We know COVID/ CORONA/ CROWN/ TOXIC POISON/ DNA ALTERING was man made…now we must find out why it was made? EXPOSE THEM ALL! WE MUST EXPOSE THE TRUTH and to do that, we must dig around to find it. Meanwhile, we must stop the FEAR MONGERING and hold the VIRUS MANIPULATORS RESPONSIBLE.

22 Frederick Douglass Quotes to Make You Fight to Stop Ignorance

We know the Cabal has been in control of what is fed, prescribed, viewed, elected, legalized, and made popular be it an item or a Hollywood Star… whatever they push for their mission is pushed to the top and controlled by the same. This is achieved by keeping the masses busy worrying about their personal lives and work places for in so doing, no one has the time, nor the desire to stop what they are doing to figure out the truth. Especially when those who do are either laughed at or if influential, some end up suicided. Both manipulative means to suppress, although one is more permanent than the other. And that choice is usually made because of the persons prominance, influence, or the many targets they hover over.

The MEANS, MOTIVE, AND MONETARY WALLETS TO TURN A PATHOGEN INTO A PROFIT does not come from the minds of everyday people taking care of their families and struggling to get along in their day to day life. Because of this…the evil plan is to keep them busy buying all of the latest ideas, inventions, fake news, fake fact checkers and theories while the hired ones create the next form of madness to be sent out as a mystic plague upon humanity.

And now the fact checkers are out trying hard to re-explain the fact that these have all been patented and they are trying to fill in the real facts with gobblety goop. A lot of bla, bla, bla….to make the truth appear as disinformation and the lies to appear as the truth.

DO NOT BUY INTO THE SPIRIT OF MESMERIZING! The FACT IS the power of controlling our mind with their Jedi hand waving fake news propaganda has been exposed and it simply will no longer work on those unwilling to sit down in front of their electronic mind washing devices.


It is so great because many have awakened and have taken to the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. This is driving the demonic power of mesmerizing into a spiral downward motion. They underestimated the POWER OF THE LORD IN HIS PEOPLE. They have worked hard to keep the masses ignorant of the power they hold within, but that mesmerizing has been EXPOSED FOR WHAT IT IS…LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES. President Trump had told us it was fake news and we rejoiced when we heard him say it!

Now they are after any and all Dorothy’s who know they hold the power in their ruby red hearts (shoes) but now must learn how to use the good power it holds. But just as the Wicked Witch of the West could not physically touch Dorothy’s shoes…for it would send the witch to her end….so the demonic forces are the same.

But, alas, because the power of the shoes are new to us…and we are just learning that wearing them and not using them are two different things. For just as the shoes keep the witch from touching them….it is another level of understanding that gives the wearer true power to stand against the Witch.

Like Paul said about the followers of the way who are on the milk and have need to take of the meat of the Word of God. Many are weaning off the milk and as the allegory of Dorothy displays, we are as her in many ways. Much like Dorothy as she set out on her journey to find the Wizard, and along the way fround other misfits who had listened to mockings of others that had held them back, preventing them from using their God given gifts. We see they were either told or thought they weren’t smart enough, didn’t have courage, or the heart to discern anything for they were not learned. Dorothy didn’t know the power of the slippers…but she had common sense and reasoned along the way.

Together they set out on a journey to find the Wizard so each could learn how to have the gifts they sought…for the world had made them believe they did not have them, nor the power to use them even if they had.

Many of us are as they, and on a journey of unveiling…exposing the lies of the Wizard and all the insane things in the land of Oz in order to learn how to wield the power held within the ruby red slippers. We each have different gifts that work together for good for those who love the Lord.

And just like them setting out joyously singing from their heart, the monsters along the way are frightening, and things bombard them, oftening making their task look impossible…but in the end… because they fainted not, they win!

May we all dare to think with our hearts and find the courage to press pass the monsters as we take the exciting journey back to our rightful home with the Lord.

Remember we are coming out of the Truman Show….





    1. Tina,
      My friend and I were discussing how people at get togethers now exclaim the fact that they have been vaccinated, then say, “you?” My friend and I choose not to. She got tired of the vax vs. no vax convos and left these “parties” early.

      I think I’m going to share, and use what you wrote! Who could argue with that?

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  1. Really like the way you use Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz in your analogies. Guess I’ve done the same with Star Trek. Stargate SG-1 is another I like to use. Will see some it in the future as soon as I get WordPress and blogging figured out. (Started a site 4/25.) This July will be my one year anniversary online. Still don’t text on my cell phone. The only blackberry I’ve had is the fruit kind in the garden. Lost spring crop to late frost this year, but will have second crop in Sept thru fall frost. Put in 100 plants of the Freedom Prime Ark variety year before last. They are an ever-bearer type that produces a late first crop on the new growth prima-canes, then a second the following season. Should have some grapes though this year – for some wine. Like Noah, I planted a small vineyard for retirement. LOLGB+

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      1. Ha! I can relate. How do millennials use their thumbs to type so well? Well, I just did that here and it is much faster! I need to practice. I do prefer using the microphone, but not when around other people. It’s a lazy but easy way!


    1. debjbalk says:

      Eze33… I really like the Wizard of Oz analogy too! Dianne, you’re so creative. Dorothy, the Tinman, The Lion, and the Scarecrow made a dynamic team… like us. They’re individual unique needs bonded them together…. like us. They each had gifts, talents & abilities that shined forth exactly when needed… like us. Their close connections & hopeful hearts spurred them on… like us. Their final chapter together was filled with promises fulfilled, hope restored, and a return to home life…like ours will be!!

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      1. We are all so different yet so much the same. We all experience it all but it is our overcoming that determines how we react and what we need to get over to press forward and keep on pressing. Amen. The slippers need some figuring out…we know how cool they are to dance in…and they shine pretty when we sing, but what else can we do with them? This road will be a miraculous one to travel for we have been taught (mostly) that we don’t have the same shoes as the first 12. I believe we do.. Is it not the same slipper fitted into us all? Therefore the issue is not the shoes and never has been…it has been the issue of evil forces hiding and forbidding the truth and instilling lack of faith in such ideas. Amen.

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  2. etting29 says:

    Demons & liars! Oh, my! Oh, my!
    I’d not thought of the power, the travails they survived & the value Dorothy & her new friends innately possessed. They lifted the curtain & found their true selves.
    Click your heals together three times & repeat, “There’s no place like home. “ And we must restore ours!

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  3. debjbalk says:

    On a personal note… The Holy Spirit and me…. My sister helped me, not a pastor… She sent me books & studies on the Holy Spirit.. It was a one to two year journey, and WOW… Power, power, power. The most important tidbit I can share is to view the Holy Spirit as a “person,” someone in which you are forging a deep, intimate bond (like our bond with Jesus). Every morning, I say “Good morning, Holy Spirit,” in the same way, I welcome Jesus & God into my day. You know how in the bible Jesus was always, always pointing to the Father? Well, the Holy Spirit’s role is to always point us to Jesus. That’s partly why we may overlook his presence… bcuz we see Jesus, and not him. So, by deepening our connection with the Holy Spirit, as if he is our intimate friend (which he is), he will show us the power within us.

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  4. debjbalk says:

    The Holy Spirit stands ready in our every day lives to teach us…The Book of Acts is filled with examples. A few years ago, I memorized these initials (& their words) to help me daily apply the power of the Holy Spirit….. C.C.H.I.A. S.S. They stand for: Comforter… Counselor… Helper… Intercessor… Advocate… Strengthener… Standby. All throughout the day, whatever I’m facing, I ask myself, “What do I need right now from the Holy Spirit? Do I need him to “standby” for me in case this situation goes terribly wrong? Do I need a “counselor” right now to sort things out? Or, do I need Him to “intercede” for me?”. Whatever I’m up against, these 7 categories help me to focus in on the power He stands ready to supernaturally bring my way. This approach has kept me “plugged in” to our Power Source. I hope it powers you up too. “Holy Spirit, empower us all.” Amen!

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    1. Thanks everyone for your uplifting comments. I kinda needed that today after watching a Juan O’Savin video last night that hinted – no- he declared – that there would be something painful coming our way. The interviewer asked if President Trump was going to be arrested 😭 and he wouldn’t be specific. Then, I found a Gateway Pundit post that discussed that possibility over some Trump business dealings. 😡. Really saddened me! I’ve been praying that the revealed election fraud proof would finally end the attacks on our President and all of us Patriots.

      Of course, I continue to pray and have hope because in the end, God wins!

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      1. How many times has Juan been right so far? Who is the mystery man? Why are so many putting trust in a man who will not show his face? Be not deceived in mysteries…seek those who stand boldly with nothing to hide! The Bible is what has our truth and our roadmap…not a man who won’t show his face anymore than looking at a leg and a hat…I seek the power of God and what GOD HAS SAID!~ AMEN!

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      2. christinewjc, that is not to say that he hasn’t served a purpose and been interesting with many facts…it is only to say that when the cup is empty…and there is nothing left to drink? Why lick the cup that cannot fill you? Seek God and all things are reknewed and the wonders in the Word are edifying and fill you with knowledge, power and great joy! Who is doing a marvelous work? Is it not those shouting in the name of the Lord? Is it not those voices that heal and embolden? The Lord has proclaimed all things in his Word…he did not leave us as orphans, nor as sheep wandering….man has cut off the direction and scattered the sheep. God is calling them home to awake and see what power is inside of them…as it has always been there. He is knocking at the door….we must each open it and let him inside to do his amazing works!

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  5. Thanks! I needed to be reminded of that!

    Yes, it is sometimes difficult to discern those who share the truth vs. those who are being deceitful – especially when it only may appear, at times, that they are on the side of truth.

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    1. debjbalk says:

      Christine, I am so grateful that we are here together. You bring up such a good point….Life out there is topsy turvy, but it seems like here we get our footing….our solid foundation….on the Cornerstone of Christ. God bless you, sister!

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  6. Anita says:

    Dianne: Juan talks in circles; he hasn’t been right about a lot of things yet people hold on to his words with bated breath. The painful was seeing President Trump have his re-election stolen and over 80 million patriot Trump supporters disenfranchised. The painful is living under tyranny with a despot destroying the country in various way. Thief China joe is vicious as usual.
    I used to find listening to Juan O interesting but now he’s just boring. Since he’s not showing his face, then his info needs to be accurate and definitive. Remember April? President Trump was to return to his rightful position office as president. And…….what happened?

    Real patriots need to uncover the theft with ample evidence and then I’m hoping that the Stalinist despots will be removed and then be able to enjoy their new housing accommodations, gitmo.

    I like Mel K but she’s made blunders and has reported misinformation. The 2 Brits are way off base. Use discernment.



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    1. Anita…amen. We are many Christians…and these call themselves such to attract the flock and tell them they will be there to hold your little hand after the smoke is cleared. To me that is a repulsive thing to say at a time when all must be standing and pressing into the Kingdom of God. There is a difference in being a Christian and being filled with the Holy Spirit to press. Those with the Holy Spirit are running and pressing…they are not sitting back and saying…watch and when you see the horrors I will hold your hand after wards. Those are not the words of God, they are not Biblical and they are far away from anything the Lord has said. Those are words of lost souls going in circles. In my opinion…run as fast as you can away from such bla bla. General Flynn has come out and said…wake up and he is not of that cloth. So….it has become a dangerous low vibrating curse that many need to wake up out of. Wake up and press within the law RIGHT NOW. TAKE BACK YOUR RIGHTS…DO NOT SIT ON YOUR HANDS AND WAIT FOR SOME CLUES FROM THE CLUELESS!


    2. They are squabbling among themselves and now airing dirty laundry world wide. I’m sure that makes General Flynn blaze in disgust as they mention his name as it does anyone who has seen it. Awful to watch therefore…I no longer do. Not even out of curiosity. God’s word coupled with eyes to see and ears to hear will guide everyone who has the Holy Spirit. Press forward with those who are running where the Lord is leading. He never said to sit and wait. The Lord said press into the kingdom! Amen.

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  7. Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:
    Never Forget The Power Of The Spirit Of Our GOD is Stronger Than ANY Other Power, The Devil Knows It, But We MUST Remember It And Learn To Use It Against ALL The Forces Of The Enemy! It Reminds Me Of a Song We Used to Sing About The Power Of The BLOOD! The BLOOD Will Never Lose Its Power, It Was Shed For Us!

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