dork cruz-cnn-bash-01062016_zpsxvfuordvTed Cruz will not be bothered with frivolous details like being natural born. Nor can he be bothered with consular records of birth abroad, nor any form of naturalization to be a U.S. citizen. Instead, his answer is, “We have to save the country first?” So elect an illegal immigrant and save the country from who exactly?  From the likes of YOU and all who back you! The only way to do that is enforce constitutional law and elect a leader like Donald J. Trump!

dork BX040_5B80_9A guest attended a Cruz Bot event a few weeks ago and showed him a copy of her husbands consular record of birth abroad he looked at it attentively, then calmly said, “No I do not have one of these and I don’t need one. It’s enough to be born of a US citizen to be a US citizen”.

GOOD GRIEF CRUZ – You were born in Canada and that is your nation of birth! Your mother never filled out citizenship papers at the Consulate and you are here illegally!

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From Rick Wells article 4-18-2016 “Canadian Ted Cruz Admitted Not A US Citizen, Never Filed CRBA, An Illegal Alien”

“JB Williams and Steven Pidgeon of the North American Law Center conducted an interview on Sunday evening with a woman who made some interesting revelations regarding the Republican candidate for president of the United States, Ted Cruz…..

“Williams continued, asking, “To which Senator Cruz responded what? She notes that during the entire discussion Cruz never disagreed or argued that he was a natural born citizen. His response, given in answer to Williams’ question, was “I know, but we have to save the country first.” She agreed with Williams’ interpretation of his comments as being that Cruz is fully aware that he’s not qualified but is going to attempt to obtain the office anyway “for the good of the country.” Full story and radio interview here:

Rick Wells is a constitutional conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats.


 So Cruz is officially a man without a country.  As at the time of birth the U.S. did not allow dual citizenship.  Neither did Canada. He was elected into the senate illegally, and denounced his Canadian birthright in 2014.  What are we allowing?  Isn’t it time to deport this guy or put him in the back of the line to become a citizen?  Is it a felony to have committed fraud with the office of senate?  How about his presidential run?  This is a shame and a crime. All those who have allowed it should be prosecuted.

Dianne Marshall



  1. He should be forced to withdraw from the primary now! He has no business running for an office he is not eligible for! He also needs to be forced out of the Senate as he is an illegal alien that is not qualified to hold any office in United States politics!

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    1. ikronous says:

      Only worse…. since at least Obama was born in Hawaii. Ted Cruz was born in Calgary and in 1970 offered to either or citizenship based on Automatically being a Natural Born Canadian Citizen at Birth. But what I’m wondering is this; if Ted Cruz has a Natural Born Citizenship in Canada (and at the time neither country allowed Dual Citizenship) then that automatically means he actually can’t RENOUNCE His Canadian Citizenship, unless he has proof his mom/dad applied for CRBA!

      A natural born Canadian Citizen (without a CRBA) is still a Canadian make him out to be. Well except now he’s gone and somehow RENOUNCED his CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP??? So basically what he’s saying is that he’s trying to scam his way into Office of President…. worse than Obama!

      I think everyone he’s a scuzzbucket and there is no level of debauchery he won’t put his own through to get elected!!! So now again…. WHERE IS YOUR AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP PAPERS AND NATURAL BORN American CRBA Certification then??? Your father and mother probably didn’t have the slightest idea you’d be running for President one day and did what most parents do. Accept the Automatically Declared Natural Born Citizenship on their Canadian Birth Certificate!

      He Can’t even prove he has one in the first place and people have been looking for years. He’s a FRAUD!!!


  2. Michael Smith says:

    Dear Dianne Marshall,

    Your blog is full of really great material! I would suggest, however, that you make a register or table of contents so that one can see in chronological order all of your essays. Right now, as far as I have been able to see, it looks like one must simply keep scrolling down to see older posts. I gave up trying to get to the end/beginning…I could not get that far in the time that I had to search.

    Also, do you have a TWITTER screen name in Twitter’s “POLITICS” room? If so, what is it? If not, then please get one; many more people would then discover your blog.

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    1. I found it easy to find Dianne’s articles. Go to the masthead of this article (Marshall Report). Click on the white down arrow. Select a month and review the articles. Very organized I think.


  3. Also IF he was already….as he says a “Natural Born Citizen” of the United States….why then did he ‘TRY’ to cover his ass by applying for Citizenship in May 2014? I can tell you why….because he was NOT a legal Citizen , a requirement to be Senator of Texas or any other State. Just trying….after the fact, to cover up his illegal actions. I sure don’t think that is a very good “Presidential qualification”! Prison is what he is much more qualified for!


  4. Cindi says:

    Think Ted Cruz finds all this amusing. He seems to always be smirking when confronted with another bad deed he’s accused of! He thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room and he can get away with anything! Something or someone Will stop this arrogant jackass! It’s just a matter of time..

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  5. dose not matter both parents according to the constitution have to be Americans and born here before he can be president read it for yourself look into the constitution of the United States Of America its there for a reason do you want another Obama in office

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  6. Reblogged this on Exposing Modern Mugwumps and commented:
    And the judiciary and all the politicians ignore the truth. Of course it’s because if they really wanted to follow the Constitution and admit that Cruz is a foreigner and not eligible to run for president because he was NOT BORN OF TWO AMERICAN CITIZEN PARENTS, and is NOT AN AMERICAN citizen, then they’d have to dump the 7 plus years of Obama because he too is ineligible. Unfortunately, no judge knows the Constitution, and no judge is willing to tell the truth. So now, America has had 8 years of this ineligible Marxist Muslim in our White House, so God forbid we have another 4 to 8 years of another foreign entity…a lying and deceitful foreign entity.

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  7. Pat says:

    Yeah but no one is going to do anything about it . Everyone here is going to bitch but not do anything ! If I had the money I would file charges against him right now blocking him from the presidency.


  8. Jim McGuire says:

    I don’t think we need another Obama for another 4 or 8 yrs. Cruz is acting the same as Obama by sealing his records, not an American citizen. We don’t need another traitor.


  9. Wiggy says:

    Why is there no outcry across the country demanding INS to take proper action? Is everyone going to just shrug their shoulders and let him Continue? If there is enough rage from across the country the INS will not be able to hide it.


    1. Wiggy says:

      Well the video at the top of the page does not play so why quote it to me? I have read this report as well as two others regarding the marriage and divorce of both of Cruz’s parents as well as both being Canadian Citizens before Ted was born..


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