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Just when smirky Cruz was in full swing using his Jedi mind trick social media spy data, provided by his campaign surveillance programs (thank you Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, NOT! ), Trump received the most coveted endorsement of all from the Queen of Conservatism herself, Sarah Palin, but that’s not all… Democrats For Trump has surfaced with their new group on Twitter. It seems millions of democrats are tired of the establishment games and double talk too.

Democrats For Trump @TrumpDemocrats

“We represent the millions of Democrats who are devoted to putting Donald Trump in the White House. #Trump is #Yuge & is going to make #America great again!”

There are now many Facebook Groups shouting ‘Democrats For Trump’ because Trump is going to make America great again. I will not say “sorry” to either Bernie nor Hillary, what I will say is “YOU ARE ALL BUSTED!” I will also not say I am sorry to Cruz and the football team of other GOP candidates, what I will say is “YOU ARE ALL BUSTED!”

There is a new thing happening around the nation- it is called Americans for America! The people are looking for an American born leader who will bring back that good old saying – “MADE IN AMERICA!” They are repulsed at the mere thought of “MADE IN NORTH AMERICA!” Americans are not looking for a north American union….they are looking for USA sovereignty! They are looking for a safe America, and a united America. They are looking for jobs, opportunity, and a government that represents their interests and not the interests of the great merchants of the earth and their globalist efforts.

Americans want their borders secured, they do not want Syrian refugees and the chaos that they are watching take place in Europe! Americans are tired of the globalist United Nations mandates and want no part of their one world order.

Americans are tired of their veterans being treated worse than illegal immigrants! They are mad as hell and not going to allow it anymore! Americans are against Common Core and the dumbing down of their kids. They are appalled at the sex education taught to their minors. Americans are not ever going to give up their guns and their right to bear arms against a tyrannical government, so stop trying! Americans are sick and tired of watching their military be humiliated by an incompetent, anti-American Commander in Chief. Americans are no longer willing to sit by and watch the national debt clock and global banking schemes force America into a third world poverty level. Americans know all about GMO’s and Chemtrails and are sick and tired of watching the weather be manipulated by high tech toys in the hands of evil maniacs.

Americans are no longer willing to allow big pharma to put poisons into their own and their children’s bodies, especially vaccines that have terrible side effects!

America is angry at the politically correct propaganda and a lying government controlled news media!   We know the drill and it is now a total fail because true Americans are awake and they aren’t going back to sleep!

So, get over it establishment puppet masters and puppets – we know who you are and we are voting for a leader to help us triumph over your tyrannical driven regime. That bold, courageous leader is TRUMP!

Trump does not stand alone, to get to him you have to go through all of us – all of the AMERICANS that stand by AMERICA AND THEIR NEW COMMANDER IN CHIEF, DONALD JOHN TRUMP

Dianne Marshall




  1. Dianne, You have written this article perfectly. It depicts exactly and concisely why the legal Americna Citizens are angry! I will post this on Facebook page and the pages I manage for Mr. Trump; Pennsylvania for Donald Trump 2016 and New York for Donald Trump 2016. I personally design the Facebook Cover image for those pages and it is being used in 32 other states for Donald Trump that I don’t manage. Thank you for your wonder writing. I follow you because you are dedicated and talented!

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  2. Obama came in and screwed up our country. Now we need a business man to run the business. Of the people, by the people and for the people. We are fed up wasting $900 billion taxpayers money a year taking care of criminals. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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  3. Tony says:

    Beautifully said Dianne. Not really feeling like a Republican anymore, I’m reminded of what Ronald Reagan once said after he left the Democratic party: “I never left the party, it left me”. That’s how I now feel. Anyway, Great Article!

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  4. doubledenvy says:

    Great article and great article. Look at the crowds that Trump is attracting , despite no media backing him vis-a-vis cable or terrestrial radio , Internet access is essential , with great Blogs. My first stop is Diannes , then Lame Cherry , next Conservative Treehouse (The Last Refuge) and Scorched Earth. It is wash / rinse / repeat – daily.

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  5. Real American says:

    You get the libtards ,repiblican or democrats all these years saying we have to come together,unite,the we get Trump anounceing,is will run for president and lists what he is against,open borders, illegal immigrants refugees from whereeverm including muslimes,all of a sudden the libs hate Trump, ,so do the establishment rhinos will do anything to stop Trump,and no matter what he says ,he keeps getting stronger,the media tries to take him down,he knows their game and eats their lunch,none of them can figure it out,Americans all want the same thing,make America great again,its not a mystery,itdoesn’t mean republicans or democrat only, it means everyone!Now all of a sudden Americans for Trump are biggots,racist,NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,never were, we all want this country srong again and Trump is the only one who can do it !!


  6. Mark says:

    This is the biggest chance of our life time to make changes in government and Trump is the one that can do it. These politicians that don’t get anything done and going to jail and still getting their retirement and ripping people off and don’t get any jail time has to stop. Compines taking all their business overseas has to stop. Americans are fed up with the bullshit that is going on in this country. If we don’t give trump a chance to change things in this country I see nothing but a revolution coming where people are just not going to take it anymore and all hell will break loose. It’s time for a change it’s time for Trump what do we have the loose people


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