Just look at Germany, Sweden, France, Austria and other European disasters who have allowed the NWO to send ISIS refugees into their lands to rape, destroy and kill.  Look at what is happening across America with the same ilk arriving here.  Do you want to continue on the path of America’s destruction?  Do you want to continue with another clone in the White House who approves of the president  who created ISIS and is protecting ISIS and destroying America? I do not.  America needs TRUMP NOW!

If you really look at the attack ad below, you will see what it is really telling you is that Trump is the only one protecting us from border invasion, from ISIS invasion on our soil, and from the evil imperialistic take over in America by the global elite.

The fear tactics inside the attack ad point all fingers back at the tyrannical government take over.  Look’s like one of McCain’s buddies got bribed to do the dirty talk. 

Trump is the only one with the guts, the wisdom and  the “American Know How” to get America back on track and remove the evil done by the establishment puppet masters. VOTE TRUMP AND VOTE TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN – VOTE TO RESTORE AND SECURE OUR BORDERS!

Dianne Marshall

Say no to these attack ads that actually tell you what the GOP and  Hillary has planned!  Borders need closed, illegals need to go back, and those who disrupt others need removed!  Including a disruptive press!



  1. Dang, do they think we’re that stupid to believe this crapola they’re saying about Trump?!!NOT,America does not believe the media anymore,they’ve been biased and lied to us too much. We know Trump has best interest of America,cut $350Billion suppprort for illegals,no Sharia Law in US!No Dirty Commies,no global elite taking over!!!!We’re taking America back folks, you can count on it!!!!


  2. Tammy Kercher says:

    The media along with the Career Politicians are the problem….All of you have caused the issues we are having right now….. all you want to do is talk about how bad the officers are and let terrorist out of jail, and cover up all the wrong doings that Obama and his followers have committed.


  3. Inga says:

    This is so disgusting! Everyone should, no MUST write a post on Kasich’s FB and tell him what you think of him and his fellows RINOs. They are lying traitors! Make me sick, really.


  4. Camera-man says:

    Trump is not involved in attack ads., no time for it! There is a country to run and this is totally pathic and sickening! Someone or many are really running scared-how low can a man stoop?!!
    Trump wants the true America back for us and the citizens.
    You can see the honesty in his eyes and the love he has for American-PLUS he is the only one for the job!
    Hillary-murderer and it is so covered up that it’s hard to believe that we have such evil running for president.
    ALL of the others are already bought and paid for-who would care for us and the USA?
    That ad is so transparent who needs glasses to see who is behind it??


    1. Whoa, this attack ad is so bogus, crapola and full of lies for Trump is for our freedoms, against anything that impedes our freedom, he is a Constitutionalist, for the righteous laws of our land, not the wrong laws. The laws on the books concerning illegals and Syrians are very clear about what to do to NOT be invaded by people who are NOT good for America, just want to TAKE from American tax payers, and Syrians that adhere to Sharia Law are diametrically opposed to our Constitution and the American way of life. So don’t tell me that Trump is wrong on this! The majority of Americans agree with him. WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK now!

      And most of America know that our MSM is so politically correct, so biased, so left and so wrong and have just become a propaganda machine for obummer himself! We just want a media that is honest, tells the truth! So what wrong with that? NOTHING!


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