President Trump calls Biden a criminal and Fake News a criminal for not reporting it! Imagine that?

Is this a virtual Computer Graphic Image generated video of these two traitors to America talking lies about COVID? DO THEY THINK ANYONE CAN STOMACH LISTENING TO ANYTHING THEY HAVE TO SAY? My bet is Hilary is in GITMO and long gone never to be seen in real life again.

You don’t have to watch this, I am only posting for those who understand computer generated images so they can see how it’s done. This has all the hallmarks of C.G.I. generated, and not a real interview…this is to make people believe she is not in GITMO… sick sort of Cabal entertainment. This interview reeks. It is fake in the sense that nothing they said was true, all lies…and fake in the sense that isn’t Hillary with headsets. Good Grief they are having fun with their toys.

Joe, well, he’s just gone. He has left the planet by his handlers choice of vitamin shots. I DO NOT EVER WANT WHAT THEY GAVE HIM.


Meanwhile back in Portland…ANTIFA is hired out and ready for more destruction. Part Two of America on Fire….who will win? The peaceful protestors or the officers? Why not throw the Mayor out to them. Maybe they’ll be happy and go away then? It’s worth a try.

Sidney Powell says President Trump is the only lawful president now! And should be in office!

Romney is done…toast…did I say toast? He’s jelly. One blop of jelly… he’s sure got the wobbly’s!

Don Trump Jr. still smiling and laughing at Joe. If that is even Joe.

Protestors have gone to the dogs in Poland.

THE CABAL’S ANTIFA OVERSEAS IS GETTING OLD. Will someone give the police a weapon, or at least something to throw back at them.

India is looking like they turned off the TV’s and stopped watching the COVID show. Back to living their lives. Good for them.

James OKeefe @project_veritas Defamation Lawsuit – New York Times admits they did NOT contact Veritas’s named sources for comment and admits their Astor Article was WRONG about MN Law. They claimed Articles are opinion while admitting reporters are not opinion writers

There is no amount of money that you can give me to settle this case! Click on link:

Stay Strong!



    1. irisheyes17 says:

      NOPE!!…BLM is BURN LOOT AND MURDER…and apparently the leaders r paddin’ their own sizable bnk accnts with all the donations!!…hahaha..

      I posted way last yr that the DA n Portland is a bought-and-pd-4 stooge of Soros and antifa…the police arrest them, the DA lets them go…the justice system n Portland is a revolvin’ dr 4 antifa and BLM…

      I posted pics of the Portland volunteer firefighters, holdin’ an antifa banner and their catchy slogan, “Be water, spread fire.”

      Y’all can c the water bottles on the grnd next 2 cans of gasoline…

      Will the last person leavin’ Portland puhleeeze turn out the lights?!?!

      All tkn dwn by youtube…

      I watched vid of a small villiage n India when the vax nazi’s came n 2 jab them all…bein’ chased out by the ppl who were throwin’ rocks at them…hahaha…

      The health minister of India died after receiivin’ that Gt8s jab…after he was promotin’ it as safe…


      There is no major crisis of covid n India and the pics FAKE NEWS was showin’ of Indians burnin’ supposed covid victims was from sumthin’ else sev yrs ago…


      I watched a vid from andweknow showin’ the police n France (r those called gendarmes?!?) 4min’ a long line on 1 side and the police on the opposite 4min’ a long line and 1 by 1 they drop their handcufs goin’ dwn the line….


      Ppl r startin 2 fight bck…

      Many drs r now comin’ out 2 tell y’all the Gt8s jab is genetic ngineerin’..not a vax…cuz it protects from nothin’…60% of the reinfectd r those who hav been jabbed…

      Drs r now sayin’ there r nanoparticles n the vax that r sumhow emittin’ signals…Alex Jones from info wars jus nterviewed a dr who xplains this…she even claims they r writin’ code or even their names n those payloads…

      Seems that’s xactly what 4mer FEMA operative Celeste Solum also said they were doin’…and guttin’ y’all like a fish…that nterview can also b seen on nfo wars…

      A school n Fla has refused 2 mploy any teachers who hav tkn the G8s jab…knowin’ the vaxd r now a danger 2 the unvaxd…

      Those deadly spike proteins from the G8s goo r now bein’ transmitted sumhow 2 the unvaxd…and the unvaxd r xperiencin’ horrible symptoms

      Mike Adams, the Health Ranger on Brighteon is reportin’ on ppl who hav been jabbed r now causin’ car accidents…strokin’ out or havin’ blackouts while drivin’..,…

      He calls those car accidents “vaccidents”…magine ur airline pilot who has been jabbed suddenly stroke out or blackout while n flight…and the cockpit drs r now lockt 2 prevent hi jackers…

      I saw a vid of a groc store (don’t remembr where) who said they r not allowin’ the vaxd 2 shop there….

      G8s is fightin’ 2 keep his ngredients super secrety…

      As more ppl r dien’ and suffer dbilit8in’ side effects, more and more ppl r wakin’ up…


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  1. Anita says:

    Keep on saying President Trump is still the legitimate duly re-elected president , Sydney Powell! Admire your courage, strength and honesty!
    Someone of your integrity is notable. Quality woman.
    President Trump belongs in office; he won. Twice!

    Cabal: thieves never win!


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  2. Amal says:

    You can see the countless irregularities on the fake video with fake Hillary.

    It’s a shoddy job, easy to see it’s not real.

    How are people this easily duped?

    If you want practice you can visit a site called which face is real dot com.

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    1. Diana847 says:

      Amal, I went to the web site you posted here, WOW at first I got most wrong but started getting them right. What a test to take, very interesting.

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  3. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    In the video with killary she looks to be in front of a “green new deal” screen. Her clothing is a dead give away with the outline of the sleeve and shoulder.

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