Cruz And His Seven Mountain Dominionism Is Not In My Bible….Is it in yours?

cruz-reinvent copyAs a Christian I cannot support anyone who has the theology of the Seven Mountains of Dominionism.  I do not believe we are to perfect the world and rid it of all nonbelievers before the Lord returns.  I do not believe that God’s people are to become perfected and rule the world in peace before the Lord returns.  I do not believe that Christians who believe the Lord returns to rid the world of the ungodly and all their ungodly deeds as the Bible says in Jude and throughout are wrong teachings. Therefore, I cannot follow man made doctrine  of private interpretation that goes against what the Bible clearly states.

If you are a Christian and you believe the teachings of the Seven Mountains of Dominionism then Cruz is your guy.  For this is his religion and this is his concept of Christianity.  He also has been anointed by his father, Rafael to be the one to rule society to usher in this utopia so the Lord will return.

This is not my trashing of Cruz, this  is my  WARNING to all who believe that his evangelical roots are the same as yours.  Always look at the roots, don’t be confused by the branches.  All trees have them.  Look at the roots. If you believe in these things, so be it. I can not follow anyone who has come to me with another doctrine than the one in the gospel.

New World Order Religion in the form  of the 7 mountain apostasy! If you like this, you will love the new world order.

This is what it is.   This is the biggest reason I can support no part of Cruz.  I am awake and this is not what my Lord said to follow.  Well meaning people follow those who use the name of Jesus and often do not see the scriptures that are falsely interpreted.

Dianne Marshall

John 18:36 Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence. 

197 thoughts on “Cruz And His Seven Mountain Dominionism Is Not In My Bible….Is it in yours?

      1. ahgnet says:

        Catholicism isn’t a cult. Please go to the Catholic sources for information. Catholic Answers is a good one, and you’ll get personal answers to your questions. Father Pacwa, Jimmy Akins, and others are also good sources of information. Non-Catholic sources will only give you their skewed understanding of Catholic teachings.

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  1. From a political standpoint, my biggest concern with this is it makes Cruz unelectable in the November election.

    Can you imagine the field day the press will have not only with this, but with his NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) associates? Cruz will come across as a religious lunatic.

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    1. truthbrigader1 says:

      ANOTHER IGNORANT so-called “Christian”, who evidently would be DECEIVED by a well produced & edited video designed to slander Ted Cruz and his relationship with our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, has NOT looked into, on his own, what these men believe and Pastor Rafael Cruz Preaches. HERE IS what they believe: PLEASE WATCH THE ENTIRE PREACHING entitled “Reclaiming America”.


  2. I’ve just put 8 hours into studying this. I’m not sure domination or wealth transfer is a part of it. To me, it’s just taking your talent and going into the world in another way instead of sitting in church and hanging out with church people. Am I wrong? I’ll have a look at the 113 thoughts though. I’ve focused mainly on Wallnau’s stuff.

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    1. Amy lee says:

      I agree and have studied this for years…the just of the 7 mountain mandate is for Christians to get off their lazy arses and make a difference for God in the world. Like take the gospel to the wnds of the earth …whether you are a lawyer housewife truck driver business man preacher…you can make a difference in the world around you and the culture. Technically absolutely nothing wrong with this. Islam has been doing this…why should we Christians hand our country our culture over to them on a silver platter? There is a small sect that believes that we won’t have tribulation before Christ’s return but that is NOT what Walnau one of the original teachers of this is currently teaching. And, in fact, is a HUGE Trump supporter. I think Cruz has tried to hijack this and these Christians being the snake that he is. Although MANY of them support Trump!

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      1. Theresa Hall Klos says:

        Jesus gave his disciples a commission. To go into the world and preach the Gospel. There is nothing in my Bible that says to go and Dominate the world with Christianity. Only Jesus saves. We are to tell people the good news but it is an individual choice to accept the way to salvation. see John 3:16. No one will get to heaven by works. Jesus is the only way. For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast.…Ephesians 2:8-9.


    2. You are so very right Susan. These sermons from Wallnau in no way attempt to say we, Christians, will have complete dominion on the Earth before Christ’s return. He does say it is imperative we utilize our God given gifts to their fullest instead of being fat little lambs that just sit and munch in the pastures of these mountains. There will be no world domination until Christ returns to rule and reign with the saints. But until then we can surely “occupy until He comes” so that we will have a say and more control in our society instead of allowing liberals and anti-christs to rule over us without measure! Anyone that hers or sees these sermons any differently are simply unwise and need to pray for understanding because it doesn’t ft their heritage and paradigm.

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      1. J says:

        It’s morethan rusty you’re saint. I watched and listened to the video’s. This movement tasks the focus off of seeing lost souls saved and places it on gaining power and wealth of indivisible. It’s basically an extension of the prosperity movement.

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    3. Hi Susan,
      Please do more research. This religion is really a cult. Ted’s father is the leader of the cult and the cult believes that Cruz is the ANOINTED KING who is going to reclaim the GOVERNMENT for them.

      The Dominionist believes :

      1. They are the chosen ones who will “take back what is rightfully theirs” which is DOMINION OVER THE EARTH.
      2. They are supposed to politically & religiously DOMINATE THE WORLD.
      3. Once the government is taken over they TAKE the WEALTH from the NON- BELIEVERS and GIVE it to the BELIEVERS.(Goldman Sachs – Cruz?)
      4. They are to Implement moral laws, and subsequent punishments, of the Old Testament in order to subdue THE WORLD for CHRIST.
      5. They believe that Christ will not RETURN TO EARTH until such a KINGDOM has been established on EARTH.
      6. They must convert EVERYONE to Christianity.
      (I’m not going into detail, just think if ISIS, instead with Christians)

      I looked up information regarding the religious cult that Cruz was brought up on. His father preaches the “Dominionism”. Because of what happened with our current President and the influence his religion has had on his administration, the presidential candidate’s religion was very important to me.
      From what I understand, Cruz’s Father’s group’s website is listed here..along with reading materials to explain your religion/cult.
      So you must belong to this group:

      1. Click on articles (left hand side menu)
      2. Then click “Prayer Strategies to Reclaim Mountains”
      **Read ALL of each article until you are “enlightened”

      I don’t agree with this cult. My God teaches me in the Bible, Colossians 3:2 to “Set your minds on things that are ABOVE, not on things that are on EARTH.” 

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      1. truthbrigader1 says:

        You are an IGNORANT LIAR against 2 Brothers in Christ Jesus. Neither one of these men tell others to “join” or “support” this “cult”, and they have NEVER claimed to “be a part or ‘member’ whatsoever” of this teaching. Evidently you have not listened to or watched Pastor Rafael’s sermons/preaching ANYwhere; he only ALWAYS preaches AGAINST seeking riches for self gain and “Big houses and expensive cars” and the “glitter and fortune” of this world, only that one must REPENT and Turn to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and live to Please Him, “doing whatever you do AS UNTO THE LORD”; and if Christians would live like this in their jobs and all they do, God WILL Bless them. SHAME ON YOU and ANY OF YOU who would slander another brother with this well-edited Production to make it seem otherwise. “These six things the Lord HATES,Yes, seven are an ABOMINATION to Him:…A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A FALSE WITNESS who speaks LIES, And one WHO SOWS DISCORD among brethren.”- Proverbs 6:16-19 YOU need to “REPENT, or YOU WILL PERISH.”


      2. You are friggen stupid to believe that Cruz does not live in a wonderful house nor has the things you are saying are evil. What a farce – get real and get a life. Just don’t come on here talking stupid…okay? Just go in your hole and do what you must. The real world is awaiting what is for it to do. Good grief. How ridiculous.


  3. As a bible believing, God fearing Christian I know It is right and good to want to see justice done and biblical principles upheld and it is perfectly reasonable for Christians to hold jobs in government and all other areas of society. But “bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth” is not our commission. Our commission is to tell people about the wonderful news that, despite the sick, sinful condition of our souls, God has provided salvation by sacrificing His own Son on our behalf

    Our job is to “rescue those who are perishing; to hold back those stumbling towards slaughter” (Proverbs 24:11). Christian Dominionism seeks to perfect this world by political clout, but it is the Spirit who must bring change (Zechariah 4:6) and Cruz should know that.

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  4. Susan says:

    I am not a Cruz supporter per se, but I was a little shocked by this at first. But, after doing a little research on dominionism and looking at the videos, I think this article is misleading. There may be people who do believe Christians can take over the world and rule over it before Christ returns, but this writer has lumped all charismatic Christians into this category and considers them heretics. I definitely don’t believe that! I’m not sure what Ted actually believes, but I didn’t really get that impression from his father’s message or the other videos. I do believe Christians need to leave the pews and be a positive influence in the world, not just in religion. The love of God should reach every sphere of society. But this is different than world dominion. The Lord told us to go into all the world and make disciples, how are we to do that without being in all areas of the world? Also, the bible tells us that we are kings and priests, not to rule over the world, but definitely to be leaders expanding the kingdom of God on this earth before his return when he will rule over the nations. Not everyone has received this revelation, I guess, but it’s definitely in my Bible.

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  5. I don’t interpret the videos in the way you do. I have researched this topic and have come to a different conclusion. You can’t support a man who believes in what you say is false doctrine but can throw your support behind Trump. That tells me all I need to know.


  6. Garlin says:

    As my senator in Texas, Cruz was always accepted as a Southern Baptist, plain and simple. The preaching is nothing I’ve ever heard in a baptist church, or any Methodist church, the denomination in which I was baptized. We all have a unique understanding of Gods word. I’m writing this article off to more election tricks.


    1. C. S. moore says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Ted sits under the teaching of a Southern Baptist preacher. I have not studied Raphael Crew’s church teachings but I don’t believe Ted adheres to his father’s beliefs. Just because his dad believes one thing doesn’t mean Ted believes it. Just because a politician asks for the support of a congregation doesn’t mean they believe like that congregation. You kept playing a song from a church highlighting the words. The song was about Jesus. What is wrong with worshiping Jesus? If seams to me that Raphael is pentacostal and Ted is Baptist. Ted has been Baptist since he was 8 years old. I’m thinking Raphael convertedto Pentacostal after having been baptized baptist. Ted’s been Baptist all his adult life. And baptist are not like what has been depicted.


    2. Michael says:

      yup, agree completely. People are reaching and they’re reaching as deep as they can to find a reason to not support the best guy in the race. My guess is most of the people believing this aren’t libertarian or conservative politically to start with.


  7. If you plan to vote for Ted Cruz, you MUST know these things! Educate yourselves on him and his wife
    * Heidi Cruz has been employed by Goldman Sachs since 2005. She is currently on leave.
    * Heidi Cruz is a member of the leftist council on foreign relations, advocates of world Government and a New World Order.
    * Ted Cruz was George Bush’s top policy advisor.
    * Ted Cruz was in the federal Trade Commission.
    * Ted and Heidi met when they were both Bush staffers.
    * Cruz advised on legal affairs and Heidi on economic policy for the bush administration.
    * Heidi was director for the Western Hemisphere on the national security council under Condoleeza Rice.
    * Heidi served as deputy U.S. Trade Representative to USTR head,
    Robert Zoellick, working on China trade policy.
    * Ted Cruz’ campaign chairman, Chad Sweet, is a former CIA officer.
    He also worked for Goldman Sachs.
    * Ted Cruz voted for cloture on TPA, (trans pacific partnership agreement)
    fast track trade authority, removing the hurdle of concern for further amendment, and clearing the way for passage!
    It didn’t have to be recorded, so nobody knew this.
    He voted NOT to require approval of congress before other countries could join, including China.
    * Cruz has openly stated that he will NOT use a deportation force, and will continue to use the failed ICE system, where an illegal has to commit a crime first, then be caught.
    * Cruz belongs to the radical Christian sect of 7 mountains dominionism, that seeks to place their members in control of our culture and create a NWO though the domination of business, government, media, arts & entertainment, education, family, and religion. He is the appointed messiah/savior of their group.
    * Ted Cruz has only been a citizen for about 19 months! He renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014 so he could run for president.
    There are also other reasons that he is not constitutionally eligible, including the fact that both of his parents were NOT U.S. Citizens when he was born, only his mother was.
    Wise up, he’s not who you think he is
    he has always been establishment, he is bought and paid by the banks. He did not vote to audit the Federal Reserve, he most certainly is establishment.
    This was copied from an original political post.

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  8. I’m not voting for a preacher. I already have a preacher at church. I’m voting for someone who will let me keep my 2nd Amendment rights, who will bring illegal immigration under control, and might have a chance to stop a complete economic meltdown. Cruz may be mistaken in his theology, but Hillary is Satan’s right hand gal. If all the idiots who find this reason and that reason not to vote for someone would sop their silliness, this country would be in far better shape. Rather than worrying about what’s in Cruz’s Bible, you’d better be worried about being allowed to keep your own Bible, and preach your own theology. Those who allow someone like Hillary Clinton to be elected because they don’t agree with a nominee’s theology are doing Satan’s work, and certainly are not reading their own Bible very closely.


  9. Victor Gonzalez says:

    If you don’t believe in the 7 mountain theology you need to go back to Genesis 1:26; 28 and study Exodus and how the people of God did just that. Also study what Jesus said about the Gospel of the Kingdom. THE Bible explains itself with out our personal interpretation. Sure, the devil would be happy if the people of God don’t understand this.


  10. […] The 2016 U.S. primaries are the talk of the town. Everybody wants to weigh in on the candidates and discuss the options. What should a Christian do? Let’s see. Rubio is fading fast; if he loses Florida, they say he’s a goner. Kasich, probably the most prepared for the job, doesn’t seem to have a prayer. Trump looks unstoppable, not that some pretty powerful people aren’t trying to derail his train. And he’s your man, assuming a boastful, philandering, money-hungry, gambling casino-owning, multiple divorcee is what you’re looking for. And then there’s Cruz. Know what he and his dad believe? Check out the “Seven Mountains” view of the end times. Very scary! Find it here. […]


  11. Joanne says:

    So do you think a Dominion would be more likely to burn someone alive on a stake because they are different? So if some are not christians would they be tormented like Obama torments Americans who don’t place nice with Muslims. Cruz is getting creepier and creepier.


  12. Earl Miller says:

    My take on this is, man cannot do or say anything that will cause the Lord to part the Eastern Sky’s and the send current and past believers to heaven. Only God knows this already determined date and time. I think that those profess to know or think they can predict that day are a bit nuts. A warning of the end times, is exactly that. Waiting to get right with the Lord is like playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun. What if, you wait so long that the Lord is not accepting new followers?


  13. politijim says:

    I am an anti-Cruz, pro=Trump supporter. And you could not be farther off. I personally knew Dr. Bill and Vonette Bright and know Lance Wallnau (who is a Trump supporter by the way.). SOMEONE will influence Hollywood. Someone’s philosophy is influencing Education. This is not some spooky cult as some of you Salem witch hunters are proposing. Yes – there are some that distort it like ANY doctrine (Don’t forget Paul rebuked Peter – but he never pulled an Alinsky like you all are doing claiming he was “cult”). Read the FACTS here – and leave the intellectually detached hysteria to the global warming liberals.


  14. Polly says:

    Are you advocating a cherry-picking of Scripture?? The statement concerning Jude was ambiguous but it sounded like you were telling people to discount certain parts of the Bible. Please clarify.

    This is a non-essential doctrine, however, and it does not diminish the finished work of Christ. Trump on the other hand isn’t even a Christian. I could still make a case for voting for him, Scripturally, but certainly not at the expense of some doctrine that is non essential that Cruz MIGHT believe in which may actually be supported by Scripture itself! That would be some seriously bad logic, you know?


    1. I am not cherry picking. I believe what the Bible states is true. I am not advocating man made doctrine that goes against what God’s word so clearly states. I do not know where you are getting your facts of Trump and his faith other than you have bought into the media lies. What I see and hear from Cruz is a man of lies. A man who cheats, steals votes and lies to people’s faces. Clearly it is not of God’s blessing to bear false witness so boldly and proudly.

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    1. Paula says:

      You are rude and incourteous. You only posted 1 of the 3 sources I sent you, proving that everything you wrote was correct, however, they are NOT about Cruz, but about Trump. Hide behind your moderated comment box. Coward! Sister, you are headed down a slippery slope. Maybe you should get before the Lord and really seek His wisdom on this. And, as you say, “repent. And do not forget to fogive (sic), seven time seventy….


  15. Paula says:

    Well, I see out of the 3 comments I made concerning Lance Wallnau, you only allowed one to be posted. Point proven. All this that you spewed on this blog actually was said by Wallnau about Trump. LIES!!!


  16. Rev. Ryan P. Bagnal says:

    Dianne Marshall,

    I am an ordained Baptist minister, and I take issue with some of your comments on this post. I am not here to address the content of the post, or any of my opinions on Trump or Cruz. I am simply here to address your comments.

    You wrote this post while talking about your beliefs in the Word of God and the problems that you have with this candidate. Great. That is your right, and whether you are right or wrong, you have the right to interpret that video and those beliefs according to the Bible as you choose.

    What I take issue with is your responses to those who disagree with you. I would expect hateful and rude comments from the non-Christian people on here, but not from a Christian author. Here it is Easter weekend, and you have nothing better to do than hurl rude comments at those who dare to disagree with you? Are you so insecure that you cannot engage in an intellectual discourse with those with whom you disgree without undermining your faith by saying terrible, non-Christian things? You say you are a Christian, but you said “Screw you” to someone who dared to differ from your opinion. You called someone else a “frigging idiot,” and yet another person a “fool.” A fellow believer disagreed with you, and you called that person a fool. Wow. May I remind you that the Savior you say you serve said that anyone who calls his brother a fool is in danger of Hell fire? Are you really so insecure?

    I’m not here to judge you. That isn’t my job. I love you and I hope that you genuinely are the Christian you say you are. I have often said and done things I am ashamed of. I don’t judge you. That being said, I genuinely question your methods and language whilst responding to your fellow Christians. It doesn’t matter if you completely disagree with what they said. You can disagree respectfully, especially as a Christian writing a faith-based post. The lashing out and language you displayed towards fellow believers completely negated any claims you made about having a strong faith in Christ. If we lash out and act the way of the world, we serve no purpose other than fueling the fires of those who hate Christianity and say we are all a bunch of hypocrites. We ar called to be a peculiar people. We are to be different. We destroy our witness and our claims of spiritual renewal if we act like the rest of the world.

    Happy Easter, and God Bless You, my sister.


    1. You did judge me and ignored the hateful remarks I had to address. So, in the end, do not tell me what a so called Christian is…that is up to my Lord to decide. It is simple really, believe on him (the Christ that he is the son of God) and repent. And do not forget to fogive, seven times seventy if need be for your neighbor. And never allow evil words to go as truth. Thank you.


  17. bill turner says:

    PART 1. (beer1) . Since the 7th century, anyone using the words “peace / armistice” etc. knows nothing about muz-lam. This genocidal crime-against-humanity (and its mass-murder-motivator “MAHDI”) was first concocted in the 7th century (to massacre local Jewish neighbors plus steal all land / products / assets in the (then) known, world). This en-slaving mafia, (camouflaged now as a religion) has never been civilized, (or sane) wanted or needed, or productive, or beneficial to anyone (including mentally-enslaved moslums) , anywhere, at any time. It is known today as the ASP (Arabian Cobra) . 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Laugh or cry , Its your money they are stealing. ……………..saudi billionaires funding everything, from mentally dimming-down the next generation (with common-core type, politically-correct, unsustainable “free” everything schooling), to any media-controlled report, which is guaranteed to be a ji-had distraction, from (and distortion of), both the unreal muzzee-fantasy and of the real world. Any in-dept media-analyst, will include sham-numbers / cherry-picked statistics, ghost stories, or the importance of someone’s dress sense (or of a sewer-slide bomber’s state of mind)…..This is blatant, media-deception, ji-had, and is the allah-phant / mosque, in your own living room……….NOTE. ….To get the media to do your bidding, you just have to pay them. As you see now (everyday) the socialist-media-prostitutes, now target anyone /anything productive, or civilized ( valuable in any way) to be dumbed-down, distracted, demonized, dis-armed and dogged into disarray. .Plus any mind-numbingly unwanted, unneeded , uneconomic (your-money-wasting) project, will be relentlessly pushed… I.E. Ethanol / halal / wind turbines /”refugees” / its your fault / BLM / and any minute’ (normal) seasonal-variation will be a “climate” disaster etc….. etc……. .Which can only mean one thing, they are being bribed / black-mailed or both, to be part of the muzzee-mardhi-mission, to kill you (and yours) off . Yes millions more will die needlessly (and cruelly) in the meantime, but muz-lam’s Stage 3 will never be totally successful, so mahdi will never cum , so it will all be for nothing / fun. (but anyone sane, knows that already). ……………………. The “muziway-start” was/ is, to “cretinized-children”, into contemptuous, supremacist, (criminally-deluded) destructive shit-heads (and still is today)……… Then on into, the Trojan-Camel… . Stage 1. Deceive and infiltrate ……Stage 2. Subvert and weaken…. Stage 3. convert or kill …… .Then ‘mahdi” will come with the new “flatter-than-flat” replacement planet and everyone gets drunk in a river of wine (and with your children as their sex-slaves to “float their boat”) ……………….. .. ……. …….. …… .Muslimic-Voodoo, has already killed / crippled millions of lives along the way and today (In every mosque that was ever built) your children are still being promised, as tomorrows sex-toys, to moronic, misogynist, muz-lamic-assassins / mass-murdering (martyrs) in waiting ……..but the ABC (which costs us $1,1 billion to be impartial) insists that muz-lam must be respected ?. and anyone / anything productive, is the problem. ? (And that deception, ji-had is a real war-crime.) ABC 24 ( the labor party political propagandist) is the most blatant offender, but tony Jones (not quite as slimy as walid) is a close second …………………… …………………………Modern scientific advancement has saved (and bettered) millions of lives, but in the media, every (mahdi-foiling / slowing) good deed, deserves punishment,? Someone always has to be to blamed and shamed (and they definitely (defiantly) target people like you). But muz-lam, the biggest enemy / the deliberate crippler of sanity , humanity, democracy and enlightenment (plus systematic pedophilia), and whose sole purpose is to destroy the planet, gets a pampered run? ………………………………………………. This always camouflaged, Trojan-camel ( muzi-mahdi-madness) is now endorsed / enforced with endless media-goobli-gook distractions like, Look, we just gave hitler another peace prize. Isn’t that great ? …………………. …………….. .muz-lam has always been a (pyramid-scam) fantasy dead-end, (everyone loses/dies) but today, to over 1.6 billion (1 billion, being “successfully” kept as illiterate zombies) but to the muz-lumic “martyrs-in-waiting” (cretin / pawns), it’s all still a “real” preoccupation-compulsion.. ………………………. ..Be warned, your wondering (and my observations) may take 4/5/6 (or more) cold-beers (to full blend and digest the implications ), but surely it was time ? That somebody told it like it is.?. That 7th century muz-lam, has been doing the same thing (extorting /vandalizing /raping and killing) for 1400 years (and still motivated by the same delusion, that their dream-savior (madhi) will definitely reward their mass-murdering, with a new planet somewhere else.. And Yes all moslums are bare faced-liars .Its called Taqiyya and its compulsory. no matter how they dress (or where their contemptuous-heads, end up)………… Slimy Ali even lies about his lies…….. ………………..Nowadays, most muzi just want to free-load (stay) in a capitalist country (at Stage 1.) and be permanently-parasitic, while they fuk their way, (overpopulation ji-had) to an unsustainable, parasite-bomb ……At Stage 2. (infiltration over 5%) The serious hand-biting starts, mo-slums, are then into clogging up the courts with general-vandalizing of anything life / economy / civilization-sustaining. Then, once economic-devastation has caused all sorts of expensive (but unproductive) chaos, then other expensive, services-mayhem complications. poisoned water /dirty nuke bombs / electrical vandalism / cyber attacks etc. Brussels ? You aint seen nuttin yet (Plus The muzzi on the street (still) going, stab stab stab etc.)……………Then comes Stage 3. The muzlamic-final-solution ji-had (for world-oblivion ) camouflaged (but continuous) since its invention. Demonstrated in WW2 when Mufti hussani went to convince Hitler, to change his “demonize and deport Jews” to “demonize and kill Jews” ( to self-forfill / fit, the koranic-proficy, and the “mahdi” requirement). ………. ……………. ..Nowadays you are always blamed for everything, but most of the insane killing has been between the muzi-Stage 1. (loafers/sluts) and the muzi-Stage 2 or 3.(over-eager rapists / murderers). This is because, there is no such thing as a “normal” muzi. (All are either too muzi, or not-enough muzi), and they have been happily killing each other, for 14000 years because they both are promised (/believe) they are the ones getting the virgins etc. ……………………….. This tradition of self-culling cannibalism, has kept most of the world reasonably safe but now, with unlimited fossil-oil funds, is turbo-charging a political-correct, “deceive and disarm” / “break your will / and your reserves, ” (their ji-had stage 2. strategy), and now by also funding other, like-minded thieves/ parasites, (any socialists, who hope / believe, that the koran-codile will eat them last) (jf they think at all) has boosted islumic-insanity (foot-shooting destruction) to a new disgusting, world-wide level. And so, the ever-vicious (and pointless) muz-lumic subversion / cruelty / deception / bombings / shootings / stabbings / etc. continues. And as you hear endlessly on the “media”,,,,,, Its all your fault. ..,,,,,,,,,,,, …………………..To get into the “down-under ” frame of mind), open another beer now and hold on to your hat, as I help blunt the ( muzi-media / mahdi-mafia ) road-spikes and tell you what the media wont.. Also be warned, read this treatise’ at a pace that your head can cope with (or your brain will definitely fry, so don’t neglect the beer /breaks.) …………… ……….. …… Sorry to say but , yes it is, basically what you suspected, (about the “allah-phant” (and the koran-codile) in the room), but you probably haven’t been able to see it written down, and able to clearly see (and join the dots/ dolts,) of the how, and the (muz-lumic VooDoo-nonsense), why. ………………………………… You aren’t the only one been sucker-punched, by these devious drongos and their socialist pawn helpers. But their mahdi wont come (with the virgins etc) until all Jews (in particular the 7th century ones) are gone. To get to that point now, needs the subversion of world economic-productivity (to basically collapse, this will be done by controlling the market, not playing the market ), so the uncivilized, mosque-mad, muzi-canabals, can rule the rubble, kill / eat, each other until mahdi cums ( a welcome change from them ke-babbing Christians)…….. ………………… And like all complicit mo-slimes, O’vomit has done his bit, using useful-idiot (socialist-democrat, fools-as-tools) to deliberately waste $$$$$ 19 Squillion , tax-payers dollars (that’s 19 thousand billion) (and each billion is 1,000 million.) more than this POS POTUS muzi puppet’s socialist / communist / muzlamist (whatever) government, has stolen from your “soon to be starving/ fighting for their life” grand-children. Competing with a swarm of undocumented non-taxpaying voters . (who voted for their free-lunch, at your expense)….. ………….. Now, America has only a big pile of financial-vandalizm / society-vandalism, and a fatalistic muzlami-tsunami invasion of towel-head, cotton-brained, contemptuous supremicist, nutters, blocking the roadways with their bums in the air (and their hand in your wallet) to show for it ……MMMMMMMMMMM ………………..AND so now you know, why O’vomit had/is, been shooting USA in the foot and why today’s moslums, are still fighting for a 7th century fantasy, (and still trying to eliminate a 7th century flat-planet ?)……….. And your children won’t learn why, by consuming a TV-version of reality, or by kissing stones / or have some slimy muzi-funded socialist-teacher, pushing their heads in the sand, 5 times a day. ………..STOP ALREADY . If you have a “TV-sitcom” attention-span. Stop reading now this will be beyond you… You may have gone to school, but here is no “laugh-track” (or free lunch) in the real world, where there is only 2 types of people, the Builders Vs the Breakers, (sometimes called the Patriots Vs the Parasites / or tax-paying Slaves Vs the totalitarian-Socialist (KKK/Nazi) .(or the real allah-phant in the room, the Muzi-mafia/mahdi-madness Vs the Real-World / Planet ………………….. ……………………..We may all be, fleas on a dog,,,,,,,, all be out-of-Africa,,,,, and despite all carrying 1-4% Neanderthal-genes, are all one “race”, (the human race) not all sane/civilized, or want/allowed to be , but are all indigenous (to wherever, we happened to be born). ………. And for the progress of humanity, democracy and enlightenment anywhere (and for the age-old question, which flea owns the dog), there is a balance rule, between the ethical tax-paying, patriotic-builders, (who, for the benefit of a real-world, civilized future, needing to be 80% or greater, ) and the breaker / parasites (kept below 20% max.)……(or the continuous muzi-warfare , will become more visible)…You’ve heard the traditional scams, “my grand-father once fished in this ocean, so that means I now own the ocean / my mother once walked on that land / my uncle once looked at the moon etc, These try-ons are everywhere …………… So why not make up your own sob-story? (and demands) as to why you too, are not also, a “deserving” parasite?……… ¦……….Surely one of your ancestors, was a (non-taxpaying) vagrant somewhere ? At some time ? ………………. muzzee have a “dream” (and its any sane-person’s nightmare.) Today the Saudi and Soros, tag-team , fund / foster / fester, any destructive, non-sustainable NWO bullshit , usually via funding, flag-waving (suddenly rich) unemployables / greenies, (plus any “non-profit” / “peace-hippie, BLM ” “hands up” scams/scammers), extortionists (unions) etc. plus any other selfish, envious, jealous supremacist, lay-abouts, (who have traditionally-demanded a “racist” share, of your earnings)..and who believe that “free” means, nobody pays for it / or has paid for it (but you, ( like always), will have to pay for it .). ………. .When Indians /Chinese/ Dutch / Portuguese / English /Spanish etc.etc. first visited here, it was not “Australia” . Only when an area of land, (anywhere) has a “tax-paid-for”, service and management system (for the benefit of contributors and the advancement of services ), does it become a nation, carrying the name, of that financial-pool (of productive common-good). . Here, (now currently-called Australia) and now, with a developed, civilized pool of something steal-able/ worthwhile (infrastructure and support services) is a juicy new target, worth trying to steal from (until it can be eroded /corroded and destroyed, with the re-run of muz-lam’s final-solution). .This (for your children’s civilized future, of opportunity and democratic free-will ) is what is essential to protect, from both outside invaders and the romantic-dreams of un-elected, muzi-funded, useless-idiot, cancer-welcoming-saboteurs ( the “open-borders” advocates). ………………………. ………………MMMMMMMMMM.. ………………..”traditional” parasites, usually demand “special apartheid-privileges”, based on their skin colour or cult-ture (or of muz-lumic tor-ture, usually). (but no, that’s not racist) despite their ancestors and customs (from wherever) not building, buying or bringing anything “steal-able”, to the table. These thieves-in-transit, rapist-breeders (of the breakers of everyone’s tomorrow), are now farmed by a fatalistic-zombie-menagerie, of deluded (expectant) muzi-arseholes, who have always been farmed to be, permanently-juvenile, contemptuous, apartheid, supremacist-vandals (and now the media-prostitutes ( via saudi/soros billions) are paid to insist, its all your fault (this is to help break you mentally) ……. ………………………….. .Its not as if muz-lam has been beneficial to anyone, anywhere, ever…….. ………….SLOW DOWN,/ STOP. Focus , get another/ more beer ready……..The sons and daughters of previous unproductive users, drifters etc. today, are now all encouraged to (and university-schooled on) how to milk (cripple) , the now proven, productive, ethical “Bigger-pie generating “, capitalist systems. (Most of these children, have benefited all their life on the million(s) of backs of defender’s (fighting-patriot’s) sacrifices, and can’t understand / comprehend / believe, what is going on/ or why it can’t continue, without conscious (and conscientious) armed protection (like has always been required). Any so-called “rights” are really , hard-won but vulnerable (temporary), privileges. That are currently allowed in our protected ( but already muzi-weakened / subverted ) legal system…….. If you don’t actively kill these murders, they will continue to murder you and your children .duh . …. …….. …… ……………. .The brown-shirt muzi-panthers, with a (media-ji-had) “artistic-version” of history / reality, (and with the “proven-to-work, (race-card-victims), sob-sob stories” ) are now (in stage 1.) invading worldwide , migrating / masquerading) as deserving? -“refugees”? . Today the media prostitutes (with their politically-correct, blatant lies) are encouraging our “too-gullible dreamer-children”, to welcome in, their own destruction , (via these muz-lumic cancer-escapers? ( but who are still really, muz-lam-infected, and on a “spread muz-lam” ji-had ………………………. ……….In socialist “black ” South-Africa, a lot of children now have to study by candle-light. What did they have before candles ? anyone ? ?? …. Yes, “capitolist” generated, Electricity (and no, that’s not racist) but that was before the productive (and system itself) was over-run, with unchecked parasitic invasion / migration, from every surrounding country ( Still today you are blamed for it (and being financially-milked) not to help them out, but to financially-weaken you. (successfully as it seems, as highly-profitable “not-for-profit” scams, are now abundant) . …….. ………… MORE BEER / . ……Here, our capitalist Sergent-At-Arms, is paid to alert our defense system to act (when the sanity balance, is becoming unsustainable). To start culling again, for the survival of world-sanity (and the progress of civilization) to continue un-corrupted and unmolested, (particularly by the selfish-greed-stupidity of 7th century, “psycho-mussoo-voodoo child-grooming, rapists-in-waiting / new planet-waiting, muzzee). ………… ………. And is it mussi or mossi ? does anyone know /care ? I don’t want to offend anyone but hey, with muzzi, they make-up so much, (I doubt if even they know, which way is up). It’s like trying to find out who/was/is, barry soetoro the son of ? Obviously not of his (supposed) black (Kenyan) muzi-father and one of his 5 black wives ? . Most witnesses (all his past, colorful, drug-filled “handsome-friends”,) are now all conveniently dead, or erased (or both). (like any witnesses to the Clinton crime-cartel) . Just the cross-dressing photos of the cocaine-creep, in the gay-green jump-suit (and long green brothel-boots) remain . Most people know that this golfing wanna-be, Indonesian/Arab air-head, cue-card snorting cretin, is just another media-promoted-bastard, and not in-character enough, to ever warrant another Bong./ Gong. (You know what I mean)……………………. ………………. Socialism (via union extortion-vehicles / traitors within) is always economically unsustainable, and only appears to work, while leftie lay-abouts (useful-idiot pawns), are allowed to cancer, the capitalist-generated funds (or good will,) or accept 3rd party (Saudi/soros) bribes. Obviously our SAA (Mr Flaccid), is currently asleep on the job, as Today, muz-lam (Heads-R-Us) still demands INFIDEL GENOCIDE, (now really (real)world-wide) and under sharia-diarrhea, (the muzi slavery-codes) can (and is doing) so, legally. A bit too ho-hum ? for the media prostitutes to mention / or get ethical ? Which piper calls their tune ? (always follow the muzi-money). …..A capitalist employer risks his own assets/money, to employ people, a socialist (extortionist ) parasite, will never do that (and any muzi is just a deliberate-destroyer in-action , eager for the promised slave-sex “action”)…………………………. Try and go anywhere in a union-extortion-vehicle. The stronger the union, the greater the extortion (plus greater risk of unemployment and the union wont give you your money back, or a job). Guess which one will be media-promoted, as the good guys.? ….. …….SLOW DOWN MATE / DRINK MORE / rest-up a bit..(and you will enjoy it more)… .Every sane leader since Churchill has been demonized in the media as a muzi-o-phobe / voodoo-o-phobe/ nazi-o-phobe.. I.E. Abbot, Golding, Farage, Trump, Gilders, .etc…… …………. ……. …….Socialism is a totalitarian croc, but Muz-lam, is a extensively and expensively, decorated and disguised, marble-encrusted, square-wheel (with an unfixable-puncture) and has never worked anywhere, at any time, (or could even survive) without continuous petty, brutal, 7th century, intimidation, cruelty, stolen funds, and mass propaganda / hypnosis. Yes muz-lam is the turd with no clean end. Millions of passed moslums (and millions more assorted non-moslums), totaling around 270 million , burned to death / buried alive, flogged or stoned to death etc. All blind-sides by the incessant media-propagandist “in-joke”, that muz-lam was a religion / ethical (or beneficial). conveniently burying most of the 29,000 pointless muz-lumic terror attacks (your time and money wasting) distractions (since 9/11)….. ….. But now, with muzi having access to unlimited fossil-oil money, plus unlimited use of socialist flag-waving union-thugs / (and suddenly rich) un-employables, means that “useful-idiot” control of your sanity / mind / sustenance, is well under way. The Brussels/ Paris /London type bombings is not about killing , that is just an intimidating (but incidental) headline. It is a ji-had to break the will (and in particular the economy) of the civilized, so expenditure on Police / soldiers / courts / medicos will now cost 10 times more and for what ? Muzi will just punch another baby ( in another pram) somewhere else … ……………………. . …They don’t need the money Muz-lam is now so rich, they now have 2 meccas (the original one in the north that the old mosques point to) and now the sand-pit theme-park in the south, where last year 2,000 muzi-zombies trampled each other to death (while “religiously” kissing stones), plus then the beheading of a few dozen more essential scape-goats, ( allah ? was needing even-more ? muz-lumic, petty-brutality ?) ……………………….. The mid-east, fossil-oil $$$$ windfall, is never “media-demonized”, but fossil-coal is ? This is Economic (Media-bias) subversion, at its most blatant ………………………….Both fossils are only here now, because during life’s early evolution, Co2, was at 4,000 ppm. Today, at just 400 ppm ( rising at 1part, per million, every 5 years). Media says this is a disaster and all life sustaining-western-productivity should stop. (That is how corrupt the media is today) . Today in submarines, sailors breathe Co2 at 1,000 ppm, with no adverse effect because Co2 is an essential trace (life / food growing) gas, (that turbo-charged the evolution of life on this (then very hot) but cooling planet). Oil and coal, seen now both as the fossil remains of the darling twins, (COALIN and OILAVE), from their formative / baby , (hot) evolution years. Co2 always follows temperature change, observable in winter, when Co2 follows the temperature down to, and at 150ppm, plants stop growing . When the season (temperature) changes up , the co2 level (plant food) rushes back up and (plant) spring, is here again. Farmers know this, (green-house managers deliberately pump in extra Co2 to boost plant growth) but the media makes sure their (any) real-world knowledge, is ridiculed. ( since the last mini ice-age, the sun has been warming the world at 0.8* per century ( with or without us). And since the un-corrupted data from satellites , (as expected) , no detectable warming for 18 years.(and the media knows it) but I digress, demonizing Co2 (like the halal scam) is just about crippling the world economy (and development) via coal-demonizing (all for the muzi-welcoming of, mahdi) ….Everything a muzi does is for mahdi. Any “expected to be trustworthy” body, that has not previously explained the muzi-Santa ” mahdi”. to you, is probably corrupt / unworthy (or both)……………. .. ……….. ……………………..The wholesale (saudi/soros-funded) socialist-like corruption, of formerly-trusted, EU / UN type , overview-national / international entities, (plus councils, guilds, universities, banks etc). means the dope with the 50ft Vatican wall, (built to keep out moslums) now advises on child-care, and the AMA in Australia is trying to control national-security. WTF ?…… Media ethics (?) are now so bad, that they now insist that everyone is Syrian and muzi-invaders are all (product-branded) sKILLed-immigrants. (but “kill” is usually in the fine print). ………………………………. Or ? do Muzi-mass-murderers, really only stay muzi , for the music ? (the muzi on the bus, go bang bang bang, etc.) ??? According to the media, up is now down, right is now left , round is now flat and as usual, it’s all your fault………. and can only be fixed by you, maxing out your children’s credit card, ( to feed and house the current mass of swarming, deluded and depraved, ji-hobbist, muzi-rapist / genocidal-assassins / wasters-in-waiting ,(and who the media now insist, all deserve a peace prize) ……………..MMMMMMMMMMMM ……………………. …………….. .BEER / Part 3. Mos-lam can /does / is, still mentally-mangling morons today, and this is why WAR has been continuous / visible and normal, in every north/west-african / southern-europe and mid-east country, since muz-lam was invented. Anyone who mentions the words “peace” or “armistice” knows nothing about muz-lam . These words have been obsolete, since the invention of muz-lam…… muz-lam is still cretinising (from birth if possible) all impressionable (mentally-juvenile) males, with promised, fictitious, base-sexual misogynist rewards. And that all they have to do was/ is (in a strict 3 stage sequence) destroy anything that sustains productivity, civilization (and trust), kill all the non-moslums, for a fictitious reward, brought by a fictitious (but still mosque-promised), mussi-invented-santa, (mahdi/ madi/ mandy/ (what ever).) Who would replace this world with a flatter-than-flat, (planet-pedo) plate-(replacement)-planet, (at some future time, in their supremacist imagination)…….. …………………… Muz-lam is basically a psychotic, self-perpetuating, Pyramid scam / maniacal merry-go-round. Everyone loses, and its for the benefit of no-one, anywhere, ever…………..Humanitarian Patriots will be called on again ( to shoot them again). Then the media (with the freedom given to them by passed-patriots sacrifices) will then demonize them (again)…….. Muz-lam is the problem , always was, always will be. Remember the old old Arab warning (from the 8th century) never trust a muzzee? Just as valid today……. muzi still say Christian-Crackling is to die for (and you can’t tell it not pork). Time to get a gun and start practicing shooting vermin. You are the enemy, because muz-lam says so, (plus you are between them and their promise of unlimited rape). Have a happy Easter while you can. (before the war becomes so visible that even the media will have to eat shit-pie). The sharia slavery-codes, do target you. And still so today, muzlam (with pre-teen “strolling /stroller-bombers”) is now also targeting the killing of any valuable real-world people like teachers / doctors / nurses / firemen / police etc., ( anyone productive or remotely human), that appears working for a sustainable future). …… .Not that the bomb-loaded child-pawns will ever know what radio-controlled deceive, was is in their back-pack (or pram) … XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX …………..HALF-WAY MATE….. Take a break with beer No 3/4/5. The more disgusting details can wait till you catch up ……….. ………… .(proceed slowly)……….. Promoted now also, by formally trusted (but now corrupt) international-entities and media (also now, even the medical-unions), actually any parasitic, political-players who need money (or votes) and are willing to take, the now unlimited-bribes on offer, (from the fossil-oil rich, middle-east muzi billionaires). Who are all eager to get the “extra-virgin” virgins, by funding more cretin schools, hypnosis-halls (mosques). Muz-lam was never about humanity, democracy, enlightenment or this planet, in fact the opposite, always has been just to motivate a sewer-slideal mafia-mass, of maniacal mass-murdering (and still is) assassins-in-waiting (for stage 3 )…………… “religion” (?) of peace (?). don’t hear that anymore, because it was obviously just muzi-funded, media BS … That’s almost as stupid as saying humans are able to control the sun’s temperature knob (they don’t say that any more either) its now “(natural) climate-change” …..( but you are still to blame.)…………. ………. ………… Personal “religious freedom” means, if you want to believe the world is square (with 5 corners) go right ahead, and most constitutions allows that. But what ethical-civilization doesn’t allow, is forcing 3rd party-adherence to this sort of nonsense, ( by any mafia, masquerading as / calling itself , a “personal-religious-belief”)………. NOTE. muzi-zombies have no right of personal religious-freedom, productive-education, civilized-association, (just assassination) or freedom of thought (or speech) If you ever see ex-moslums on the street /on mass, (without a bag on their heads) shouting free at last, free at last . Get a coat, (as hell is about to freeze over)…NOTE AGAIN Taqiyya (bare-faced lying to infidels), is (in muz-lam) compulsory….. ……. so yes today, their propaganda “socialist-journalist-priests”, are muzi-funded, to use known-psychology, to fuk-over the productive, but how do the media sleep at night ? communion wine / communicated whines?) ………….. ……… ….. ……………. The historical MUZ-SLIME rap-sheet is, 270 million unnecessary dead so far, 29,000+, terror “expensive distractions” since 9/11 …….. The whole muzi-mafia-madness chronicle, consists of a absolutely disgusting history, of mass-murder and mass-slavery ji-hads , (it’s what the crusaders were sent to stop, but way too little and way too late). Like again now, the mid-east had (until recently) millions of ethical, productive people (mainly non-moslum, or lip-service moslums, duh) . Now bombed to bits, almost as bad as WW2 London was. The media is very quiet about what happened to them (eaten-up by more-important media-distractions, like. Watch Channel ISIS tonight,,,,,,,,(,for this weeks ” BEST-RAPIST,” AWARDS?) ……….. ……. ……………………… Muz-lumic stock in trade has always been, the koran instructed/directed, mass deception (the primary weapon of any trojan-camel / war machine) plus the usual street-gang, contemptuous mob-mentality, ( mob-rule) ambushes, producing historic mass theft, mass male murder, mass female sex slavery, mass west-African slavery (this is where the diarrhea (sharia) slave-owner’s rules/codes, were formed,. plus mass cretin-izing of innocents (and today’s “drive-bys”, arson, social (and economic) vandalism, bus-bombings , train-trauma, plane-pain (plus muz-lumic-cancer spreading people-trafficking) etc. is the least of it)….. ….. ……………….. . The only time muzi fight side-by-side, is when well-meaning do-gooders, try to stop them killing each other, or mention the golden-rule, or that the real world is round. (no virgin-rewards then) ……………Drink , More Beer, Now ……..Yes we are all “out of Africa” but the muzi-funded-media, continually endeavors to push civil unrest, with the soros funded “only black lives matter” scam …….. Obviously not to blacks, as most blacks are killed by other blacks (and the media knows it) most gun-violence is in democrat-states, where legal-guns are banned. But ammunition is freely available ? WTF .NOTE. in Switzerland, gun-violence is almost unheard of , because 2 guns (per household) is compulsory . (who is going to try and rob a “known-armed” target? duh) Most criminals shot by police in America, are white (and the media knows it) and No humanity (of any colour) has ever mattered to muz-lam (and while still trying to kill non-moslums first), most muzi are still happily killing other muzi (and the media knows that too, but still claim, muzi deaths (on both sides) is still (somehow) your fault ). ……. .. …………………… But the “racism” card, is today still a media subversion ji-had “winner” , but is just one of the muzi-funded media-stable (of staples) for fostering civil-distrust and unrest (and unwarranted guilt). …………………………. ………Demonizing the police / anyone productive / critizing employers / ridiculing patriots etc are all funded (today by muz-lam/soros) and promoted for the arrival of, their/a fictitious muzi-mahdi (their long awaited “glorious-ender” of this world).. ……. …. ….. NOTE. All “prophets” are just psychotic / schizophrenic, “guessers” (or spokes-persons, for the voices in their head) ……Too cleva 99 ? Too true ? Too late ?. …….. ..(The “muz-lamic POOPET-PROFFIT-PUPPET” (mo-hammered), was not even moslum, (because that particularly nasty, murderous, in-bred, arab pedophile, was long dead before muz-lam was even invented) ……Their “so-called-perfect” koran was/is mainly plagiarized from the bible and tora. (even the moon “go-d-og” allah was stolen). But always, anything a muzi makes-up today, will override / abrogate, anything that some mad-mullah made-up, yesterday…… And so they alternatively “revere, then piss-on” their “holey” book to suit (to allow / excuse, the latest sickening “glorious” muzi-atrocity) . One still current rule is: Yes you can eat your wife(s) but only when really hungry, (no “finger-food” snacking). When any group (at any time, anywhere ) replaces productive scientific-investigation, with a psychotic ( ground-hog “revelation”) method, of acquiring innovation / knowledge . . You just end up with psychotic, un-elected (un-electable) petty-minded muzi-brats, with the power of life or death…..Italy is just one of the nations that didn’t want/ need, another parasitic mafia street-gang . So they don’t recognize muz-lam as a religion (because it’s not). Angola is another, sick of the muzi-sickness) .muz-lam also contravenes the 1952 USA. subversion amendment… ….But the bloody “mosque-kitoes are still swarming everywhere…. (most parasites are inter-bred with / raped by, other parasites) .and they don’t deal-drugs (and shoot-up, (my little joke)) for society’s benefit ………. I.E. Europe now, a bloating-carcass of (now muzzi-controlled,) insanity .. …………………………….And sorry to labor this point, but muz-lam has always been a fantasy (pyramid-scam) dead-end, but today, to over 1 billion illiterate muz-lumic cretins, it’s still a “real” preoccupation-compulsion…. .Even though the real-world, is now known to be, too-big to kill everyone, (so fictitious mahdi will never cum) muzi are still demanded (and determined) to mutilate and kill as many as they can, for as long as they can, wherever they can, because muz-lam still insists the virgins, river of wine, mahdi etc. are all real .. . I suggest “gun-deodorant” (under each arm) or double strength “muzzee-off”, (in the high-velocity brass-capsule). These Christian-kebabing, pork-substitute-rs (and apparently, Christian-crackling, is to die for (and you cant tell it’s not pork)) . Fortunately for some, Russia is again, saving our/their bacon (like they did previously, in WW2). And Mt Putin says thank-you media, for your timely warning about, just another Turkish (muzi) war crime (10 times in 3 minutes, how Russian pilots laughed and laughed when they heard about that, “pro-Turkey” turkey, (blatant media-con.) . Or the drowned boy (of the boat-driving people-smuggler), found between the rocks , but whom the papa-ratsy then reposed (the cadaver), up and down the beach to get the best “drowned at sea” emotional-money-shots/ sympathy votes…………. Where he was found (between the rocks) was considered too “land-dead” (not poor boat-refugee enough). Both photos (and hundreds more) were originally freely available. then the truth was restricted to one , to support the media’s sob story. Or the professionally-done, “child-style” stick “refugee” drawings, by that socialist Sydney artists..The media lies-list never stops. …………………………….. In WW2, Paul Joseph Goebbels was just a choir boy, until he realized the public gullibility, to media “revelation” (and what muz-lam salesmen, had been (and still are) getting away with, like today advertising / selling, pre-raped Nigerian slave (school) girls for a (market undercutting ) rock bottom $13.each. Have they no shame ? .What next ? buy 2 get 1 free ? ……………….. …………………..Yes .Even..More ….BEER ……………………… …………………. For any females, (who are only muzi-tolerated at all, because of their brat-breeding bellies / capabilities) who have to survive at muz-lumic-contamination level (and intimidation level), stage 2 or 3, the muz-lumic ” cloth-chloroform” (burka / burker / schmurker) does conveniently hide their abuse. The bruises, broken bones, whip scars, acid burns, the remains of their nose and ears (and their master’s radio-controlled, bomb-belt ). And to any female, still with “dangily-bits”, educated, independent, outspoken, car driving, no bag on head ? You already know its not looking good for you. ………………The burka ALSO helps the (koran-instructed), “Stage 1.” Deceive and infiltrate, (invade) the next target, (to go smoothly) . And it all helps with getting the muzi cancer-spreaders, undeserved “victim / sympathy-cards”, and so then they can successfully erode/corrode, the next western economy from within (like Europe now, being flooded with a muslami-tsunami, of swarming ‘roaches, (99 %, contemptuous-apartheid, muz-lamic parasites). 80% fighting age males and 80% not Syrian and 80% not refugees, 80% not-families and 80% unemployable, A few (human-shield) children (as essential papa-ratsy fodder), and a few babies, for the fun of throwing over the side (not theirs obviously) ……… Which is all part of koran-instructed, “Stage 2.” (Subvert and weaken), furthering (advancing / for-filling), the 7th century chronic (colonic) koronic -prophecy (of the fictitious (cuming) of the muz-lumic “planet-eliminator”, MADHI / WARDI etc .) . “muz-lam , is both the pyromaniac and the fireman.”…………………….. …………… …… .. ……..NOTE. FAITH is not a virtue, faith is continued belief, despite contrary evidence. …. Faith is an insult to your senses, instincts and intelligence. (always better to TRUST your own senses and instincts , plus definitely your dog’s instincts). Dogs can spot a drug-dealer a mile off / sniff out the “powder” on their stolen mobile phone / stolen credit card…. muzi are insanely cruel to all animals (and all people particularly women and children ) but demonize dogs in particular (because their sense of smell , is a real (stage2 citizen-drugging ji-had and drug-business killer). ….. …………………….. ……………………… Feel free to add your own observations (and wisdom) to this treatise’ on muz-lumic genocidal subversion-insanity, and then send on, to all deluded “do-gooders” (today’s usually too-civilized / too-young / too media-brainwashed “ostriches” )….And help the media with For example, Marriage is a legally binding, financial business arrangement, between consenting adults, of sound mind. How hard was that ? (and not between a pedophile and four juvenile, de-clitted beasts of burden). But a “religion” the media still insists ? ………………. ……………………. . A lot of (now media-demonized / media-ridiculed ) good people, died in world wars to give us (and in trust, to you) the freedom / opportunities (and obligation) to advance / (at least maintain) civilization (80%+ / 20%-). The unholy WW2 trinity, of anti-Semitic nazi / muzi and micks, are getting back in step again as we speak, thanks to socialist-idiot (east) German, Anglia Mercle (plus the dope with the rope) …………………………Note. In WW2, Until mufti-hussani arrived (to advise Hitler) Germany was just demonizing and deporting “Jews” (but that’s not racist). Hussani made sure it was modified to fit the koranic (muz-lumic) instruction (total (essential) Jewish destruction) genocide plan. Winston Churchill (like Abbot , Trump, Farage, Golding, Gilders etc.) was/is media-demonized as nazi-o-phobe, muzi-o-phobe, voodoo-o-phobe etc. so you see the pattern repeated now ………………. .. Most people (muzi or not) have little idea, as to how the muzi / mafia / media / religion industry, (people control) “works” or how your children’s future, is being stolen and crippled (or why). muzi just know, just play the game / act your part, and your head will stay on longer, and our son is worth a $25,000 saudi bonus when he loses his. ………….. And .”sewer-slide bombers” ? (those media darlings and pride of the family) What a joke, these are just juvenile-mentality, selfish, over-eager-rapists, who can’t count (or wait for the third (the mass-killing) stage 3). …My prediction is, that none of the WW2 anti-Semitic trinity, (Vatican, Germany or Mecca) will be bombed (duh duh and duh)……… …………………………… This note, is all actually just a update, of that old, old, Arab warning (since the 8th century) …”never trust a moslum”…… So I ayatollah you too, muz-lam is just a pyramid-scam, where everyone loses / dies and don’t forget the media says, it’s all your fault / give me your money (usually both)……………. NOTE. If you have got / read this far , seems like you are also intelligent, ethical, physically and mentally strong enough, to continue to wave the stars and stripes type flags for humanity, democracy, enlightenment (and a real-world, productive future for your kids), against today’s “character-assassin” media ji-hads (and the muz-lumic-voodoo , assassins-in-waiting, muzi-brats). ……….But what can/will you do, to warn the ostriches ?? Time to make / plant / hang , some cheap anonymous 3-5 word signs ? and media-stunt them (to get on the news) ? Worded-Like … muz-lam still demands infidel-genocide (or) Kebab-ed-Christians, are delicious. (or) Christian-crackling is 2die4 (or.) Russia, saving our bacon, again. (or). Allah is a woman & lives with Santa (or) muz-lumic-Voodoo, just a revelation (or) Heads-R-Us, opening here soon..(or) ISIS Intense Sex Involving Sheep (or) muz-lam, still mentally-mangling morons…………………….. You get the idea……….. chain them to a prominent positions (or burning-tyre) video it and sent it viral on the net ……………… . P.S. Don’t forget to also send on, this written expose’ , to the now “headless-ostrich” schools / universities / politicians / banks etc..and sing along to “The muzi on the bus, go stab stab stab etc” / The muzi on the plane, go boom boom boom etc. (at least you now know, WHY they do it). ……………………………………………..Yes a “muzi-mentality” lifestyle-choice, does hinge on the continued-disguising / stupidity of their “flog a dead–horse” , madhi- method/system, of headless-“advancement” ( to nowhere)…………….. ………And since the invention of muz-lam (and the koran-codile) , You and me (and a civilized future) are just collateral-damage, to be media “blind-sided” by the “religion” of (bite-size) pieces (for the benefit of nobody, anywhere, ever). Funny old flat world eh?…My Suggestion . Get your kid an AK-47 ..repaint it , take it to school, and say its a “glock” (that he’s just invented). barry O’Vomit will call him a genius and give him a tour of the white house and name a mosque in his honor. No wait . Sorry. That’s been done already. …………………. P.S. If you see a mistake (or inaccuracy ), please fix it before sending on………….. Yes the media is paid, to lie to you……… Yes the KKK were/are a democrat invention ……. Yes the first American slave owner was black ……. and Yes, Nazis were socialist (thieves)………. And yes, To a muzzee we (& your future) are all just in the way, of their promised virgins, (and all muz-lamic zombies, are very sure of that)……… And Yes, in today’s mosques, your children are being promised (as “sex-toy” prizes) to the next endless swarm of mass-murdering, martyrs-in-waiting. Time you thought about how to stop that, (and your funds/friends) being financially raped, by idiot democrats, (who couldn’t even exist without the saudi/soros-funds the parasite-voters and the muzi-puppet media)………………….. NOTE. ISIS-Harem’ fukees, are not volunteers (but do produce “volumes-o-tears”).. .just saying………………. Since the invention of muz-lam, the utterance of the words “armistice /peace” etc.have always been a lie, or mouthed by dummies/frauds , with no knowledge of the final-solution / total destruction plan, (the muzi-mahdi mission)……… Specifically, Mahdi will not cum, until any-place housing Jews (ie Israel/USA) is eliminated. That is why no muzi-mafia will ever allow a peace deal to ever happen with “Jews”, anywhere, ever. ( even though “Palestine” no longer exists, that area now belongs to Hamas), too bad the locals didn’t fight harder . No, don’t thank me, get a shot gun, make a pipe gun, any gun and lots of ammunition, the way its seems to be going, is you or you children, will probably be fighting a totalitarian, muzi-controlled UN army, (that you paid for). The police will (like English bobbies) will be disarmed and too politically-correct to help. ………………….Your survival will depend on your own self-defense and feeding capabilities. ………….. . Civilization /democracy and enlightenment has been under 3 stage (genocidal) muz-lumic attack for 1400 hundred years (1. infiltrate 2. subvert 3. destroy) and now you also know, their insane voodoo-reason why. Their mosque-promised future planet, is not here (on earth) and for them to get to theirs (planet-pedo / rapist-heaven) you (any non-moslum) is just in the way. Buy the gun and vote wisely (and at least as often as the cadavers (and computers) did last time). Fix any mistakes / add your wisdom and (for the sake of everyone’s children) highlight / copy and re post / send on to anyone trustworthy, currently in a defense position to prod Mt Flaccid awake . As his sleeping position, is casting a very disrespectful shadow, over the graves of all past patriots…Solstice regards, Bill. P.S. Yes the sun, viewed from the northern hemisphere (after appearing to be 2 days dead) will rise again and people will rejoice. Because increasing-temperature, means increasing-Co2, which means plants, (food) will “spring to life / born again” .. Well goodness gracious me, which astrologer / farmer, first noticed that?


  18. Cruz is a devil in a suit.. those who can’t see him for who he is. and his movement and his fathers apostate foundation.. well.. you are more than likely one of the millions of ‘tares or weeds’ that have been sown in these Latter days to fulfill the Coming Whore of Rev. 17, that apostate bride that will take the ‘dominionism’ message to the World when its given the chance to.. at the Start of Daniels 70th week. Christ will Call out those who are His, these who have been blinded by the latter day ‘revisionist lie’ of America’s founding.. based on a lie that it was founded by Born Again christian men who Founded this country.. No America was founded by Deists who were Freemasons.. that’s far from True Biblical Christianity… but the Tares or Weeds will tell you something different.. they ‘lie’. and their ‘means’ more lies’… justify the End. and that is a National Theocracy in the name of their Sodom Baal Babylonian image of its man made christ , who when looked at .. is submissive to ‘man’, answers to ‘man’, is behavior managed thru pharmakus- sorcery witchcraft- behavior meds and this christ is also ‘anger managed’ accorrding to ‘churchianity’ in America.. Churchianity in America is the start of the Creation of the Whore of Rev. 17.. Churchianity in America is what feeds the masses with the Revisionist Lie. of this Great Republics Founding. of ‘christian beliefs’.. America will move forward According to the Timetable of the Redeemer, Christ , God manifest in the flesh, she will fulfill Her destiny as the Great Babylon of Latter Times.. She will produce the 7th king that goes on to be the 8th king , the son of perdition. She will harbor the Saddle upon which the Scarlet Woman, the Whore rides…and steers the Beast…. She will be destroyed in 1 hour at the End of the Jacobs’ Trouble.. She will be built up as Egypt was to fulfill Her destiny.. then Destroyed. She will also move into Israel and ‘harlot’ her and Jerusalem, at the Start of Daniels 70th week.. making Jerusalem the Great city of her ‘apostate false kingdom of heaven on earth’… America not only adulterates the Word of God during this time.. but Adulterates Israel and Jerusalem. pseudo restoring her.. and in the process.. making Jersualem a ‘cup of Trembling’ .. In the Eyes of God.. trampling Her down.. as the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled..


  19. Eric Knutson says:

    Jesus isn’t running for President. He already made Himself King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and we’re just nominating and electing the best President and Legislators to keep America afloat until God the Father initiates the end-times. It looks like it will be either Trump vs Hillary, or a 3-way between Trump, Hillary, and whichever elitist the RNC cherry-picks if it steals the nomination from Donald. Ted Cruz needs too much of a miracle to get a voter-nomination, but it could still happen. I’d rather see Trump. He’s the businessman-outsider and he’s leading so far, Cruz is a proven insider who’s not as Constitutional as he says he is, Hillary is a pathetic joke, and the RNC seems to want to defy the Republican voters. The polls about Trump losing to Hillary are questionable at best, because if they’re true, why are so many protesters and establishment people trashing Donald so much? Dr. Carson endorsed Donald, and that says a lot. Those are my reasons for voting for Donald Trump. I posted about Ted Cruz being a 7-Mountain-Dominionist, and it’s been enlightening to read all these comments. I want to get Donald nominated, and I’m not overly concerned about whether the websites I read about Cruz are true or false. The websites said he’s a Dominionist, and I went with it. We need to be salt and light, but the Bible doesn’t say we have to convert the whole world. That doctrine would be of man and not of God. I particularly enjoyed the commentary on Islam. Any Muslim who thinks his religion is peaceful is a total airhead. Mr. Obama, if you’re listening in to this, you’re a sorry excuse for a human being, and if the GOP spent as much effort to stop you as they’re doing against Donald Trump, you’d have been properly impeached long ago.


  20. Hopefully y’all know that what is called Dominionism, esp. ‘7 Mountains’ (LOL) is really the Rev 17 harlot, POLITICAL CHURCHINANITY. Liberty U is Dominionist, founder Jerry Falwell (the dad) started it in 1979 and the evangelicals are saturated with it now. They also view Donald Trump as ‘anointed’, not merely Ted Cruz, .

    So if you’d avoid this latest iteration of anti-Christ churchinanity, don’t vote Trump, either.


  21. Jim bob dugger says:

    It’s hilarious to see all you Christians fighting each other trying to impress everyone that you have the REAL interpretation of the bible.


  22. Alexander Reagan says:

    Ted Cruz is a Dominionist

    The author of a recent online article wants people to stop referring to Ted Cruz as a Dominionist but a Dominionist by any other name is still a Dominionist. Proof is in what has been said and done as shown here.

    Ted Cruz Surrogate Tells MSNBC ‘Separation of Church and State is a Myth’

    Gonzalez: Well, the reality is that this idea of the separation of church and state is a myth. I mean, you bring your faith into the marketplace like you do anything else.

    Reid: Let me just push back on you a bit. The separation of church and state is not a myth, it’s a constitutional fact. It’s a fact on the ground. It’s a part of our constitutional makeup. The founding fathers were explicit that they did not want to have a national church. Can a candidate like Ted Cruz run on essentially saying he would ignore that part of the constitution, if you’re saying he’s a president who would actually run on the constitution?

    “I’m a Christian first, I’m an American second, I’m a conservative third, and I’m a Republican fourth.”


    Ted Cruz press people will tell you endlessly that he is a born-again Christian, and he may well be. But Ted Cruz is also a member of a strict fundamentalist branch of the Southern Baptist Church but also has deep roots in the Dominionist theology and Charismatic Pentecostalism of his father. His father Rafael Cruz is a noted Dominionist preacher. One of the doctrines he preaches is the Charismatic prosperity heresy of something called “end times transfer of wealth“. This is not found anywhere in the Bible, and in fact is a ploy by the Charismatic movement to get their people to “tithe” at a higher level. This is the type of “Christianity” that is found in the Cruz household.

    Rafael Cruz on Transfer of Wealth from Wicked to Righteous Through Kings, Anointed to Take Dominion – YouTube

    Rafael Cruz: “The pastor referred to Proverbs 13:22, a little while ago, which says that the wealth of the wicked is stored for the righteous. And it is through the kings, anointed to take dominion, that that transfer of wealth is going to occur. God, even though he’s sovereign, even though he’s omnipotent, he doesn’t let it rain out of the sky – he’s going to use people to do it.” August 26, 2012, at the New Beginnings Church in Bedford, Texas.

    At the 2013 Iowa Renewal Project Pastor’s Conference, multiple pastors, including Ted Cruz’s father, lay their hands on Cruz to “anoint” him in God’s name so nothing will stop him from becoming president (at 0:44).

    Conservative radio host Michael Brown Interviews Rafael Cruz, Father of Senator Ted Cruz (YouTube with text) where the elder Cruz tells Brown how Ted Cruz came to run for president.
    Michael Brown: What happened the day you gathered for prayer and decided he [Ted Cruz] should run for president?

    Rafael Cruz: Actually, prior to that my son Ted and his family spent six months in prayer, seeking God’s will for this decision. But the day that the final green light came on, the whole family was together. It was on a Sunday.

    We were all at his church — First Baptist Church in Houston, Texas — including his senior staff. and after the church service we all gathered at the pastor’s office. We were on our knees for two hours seeking God’s will. And, you know, at the end of that time, a word came through his wife, Heidi. And the word came saying, “Seek God’s face, not God’s hand.”

    And I’ll tell you it was as if there was a cloud of the Holy Spirit filling that place. Some of us were weeping. and Ted just looked up and said, “Lord, here am I.”

    My son is an anointed King, destined to take control of all sectors of society. — Pastor Rafael Cruz

    The online author says don’t go by what Cruz’s father says but we have not heard any word from him countering anything his father says. In fact their are many times Cruz and his father have appeared at political and religious events together. Ted’s silence is approval.

    Even though Ted Cruz has fought constitutional causes as president he also clearly will engage in dangerous extra-constitutional activities.

    Matthew 7

    15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

    Jeremiah 23

    16 Thus saith the Lord of hosts, Hearken not unto the words of the prophets that prophesy unto you: they make you vain: they speak a vision of their own heart, and not out of the mouth of the Lord.

    Ted Cruz Watch


  23. elizabeth says:

    The funniest thing about this post is that Lance Wallnau supports Donald Trump. So if you can’t support the 7 mountain stuff, you might need to rethink your support for Donald Trump.


  24. To those who say Ted Cruz is not involved in this, just his dad, think about how Ted Cruz talks about his dad and how he looks up to him. Also, do you really think his dad would “anoint” him to be a ruler in the NWO if he knew his son didn’t believe the same way? Ted Cruz is as caught up in this as his dad is, don’t be blinded by him saying he’s a Baptist!! I was raised a Baptist, he is no Baptist!!!!!


  25. Sometimes it is hard to discern right from wrong, left from right, good and evil. Let each person search the scriptures and make that decision for themselves. My spirit is not in agreement with Ted Cruz. Baptist , Pentecostal or whatever you want to call yourself, doesn’t make you a believer in truth. Keith Green said it best, “going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to McDonald’s make you a hamburger” ! It may sound silly but the principle is TRUTH ~


  26. Jesus said, Teach all the ethnic groups to obey all My orders (Mt 28). St Paul aimed to take every thought captive to the obedience of Messiah (II Cor 10). What would this amount to in politics? Well, God’s Kingdom is like a big bush which shelters birds (non-bush species), and I see Him and the Bible (and practicality) as rather libertarian; and freedom is a feature of Christendom, not of Islam-o-dom or secular-dom. So sure, let Christ have dominion, and His people behave both more boldly and more humbly about this than has been common. (Politicians tend to be successful men who think rather highly of themselves, tending to order us peons around. Humility does not come natural to them; they need reminding that pride is sin.) If Sen Cruz is heading somewhat in this direction, good for him, without endorsing every detail )the Bible freely criticizes its heroes.)


    1. Can’t blame Jesus for those who do not have ears to hear or eyes to see running about making up their own interpretations. Christian sects have run rampant with this desire to do so many things in God’s name on their own behalf. I will never say good for anyone who condemns and judges a group of humanity collectively for his own interpretations and perceptions on how they are living their lives. It is not the same as a one on one experience. What I am witnessing from Mr. Cruz is a collective judgment on a large mass of people in a condemning manner. This is wrong to place an entire population in judgment by a man. Especially a man whose past and present actions are devious to say the least. Might as well have Satan condemn as he does daily. There is no room in the White House for a finger pointer, we need a leader and that man is Donald J. Trump!


  27. Steve says:

    Anointed by his polygamist child deserting father. Dimple, no one can be announced by a filthy sinner with filthy perverted hands. The Holy Sprit anoints. I’ve seen Rafael senior, he is no holy saint.Justca bunch of cultists advertising their faith. He”s No king, Jesus Christ is the only King.


  28. Chris says:

    The 7th great kingdom.tbe Bible tells us about is in Revelation. The revived Roman empire controlled by the city that sits on 7 hills. This is Rome. There is nothing else in The Bible about 7 hills.


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