This is a great day for doing something nice for someone and for yourself! And if you want to get a boost to keep on pressing forward – this video will do it. There is a wonderful sound of song and praise and starting at around 1:05 in…there is a great teaching! It’s a new perspective of what we are here to do during these testy days. I hope you enjoy it.

Then the Women’s Ramp that was held a short time back is always good to get one inspired for the day!

Let your light so shine that the world will see your good works!



6 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING!

      1. Robert G Boensch says:

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  1. Robert G Boensch says:

    Lets Never Forget This Day

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    Don Pageler’s presentation about the tragic attacks on the USS Liberty where he was serving as a classified communication specialist. The Liberty crew received the most decorations for a single ship action in U.S. history: Congressional Medal of Honor, 2 Navy Crosses, 38 Silver-Bronze Stars, and 208 Purple Hearts. There were 34 KIA and 174 WIA. Don made the presentation at the Western Museum of Flight Celebrity Lecture Series in Torrance, CA. Produced by Betty Wheaton and Jarel Wheaton.

    USS Liberty incident

    Dead in the Water Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty 1967


    God Clearly Wanted this Story Told
    To the Veterans I am apologetic for being two Days Late


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