WIKILEAKS – Hillary Supplied Cash, Weapons & Tanks to Al-Qaeda to Kill Gaddafi & Ship Weapons for Terror!

Proof Hillary lied and gun running was taking place!  READ WIKILEAKS DETAILS HERE

BENGAZI Hillary_Clinton

benghazi hillary


16 thoughts on “WIKILEAKS – Hillary Supplied Cash, Weapons & Tanks to Al-Qaeda to Kill Gaddafi & Ship Weapons for Terror!

  1. I’ve heard about this from numerous sources. Why isn’t she in prison? Obama and Eric Holden should be in prison as well. These people have been a complete embarrassment to this country and it will take decades to straighten things out; if thats possible.

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  2. tj says:


    @ the dnc dog & pony show: bHo – said hillary is more qualified than slick-willie, & himself … maybe … but – that’s damming her with faint praise indeed … even IF true …

    anyone supporting her is an ACCESSORY to her unconscionable crimes against humanity, self-serving – uber-greed, & endorsing her 40 years of ‘public service’ incompetence.

    the evidence that she is UNFIT for office is overwhelming – what more does one need – look it’s there – sorry, NO excuses.

    educate: anyone & everyone you can – im &/or e them relevant links ….

    Vaya con Dios

    ps. if you haven’t seen the outstanding ‘Clinton Cash’ Documentary yet – what are you waiting for?

    it’s still FREE at Breitbart & youTube …

    spread the word – every american MUST see this!

    important, & powerful ….

    do it.

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  3. Gregory says:

    The media continues being Hillary Clinton’s greatest promoter and advocate of her brand of fascism she’s always applauded by the liberal media and that includes FOX NEWS! The leftist media continually ridicules Donald Trump for defending what Americans have always stood for. Hillary Clinton has no standards, values or morality about her the flag burners, Cop Killers & Muslims support her and she’s ahead in all the polls now.. Hillary without any doubt in my mind will be a Josef Stalin type Soviet dictator it’s very disturbing to me. Josef Stalin or Adolf Hitler, Hillary takes from all of them with this Marxist/Hitler socialist hell were living in


  4. karilynn57 says:

    unfkng believeable!!!!! She does not listen to Obama’s order to not deal with Blumenthal—-yet Blumenthal seems to be working for her…..if she becomes President what others will be running this country that the people know nothing of? How do those in congress feel about this?


  5. I see in the email reference to Libyan rebel forces being aided by tge U.S. and allies, but I don’t see specifically where it indicates Al Qaeda is being aided to fight with the rebels. What am I missing here?


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