The Joe show has reached its world wide critical point. Whoever is handling the nation for Joe (because we all know Joe isn’t Joe any moe) best get intervened fast. His presidency is being used to set the stage for WWIII and who knows what else they are wanting in their OPERATION RESET? Enough of the C.G.I. Joe shows, it’s time to remove the senile double from office! Impeach it.

Purgery… charge…but is that even Fauci?

Okay folks….this is starting to look like a false flag staged event. Any thoughts?



8 thoughts on “JOE SHOW NEEDS TO GO NOW!

  1. Anita says:

    This depressing s*^t show on full display by incompetent corrupt, unelected usurpers has got to end yesterday. Plagiarist, criminal, racist, corrupt, thief China joe thug and crude, incompetent, corrupt, cackling kamala both need to be physically removed along with their inept, marxistdems cabal. Then be charged for sedition and treason judiciously resolved in a courtroom. Nice weather where gitmo is located & now orange jumpsuits are bad.

    All of us who are honest patriots who voted for President Trump know that he is the legitimate duly re-elected president and won in a landslide. It is despicable to watch the USA 🇺🇸 be destroyed and have MAGA patriots be arrested and incarcerated indefinitely for maybe “trespassing” at the capitol. Even those not having gotten inside the capitol are being harassed and taken into custody while antifa and blm who commit murder , arson, battery & taking over government buildings are not even arrested but even those few that are, have their sentences dropped & their released immediately. No expenses for legal counsel.
    The whole world along with the USA 🇺🇸 is negatively affected by the tyrants. Taxpayers forced to pay for both domestic and international abortions right up to birth is unconscionable. Public schools and teachers are out of control. So many hideous changes are being forced upon citizens.

    Why are we sitting back immobile while we see a catastrophe occur daily every hour?

    President Trump needs to return triumphantly to his office of leadership to right this ship with MAGA officials and Vice President. Flotus Melania needs to return to both represent the USA 🇺🇸 honorably and eloquently & continue her Be Best program for children.

    Let’s get this done as to its continuation further erodes & deteriorates American society & ultimately spirals into marxism.


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  2. southern1952 says:

    what i am thinking is this, the left are letting obiden run rampant, saying stupid things, all they are doing is waiting for the majority of people complain that joe needs to go,and BAM! here comes kamala to the oval office. the dems are setting it up because they are in charge of joe, he doesn’t get to say anything that they don’t tell him to say, no i don’t feel sorry for him, in the least, he knows what they are doing, and he probably wouldn’t stop it even if he could. i believe they are grooming kamala for the job. she could probably do better than joe, but that’s not saying much because she really is stupid, plus, she will dance for them too, she will not have any more power than he does, i’ll bet she thinks she will though.

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  3. JohnC says:

    Controlled demo broadcast as real time rocket hits. Palastinian children photo from 2012 broadcast as real time. They can take mil movement and battle scenes from anywhere from anytime and call it real time. Rumor of someone eating icecream relaxing at a table with rockets hitting buildings. Not saying whats going on over there isn’t happening, but why broadcast such things as realtime. GPS can be spoofed. All those red area on that fake digital map remind me of nov3. If whats going on over there is half fake and real, diversion?, misdirection?, destroying possible evidence?, those 3piece suit thugs don’t care about civilians. My 2 cents.


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