Cruz is number two in the GOP primaries.  Sounds great until you look at the lead Trump has – today it is a 2 to 1 lead.  That is like having a little league baseball player looking at Professional Babe Ruth and being number two next to Ruth.  Not impressive and one of the reasons many are so tired of hearing that he is surging.  The only thing Cruz is surging in is character assassination of his rivals, election violations, telling false statements, and pretending to be some sort of evangelical light beacon that will shine on America and force his idea of morals and values on a diverse population of many cultures.

Listen to the video and understand how he double talks.

Dianne Marshall



  1. CRUZ the TPA/TPP enabler, Merkel, Obama, Francis, the EU, the Dims, the GOPe, the CoC are all fervent believers that their faith in a global village/government is the true one for us. We should submit even tho it is eventual suicide. Well I stand with Trump and his millions against this creeping tide of collectivist evil. I will not willingly go to their H3LL. I stand with Christian values, the American people and with the movement of liberty and freedom gathering around Donald Trump.

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    1. Me too, Phil. I see things every day God’s work. From the small things to the big things happening. We need to pray that God & the Lord Jesus Christ will block anything else obama tries to do. I ask in Jesus Christ name every day, that his will be done to stop what is not of Him.

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  2. You Trumpsters don’t do facts do you? I am going to laugh my ass off! I know someone who knows them bothB Tramp is going for prez and picking Cruz as his vice! All of you are braindead


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