For those who told people like me that what we were saying was taking place was all crazy and we were conspiracy nuts. Especially, when we warned of the Super Bowl Half Time shows being Satanic Rituals of Baal, along with CERN and many music videos. And past Obama White House Parties. And talked of things like Serpent Seed and Eve was seduced by means not resembling an apple. Will those with eyes to see and ears to hear ever get an apology? Or are we still going to pretend that people who can see it are crazy? It’s all simply artistic fun to attend a dinner party where everyone dresses up and eats food prepared to look like dead people. Bloody art and masquarade parties with recipes of gore with appetizers and after dinner playing hunger games in the field with real people?

Satyros Phil Brucato | Words, Rants & Observations

And what is wrong with world elite gathering once a year in a grove, dressing up in hooded robes, sacrificing a child in effigy to a statue of an owl in the Grove, planning who will lead what nation in the next election?

This video is the most important video for the season we are in. It is time to learn the rest of the story – the one no one will tell you.  The forbidden books are opened now for all to see and more is forth coming. You shall see things you never imagined before this season is completed, so toughen up NOW!  Put on  your full armor of God and PRESS FORWARD!  BE A GLORY TO THE LORD. And don’t act shocked when you hear the truth… this stuff has been going on since the garden of Eden and it has not ceased.

The only way it will cease is by pressing against it, call on the Lord Jesus and Press hard!

It is time to wake up and press forward with the Lord.  Over the centuries, a few voices  speaking out against  the evil against millions of mesmerized people only opened a few eyes. Now the evil ones who have been performing their ceremonials in front of your faces as art for the last two decades are out there vaxing people who will forever have alternating DNA because most getting the vax eat the GMO’s and’love the high life and their new president Joey.  It is a sad day.

Someone on twitter said that Lady Gaga in the Capitol looks like Coin and  now i cant unsee it : Hungergames

If you haven’t figured out by now…The Biden inauguration was the beginning of the “Hunger Games” Lady Gaga is an ancient goddess of love – Venus an aspect of Ishtar. And Madonna is an ancient goddess known also as Innana or Ishtar, the Black Madonna also known as the Queen of Heaven. So we have the goddesses Inanna and Ishtar. We have been allowing satanic rituals in our faces, watching and applauding. Sick….very sick.

It is a sad day.  I just heard of another friend who took that vax and now has facial  paralysis. The doc told her to give it a month and let’s see if it goes away? 

Well that’s what the medical field will do for you with the vax. Give you some shot and watch you like a lab rat and move along.  Call me next month.  I have lost one friend to a skin disorder and other side affects so bad from the vax they committed suicide.  So is this Russian Roullette or what? No one knows… it is a let’s watch and see what it does. It CONTINUES BECAUSE WE DON’T EXERCISE OUR RIGHTS.

Meanwhile Dr. Tennpenny has a much worse doom and gloom outlook. I say PRAY AND PRESS TO THE KINGDOM and pray that no poison shall harm God’s people. IT’S TIME TO END THE GAMES! NOT WATCHING THE SICK SHOW AND SITTING ON OUR HANDS ANYMORE!






      1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

        I am sorry for your losses Dianne – and if we listen to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny we are all facing doom and gloom whether we want to or not. I don’t think it’s healthy or spiritual to give up on God and our bodies. After listening to her, I feel this intense pressure to get HCQ, Ivermectin, coll. silver, etc. etc. but is it too late? Dr. Tenpenny doesn’t offer much hope. Since my husband got chipped, I have avoided sleeping in the same room, I detox daily, I cook in a restaurant so I am alone in the kitchen, so frankly I can’t do much more without spending a fortune on products that ‘might’ help me if I can’t avoid the spike proteins. Dr. Tenpenny did not mention medbeds and I can only pray that they will be comin’ through. God Bless Everyone.

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      2. Although Dr. Tennpenny has been a good whistle blower and very knowledgeable…she is not God and God only determines who dies and who lives and when. God determines who will heal and when we resolve to fear messages, we give up and don’t use God. Therein lies the failure. Whereas the hopelessness becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and the power of God’s word in his healings, and promises that no poison used against you will stand…..becomes null and void only in unbelief. TRUST IN GOD AND CLAIM HIS PROMISES IN YOUR LIFE! MAN IS NOT GOD AND ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD. There are things to do in faith….and God made us and he can heal all who seek to be healed. Amen.

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    1. Taylor Taylor says:

      Mask and vaccine mandates or requirements go against federal law. I finally found the exact legalese. Masks and vaccines are authorized through EUAs only and are subject to the FD&C Act.

      Under Title 21, Chapter 9, Subchapter V, Part E, section 360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(II-III) it clearly states that individuals receiving any product authorized for emergency use must be made aware of their right to refuse any given option.

      Hopefully this will help some people

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  1. southern1952 says:

    so many of my relatives have gotten the vax…it’s so sad…i have told them all to research the stuff, it’s like, well, the most reaction i’ve had is a sore arm, or they felt bad for a couple days. i think they will start to have terrible reactions later if not sooner…i just refuse to do it, if i get the covid, so be it, but i don’t believe i will, i’ve never been scared that i would in the first place and i would rather take my chances with the virus.

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    1. Corner Stone says:

      I’m with you.

      I don’t want even the regular, yearly flu shots anymore.

      Kristine Alley of Cheers was on Tucker Carlson last week and had LOTS to say about vacs and school children being put on drugs, etc.

      She covers much ground and those two topics many times in the program, as well as such things as how she would not let her father be ventilated when in the hospital with COVID. He recovered at home then just fine.

      So I recommend the entire program.

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      1. debjbalk says:

        Bold, brave Kirsty!! Look at that lady press…press…push… press… Right smack into the faces of those elitist, immoral Hollywood types too!! I love it!! You go, girlfriend!! ;+) Woohoo!!

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      2. isolatedinsmalltown says:

        Kirsty speaks about different religions as she was growing up. I had grown up in a very Catholic family, (my Aunt was a Nun, and my Uncle was a Priest). My mom kept telling me that her sister ‘had gotten the calling’ to be a nun…it actually petrified me and I asked my mom about that ‘call’ because I didn’t want to get ‘the call’……she looked at me and said: “I don’t think we have to worry about that”…..I was relieved at the time but through the years it kind of did a number on my brain. Plus my mom would usually ask if the boy I was going to go out with was a Catholic….I felt she was very judgmental – fast forward to 1984 and when I told her I was going to marry a divorced man that I would be excommunicated. I know this is all old school (36 years later, still together) but I became interested in other Religions and would often kind of rub it in to my mom. As far as priests go, I have had some pretty bad experiences with priests (and nuns) so I drifted away and learned about priests more in College….then my son went to Afghanistan and I became re-connected. I often wonder about 2 women I kind of know who studied Theology/Religious Studies. Watching Nachash – Seed of the serpent is giving me a crash course in the history of Religion for sure! Plus the 5 hr video of everything ‘Freemasonry’ I am learning almost too much – haha! It’s time for me to move now, get busy, and think about things because I have been sitting too long!

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  2. copperheadcitysaloon says:

    First off, I would like to mention we are where we are at is because we are in ignor-ance. We have ignored what is. Secondly, again, our original sin was not the eating of an apple. God gave you the garden and the good seed for a reason. The sin that banished us was we disobeyed God and spilled the blood of the innocents by eating meat. His forbidding this practice is all throughout the Bible and once you see it, stands out like red letters.

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    1. Corner Stone says:

      You are right.

      Do you know the group most responsingle for that?

      Educational institutions at all levels.

      They also have the highest concentration of uneducated workers (teachers and administrators).

      Remember it was the Collusion of Education at all Levels with the deep state that Kicked off the national Lock Ups.

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    1. debjbalk says:

      Thanks, Beth! I’m armed & ready now… But no arm jab for me. Good article, especially how it ties to Americas Frontline Doctors & the great documents they provide for others to arm themselves with.

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  3. debjbalk says:

    Satan is a defeated foe, his head already crushed at Calvary!! When Christ’s last words on the cross were, “It is finished,” He meant it. We only need to stand on His authority against the evil wiles of the devil. The victory is already ours. May we truly comprehend our authority in Christ by putting it into daily practice. Live as victors in Jesus, pressing in, always pressing in to our victory.

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    1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

      I often asked my dad what his brother learned in becoming a priest but my dad was very quiet about it all..(learning to fund raise? speaking like a lawyer? family planning expert? counseling?) ..I also asked how could his family afford it (dad was from a large family – back in the days no one went to college)….Now my Aunt the nun on my mom’s side? That sounded like a horror story beings that my aunt could not visit her family for 3 years…what torture….plus they take the vow of poverty whereas a priest did not….nuns were promised security and food while the priest got a salary and kept ownership of assets that could be inherited. Upon learning of my elopement, he said it wasn’t a real marriage. Whenever he drove in the yard (with his ‘housekeeper), my mom would panic because it meant ‘supper’ for two more (besides the 8 – 11 of us kids depending on the year)….When he left a parish, my dad’s sister insisted collecting 200.00 from family members for gold-plated candles (or something like that) and we simply couldn’t afford it….the oldest sister helped with that contribution but that was a cruel request from my poor parents.

      I haven’t watched the above video yet – I will tonight.

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  4. isolatedinsmalltown says:

    Thank you Dianne for encouraging words….it has been a tough weekend beings as I have been exposed to many experimental jab people…a few I got in a tangle about it….I calmly said: “…well, there are two sides of a coin on this deal….”….and explained a little bit.(changed subject)…with one gal, I asked if she believed in aliens…her eyes lit up and she smiled and said: “oh yes, especially when I watched it on 60 minutes”…I know husband believes in aliens but won’t admit it out loud (watches hours of it)…I once asked him if he believed in angels and he indirectly said no… summary, since we are in a spiritual war, and good vrs. evil, if I do ask people if they believe in angels or aliens, their answer will tell me if they are with God or not. Charlie Ward mentioned in his video with ‘Mel’ last night that this is the time to weed the believers from the non believers. He thinks non-true-believers in God are more likely to take the vaccine, (because the people are programmed to believe the non believers – the satan people). Interesting….another way to find out who you are dealing with is if they believe the world is ‘over populated’….odd thing is, they are willing to go first with this experimental jab.

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  5. Anita says:

    My mom is Catholic and believes in God, Jesus & prays her rosary 📿 every night. She attended a Catholic boarding school called convent schools. My mom loves President Trump and voted for him and still supports him. My mom (87) decided to get the vaccine but she is not godless. Such generalizations are absurd at best and insulting at worst. Charlie Ward is the last person I’d heed about anything. Ward was brought up in a cult so it behooves him to not make such statements. He also says muslims have the same God as Christians & Jews do; allah is not God the Father and the Christian God does not order the murder of Christians and Jews ( koran, hadiths, sura) and that Jesus was not crucified but ran away in fear. Many people who decided to get vaccinated was based on many various reasons. My mom gets the flu vaccine yearly so she was encouraged to take this “vaccine” and thank God, she is fine with no dangerous reactions.

    The productive thing to do is to educate others about the China virus vaccine.

    I’ve listened to Ward a few times but his hopium got tiresome and why would a Brit living in Spain receive so much info and still remain on YouTube.

    I like Mel K but she’s been way off lots of things especially with January 6th. She claimed horn man was helping President Trump and that the white hats were military that stole laptops for Trump and have all the “info”. She also said President Trump had planned the entry of the capitol and that Ashley Babbitt was helping Trump. Really? Hopium.

    I don’t believe in ET but I do believe in angels. I really don’t care who doesn’t believe or does believe in either but I do think it’s best to believe in angels. Angels =goodness

    My 5 cents.


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  6. David says:

    Dear reader, truth is given to those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Even the saved can live and be disobedient. I make mistakes ever day. But I am taught by Elijah to keep the covenant. “The way” as lived by Yeshua / Jesus. Thereby taking the rightful place as a first fruit of many that NOW are coming out of the whore religions, out of Babylon. And we shall instruct many.

    I hate pointing any finger, for the ten that turn back to me, but millions of lives are at stake for LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. Dislike my comment if you will, but HEED MY WARNING AND LIVE.
    Dr S Tenpenny and Dr C Madej have been told the solution, corrected in their incorrect assumptions, and miscomprehend the ability of the law to interfere. I had great hope for their love of truth they still seek. By reason of the concern over legal attacks they do NOT tell what they have been shown. They have MISSED a tremendous opportunity to take leadership positions and use the SOLUTION explained to them. THEY DON’T EVEN SPEAK OF IT.
    They have shown disrespect to the most advanced medical genius in history, and a MAJOR PROPHET OF GOD, that has the keys to the restoration of the years of Methuselah… in the coming restoration of ALL THINGS.
    ((It’s cruel to tell people the problem, and NEVER SHOW THE SOLUTION.)) They have knowledge, yet only of the problem, and ignoring the solution shown to them are WRITING OFF MILLIONS, that took the vaccines saying, they can’t be saved. WRONG WRONG WRONG !

    That ONE DOCTOR… can save the lives of any that have the eyes to see and ears to hear. THE ONE SOLUTION… is the EDUCAP ! The first line of defence kit will give immunity for a time, but even that will fail in the face of the coming SUPER STRAINS / MUTATIONS now in India, and spreading across the world that will kill 350 million FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE !

    GET THE EDUCAP and live.THE DOCTOR IS IN ! SEE ; Click the Brighteon button for videos. The doctor’s web site is

    The children of darkness are predestined to their end in oblivion. Those of the world will not all be saved. The children of Israel are predestinated to rule the world, and spread across galaxies by the trillions, as midwives to civilizations.

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    1. David – Amen to that! God can heal all things. When God says your time is up…nothing can stop it but ones own personal struggle with the Lord. God can change his mind…but…it is through much prayer and pressing with a repentative heart.


      1. David says:

        Fasting 3 days a week, intermittent 1 & 2 weeks, and even longer, all according to Torah. Tithing monthly, and also 10% of your time balanced by prayer in tongues morning evening, and intercession at 2:00 AM with study morning and evening. As the time of separation has begun, it’s thought there could be 6 mil of the Torah of Judah and some 40 to 70 mil globally in home assemblies to be taught keeping the covenant, before the time of the last exodus to our inheritance. LEAF Little eternal anointed fellowships. Just like the leaves for the healing of the nations.
        Among the first fruits leadership taught by Elijah are the ten of Zechariah 8:23. All the first fruits know each other having been called in 2006 for Ephraim to gather himself by the prophet blowing the shofar to plant the seed, arriving in small numbers over time, in the area of… Mount Carmel Illinois.
        Zephaniah 3:20 in the Hebrew text; There will come a time when I will restore you to your home; I will gather you together again. Yea, I will cause your renown to go out among the nations of the earth, when you witness the return of your captives, saith the Lord. We will rebuild the old waste places. The covid vaccine is not the mark completely but is a start, by altering the DNA of those that survive it, unable to have children.

        The solution by the doctor was given by G-d for the healing of the nations. I’m preparing to go into the wilderness to be with my son, and all the brothers and sisters under the one left in charge by Elijah. I’m one of the elders under him.
        A veteran of ten years, I was trained for combat and intel. and was in the underground in 1981.
        I know their projects, black ops, technologies and off world ops much much more now than I knew while there. It has always been compartmentalised. With me that didn’t work. My searching began in the days of 9/11 when my mother passed away. My parents would be very happy to know how things have changed since they left. I look forward to speaking of it all when I see them again.

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