GOP – The Party Is Over!


When you make a media spectacle of shaking hands with your frontrunner Donald J. Trump and you forcefully have him sign an agreement to not run third party, (and I do say forcefully for you hovered over him and made him sign it or else there would be no fair campaign….that is what you did.)  For all Trump asked for was a fair campaign.

Well, as the campaign progressed and more unfair things were done, Trump bucked it up and kept the agreement honorable.   That is who Trump is.  Then, it got worse, and then low and then the lowest of the low….that is when it was obviously and blatantly no longer fair.  So, GOP, would you regard Trump as breeching if he decided to no longer honor his agreement for you have obviously breeched your part of it all…daring to launch an historic, never before campaign attack against one front runner?  And you had the balls to announce it?  Oh for shame. Proudly stating it is aimed at the one you have a “Fair” agreement with?  What liars you are and what fools you are. What folly!

You will get the Hillary voters all fired up, finally something working in their favor, and you will fire up the losers vote…but you will NEVER, EVER DESTROY THE FRONT RUNNER’S VOTE WHICH IS NOT JUST A VOTE IT IS A COMMITTMENT TO MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

You truly Mr. GOP whatever, underestimated the voter here.  In voter, I am speaking of the TRUMP VOTER . The one who knows the games, the drills, and will never vote for any other GOP candidate no matter what you do. I, myself will vote for Micky  Mouse before I vote for any other than Trump!

You have just ruined the club you call a party.  You are a private entity and it is now obvious what you all do.  So puppet controllers for the puppet masters.  Go to ….your elections on your own. I am done with you and America wants Trump and we will vote for Donald Trump either third party or on your lousy ticket.  You, however, are done. Broken, and over. You have had your last party, enjoy it!

Dianne Marshall

39 thoughts on “GOP – The Party Is Over!

  1. Lorraine Harmon says:

    I knew the GOP wasn’t to be trusted, they hate Trump, they can’t control him because he is his own man. I know I am not the only one that will vote for him and no one else, whether he runs GOP or 3rd Party. He has the vision, the intelligence and the guts to do what is right for America and its people, he owes no one and he will make the tough decisions. He’s not interested in being PC he’s interested in saving this Nation. The GOP should be ashamed, they should be backing Trump all the way, but that would be against everything they believe in….their own self interests. Go Trump will be heard loud and clear across the land and this will backfire on you establishment GOP’rs!!!!!

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    1. Grit says:

      I am no longer a Republican or a FOX news fan thanks to the events of the last few months. I’m voting for Trump and Cruz, everyone else can kiss my vote goodbye.


  2. Eugenia Deponte says:

    Yes the GOP is stupid for not backing trump all the way. They fear him because they know they can’t control him. But he is our only chance for beating Hillary and making our country great again.

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  3. I for one will not be as motivated as I have been recently to push for a candidate that :

    1) Can be bought by special interests.

    2) Feels the need to tone down the voice of the American people for fear of upsetting anybody that wants to question our American values.

    3) Does not have a personal , proven track record of personal financial accomplishment prior to asking for the job of managing Americas finances.

    4) Can not show me impeccable accomplishment in guiding and teaching his own children right from wrong, prior to asking to be placed in a role model position for my children.



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  4. Yes. Finally BOTH Parties are being exposed. They are nothing but ‘private clubs’. And, they owe their allegiance to Foreign and International interest. The RNC/GOPe and Democrat Party have sold their souls and America to an idle dream of a New World Order. We need to dismantle BOTH Parties! ……. And, folks, start in your States … Governors and Legislators need to go too. That’s the Parties pipeline. Little groups of men and women recruited into the professional political world for careers of promised corruption, power, and self-interest. This is the time we need to take a stand. Our elected Representatives are elected to represent us and our interest — and the Constitutional Oath is to be honored. Cut the cord from this ‘Club’ ……. Now and forever. …….. #DonaldJTrump!

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  5. Gary Miller says:

    Especially liked “You are a private entity and it is now obvious what you all do. So puppet controllers for the puppet masters.” The GOP is not interested in the “will of the people”, the voters choice, but their choice of the private club called the GOP (just like the Dems…a private club). Today it the same as with Romney, whom they backed, promoted, because he was the one who represented the least possible amount of change. This still applies. If they had America’s interest at heart, their choice would be obvious, as it is to millions who see Trump as one who has the USA as his choice.

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  6. Robert A Bernhard says:

    The political process in this country has been adulterated beyond repair. Combine the GOP and the Democrats and call it the “What’s In It For Me Collective.” You bargained in bad faith believing that Trump would fade out and go away. Well he didn’t! You cannot honor your deal with Trump because you have no honor. I am a registered Republican, but I will vote for Trump whether he be an Independent or a Write In. Shame on you GOP.

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  7. If you do not allow/accept Trump as the candidate, I will show up to vote. I will write in Trump’s name, check that box and ONLY that box. Without Trump on the ballot, who cares who wins. They are all the same. My vote is for Trump and only Trump.


  8. michael howard says:

    Trump is a winner, everyone else is a loser. Bottom line for Trump is success and the others’ bottom line is the W.H. at our costs. They even rented rooms in the W.H. for living.


  9. Diana Whartman says:

    Trump doesn’t need the GOP to win the election. There will be a landslide win for him regardless if he’s running Republican or 3rd Party. The GOP will bury itself by not backing Trump. If he does run 3rd Party it would be legit as he wasn’t treated fairly. That’s all he asked. These people don’t realize the power of the voters. We are sick and tired of their games. WE WANT #TRUMP 2016 – OUR NEXT GREAT AMERICAN PRESIDENT 🇺🇸


  10. Jesse Jetty says:

    Not a big fan of Mr. Trump, but I agree with the overall assessment of the article.
    My issue with all of the self described Trumpsters is many of you sound like the Obama sycophants of ’08. I truly believe that the cult of personality that modern politicians cultivate is a danger to our republic. To blindly follow anyone with promises of “winning” and “make America great again” is a lot like blindly following someone promising hope and change.
    Trump may well be what we need, but he needs to be vetted or we risk electing a Republican Obama.


    1. Donna Martin-Netherton says:

      Trump is well vetted…google and you will find his life has been very open. Interesting “Bio of Donald Trump” done several years ago shows how experienced he is and how determined he can be..He has made a financial success for himself and his family…AND many of us feel Mr. Trump will use that same experience of negotiating for our beloved country. It is NOT similar to the syncophantic chants for the still unknown Obama! Everything about Obama’s past is still hidden from the public!
      So I sincerely hope we see a Trump/Cruz ticket and I will proudly cast my vote for them.

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  11. Im so excited to have Donald J. Trump run for our country. He’s truly a American that loves his country and fellow Americans.
    I’m very disappointed that the people who maintain the ignorance for Obama and Hillary in supporting them. Wow. Wake up. Our country is steadily going down the tubes. Our current leader (i will not refer to Obama as president) isn’t doing a damn thing to help our country. He’s difinately a muslim. There’s no doubt about it.
    If Trump isn’t the nominee for the republican ticket. I too will write his name in on election day.
    Donald J. Trump doesn’t have to worry. We will be behind him all the way to the White House period!!!


  12. I was born when Eisenhower was President. And I have never been more excited than I am right now. I have also never been more scared than I am right now. America’s very soul is on the line here. Please forgive any typos that you may see, as I am typing through tears. For once, the truth is finally getting out. Let’s hope it works.


  13. Craig says:

    Diane, agree, however if Trump doesn’t get the nod please, you and your supporters don’t stay home as you say…”unless you want Shillery in our house!”


  14. I believe the TRUEST, Conservative candidate would be Cruz! He has shown that he will not back down from his Conservative principles, even when pressured to do so from his own colleagues, in his own Party! He not only has the experience (without the corruption) of knowing how things work, good or bad, but has a long history of standing up for Conservative values! You cannot say that about Trump. While Trump has activated many people’s disgust against an out of control government, he does not have the temperament, the experience, nor the Conservative track record as Cruze!!!


  15. Shirley G says:

    Yes, Jeff Selbst is a troll!
    But I too will vote for only Trump for the same reasons Lorraine Harmon expressed! the GOP is acting despicable in how they are not honoring their pact with Trump!
    Enough is enough with the GOP! They are like the liberals, with no concerns for us or our country, only lining their pockets and what is PC in causeing the ruining of our great country! They have proven that by the last election! Cruz is good, but cannot do the financial digging the country out that Trump can. Trump with Cruz as VP is a great ticket and one I can vote for this time around! If the GOP keeps up this bullying, Trump will be my write in vote and the GOP will lose again and be the cause of this great country’s downfall because they cannot play fair and square! So GOP, what is your choice…cut off your nose to spite your face or do what the American people want?


    1. Donna Martin-Netherton says:

      Shirley G: Well said–my sentiments exactly ! I HOPE Trump ends up running as a Republican because IF he runs as an independent, then one of the other Rep. candidates will run and divide the vote……NOT a good idea. I believe with a FAIR vote TRUMP can easily beat Hillary–but the Dems are good at voter fraud techniques including having dead people vote! 😦 For now we’ll all climb on the mighty Trump Train and go along for the ride !


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