Check out the Cruz crowd, thanks to Beck they are now drawing at least 100 people to listen to Cruz and his Marxist dad rhetoric – it has finally grown to be more than 30 attendees!  Amazing what having the right endorsement can do!

Meanwhile @realDonaldTrump

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Enough said…..

Dianne Marshall


19 thoughts on “BECK DRAWS CROWD OF 100 FOR CRUZ!

  1. doubledenvy says:

    Lame Cherry has funny narrative regarding Cruz – Beck rally. *Note : Parental Guidance is recommended when reading The Lame Cherry , known to make some peoples’ brain synapses explode.

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  2. Ted Cruz is the Establishment. He has hidden it well. However, if you see who his Donor Class is you will know that he will not change anything. He took huge loans from Goldman Sachs and from Citibank that he did not disclose and his biggest donation is from Robert Mercer, a huge globalist who is behind the North American Union which would take away our sovereignty. Few people know that it was Robert Mercer who purchased the Breitbart .com website! We all know that Andrew Breitbart died under very mysterious circumstances and that the Medical Examiner who did the autopsy also died under mysterious circumstances.

    Cruz is also ineligible to run for President. The fact that he hid has Canadian Citizenship from the American people when he ran for the U.S. Senate should be a red flag for everyone. It was also against the law to not divulge that. What else has Cruz hidden from the people?

    Everyone should read this article. It is shocking how deep Cruz’s ties go to the globalist’s inner circle. For instance, Cruz chose Elliot Abrams, leader of the CFR, to help craft his foreign policy! He also has deep ties to the Bush administration and to Chad Sweet, the Former Directorate of Operations for the CIA, the Former Chief of Staff for the Department of Homeland Security, and the Co-Founder and CEO of The Chertoff Group.

    The fact that Ted Cruz is running for President knowing he is ineligible should trouble everyone. It says that he has someone who will fix it for him. Just like someone fixed it for Obama!

    Surely noone who has some common sense thinks that Ted Cruz didn’t know he was a Canadian having been born on Canadian soil in 1970 when Canada did not recognize Dual Citizenship. Canada did not recognize Dual Citizenship until 1977. So, he would have to submit his Consular of Birth Abroad to remain in the U.S. Senate.

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    1. doubledenvy says:

      Good one Connie , Yes I saw Andrew speak a few times , he was a phenom , and a patriot. He would be ashamed of what Breitbart has become. When will these manipulators realize , this is not our first rodeo – been there , seen that. Thanks again for keeping real. DD

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  3. I find Cruz offensive. I have a great nose and have always felt there was something not right with Cruz. Jeff Sessions stands up to DC and he’s well liked. Cruz has been in the Senate for 4 years and has never crafted a Bill. He never stood up against The Dodd Frank Financial Bill which is closing down thousands of regional banks making big banks bigger. Regional banks are the back bone of American innovation, and they finance ma&pa businesses. Dodd Frank is just as destructive as ObamaCare. Globalists sponsored the bill. Cruz is an Elitist. He’s dangerous.

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  4. Patti & Dale says:

    oh my goodness!!! What a crybaby, sad looser!! I would NOT want him to be anywhere around me…what a riot!! His support really did it for Cruz. lol, lol, lol,

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  5. juansantiago says:

    I was there and there was at least a thousand people there – standing room only. The local news said 1800 I believe. If what this page says is true, why is Breitbart’s current site trying so hard to destroy Cruz? He got loans he didn’t disclose? He said he disclosed them on one form but not on the other. So what? His father, Raphael, I have met and he is anything but a Marxist. I would need proof for all those other claims you make of his global elitist connections. He has fought for the Constitution and limited government, sometimes alone, in the Senate and stood up to the D.C. politicians in his own party. That’s what I am looking for, not the status quo.


  6. Wow! 100 people. Isn’t that a record for Teddy boy? Or at least close to a record? Now, if Glenn Beck could just get started smuggling in those Syrian refugees like he promised, he’d lose even more credibility. OK, I’m just getting silly now, but Cruz has completely lost it. He ought to know that attempting to hoodwink the American Public won’t work any more. Not this year. America’s eyes are opened, and America’s people are AWAKE!

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  7. Ann Woodward says:

    This is all so frightening. I have GOT to find someone more knowledgeable than I am to talk with and learn from. I had already found most of this information, but didn’t have the background to put it all together. I need a Venn diagram to get all the characters in proper relationship to one another and to the future of the country. I do not say this lightly; i thank God for giving us this beautiful opportunity to save out republic. I pray that we take advantage of the opportunity.

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  8. One has to just look at the numbers of people who turn up at a Cruz event. They are very small unless it is a shared event with other candidates. His numbers could have never been so close to Trump nor ever topped them in Iowa. Even with Beck there…he still can’t fill any more than a small room. Watching the polls is like watching common core math…2 + 2 does not equal thousands. You can say it does….but in reality it still equals 4.

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