2020 was a bad year for “Hurt Foot” disease and there was no vaccination made for it….yet it spread in WARP SPEED! 2021 the “HURT FOOT” was still the silent plague that seemed to hit the rich and powerful. Poor people went unnoticed, if they had it at all, but it seems if you were not in contact with the carriers of this strange “HURT FOOT” plague, you were not at risk of catching it. Meanwhile, fake news wasn’t talking about it. Guess they didn’t get the memo…or they did and chose not to report it.

COME ON FOLKS….THINK A BIT HERE. When did you ever catch a broken ankle? Brace yourself….there is an answer and it’s not from what they all said. I just twisted it…I just moved it the wrong way…I fell…. I Yi Yi, Yi Yi…..






Many got their “HURT FOOT” attended to at the celebrity rich and famous cabal hospital.

And where did Hunter Go? Did he have HURT FOOT too? Or something else? The guy with the smaller forehead and different nose, eyes, mouth, chin….good grief is AMERICA THAT BLIND?
Note: Now whereas this Human Rights Council has been fact checked by Facebook and other internet fact checking authorities as being debunked and false. Here it is for you to decide. I am not sure in this world where up is down and down is stuffing for a pillow.

Is this the new V.P.? A double? Or just a coincidence?





    1. Robert G Boensch says:

      A Look Back
      When Nazis Lived On Long Island And Ran A Camp

      Inside America’s Only Foreign Animal Disease Laboratory: Plum Island

      And now for Stupidly on steroids
      Deadly disease lab coming to Kansas

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      May 8, 2021 at 9:11 pm Reply

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    1. Corner Stone says:

      I just hope the newest ankle monitors were locked onto them.

      Ha ha.

      They are not getting sunshine for D.

      Rut Roh

      UPDATE: Media Outlet Identified! – CNN Is Caught Outside AZ Audit Center Parking Lot Harassing State Audit Workers (VIDEO)

      Gateway pundit

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      1. Corner Stone says:

        AZ Audit Director Ken Bennett

        Press Are Taking Photos of License Plates, Faces, Name Badges

        in Arena Parking Lot Audit Workers Afraid They Will Be Doxxed by Media

        Gateway Pundit


  1. Anita says:

    So where is hunter and joe? I certainly saw the differences with hunter from interviews abc and when you compare photos of joe he certainly looks different. No one puts their full weight on a broken or fractured foot. Everything about the bidens is strange, compromised and dubious. 😾


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  2. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    Chains….my baby’s got me locked up in chains…and it ain’t the kind that you can see eee eee ee!!!
    Meanwhile back at the ranch obiden is getting his “transfusion” of young blood to keep the DEAD in SIN alive!

    the mystery of iniquity is NO LONGER A MYSTERY…It’s being exposed for what “it” is!!!

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  3. papasha408 says:

    Joe Biden, one of the great unconscious Comedians of our time!!! Actually, I think he and Hunter miss their Carpetbagging business in Ukraine.

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  4. Impressive, how “hurt food” is contagious 🙂
    I’ve been wondering: Who is behind the switch – White Hats or Black Hats? When you call him a great comedian, I guess you say White Hats? But Trump always follow the rule of law (I think) Isn’t this a little covert? Well, I guess in war many things need to be covert.
    I’m looking forward to overt. It can’t take long now (I hope)

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    1. papasha408 says:

      When I called Biden an unconscious comedian, I was referring to the man’s near dementia infused speech and his constantly confusing rhetoric. Trump is still the President as an illegal election cannot stand. There were many things about Trump that were good for America. Kibboshing the Iran-Nuclear deal wasn’t one of them. But, Trump was owned by the Likudniks and the dual-citizen Neocons so he did things in Israel’s interest and in the process hurting American interests and damaging America’s image around the world. Everybody is getting tired of Israel’s influence in American politics.

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      1. justnnqhotmailcom says:

        Just as a question why do you think Trump cancelling the Iran deal was not good for America? Obama gave over a trillion dollars in cash which allowed Iran to finance terror all through the middle east! They did not stop developing a neuc bomb and the agreement gave them NO OBLIGATION after the agreement ended from not producing it? Maybe you can tell me a reason allowing the agreement to stand?


  5. Colleen Bofill says:

    Come on…. stop being sheep people! Start looking up when those people pictured broke their foot / leg. Some of those pictures are five years old. Diane you want us to believe what??? You go to Gitmo and are then released???? Shouldn’t some of them still be wearing their ankle bracelets???? Stop leading people on share real evidence and real facts!


    1. Colleen Bofill: These boots are made for walking show has been going on during the Trump Administration take down on child traffickers and it started with the Celebrities and the take down of Hollywood Harvey Weinstein…who was convicted and now in jail….and the toppling began and is still taking place. So look when it started…. and wake up.

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      1. Ken Dar says:

        True enough. But no way is the new “Biden” the same guy as the old one. For one thing, the real Biden had piercing blue eyes, one of his most notable features actually. The new guy’s are very dark brown, almost black. Unless he is wearing brown contacts, which would be super weird. There are some retouched pictures on Google showing the new guy with baby blues but mostly they are very dark brown. All video they are dark brown. Many other things too, but the eyes cannot be disputed in my view.

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    2. Amal says:


      Don’t you think it’s a bit odd that so many ‘Celebrities’ have broken their foot; or wore a brace for ‘other’ reasons.

      None of this is coincidental.

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  6. irisheyes17 says:

    Q has said we r watchin’ 3 movies..

    3?!?!…I can’t even figure out 1!!!

    I know when Hanks and his wife were n supposed quarantine n Austrailia, (they said 4 covid) .he was postin’ pics of himself and an antiqu8d typewritr called a CORONA …c’mon mannn..a CORONA typewritr?!?!

    Then abt the same time Madonna who was n lockdwn posted pics of herself and a message she had written on a CORONA typewritr…it read, “I cud murder a bowl of pasta now!!”

    What’s up with the CORONA typewrtr?!?!

    A little help puhleeeze!!

    I know it means sumthin’, but not sure what…

    Then Ellen n lockdwn, lookd like she had on an ankle bracelet under her pants (but is now on her new show) was wearin’ a sweatshirt which said RUN FOREST RUN, n ref 2 Hank’s iconic role n Forest Gump…

    Was she warnin’ Hank’s 2 run?!?!…idk..

    I knew Killary had a med bt at 1 ×, but it seemed 2 hav disappeared when I saw her again…or did I?!?!….

    The rest of those clowns, I wasn’t aware of xcept Merkel of Germany….

    Then I saw Biden with a med bt…but it’s gone now 2!!!


    Mayb if Hunter had a crack pipe danglin’ from his lips, I might b able 2 identify him better…hahaha…

    I know Biden is not n the WH…Lin Wood provd that…he wudn’t hav even been able 2 get n the WH if Biden was lrg and n chrg…let alone roam all ovah the WH everywhere lookin’ 4 Joey…

    They prob wud hav shot Wood on site!!!..hahaha…

    Idk what is goin’ on, 1st they hav ankle bracelets or med bt…then they don’t!!

    I saw a vid on andweknow last yr of the GITMO welcome sign, and 3 dudes below the sign holdin’ up messages n front of their faces 2 hide them, which read: WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL…the 1st dude was holdin’ a sign that had WHERE WE…the dude on the other side had a sign that had GO ONE…the 3rd dude kneelin’ n the middle had his sign WE GO ALL!!

    At the bottom of the pic it said, OPERATORS NOW ON STANDBY…and gave a ph #…

    They were OBVI dudes who wrkd at GITMO….and many anons called that # jus 2 c what it was…

    It was the # 2 the CLINTON FOUNDATION n NY…hahaha…

    Whoevah wrote the script 4 this movie dserves THE BEST PICTURE AWARD!!!

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    1. Irisheyes17 – Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic ——-CORONA…..VIRUS….19. CORONA. CORONA TYPEWRITER…. “I cud murder a bowl of pasta now!!” Spirit cooking, pasta = pasta is code for “little boy” in pedo-speak

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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        OKAAYY, but what wud Hanks and Madonna know abt the corona virus?!?!

        I’m totes lost!!

        And I bleve Hank’s movd 2 Austrailia 2 avoid prosecution…he isn’t even n the US…and Madonna movd 2 the UK…Ellen who is a pedo is bck on her new show..

        I’m pretty shure since Isaac Kappy outd Hank’s as a major pedo, Hank’s had him killd!!

        But he has fled!!

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      2. CORONA IN LATIN MEANS CROWN. The head of the corporations are linked to the Crown…London Central Banks…Vatican, US Inc under direction of the Crown… why the virus? To depopulate for the Crown the Puppet masters control the Crown. Rule the world by owning everything. Vatican – one world religion, usa military, London – money…everyone pays tribute to the crown.

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    2. They were communicating with others that only those who understood would understand. I thought it was letting people know the Crown /Cabal was in trouble. It happened around the same time things were getting hot other places. During Covid….lock downs were used as a double to lock people in their homes. White hats turned the cabals weapon upside down and used it on them. More than we will ever know. The masks being mandated by Pelosi who was arrested… I’m sure helped to hide lots of doubles of people who are no longer who they say they are. Smoke and mirrors. Soldiers…who said Soldiers….the Rep from Michigan…. she said it was time… what happened? Who is getting arrested? Top first, bottom second, middle last. How I see it.

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  7. brian says:

    What are the names of those in the photo’s with the boot on? I recognise some but not all and the pics are either too small or too blurry


    1. Brian Stephen says:

      Hi, Already confirmed a long time ago, i get an email when you post, do i need to do it again? ________________________________


  8. June says:

    Incredible comments, opinions, dirt and truths!
    Our world, as we knew and lived it, is totally been attacked and controlled by deranged demonics!!
    So much talk!! What about action? Does anyone have a realistic answer of how to turn this mess around, or are we doomed to further angst and humiliation??
    Money 💰 talks seems to be the “culprit “ of so much evil!!

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  9. Plesse, explain to me: are all the people/actors/political persons who had an electronic bracelt on their foot were pedecriminals? I beleive, a lot of them were but I have difficulty to beleive that Jane Fonda & Arnold Shwarztennger were/are pedosatanists. Could you give more infos with sources please. Thank You.


  10. I repost my message because it was full of errors.
    Please, explain to me: are all the people/actors/political persons who had an electronic bracelet on their foot were pedocriminals? I believe, a lot of them were but I have difficulty to believe that Jane Fonda & Arnold Shwarzenneger were/are pedocriminals. Could you give more infos with credible sources please ? Thank You.


    1. I’ll tell you this…there are so many that now a high dollar company has tried to start a fad with ankle braceletes that look like house arrest braceletes…in order to camoflauge and make it harder to see who is and who isn’t. So fake checkers can say…oh it’s one of those…bla blas. There are hundreds of thousands of indictments world wide and they started at the top….many in other fields lower levels, and then there are the customers that are many.

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      1. Thanks for your reply, but you did not completely answered my question. I will be more specific: I believe that Tom Hanks is an ogre (satanic priest of the Aleister Crowley’s satanic church who raped, killed and has eaten many childs). But are Jane Fonda & Arnold Schwarznegger really pedocriminals? Where are the proofs of their crimes, can you give me reliable sources that Jane Fonda & Arnold Schwarznegger are really pedocriminals? Thank you


      2. Also, Fonda was well into treason for decades and Arnold…not sure how he was involved…just that his name is on the list and there are many areas…for example providing names, influencing, making money off the deals, many types of deals…selling, or buying. As well as many ways to participate in treason…not saying who did what…simply who is said to be indicted.


      3. Thanks for your reply, but you did not completely answered my question. I will be more specific: I believe that Tom Hanks is an ogre (satanic priest of the Aleister Crowley’s satanic church). But are Jane Fonda & Arnold Swarznegger really pedocriminals? Where are the proofs of their crimes, can you give me reliable sources that Jane Fonda & Arnold Swarznegger are really pedocriminals? Thank you


      4. irisheyes17 says:

        Did any1 happen 2 c the Steve Harvey Show, where he had on a woman who was ntroin’ her new wonder youth product?

        She was a Asian woman and she had Harvey try her new creme, which she pourd n2 his hand…and he asked why it was red…and she said, I think, that it was made from foreskins of …

        Harvey stared at her then unloaded on her, “Y’all mean 2 tell me u jus put sone1’s nasty blood from sum1’s penis n my hand!”

        He then grabbd a cloth and wiped it off his hand and xploded on her again, “Y’all r never comin’ on my show again!!”…

        I thought why on earth wud they bring 4th suthin’ like that and mayb that was a White Hat op 2 slowly ntroduce ppl 2 what the Cabal has been doin’…with the blood of children…and Hollyweird blevin’ it was sum kinda youth factor….idk…

        Then I saw another vid from the ELLEN show…and she had Sandra Bullock as her guest…they were discussin’ how young Sandra lookd ( Ellen looks youngr 2 , when she was n lockdwn she lookd 110)….and Bullock did not seem 2 want 2 answer, and hesit8d and searched 4 wrds…Ellen jus stared at her…

        Finally reluctantly Bullock said, she was usin’ a new product…and…well, it’s made from ummm…made from the 4skins of …Asians….ummm….Ellen nterruptd and said, ur usin’ a product made from sum1’s penis, basically is what ur sain’…

        There it was again!…why wud any1 admit 2 that unless Ellen is now wrkn’ with the White Hats n xchange 4 sum kinda immunity…idk..I know when she was n lockdwn she had an ankle monitor…

        R the White Hats slowly brinin’ this out 2 the public 2 get them 2 c what has really been goin’ on (I dint bleve it either at 1st)… and they r now usin’ these talk shows as the vehicle 2 open up the eyes of the bllnd masses?!?!

        Ellen used 2 hav a Epstein Pedo Island theme bhind her…now it’s gone…did she plea deal?!?!

        I dint bleve any of this at 1st either, it was 2 way out there 4 me…Killary and Huma torturin’ and killin’ a young girl and drinkin’ her blood…even though I saw anons vids supposedly showin’ the evidence…I still dint bleve them…I thought they were photo shoppd…

        Byt then I startd watchin’ vids from serialbrain2/andweknow, and he dcodes Q posts…he says Pres Trump and Q use Bible Gematria–#’s 4 letters–and LT appently is an xpert n Bible Gematria….I dint know tgat was a thing!!!

        LT tells us Pres Trump speaks n code…mispellin’, wrong wrds, strange wrds…all prt of code…then I startd payin’ attention 2 the wrds Pres Trump was usin’…like COVFEFE!!!

        Then saw it was true…Trump spks n code!!

        All I know is the ppl I thought were n GITMO or had been arrestd r right bck out there and they seem real 2 me…idk…

        I’ve seen the pics of every1 who is now supposed 2 a dbl…Fraudci, G8s, Jared Kushher, Kamala (who looks jus like that man), Queen Eliz, Pelosi, Schumer… …there r sooo many who now supposed 2 b dbls, I can’t keep up!!

        There were abt 40 that I saw….all bein’ dbls?!?!…and how n the wrld wud this b ntroducd 2 the public?!?!

        That wud b a massiv op, nvolvin’ many players….sheesh…

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    2. Christine Hamel, it didn’t say everyone wearing a boot was a pedecriminals….it said they were indicted, some for RICO making money off trafficking, some for treason, some for dealing in areas they should not have…going back to any number of years. We don’t know what charges were in the indictments…you can be indicted for off shore accounts. The boots show an odd number of high profile people over the Trump administration with ankle trackers. And a lot of CGI videos floating out there. Madona left the country after she threatened to blow up the white house and the CIA came to visit her. She went to Spain. The videos circulating are not her with the typewriter. It is a double. I did a lot of side by sides last year on Twitter showing the differences and they are obvious. Very obvious. So, some of the videos being pushed were of doubles for some odd reason. To create misinformation. I saw she was indicted and arrested. But, I didn’t show the indictment list because I can’t verify it. The list yes…what happened to these people in tribunals? No I have no validation of what. Therefore I am not putting it out. The indictments were released…a lot of them. They have a list of sealed indictments six figures long…that is real….which means they have charges, and can make an arrest at any time, they just haven’t yet. Once they indict it is public record. But news isn’t talking about anything except when they can’t lie about it. But an ankle bracelet means they have been served and charged and are making sure they aren’t going to get on a plane and head to Austria, or New Zealand or somewhere.

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      1. Thank you for your details, i hope one day, We the People know what these bad people have done exactly and justice is done. I would have never thought that Jane Fonda & Arnold Schwarznegger were criminals. Tom Hanks was one of my favorite actor. When i woke up in march 2020 and i finally understood that We the People of the World were controlled and manipulated by psychopaths pedocriminals child traffickers (and i learned about pedosatanism and Tom Hanks: he is an ogre (satanic priest of the Aleister Crowley’s satanic church who raped, killed and has eaten many childs)… i litteraly shit in my pants! Sorry to be so crude…So many Evil people on Earth ! I would not like to be in their shoes (the shoes of Evil People) because life on earth is short, but after life is very long in HELL ! and the little children and women and men who where tortured on Earth will be very Happy in Heaven forever with Infinite Loving God. Please God, deliver us from Evil. Please, Guide Donald J. Trump (and allies with Vladimir Poutine) to Victory of Good over Evil. May Your Kingdom be on Earth as in Heaven. Thank You mister God.

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  11. Anita says:

    I read with interest about criticism of Amanda Grace. I like her name because I was supposed to be named after my nice paternal grandmother, Amanda, and wish I had.
    Like debjbalk and Dianne explained don’t listen to her and don’t trash her in the blog if you don’t like what she has to say as well as the bird sounds. There’s plenty to criticize about the Biden’s, psaki, pelosi, schumer, cuomo, kamala just to name a few. Flotus Melania, beautiful, kind and classy was mercilessly trashed for being just that & for being married to President Trump. Marxistdems are cruel and evil. Nothing nice about the husseins or bidens so you have plenty of fodder to start with even there.

    I love ❤️ God’s other creatures who for the most part are ignored and brutalized. I’m an animal advocate and vegan for that reason. I applaud Amanda’s compassion for them as well as having a sanctuary; her heart ♥️ is big enough to include God’s other creatures . Nice! The birds’ sounds don’t bother me; their happy! But the evil marxistdems cabal squawks are of concern & are dangerous and vile.

    Yes, debjbalk, I can hear the sounds of all those creatures with Noah. They’re very existence gives glory to God. Only God can create beautiful 😻 cats 🐈 ( my favorite creature since I was 2 years old and I love ❤️), the family oriented elephants 🐘, the kingly fearless lions 🦁, the sweet and gentle sheep 🐑 ( whom Jesus compares his followers to) and the loyal swans 🦢 for example. Yesterday, I watched in amazement a beautiful family of swans with their fuzzy 8 babies. I thought of the majesty of God. The author of such a beautiful creature and all the other creatures is glorious! Noah & family still prayed and sounds from those creatures added to his praises of God! Genesis!

    Meanwhile, Dianne has written today much to give pause to all of us and ask God for courage and strength to rid ourselves of this miasma of evil. President Trump needs to return triumphantly now and have prayers said over him again in the Oval Office. We need a lion 🦁 there! The evil perpetrators in the faux “government”must be recognized and removed to gitmo.

    God bless!


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  12. Z says:

    Type the case # into duck duck go and the first result is a link to a pdf of the full document.
    I sincerely hope all the hurt foot pedophile’s who are listed in this document that perpetrated evil against children and humanity have been prosecuted and sentenced to death.
    The amount of misinformation, disinformation, and out right lies and the ease of altering photographs and video has made it virtually impossible to know fact from fiction.
    Just for instance, look at the total insanity we are witnessing take place on a daily basis that can be found everywhere, even on the MSM that I do not watch. Biden’s address this past week and the nonsense that he spoke. The President of the United States of America can not even put a coherent sentence together! That is insane! Antifa we are told is just a myth but we can see that they are burning down cities and police arrest just for the DA’s to release them. BLM and Maxine deny Derek Chauvin of a fair trial by intimidating the jury. And by the way, isn’t it curious Derek’s last name is Chauvin?
    Coincidence or Planned?
    Wikipedia definition- recently changed I believe. I wish I still had an actual old Webster’s Dictionary to compare the definitions.
    Chauvinism is the irrational belief in the superiority or dominance of one’s own group or people, who are seen as strong and virtuous, while others are considered weak, unworthy or inferior. It can be described as a form of extreme patriotism and nationalism, a fervent faith in national excellence and glory.
    Absurdity and Insanity have become the norm and logical thinking and common sense has been labeled as racism.
    If you deny that there are more than two genders you are labeled transphobic. Transphobic, I missed that word in high school English vocabulary studies.
    How is it that what seems like half of the population has gone completely nuts and anyone who attempts to counter the insanity is immediately labeled something they obviously are not but are canceled, ridiculed, arrested, and ultimately destroyed?
    This isn’t the USA I grew up in back in the 80’s. I have 3 kids now and I truly fear for their future. I’m not about to allow them to get away with thinking 2+2=5 It never has and never will. Math answers are either Right or Wrong, there is no negotiating it, there are only 2 genders Male and Female this is not debatable.
    The main question that needs to be asked and answered honestly is…
    What has caused the huge decline in human intelligence, lack of basic reasoning and logic, and the complete absence of common sense?
    I think there is an explanation maybe several things have contributed to it, but I also believe that it has been done to humanity deliberately.
    I’ve ranted enough now, I hope others who read this will ponder over it.

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    1. zekesparkman says:

      I hear what your saying Z, and completely agree. There are only 2 genders and 2 preferences. Anything else is absurd. The disinformation is real but the cabal only paints the story away from them and their crimes. There is no way they would willingly broadcast who they are and what they are doing and never would create a narrative of them being defeated or showing weakness. It was always just a house of cards and projection of superior control is always absolute above all else. As far as our intelligence being diminished it was imperative for them to sabotage us all. Its always about control and their thinking that if you are impaired in any way its easier to manipulate you. Like Hillary sabotaging the entire democratic party to rule it was always their standard operating procedure. Good news for us because there is no up and coming star on the blue side. I quote from newworldwar.org
      “They seek to beat the human race into complete submission. Because the psychopaths see normal/decent people as a separate species who are a threat to their survival, the psychological and physical destruction of as many normal people as possible is absolutely critical to them. It is a matter of necessity for them to defile humanity.”
      I had a dream the other day right before waking of being next to a huge fire that stretched very far. It wasn’t alarming but seemed to be a barrier or hedge. As I looked around the fire line was everywhere. It was all around me, there was no escape. I did not feel trapped but guarded and felt as if there was no escape for the enemy that was sabotaging me. The only thing it reminded me of was Our God is a all consuming fire. For sure we can be restored back to our original design and much more as recompensation is in his hand. He does this all the time. Job was jacked up and left at square 1, walked out better then before. David was sacked of all he had and retrieved all, his son became the wisest and richest. This is about to get good.

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  13. Anita says:

    Hi debjbalk:
    Your love ❤️ of God and sweetness make you stand tall with strength and courage from the Holy Spirit.
    Sir Thomas More and Joan of Arc are two of my favorite saints. They were both righteous in their defiance of the authorities. More chose God over the King he loved but his love & loyalty was greatest for his Faith and God; Joan prayed and acted in the Name of Jesus while praying to God. Joan was triumphant but defied a nation and some corrupt church leaders because she would not deny that God and St. Michael the Archangel guided her actions in everything. Both accepted death rather than deny their Faith and God.

    Their lives are examples of strength, loyalty, love of the Christian Faith and God.

    My mother and I, as well as many others, pray for President Trump that God not only protects him from the evil cabal but give him strength and discernment as president.

    President Trump walked into a den of iniquity willingly and left behind a good life, wealth and , fame with his family. I don’t think he even knew how vile & evil the cabal is but he willingly wanted to continue another term despite what the marxistdems with putrid pelosi at the helm did to him with the aid of the marxistdems corrupt media, never trumpers, Rinos and the misnamed Lincoln Project.

    I hope the over 80 million patriots who voted for President Trump not lose courage and strength. Unfortunately, there are those disillusioned and would rather lay blame on President Trump and accuse him of being part of the cabal. The vile cabal laughs!



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    1. God showers love and support on us just when we need it…. Thank you, dear Anita. I was feeling depleted and then saw your message, along with Dianne’s…. I feel re-energized and so much love coming from my two sisters-n-Christ. #TogethrStrongr4Christ

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  14. CharityinTruth says:

    Thank you, Dianne This is all new to me about all these people and celebrities wearing ankle bracelets. When will it be known on fake news?
    It will be a shock to many.

    The adrenachrome “Black Eye Club” is more shocking which I started reading about not too long ago. I had no idea this evil was happening.

    Can anyone verify this:

    Hillary Clinton Hanged at GITMO | Truth11.com
    hanged Monday April 26, 2021

    Praying for the protection of the children; all evil to be exposed and Divine Justice and truth to prevail soon for all to know. May God cleanse/heal our Country and us all.

    All Glory to God!!!

    John 14: 6


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