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CNN covering the wonderful ground team of Cruz that people seemed to underestimate.  I had to turn it off or risk another headache.  The truth is they were right.  No one dreamed of the number of underhanded, cheating fraud and election violations that his wonderful ground team were planning.

Who would have thought that in the state of Iowa those in charge of the caucus’s would have even stood for this, let alone participate in it.  It looks like the old saying is true, the one that says, “The devil is in the front pew at every church.”  Evangelical Iowa certainly has their fair share and Cruz was not sitting in the front pew….he was at the pulpit preaching the sermon.

Dianne Marshall


  1. doubledenvy says:

    I am old school , meaning I grew up listening to Limbaugh (when he started) , B1 Bomber Bob Dornan and all things “So Called Conservative Radio” , so I tune in at the beginning of Limbaugh , Levin and it is quite interesting because , real America first news sites and radio is getting to these dinosaurs , because the aforementioned keep carping about , how (and especially Levin today) these johnny come lately BLOGS and Radio HOSTS do not make a “Pure , Principled Conservative”, What because Levin , worked for Reagan , in some non -descript bunker somewhere , gives him license on who is truly a conservative, give me a break. Today Mark is upset that Cruz was not getting credit for stealing the Iowa Cock Eye Cock Us , and that Rubio is being heralded as the winner (I think he came in 3rd). Poor Mark , he has to shield for his future son in law. His future wife must be a babe , the way Mark lays his coat over the mud puddle , that is Ted Cruz. There other radio broadcasts besides Salem/Cumulus Koch Brother B.S. broadcasts. Say what you will , but Alex Jones has some good interviews (listen with discernment) , Jeff Rense will have some good interviews (but their are some kooks at times IMHO) ; Michael Savage is pure Trump (once again , dodge the potholes) ; but one of the most interesting takes I heard last night was from Joe Walsh The Congressman (he likes Rand Paul – but is against the D.C. system) and the Take was : with all the shenanigans that establishment went through to manipulate Hawkeye Cockeye , The Republican that (establishment despises – his “Inside Baseball)”won was Ted Cruz and Donald Trump came in second. Make no mistake , no one gets along with Rafael , as Turncoat Joni Ernst (who Palin dragged across finish line said when asked “What about no one endorsing Ted Cruz from Capital Hill , she responded “That in itself is telling”. Semper Fi

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  2. Galina Evangelista says:

    I want to add to your wonderful message. Cruz is dangers for the country. He is standing with Obama about Ukraine conflict. Do not put your nose if you don’t know Russia and Ukraine situation. On the East side of Ukraine in 5 cities they still have statues of Bandera, who was on the side of Hitler. They still Fascists as they were at time of II World War. On the East side of Ukraine lives mostly Russian people, as usually people on the borders are mixed. We know that Ukraine was part of Russia and Russian people doesn’t want to be under Fascist Ukrainians Government they are begging Putin to protect them. Putin start to protect them Ukrainian Government start to destroy cities, kill people, children and created war zone. American Government better should educate themselves and stay away from Ukraine and Russian conflict. By the way Putin said that finally America will have Trump a strong Leader. Isn’t it the best way to be friendly with the former enemies? If Cruz (God forbid) will be chosen. He can bring us to the III World War. That is how series it is.

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  3. Cruz will finish the job Obama started – CFR/North American Union – UN and NWO will follow – should he get the power of the executive branch. Although his job may be to limit Trumps ability to get the delegates Trump needs. And get Rubio in. Cruz needs to be charged with voter fraud in Iowa.

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