UPDATED 10/2/15

The President of Argentina – Christina Fernandez de Kirchener announced before the United Nations that her nation had been approached by an Obama administration official, Gary Samore, former White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction, requesting them to provide enriched nuclear fuel to the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2010. (Samore did not dispute this claim).

The request fell short when Kirchener asked for the deal in writing and Samore was never heard from again.

Samore did release a statement admitting that he made the request in 2010 and Argentina balked at the deal. He also admitted that he had approached France and Russia with a similar proposal. That deal fell through as well. The deal was supposedly to allow Iran to send their low enriched uranium to Russia to enrich further, then send it to France to finish converting it into nuclear reactor fuel then send it back to Iran for its own use. Supposedly in an effort to prevent Iran from weaponizing its uranium stockpiles. That deal also fell through.

These deals lead to a new U.N. resolution that increased economic sanctions on Iran. And eventually to the bargaining table for the horrible deal Obama has worked out with them this year.

Obama’s White House administration has not responded to these potentially treasonous allegations as of yet.

The real hard question that needs to be asked is this- what is the Obama administration’s real goal?

Watch video below to hear President Fernandez speak out about Iran, the USA and Obama’s treason – beginning at time frame 16:40.



    1. Daniel says:

      Why?….simple, fear,…..allow me to illustrate briefly, if I may.

      This is out there; –
      “Obama will go to prison for a fairer justice system”

      Actually the man should and must go to prison (along with all his associates and affiliates) for much more than that.

      Here is the thing;….
      (What follows, (which is all over the entire NET) copy is sent to ‘Washington Kingdom’….meaning, WHITE HOUSE, CONGRESS, SENATE….and a very large number of politicians – corrupted, and others that looks not so corrupted…not just yet.)

      Nothing will be done….however;……the theater still on…and now (as sad as it it) Gowdy is one of the actors too.
      This thing about Benghazi is just a small portion of the gigantic mountain of manure right before all of us.

      There is so much going not exactly in favour of our country that the best way to fix all this is to cut the monster from root…..right from root….from top….from the head….where everything started.

      We do have, bad economy (this country owes even the bottoms of the shirt to everyone out there (specially to China), events like…..IRS/NSA, Benghazi, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Iran, the entire middle east with ISIS and everything in between, unprotected borders – which means – drug cartels, massive crime, illegal parasites, terrorists groups infiltration, …and so much more.

      Don’t we have (we, the people),…don’t we have enough material to expose, accuse, convict, arrest, remove from power, and ultimately sent to jail the members, associates and affiliates inside and related to this un-American, unconstitutional , corrupted and fraud-base current administration?…..Yes?….or….No?

      Nixon did less and it took – basically -only two journalist and a newspaper to put him out of commission……we do have much much more to present against this impostor, don’t we?

      Well the solution is but one ,….to strike from root and in the head the entire anti-american, corrupted, rogue, unconstitutional-oriented, and fraud-base current administration there in Washington.

      Nationwide / Coast-to-Coast American Public General Referendum.

      Mr Barack Obama must be removed from White House, and put in jail along with all associates and affiliates the support and hide his illegal , unconstitutional , and so fraud-base ill-acquired presidential platform.

      Illegal representation, and occupation on a public platform – on false pretenses -, corruptive endevours / total fraud.

      And so, because all is and has been a fraud, and illegal, everything done by his name and under his name (indictments, executive orders, laws, etc, etc, )…everything becomes , automatically – BY CONSTITUTION – becomes “NULL” / invalid.

      Mr Obama himself (the so called ‘president’) is very much well aware is way, way overdue to be exposed, arrested, charged, convicted, prosecuted, remove from power, and sent to jail for a very long time along with all his associates and affiliates supporting the fraudulent platform where he is…… the entire current administration for their ongoing insidious assault in so many ways and at so many levels – to the good people of our great country.

      However those who are in the law spectrum can do this…..but it seems that nobody has guts….we have the factor (they have all the factors to put ahead all this)….but bribe and intimidation has been served,…as result fear is all over victimizing the potential lawyers that can do this ,….and so, nobody moves….just talk-talk-talk….huff-huff and puff-puff…..action?….real very solid action?……unseen.

      It is way way overdue for this man (Obama) to be exposed, arrested, charged, prosecuted,convicted, removed from power, and put n jail along with all his associates upholding the lie….the fraud.

      Now, let’s say that….Judge Napolitano, Judge Shapiro as well, also, Sean Hannity, Sheriff Arppagio, Mark Levine, more than half of the staff from FOX, Rush LImbaugh, Michael Savage,…and so many others others can do this,… but fear is all over.

      Nobody moves….fear, fear, fear……no guts whatsoever……american bravery?????where?

      You know what?…Eric Holder was not that wrong when he said;…”this is a nation of cowards…”

      Are we all clear about this?

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  1. Geoff M says:

    Sorry, but I watched from 16 to 24 and nowhere did Fernandez accuse Obama of treason, which would be a weird accusation anyway from one world leader to another. This whole posting is nonsense.

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  2. Mark says:

    Banks do not lend anything to any government or individual. Ask anyof them to produce the accounting records for the loan. We do not need banks in their current ownership form.


  3. John Lemandri says:

    Once again your agenda is to print lies about the American Government. It is quite evident from your posturing that you are a tool of Putin and do his dirty work for him. Lady, you have a sick and evil mind.

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    1. I am an American who does not want to see our nation continue to topple sovereign nations and create more chaos in the middle east and the world. If you can not see that aiding the enemy and arming them is not a treasonous act then prepare to enter into the new world order of which all these actions are leading us blindly into. I see what is taking place. No amount of denying will make it go away. Tulsi Gabbard Rep, Hawaii and on the foreign relations committee for the US military is boldly speaking out against Obama’s failed foreign policy. Check out the latest developments: I am reporting what is being said, what is taking place and what others are saying. Like it or not, it is going on right now.


      1. LibertyVibe says:

        Wow Dianne, the trolls have found you. It is hilarious to me how they post here, hoping to god, or pan, or whomever they worship, that no one has the attention span to read your articles. Sadly, they do not understand your readership. They can’t “bat away” those that come to the Marshall Report with their comments, because we have been coming here for a very long time. We know the quality of your research and your point of view. No “paid” OFA troll is going to turn us away. In fact, in the words of our beloved President, “The wall just got ten feet higher!”.

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      1. Geoff M says:

        If you’re “reporting what’s being said” how do you explain your headline which is COMPLETELY fabricated? Nowhere does de Kirchener “accuse Obama of treason.” Sorry, your whole blog is nonsense and it brings disrepute on the very causes you claim to serve. I almost wonder if you’re really some Democratic Party hack trying to make conservatives look bad.

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  4. Here is a totally new realistic viewpoint you may or may not considered. Imagine an “entity” (collections of peoples with same or similar agenda) within an entity. Whether it be government,church,school systems,corporations,country,etc,…We cannot judge an ENTIRE household on account of the actions of “some”. Without being too preachy, Anywhere. Any city. Any Family(extended).Any groups of peoples. Race,Religion, Sex, Creed not pertinent. The battle between Good and Evil is eternal. It will be untill one side removes the other completely. Evil has allways used the same old tactics to get what it wan’ts. Fear.Intimidation. Violence. Ridicule. Shunning. Oppression. Large numbers against the few. (cowardice) Good on the otherhand knows NO fear. One will take on a giant in the case of what he or she thinks is right. Take a parent ,(human or animal) they will fight to the death to protect their young. Love conquers all things. Love what is good. Fight for what is right. Irregardless of consequences. Conquer the evil one with the good.


  5. Nick says:

    Daniel says, it seems like you are mainly trying to use strongly negative words to poison our minds, it shouldn’t take 50 different ways yo call someone corrupt to get your message through, if you wish to say he’s corrupt then say it, don’t just blabber on about how many different words for corrupt you know, the more you used the word corrupt and un-American the more you lost my interest and my belief that your statement should, or ever will hold any sort of power


  6. Neda Hall says:

    Obama (and Hillary/Kerry) are already causing a lot of world problems. He cannot be allowed to continue like this. Give us our country back!!!
    See that Obama and Hillary and Kerry and others are indicted for war crimes, PLEASE. This is very serious, not only for the US but for the wholr world..

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