Taking a quick tour around the fake news sites just in case there is a bread crumb or two…and oh my. It only took four seconds for my head to hurt. This is what people are looking at and if those who have been learning how to tell C.G.I. generated presidents and other key people…you will all see the many clues and signs that this Joe is a fake. Grade wise they get an “F” for realism…and an “A” for scary affect.

You can rate this one…I give it a D. And it failed at being scary.

Biden is said to supposed to be carrying the nuclear code suitcase. But, I bet it is a “Nuke Code Lunch Box” by some Chinese manufacturer from a container in the Suez Canal, that was supposed to go to Toys Are Us. From the new “Old Joe Eats Lunch Too” collection.

MEANWHILE IN THE REAL WORLD….An air guided bomb hits Al-Sharouk tower and collapses during an Israeli air strike, in Gaza City on May 12, 2021. The building, housed various media outlets as well as stores and apartments. A warning was issued that the hit was coming via social media users. One hour before it was leveled, someone warned of the impending strike, saying Israeli forces had hit the building with a “roof-knocking” bomb. according to the London-based news outlet.

Pulse-pounding images show 14-story Gaza building destroyed by missiles from IDF jet!


Meanwhile, the official Palestinian news agency Wafa reported that “no clear reason was seen for the bombing of high rises other than inflicting damage and hurting the population,” the Middle East Eye reported. Sounds like the Dems here…always someone elses fault. Now for their wrap up smear – Israel attacked us for no reason again….this record is worn out. Media wars started by Cabal and supported by those who will do anything for a buck. All the while innocent people are the real ones who suffer. God is watching all things.

Palestinians walk after performing Eid al-Fitr prayers amid debris near the Al-Sharouk Tower on May 13, 2021.
Another view of the aftermath in the Gaza strip.

For more information: https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/netanyahu-says-israel-firmly-rejects-pressure-not-build-jerusalem-2021-05-09/

So as the world goes into war mode…Joe is in C.G.I. form with a lunch box… and his doubles are just as bad. Who’s running the nation while the world bombs away? Is this part of the show or should we be getting worried yet? Reminds me of mad man Nero putting on a play while Rome burned. He wasn’t afraid, why? He was behind it. So, who is behind this chain of events and why? That is the question.

One thing is sure, someone is playing with matches overseas.

Stay Strong!



  1. etting29 says:

    Since the communist takeover of our Constitutional Republic Nov. 2020,
    we now know what being at sea in a rudderless ship feels like.
    Remember the Disciples & their floundering craft & Jesus’ actions!

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    1. debjbalk says:

      Yes, I do… Thank you, Etting29. I’m curling up next to him in the bottom of the ship for a nap… Let’s hope the panickers don’t lose it… But, if they do, I’m sure that the Lord will take time to help calm their nerves…and maybe, just maybe… He’ll calm the storm too.

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  2. marjogo75 says:

    I read Dereliction of Duty by Lt. Colonel Buzz Patterson. He carried the nuclear football during the Clinton administration. Every day the President was given the nuclear codes. Clinton lost them one time. I doubt if Biden has the nuclear football and I bet he couldn’t find the nuclear codes for anything. It scares me thinking he might have the codes. Dementia Joe.

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    1. etting29 says:

      I don’t think CCPJoe has the code, but whoever does is worse, & not because of senility, but their treasonous intentions, actions & political support.

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  3. Tina says:

    You know things might be hidden from man but God sees Everything! If I was the bad guys behind all this mess, Trust Me I would have concerns! Watch/Wait…….Karma bout to Roll Out The Big Guns, And The World will have 👀’s to See! God Gonna pull back The Veil……..To Late Then……..Oops, Shebang All She Wrote!

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  4. irisheyes17 says:

    W8. WHAT?!?!

    Is that Dementia Joe with the nuclear football?!?!…hahahaha…

    Sum1 quick, remove that from him b4 he starts playin’ with the codes thinkin ‘ it was tne remote 2 the tv and sends out 20 Apache Black Hawks ovah Idaho!!

    Not 2 worry the military rn’t lettin’ Joe anywhere near the nuclear codes…jus like they’re not lettin’ him n the WH…

    Pres Trump has the nuclear football…and the keys 2 the WH…

    Last wk a woman n DC was out videoin’ the WH again, cuz there were MI’s and helos on the grounds searchin’ bhind light poles, with bomb sniffin’ dogs, and searchin’ trash cans..they were searchin’ the ntire grounds…

    She video’d the WH at that time had ALL the curtains pulld opn and EVERY light was on…she cud c everythin’ n the WH…

    That’s unusual as the windows n the WH r of varied heights…but all of them had been opnd completely…

    She was standin’ watchin’ all this and she was wearin’ her Q shirt…a MI walkd past her (she calld him an MI) and saw her Q shirt and said, “Pretty xcitin’ isn’t it?!?!”…as he continued 2 search the grounds…

    She almost lost it…she was soooo happy…

    When they finishd their search, all the curtains were pulld bck shut and all the lights were turnd off…


    Searchin’ the WH 2 make sure there r no bombs or anythin’ when Pres Trump returns?!?!…mhm…

    She then went 2 the Capitol and there was no1 around, no cars, ppl…NO1…no traffic n or out…


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  5. MyNameIs13 says:

    I’m not much for movies, been around that biz long enough to know better. I used to like Persian food from an Israeli run place down the way until they started doing the china thing with the MSG…It was the bomb.

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  6. My Name Is 13 says:

    baboushka dolls hv been around since ancient times. East and West are most familiar with females with scarves over their heads. You hv to see them in a group to know there is more than one. Purple patterns may not show on all, you hv to take them apart to be sure.


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