To Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Cruz Camp, et al.

If you rob a bank and someone says – “Hey he’s the one that robbed the bank”, you can’t blame getting caught and now ruining your chances to rob more banks on the one who pointed you out….YOU WERE THE ONE WHO ROBBED THE BANK!

That is what Ted Cruz is doing by blaming Trump for his own eligibility problems. Shooting the messenger while denying his own act of deception.

The truth is, as much as he would love to blame Trump for his illegal activities….his birther issue goes back to his first election when he ran for Senator. He was ousted then, but in response – he simply denounced his Canadian birth and became stateless, for he has yet to prove he has any consular report on birth abroad record. Which he has not shown purposely for that would prove he was naturalized and not natural born. So in his own plan of deception, he believes if he doesn’t show anything and blames political sabotage on his situation he will slide by. He fails to mention that people have been questioning his birth situation for a long time, way before Trump said anything.

So quit blaming Trump and start listening to all the people who have been wanting clarification on Cruz, Rubio and Obama!

American’s have had enough of birther issues and birther name calling isn’t going to make Americans shut up this time– they are fed up and not going to take it anymore. We learned our lesson with Obama and we are not letting Rafael Edward Cruz and his slippery deception slide past us! Show us your paperwork, or go home!

Dianne Marshall


4 thoughts on “To Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Cruz Camp, et al.

  1. Cooki Harmon says:

    Why are his records about his birth and citizenship sealed?? I doubt that he “forgot or mistakenly” didn’t put both of his bank loans on his filing papers for Pres. He is supposed to be such a highly intelligent attorney. His holier than thou attitude sends up many red flags to me!

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  2. Isn’t his birth name Rafael Eduardo Wilson? I read where his mother used her first husband’s last name on Cruz’s birth certificate. Who knows with that guy. He’s some kind of creepy chameleon who thinks he can hypnotize people into voting for him. LOL. What a loser!


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