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This election is about having a leader for America.  It is about making America great again.  It is about remembering all the lives lost, maimed, and torn to keep her safe for others and taking care of our veterans.  It is about all the hard workers who have honored their jobs and were left unemployed as CEO’s sent them overseas and south of the border.  It is about struggling families across the nation.  It is about safe towns, and border protection.  It is about an education that involves the teachers and parents, governed locally.  It is about safety in our food and water supplies.  It is about ending Obama Care and reinstating in its place a health care system that works for everyone.  It is about using common sense against toxic mandated vaccines. It is about the second amendment and the right to bear arms.  It is about freedom of speech and privacy protections.

It is about your bill of rights and protecting the constitution. It is about ending corruption in government and fiscal responsibility, no more deals in back rooms for great merchants. It is about America being debt free so it can help others the right way.  It is about taking care of Americans first.

It is about stopping establishment oligarchs from controlling our lives through sustainable development agenda 21 goals that do not profit humanity as a whole.  It is about having a military so strong, we never have to use it.  It is about respect for America’s sovereignty and taking back the parts that were given away and altered through United Nations treaties.  It is about never apologizing for being an American.  It is about common sense and doing the right thing. It is about respecting other sovereign nations.

It is about being an AMERICAN, the kind America was designed to breed. One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.

Dianne Marshall


  1. kkrause says:

    Perfectly said. And echoes my sentiments exactly. Thank you for putting it all so eloquently. It’s not about one man; it’s about a proud people, working together with that man–a rebirth of a great nation: “By the people, of the people, and for the people.”


  2. MSNBC & CNN are pulling everyone they can to comment about Trump today. Rachel Maddow said the establishment, Republicans & the media is trying to destroy him. They know if he wins most of the states next Tuesday it will be too late. We need to start a prayer chain to pray for his protection & that obstacles be destroy trying to take him down.


  3. Shela says:

    Amen! We are praying daily with you! I just said to my husband they will have to try to stop him b/c I don’t think Trump is finished exposing. No telling how deep the rabbit hole really goes? Some may go to jail. We must be faithful to pray.
    The Alex Jones news piece I saw must have been from Sunday or Monday. I thought it was live when I heard only a little bit of it before I got pulled away. When I got back on-line a few hours later all I could find was Mitt Romney trying to stir up stuff about Trumps tax returns. Alex said it was a bunch of really big lies on Trump to try to take him down. I like to watch Alex Jones but he does sometimes get over excited about some things. So I’m guessing the tax thing is what he was referring to.


  4. Bill Leonard says:

    In watching this last debate – – Trump had incredible composure between the two squabbling politicians. Trump called a spade a spade and they went off the deep end trying to out talk each other. Also, it was painfully apparent that CNN stacked the audience again. Rubio and Cruz acted just like they would if they were to be elected… bickering idiots who can’t cover their mistakes. Losers.


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