In this close up the metal piece is clearly seen in front of and just below the calf of Hillary’s pant leg.  Why are the reports saying it is falling OUT FROM her pant leg?  This sure looks like it could be a hand cuff key.  Watch the video below and see it hit the ground and ping off to the left behind the barrier.


NOTE: In this video at exactly 46 seconds in…you will see her arms are both behind her back and appear to be locked together like she is hand cuffed. Pause it and look!!!!

From this evidence, Hillary appears to be cuffed, and the metal piece that could be a key was not falling out from her pant leg but falling against her blue pants from above….so why?  Could it be that when she was unable to walk and falling she was uncuffed and in the scuffle the key fell to the ground?

Up to this point, Hillary’s hands were behind her back.  It all happened in seconds and unclear to the naked eye.

So, one of the questions to ask is…why would they do this?  Why were her hands behind her back?  Did she stress out and seizure when they tried to put her in the van?  Why did they have her standing with her hands behind her back while her so-called nurse had a death grip on her arm?

Then there is always the question – was this Hillary?  Why if sick is she manhandled?  She is Hillary Clinton for heaven’s sake!!




  1. Cindi says:

    Everything surrounding this woman is like smoke and mirrors! It’s all so wierd! Lies. Deceit. Death. She’s a walking talking hell on earth! Wonder if they want her back now..

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    1. Shela says:

      Did you notice Robert Plichman that in that link you posted the post was more or less calling those who believed Hillary had a double that emerged from Chelsea Apartment Tim foil hat conspiracy nuts.
      FUNNY. Both pictures of Hillary they used were doubles. The second picture was that Theresa lady, first picture might be Shirley Jones. Heard through a grapevine she often doubles for Hillary. Don’t know!

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      1. Shela says:

        And now the video is up and running. Don’t know if it’s my equipment or not. Stuff is there, then it’s gone, the whata you know it there again.


  2. Robert Pilchman says:

    I wonder if Hillary received / is receiving intensive medical treatment in some undisclosed medical facility (facilities).

    Dianne – Regarding your hypothesis of handcuffs: If Hillary was declared mentally incompetent (or if Hillary lost consciousness), would there be (implied) consent to receive medical treatment? (Note: “REPORTS: THE CLINTONS JUST HAD HUGE FIGHT OVER HILLARY GOING TO HOPSITAL” — https://conservativedailypost.com/reports-the-clintons-just-had-huge-fight-over-hillary-going-to-hopsital/ )


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  3. Robert Pilchman says:


  4. Robert Pilchman says:

    At https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/health/health-topics/crisis-emergency-services-mobile-crisis-teams.page it states “If the individual in crisis does not agree to go to the hospital willingly, and meets the specified legal standards (i.e., has a mental illness [or, in some instances appears to have a mental illness] and presents a danger to self or others), mobile crisis teams can direct the police to involuntarily transport such persons to the psychiatric emergency room for further evaluation and possible hospital admission. In most instances the police will direct the ambulance services operated by the City’s Emergency Medical Services to provide actual transport.”

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  5. COULD IT BE, Hillary has been using doubles since she began the campaign?… remember the big deal of “running from the press” and keeping the press away. She was not avoiding Fox News, she was avoiding all press, speculative reasoning = a press who often covered Hillary, would have known the double for sure.
    Just thought I would add a bit of fodder to the fire…

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  6. Ideas Time says:

    Interesting the handcuff idea. I do know that if you are feeling like you may fall, it is a natural response to put your hands out front to break any possible fall and this did not happen suggesting that we was bound. ???

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  7. Cats4Trump says:

    It looked to me like she was backed up against the concrete post and was supporting herself that way with her arms behind her. Looks more like a medical emergency. But really, the whole situation is so bizarre and so unprecedented, it’s mind-boggling. Now we’re supposed to just sit tight ’til she shows up, I guess? As far as the metal, it has been suggested it could be part of a leg brace used to help her walk, who knows?


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