


  2. Desiree Nasti says:

    I want to strangle people who are wearing masks, n the SADISTIC people who enforce them. And ALL their sick colleges trying to take over us all. YOU WON’T WIN. NOT against me and thousands who will kick ass to save our lives, freedom, our entire world except those of you like Hillary, Obama, list is too long of people that should’ve been killed bc they have NO right living on this earth. Pedophile scum, plus ILLUMINATI. What has this world come to that such sick, twisted, evil, greedy people are so insane, they have no regard for human life. Why should we regard theirs??? We shouldn’t, we won’t. Bet your ass they’ll be taken off this planet. To hell with their master. God will take care of us. So will TRUMP, & me & a army of pissed people, educated, not brainwashed mindless puppets.


  3. charlie says:

    now she needs to get their bond number, the bonding company information and get everybody to file claims against the bond of the local government elected officials…. their offices are ALREADY vacate because their acts and actions are breach of their oath of office contract. they are all liable in their personal capacity. and can be taken to small claims court for trespass of the people’s unalienable rights these officials said they would not disparage, violate. they abandoned their fiduciary duty and trespassed on their oath of office.
    FOR GET COURT — she needs to take the claims directly to the local city attorney, copies to the Florida state’s attorney general, state’s chief law enforcement officer, and copies to the United States Attorney General, nation’s chief law enforcement officer, these don’t go to court… these go straight to the top.
    copies to the Secretary of State because all oaths are filed locally and with the Secretary of State who is the keeper of the records.
    I hope she reads this and gets every man and woman of Palm Beach to file claims of trespass and breach of contract.
    constitutional treason where officers and officials ‘war against the constitution’ takes two witnesses affidavits. now every man and woman can witness the acts and actions of trespass on the people’s right.
    the oath of office is the best hidden secret hidden in plain sight that is the power of the people to hold their elected officials accountable.


  4. Frankie says:

    Interesting that on September 4th, only three days after the Notice of Complaint was served and filed on the Mayor and City Council of Palm Beach, the Governor of Florida, in executive order 20-214 released Palm Beach to move to Phase 2, and on September 25th, in executive order 20-244, eliminated all previous COVID related executive orders, eliminated prohibitions on working for or operating a business, eased restrictions on restaurants, and suspended the collection of fines and penalties associated with COVID restrictions. Clearly we can do as indicated by the findings in American Communications Association v. Douds – “It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error.”


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