Trump and the White Hats I knew, but this?

If this were a movie, this would be a total twist for an ending and one people would be saying, I never saw that coming at all!! So, this is a show and nothing real makes any sense, what if this is really going down? And if it isn’t, then at least this makes for a story more believable than Joe Biden won the election.

Fact checkers have become like fake news – they have lied so much that no one with intelligence pays attention to them anymore. The have zero credibility. They have lost the propaganda war.

So in the land of Oz where nothing is like it was in Kansas, we venture on and count the flying monkeys as we get our hands smacked by trees when we pick a nice red apple.

May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person
May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person
May be a Twitter screenshot of one or more people and text that says '12m President-Elec MolonAnon This is crazy!! BUT it has [their] fingerprints ALL over all those celebs who died at age 27? Puhlease that's just when they were RECYCLED! Many of these folks are TIRED of this multi-generational Luciferian role play -I'm PRAYING that Linda&Amy ESCAPED -not re-assigned. President-El MolonAnon K... 9m The President was definitely signaling to us that Amy is some kind of 'secret weapon' when he tweeted THIS picture.... we just didn't know that she was the resurrected version of Amy Biden!'

Read the whole story here: Is Amy Coney Barrett Naomi Christina “Amy” Biden? (

Humor of the day…Fauci MASK AND BLOW HORN…I think I will get one of those for my SUV!


56 thoughts on “Trump and the White Hats I knew, but this?

  1. Gavin Swanepoel says:

    do you seriously believe in all this rubbish, I love reading your articles I love the Christian articles mostly, as well as your hopes that the whole issue of these fraudulent elections will soon be turned over and that President Trump will be office again.
    But then you come up with these horrible theories, which really sound so far fetched…. do you honest believe in this BS

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    1. Those are not my theories… others are saying it. My comment at the top does not say I believe any of it. I found it interesting that others were seeing what they are seeing. And no I don’t believe it…but, I did find it interesting what others are saying. We may or may not ever know that and many other things.

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    2. Amal says:

      I would have shunned this nonsense 5-6 years ago; now not so much.

      Truth is stranger than fiction and harder to believe.

      If the above is true, I will not be surprised.

      If you have doubts, just remember all the lies and fraud we’ve been sold, for a very long time.

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    3. Amal says:

      I would have shunned this nonsense 5-6 years ago; now not so much.

      Truth is stranger than fiction and harder to believe.

      If the above is true, I will not be surprised.

      If you have doubts, just remember all the lies and fraud we’ve been sold, for a very long time.

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  2. copperheadcitysaloon says:

    First off, we don’t know it is true and as such should only be considered speculation. In addition, she did nothing to stop the steal. If we love, be gentle and live in the garden, we will bring heaven to earth.

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  3. JellyBeans says:

    I stumbled across this back in December and was floored! Is it true? Who really knows, but if it were true, it would make the timing of RBG’s death planned by the White Hats instead of lucky timing. I read somewhere too that RBG was an Alan Greenspan tranny?!?! Is it true? Who knows, but nothing is unbelievable at this point.


    1. tonyb112 says:

      I read RBG was executed for crimes against humanity. As for ‘AMY’ is Bidens daughter – well that falls in with JFK Jr. and Princes Dianna are still alive. I suppose possible but JFK Jr. is on telegram, I have commented he needs to show himself for real and stop with the side show. People have had enough of the lies!

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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        Tonyb112, Re: Princess Di, Did y’all c the photo of Melania last yr wearin’ a dress which was the xact same dress that Princess Di.had worn 2 an event (she was n the UK at the time) and I don’ t think that was lost on Prince Charles….

        Why wud Melania do that?!?!…was she jus honourin’ Princess Di…and that wud b why?!?!…or did it hav a deeper meanin’?!?!

        When I read abt Princess Di’s death, I thought she had been murdered….but when I saw the photo of 1st Lady Melania, wearin’ the same dress as Di, I had my doubts…

        What was Melania signalin’?!?!

        Pay attention 2 Melania’s outfits…when she left the WH with Pres Trump and landed at Mara Lago, she steppd off Air Force1 wearin’ a dress with…w8 4 it… ‘jokers’ (like the card) all ovah it…that was really bizarre!!…andweknow showd those photos of Melania’s strange outfits and said 2 pay attention 2 what she wears, cuz her choice of clothin’ has meanin’…

        Like when she went 2 the bordr 2 c the children n cages (haha) wearin’ a dsigner jackt that had writtn on the bck, I really don’t care. Do you?


        I ‘m now thinkin’ mayb Di staged her ‘death’ 2 get out of that satanic fam…who knows y’all…but it’s OBVI that Pres Trump knows like wayyyy more than y’all…and that’s why he’s a threat…

        SOOOO…the story abt Barrett does not seem so far-fetchd considerin’ everythin’ else that has happnd…it’s like livn’ n a parallel universe…hahahaha…

        Lin Wood was givn’ a speech the other day and he said sumthin’ abt China Bribes Joey (God rest his soul!)…ummm, xcuse me…y’all only say that when sum1 has died!!!

        Is Lin Wood tellin’ y’all that Joey is dead?!?!

        We saw Wood n the WH recently (how did Wood even get n2 the WH without bein’ shot if Joey was there?!?!)…hahahaha…

        He went thru the ntire EMPTY WH lookin’ 4 Joey and NO JOEY!!! …he even went N2 the OVAL OFFICE and NO JOEY!!!

        Cud Wood hav had free reign n the WH if White Hats were NOT n charge?!?!…mhm…


        MIC DROP!!!

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  4. C says:

    I’m wondering about what else is out there? All the deaths from drug overdoses, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Prince, John Belushi, death by car accidents, Paul McCartney, Princess Diana. Death by airplane accidents John Denver, John F Kennedy Jr., death by suicide Robin Williams. Death by a gunshot John Lennon and what’s with the Beatles butcher album cover? What about all the NASA astronauts deaths when the Challenger blew up? I saw a video stating they are alive. Who else am I missing?
    It is truly the great awakening,

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    1. betseyross says:

      At this point nothing surprises me. The one I was having a terrible problem with was Mike Pence. After all that he had done with the Bush family and Cheney’s I am ready for all that there is. I’m over Pence and the other surprises but if Amy Biden is on the up and up, this is so typical of Trump. He wanted her from the beginning and he wanted her to take RBG’s place. We all know our Favorite President is a Master Troller. This is the epitome of trolling. There are no coincidences. And beautiful Melania can troll with the best of them only she does it with fashion. Both of them are strategic. In today’s world they have to be.

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    2. Z says:

      I have not heard any news from anywhere that claims Paul McCartney was deceased.
      What is your source regarding Paul McCartney? This would have been a major news story that would have required being in a comma to have missed.

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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        Z, It came from George Harrison…and I think he wud b n the know…if his band m8 had died!!!

        Supposedly bck n the 70’s…and the McCartney now is a replacement cuz they dint want their fans 2 b disalusiond with the band and lose their fame…and 4tune!!

        I read the story 2…even saw the clip from where Harrison is tellin’ it…still dint bleve it!!…hahaha…

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      1. Henry Acres says:


        This has been going on and rumored for years….personally, I don’t think anyone would be able to replace ANY of The Beatles. It would be like trying to replace Mick Jagger, or Robert Plant, or so many others.

        And as far as the Amy Comey Barret thing, wouldn’t there be a clause blocking her education in becoming a judge…seems to me that a background check dismiss this theory. IMHO

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  5. Karen says:

    The idea that Amy Coney Barrett is Biden’s daughter makes me feel like I am in the land of Oz! I think, if anything, the idea is saying that everything that’s going on IS that obtuse and that crazy. It’s showing us that we have to keep an open mind, but led by the Spirit of God/the Spirit of Truth and discernment.
    We keep hearing how the truth is going to shake the lives and foundations of every American and others. I’ve often thought about how people are going to feel when they find out that the Pope is a black hat. “Find out” – like blatantly in their faces. They won’t be able to look away. The pedophilia that runs rampant in the Catholic Church caused many to turn away, but they still held onto the belief that the Pope (who ever he was) is good. I guess that’s what happens when you trust in a man rather than God. But, what happens to people when you take their “heroes” away from them and expose them for what they really are? If you don’t have God to hold onto – what else is there? I think it’s easier to believe and accept that politicians, even presidents, are bad rather than someone they perceive as “godly”.
    I remember being so disappointed in finding out how the majority of people in Hollywood support leftist and liberal ideas years ago. Unfortunately, so many of us think because they’ve played parts of wonderful people in movies that we have come to even cherish that they must surely be good in real life. We’re getting pretense and fantasy all mixed up with reality. Finding out the truth about Tom Hanks has ruined so many wonderful movies for me. He played Mr. Rogers for goodness sake!
    For me, I love the truth – even if it hurts, I find that I can somehow find a way to deal with it as the truth brings positive results. I think I came to that conclusion when I started to learn about God – it all made sense and the puzzle pieces were fitting together so nicely and I was beginning to see what the entire puzzle picture looked like. The Bible tells us the dangers of deceiving ourselves – it’s a tricky place, probably like taking drugs in some ways.
    Every day seems like a cliff hanger, but I’m at the point where I really know that the best is yet to come. I was an absolute mess on January 20th, but I’ve come a long way. Trusting in God makes life so much easier to deal with!! I didn’t think it was going to take this long, but I have come to accept that as well. IT’S GOT TO BE DONE RIGHT! The wonderful thing is you can now see a shift. The things that God has been doing are being revealed. Clay Clark’s story of how the Health and Freedom Conference came about and what the results of that are reveals so much of God’s heart. (See Elijah streams and Clark’s testimony.) My sister just had an operation and I can’t visit her because she and her husband don’t want anyone in the house that hasn’t gotten the vaccine. That makes no sense to me – but, all I can do is respect their wishes. Yes, it is all about optics and I guess we have to really dig deep down in our hearts sometimes to bring up the love of God so that our love is greater than our own pain and anger. How blessed we are to be awake and know the truth! Our world won’t come crashing down on us like those who are not yet awake. For them it will be like having ice cold water suddenly thrown on them to wake them up from a deep sleep. We’re awake and enjoying watching God move on our behalf. Yes, we’re enjoying the show! PS – Loved the Fauci video. “Even Michael Meyers wore a mask!” That cracked me up! It’s so good to laugh! Blessings!!

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      1. Karen says:

        Yes Dianne, it was a nice diversion! And what made it so nice was that it meant something GOOD for our side. We hear so many goofy things that are meant to help the bad guys. I could listen to goofy things all day long if their affects meant something good for us!!! LOL The Fauci thing was my kind of sense of humor – the sillier the better!

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      2. Corner Stone says:

        Me too.

        Truth is stranger than fiction.

        I noted several times online a 2005 study that stated that HQC (quinine) was effective in knocking out all flu – even before they can get started in the body.

        Now It comes out that Fauci is one who did that study.

        Yet Fauci DEMS and the MSM lied and denied those facts last year.

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    1. Amal says:

      This is a little OT but I have such fond memories of a very close friend named Karen!

      She is the definition of exceptional, loving, generous, kind, funny, so many wonderful traits.

      Just wanted to pop in and say how much I ADORE the name Karen!

      Happy weekend filled with Blessings, Karen.

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  6. freedom4evr says:

    KAREN: So agree with you. These are amazing times that are probably going to get tougher, but WOW what a time. It amazes me that So many are still in the dark & simply refuse to look any deeper than what the fake media dishes out. Your post is a breath of fresh air. Thanks!!

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  7. Karen says:

    Thanks freedom4ever!! It’s nice to know we’re on the same page, isn’t it?! Great minds (and hearts), think alike! LOL! We’re so blessed to be right where we are, but it wasn’t instant for me as it was a total progression, thanks to Dianne and others who post the truth from a godly perspective. I feel so blessed to be able to recognize the truth when I see it. I think the fact that some are still holding on to the lies they have come to live with in total comfort shows the different between those who know God and those who don’t. But, in reality, God wants the best for them and that’s to be set free by knowing how wonderful Jesus is and how much He loves them. It’s just so good to be on the winning side with all of us Trump lovin’ patriots!! I am so grateful!

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    1. freedom4evr says:

      Karen: You are so right. I know more people are waking…..slowly, but in their defense – they have a LOT to absorb & process. I am surprised that I have not found more fully committed & believing ’45’ folks. How anyone could have watched/followed Pres Trump & then believe he would just walk away & abandon us all is difficult to believe. Love Diane, also Scott McKay, Bardsfm, X-22… Dan Savino. Working at staying calm, being patient, helping to wake up those in my circle, & PRAYING!

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    2. Freedom4evr- This is now at the “RUN DON’T WALK” moment. I remember one time we were in a state park and saw wolves attack a deer and rip it. One had the throat while another gauged at the belly…and two others came and the sounds of ravenous wolves and the screeching deer was haunting. My son, and grandson who was 3 at the time, we ran…and I had my dog Vitali…a Russian Wolfhound with me and was fighting to hold onto her for she wanted to go attack the wolves by instinct. Hearts were racing and my son picked up his 3 year old and ran. I had to stop running and calm my dog. For she was barking and the wolves were looking our way. My son looked back and started to come to me…I yelled out, ” Run…keep running. We are fine.” I knew we were fine…he had to keep running and get the boy to safety. I yelled, “Vitali will protect me, run!” And in a moment, Vitali quit barking and we ran again. We all made it out and were safe. This is a true story…and it is where we are now. We were enjoying our lives, and wolves came…innocents were attacked, those with eyes to see…need to RUN! RUN TOGETHER AND DON’T LOOK BACK!


  8. Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:
    There Are Some Very Interesting Thoughts in This Post, As Well as in the Comment Section. Take A Look, It All May Not Necessarily Be True, But What Is These Days? You Certainly Cannot Believe Everything That Comes Out On The Main Stream News Outlets! Who Can You Believe?

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  9. I ask all to find the meaning of my message at the very beginning of this blog article. Who can perceive what the message was I was sending when I said this? You have to watch the 1 minute video with it.

    “Fact checkers have become like fake news – they have lied so much that no one with intelligence pays attention to them anymore. The have zero credibility. They have lost the propaganda war.

    So in the land of Oz where nothing is like it was in Kansas, we venture on and count the flying monkeys as we get our hands smacked by trees when we pick a nice red apple.”

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  10. With all the lies, good for evil and evil for good going on these days, can’t discount anything. BUT, not going to jump on every band wagon that comes by. One thing I will continue to do is stock up on dried beans and rice. Can grow my own green onions. LOLGB+

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  11. Beth H says:

    Watch Jonathan Cahn show parallels between Ahab and Jezebel (the Clintons) and Jehu (Trump) and others in the line of progression in his video about The Reign of Baal. Really eye-opening.

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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        That’s from rabbi Cahn’s bk The Paradigm…xcept rabbi is wrong abt the stormin’ of the capitol…the only stiomin’ was by blantifa…not Trump supportrs…

        That capitol seige was preplannd by Pelosi and she ordrd the capitol police 2 stand dwn…and I postd vids if the capitol police bussin’ n 5 busse of blantifa..and the police opnd the drs and let them n…

        No1 4cd their way n2 the capitol…the police opnd the drs and welcomd them n…

        There were no deaths at the capitol, Trump supportrs did not beat any1…that was blantifa…there r many things rabbi dint get right…

        The capitol police the dems said was killd by Trump supportrs beatin’ him with a fire xtinguisher was a lie!!

        It was provd that policeman died from a stroke days l8r…

        NO1 DIED n the capitol on the 6th….

        That was all stagd by blantifa…and 2 police committed suicide, mayb cuz they knew 2 much…and there is video footage the capitol police will not release…it wud prove who really were the violent…that’s why they won’t release that footage…

        The Trump supportrs WERE NOT VIOLENT…those were stagd actors!!!

        Trump was still speakin’ when blantifa led them n!!

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  12. Diana847 says:

    Amy Coney Barrett being Biden’s daughter isn’t any crazier than people thinking Joe Biden is POTUS. I only believe one of these scenario’s could be true. The other is hogwash.

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  13. Beth H says:

    Irisheyes–I totally agree. When I watched that part of Cahn’s video I wondered why he accepted the narrative, but other than that huge mistake of his, the rest of it is what is amazing, as all of his books and videos are.

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  14. Okay, for all the Sherlock Holmes out there.
    Yesterday I read this post here.

    Today I watch a movie, The Woman in the Window, on Netflix, with Amy Adams, Julianne Moore and Gary Oldman — Oscar names. Psycho thriller. Good acting et all.

    Quoting the Wiki:
    Daniel Mallory (born January 2, 1979) is an American editor and author who writes under the name A. J. Finn. His 2018 novel The Woman in the Window debuted at number one on the New York Times Best Seller list and has been adapted into a feature film. Mallory came to attention in 2019 for lying extensively about his past in order to excuse personal shortcomings and illegitimately further his literary work and career. […]

    Mallory worked for several years in London at Sphere Books, an imprint of Little, Brown and Company.[2] He wrote The Woman in the Window, his first novel, while living in New York and working as a vice president and executive editor at publisher William Morrow and Company.[3] It debuted at number one on the New York Times Best Seller list[2][4] and was adapted into a feature film starring Amy Adams and Gary Oldman. The film was originally set for a theatrical release on May 15, 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic was sold to Netflix, which began streaming it on May 14, 2021

    Soooo, controversial author, first novel, debuted at number one on NYT Best Seler list, in 2018, adapted into a feature film, with two Oscar winners, one nominated, that should be during 2019, quite on the front burner for a rookie, don’t you think?

    Then movie release postponed due to plandemic, then the day before yesterday released on Netflix, one day before Dianne posts this article above.

    Coincidences anyone? Amy Amy

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    1. Doris, really? The big five publishers control all the rules, who gets what. They have and they all are Cabal controlled. The film was about what exactly…sounds like Project Looking Glass or something close to it. Dark anyway. Movies have become dark from all the cabal owned and funded sources.

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      1. Heard somewhere that if a still-sleeping person gets to know half the horrors (that had many professionals throw up) in an instant, like some ‘official’ news that they trust, like the gas plastic bags nonsense news, the still-sleeping person might go through a very dangerous wakeup, like when teaching someone to swim in the middle of the Atlantic.

        This movie, like few others, is a subliminal reminder, or precursor. Of course that it’s dark, the subject is the darkest. One cannot joke about this, it has to be serious, cannot be a comedy. An absorbable watered down story, with disparate elements, here and there, might nest in the memory, like the nanobots in the jabbed arm (imagine their magnetic flux if they can make a fridge magnet stick, compared to their size).

        This is a preparation, not for you, not for me, but for those that follow the ‘stars’ –btw, another dead / dying stars movie on Netflix, The Prom with Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman, the sarcasm is too obvious and the hidden truth so blatant, dark comedy even if not seemingly. Clues here, clues there, not related for someone with no bigger picture in mind. However, when The Storm will be upon us (so close or already there) then the sleeping beauties will find some random deja vus to cling to.

        Just my subliminal suggestive two cents. Nothing less, nothing more.

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      2. Doris, your subliminal suggestive two cents is a gold nugget. I have a difficult time putting myself in the mind set that it will be too hard to bear to hear the cold truth. Because of how I’m wired. I have to remember constantly that many have the mindset of a child in such reality…and a child could not bear it…Jesus had referred to us as little children and in 1 John 4:4-6
        King James Version
        4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. And yet, in our abilities, emotions, etc. that is exactly what we are. Little children. And although, I think I can handle many things…there are limits. Because we are all in the flesh. I am thankful that God has opened my eyes to many truths. I am also humbled in my reminding of weaknesses. There were times I had to watch cosmetic facial surgeries and could not watch as the flesh was cut and draped back exposing everything…Dr. was saying, now here is the zygomatic nerve that controls the facial muscle on the….bla, bla….and I positioned my self to appear that I was watching but could not do it truthfully. Then there was the time my sister was in my care and the home nurse was going to show us all how to change the dressings from wet to dry for her stomach which had been left open for drainage. There were five family members who were learning so we could all do her dressings….and when the nurse opened the bandages and exposed the open stomach…there was but one person left standing to learn how to do it. I was the first one out of the room. There is always one person standing in difficult situations…but the other four…were not equipped to do that part. I said, I will do the other things but I can’t do that thing. So, to actually look upon the real photos or actual footage of rescue of tortured children is a horror unimaginable. God bless us all in this reality that we desire to close our eyes and not see. There is no hiding from it. Pray for strength and self control over the evil. Amen.

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