The Circus has come to town and it has run out of popcorn! The only act it had was Joe pinning the Executive Order Pen on the donkey and Corn Pop….and neither was amusing, let alone funny!


The Circus has now officially left the building….Now it’s time to call them all out! EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM! But now that Rudy Giuliani is back in the picture by the FBI and Ole Joe… the Circus distraction is now on the back burner! The question is, was the FBI the good guys or the bad guys in all of this? If this were a movie, and they have told us it is a show, what would you expect to take place? Interesting…and it may be the head of some festering something…

And then….there is John Kerry…. now as we watch these great news flashes – be sure and remember President Trump has pointed out all these under fire for the EXACT SAME THINGS! The question is this, did President Trump give a green light to go after some of these guilty treasonous crime ridden cabal puppets? If so, does this mean phase 1 to get the head of the Cabal in a vice grip (if not lopped off) has been accomplished and now they have moved into phase 2? Tick Tock is now sounding more like a time bomb…..

It’s time to take a stand before the puppets do one more bad thing!

Stay Strong!



  1. southern1952 says:

    i saw some of the freak show…and wow! what about that standing ovation at the HR1 comment, i thought nancy pants was going to hit the ceiling, wish she had! she sure didn’t tear his speech up! i am trying so hard not to hate these people, i could just barf!

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    1. Beth H says:

      Are they even people? They are satanists, proud killers of babies. I pray every day that God would destroy all their evil plans and them too if He knows they won’t be saved and turn from their wickedness.

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  2. nieveslt says:

    If I hear one more Republican say what the “current administration” is doing “is appalling” I’m going to lose my cookies! Is anyone more impotent than Nikki Haley? Dianne, I am so sick of all these RINOs bemoaning the situation they created with their cowardice and ineptitude- as if that is scoring any points with Patriots. We remember how you turned on President Trump Ms Haley, and your lame, opinions mean less than zero to us now; in fact, they are offensive and insulting. You are more revolting and have less character than the democrats who at least were loyal to their own. Crawl back under your rock and don’t resurface, ever.

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    1. debjbalk says:

      Seems to me…when they go after Rudy, they’re really going after President Trump… Is this another sign of the floundering desperation the thieves are displaying? Are they desperately looking for more evidence that they can twist & turn and present it as “dirt on Trump.”. The FBI are disgusting thieves themselves. God, help us!!

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      1. Miss Deb, Seems they are getting more emboldened by the day.Every day we have more of a communist chokehold on us. Recently Miss Dianne had an illustration of ” what would the Patriots do” ? It said would they accept tyranny. What our justice department has been doing for 5 years now is tyranny and its only getting worse.
        We’re told to volunteer, organize, get involved,call state reps and senators ect. We are at the point of no return.
        Those methods don’t work with communists, if they did we wouldn’t have China, Cuba, Venezuela ect.
        I trust you and believe you have the most loving Christian heart of anyone on the internet so I’ll ask you,
        do you think there is a possibility that the Lord would have us fight for our liberties?
        I know , let vengeance be the Lord’s, but our country was founded and blessed by God fearing Christians
        that fought for liberty and against tyranny.

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      2. debjbalk says:

        Brother Buddy, Your remarks melted my heart.💞 Thank you for your kindness. I love our God-fearing family and appreciate opportunities to grow together, like this. About your question….my SHORT answer is…Absolutely YES, it is possible that the Lord would have us fight for our liberties. My LONG answer is….America is a gift from God. I believe it is a country that was founded for our love of God and desire to worship Him freely. With that in mind, I am led to ask myself…”Am I willing to sacrifice everything to save, protect and hold together this precious gift that God gave us, our country, freedom and liberties?” It would seem a disrespect, to God’s gift to us and to the many warriors that have fought and died for our country and our freedoms, if we didn’t do everything we can to save it, including fight, if God asks us to. But….here’s the big IF….. God has to be the one to lead us. I truly believe that the “waking up” we all talk about has more to do with God waking us up to a personal relationship with Him. I believe He longs to draw us back to Himself, and is using this “wake up” call to do it. He knows what a mess we’ve got ourselves into by being complacent, selfish and stubborn….and mostly, by forgetting that HE IS GOD and forgetting to rely on Him through a personal relationship. But, our God is long-suffering, full of grace and forgiveness, and is giving us another chance to come back to Him. I say that we need to let Him lead….We need to let Him know to what degree are we willing to sacrifice….Are we willing to lay down our lives, like those who came before us? Are we willing to become more politically involved, like we are being asked to do? Are we willing to advocate for freedoms in our own communities, including advocating for our children? How far are we willing to go to help save this gift of country God gave us? How SELFLESS are we willing to be? How bold and courageous are we willing to be to stand up against the tyranny? I believe God wants us to show Him our hearts, our willingness, our surrender, to draw deeply into Him, to listen to His lead, to be childlike with Him as He guides us, all for His glory…not for our self-serving ideals. THIS IS A MATTER OF THE HEART, Buddy, IMO. Also, we have two sets of eyes, and ears (in essence). We have our PHYSICAL EYES & EARS that see and hear what is going on, how trouble is on our doorsteps, etc. And then we have our SPIRITUAL EYES & EARS that see and hear what God is doing, how salvation (and His rescue) is on our doorsteps, etc. WHICH SET OF EYES & EARS ARE PEOPLE USING? I think it’s easy to see 👀 the answer to that. Bottom line… In the bible, there were times God led His people into battle…it always seemed to be different than how we’d imagine it though…like reducing the army from thousands of soldiers to just a few hundred, or having them march peacefully around a perimeter…. All that was required of them was OBEDIENCE and LISTENING FOR HIS LEAD. Our Spiritual Eyes and Ears must be on full alert. We are all waiting to see how He leads…The questions are… Will we wait? Will we follow? Will we obey? Will we trust Him? I’m praying for all of us. God bless you, Buddy!

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      3. Amen Deb. God sent the prophets to Israel to have them repent and turn from their evil ways which had gotten far away from him. The response of many in the scriptures was to kill the prophets for they did not like what they heard from them. Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Elijah all suffered persecution of tongue lashings and some physical poundings. All God was asking was them to return to him and the laws of Moses and he would bless them again…and if not he would not spare them. He would lift off from them his hand of protection and they would be left on their own with their own form of God and obedience. (that’s my bottom line of it all) God is calling to all the nations in the world and especially to us….to come and return to him and he will part our red sea. He shall be our God and we shall be his people. Amen!!

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      4. debjbalk says:

        Amen, Amen and Amen, Dianne! It is all so simple, and yet the most complex, challenging undertaking of our lives! One of my former pastors always told our congregation…. “Salvation is the free, but it will cost you everything.” Yes, He shall be our God and we shall be his people! Amen!!! and….. Hallelujah!!!

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      5. Thank you miss Deb for the response , it was Godly and full of love and wisdom. It spoke to my heart.
        I need to give The Lord his due instead of taking the easy way out by willing to fight for him and us. That is much easier than devoting my life to our LORD..You are 100% right and I thank you.
        You are a very special person miss Deb, GOD BLESS YOU.

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  3. Jean says:

    Amen! Dianne! Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. Fear YAHUAH and obey HIS Commands, for this is the whole day of mankind! Ecc.12:13-14
    Love HIM and Love our fellow man!

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