… That’s what medical professionals who are honest, say it is. A viris like a cold, or flu. So they are actually, these professionals say trying to cause great harm. People and children are dying from this within hours.

If the other side was able to air on the main news platforms…people would be in the streets with pitchforks at every local municipality for allowing the people in their cities and towns to go through this sham. And the state and federal buildings would all be having to fight off the entire population!

I have a feeling that soon…if what some of these are predicting about the after side effects…it will be a dramatic summer and explosive fall.

Pray for strength and those who have been duped to take this. Pray that God hold his promise that his people are protected from poisons, even from snakes. This evil plan has been exposed and the fall out is coming, even now.



  1. Ri-chard says:

    When will we teach our children well?
    Can you hear and do you care
    And can’t you see
    We must be free
    To teach your children
    What you believe in,
    Make a world that we can live in?

    And you, of tender years,
    Can’t know the fears
    That your elders grew by.
    And so please help them with your youth.
    They seek the truth
    Before they can die.

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  2. saintsnotaints says:

    Exactly. The concern is the devils elites have planned for resistance and they will have loyal slaves like in natzee germany which include many educated that that have no common sense. Plus they have implanted among the people evil people we think are with us. What the elites have overlooked is the strength of human will and the power of God.

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  3. irisheyes17 says:

    There r many reports comin’ n now that ppl who hav not tkn the vax, but hav come n2 contact with the vaxd r havin’ mysterious bruises showin’ up on their bodies (ppl r postin’ pics)…

    Women who hav not tkn the jab, but their husband or partner has r also postin’ they hav had unusual bleedin’, headaches, and symtoms of flu after havin’ relations with their spouse who jus took that jab…they now bleve it’s bein’ passd on from their partners…

    Women who hav not tkn that jab, who were pregnant r miscarryin’…bein’ with a partner who did tk the jab…this is happenin’ all ovah the wrld…

    Miscarriages r up ovah 600%…

    1 woman who was not vaxd postd she went 2 her dentist , and the assistant had been vaxd…sev days l8r she startd xperiencin’ heavy bleedin’, bruises that appeard on her body and massiv headaches, which she nevah had b4….

    Ppl r now xperiencin’ all these symptoms who hav not been vaxd, but r around fam, or friends who hav vaxd….

    How does that happen n the unvaxd?!?!….it’s bein’ spread sumhow…the prob is drs DO NOT know xactly how this is gonna 2 effect the unvaxd…

    Mike Adams, the Health Ranger calls the vaxd the walkin’ dead…he calls them zombies…w8 4 a few mos 2 c the full effects of these killer vaxs…

    It’s not the unvaxd y’all shud b worried abt…it’s the vaxd…

    There seems 2 b sum evidence that it’s the spike protein n the vaxd r passed 2 the unvaxd thru body fluids and possibly from the shed skin cells which now contain that spiked protein…

    There is no other xplanation…drs jus don’t know…

    We’re jus at the bginin’….or mayb the end….

    Y’all don’t know this Pandora’s Box that has been unleashed on the whole wrld…


    Psalms 91

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  4. irisheyes17 says:

    I’ve postd this link 3× now and it’s tkn dwn every×…this is gettin’ old!!!


    This is dr Tennpenny and 4 other drs discussin’ a new phenomenon they’re discoverin’…the vaxd r sumhow nfectin’ the unvaxd…but none of them know how…it’s all conjecture and supposition…


    One dr said we need 2 hav the vaxd quarantined until they learn how the poisons that r n the vaxd r now bein’ transmitted 2 the unvaxd…cuz they know it’s happenin’…

    The vid is on bitchute



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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        RAKEY64, I’ve postd this b4, but it bears repeatin’ 4 those who r new here…

        Gen Thomas McInerny (luv him) has said he 2 took 1 of those so-called vax b4 he learned abt it, and went 2 his dr who put him on ivermectin and z-pack 2 countr the effects of the toxins…ivernectin will nuetralize the toxins n abt 48 hrs…

        He is 80’s I bleve, and he’s doin’ fine…ivermectin has been used 4 65 yrs 4 malaria and is perfectly safe…as is HCQ and zinc…

        I bleve drs can now prescribe it without backlash from the CDC…

        Hope this helps…if y’all can’t find it n ur hometwn, there’a website 4 teledoc and u can get a prescription…I learnd of the website fri. on Day Star (Christian tv)…Marcus Lamb said he and his wife Joni hav been tkn it 4 mos 4 a preventativ and he gav the website (I 4got )…but y’all can call the Day Star help line and ask the prayer partner 4 the website 4 teledoc Marcus gave …

        The # is 800 329-0029

        Oh, and btdubbs, Bill Gates is demonic…and ppl trust him?!?!

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  5. Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:

    Wouldn’t It Be Nice If They Would Tell Us The Truth About What Is Going On In Our Country & The World??? The Bible Tells Us To Buy The Truth And Sell It Not, But Where Do You Get Your Information?? Are You Simply Getting It From The Main Stream Media Outlets, Who Are Constantly Trying To Scare People ?? Fear Cripples Your Faith And Troubles You Physically, Emotionally, & Spiritually!! WAKE UP FOLKS & SEARCH FOR TRUTH!!!

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  6. Here is my account of my account and my daughters of being around stupid people. We both are unhokey pokied. Daughter lives in SC and her husband was foolish and got the hokey pokey. She has never had issues with menses or pregnancies. He got the HP in February, she unexpectedly got pregnant early March, lost it and has been having issues with her menses ever since. I live in Wyoming, have been around 2 stupid friends that took the HP. One of them, always gets up at 5 in the morning to take her dog for a walk before she gets ready for work. During her walk, she started feeling so weak and sick that she didn’t know if she was going to make it back home. When she did, she walked in the door collapsed on the floor and laid there the rest of the day and missed work of which she NEVER misses work and she is a teacher. The next day she collapsed at 3 Am on her way to the bathroom two mornings following her HP. She hit her face on the edge of the bathtub, fracturing her orbital socket. The other friend is dead, she suffered a stroke 1 month after her HP and died the next day, that was two weeks ago. I have, since being around them, started having troubles with my menses again at the age of 57. I was well on my way to menopause I believe and have had 2 really long and profuse bleeding episodes since February! What makes me more upset than anything is the fact that I have refused to comply to any of the CCP agenda since it began and I AM an antivaxxer and I may very well have problems the rest of my life because of not knowing from the beginning that I needed to avoid stupid people. But really, how would we have been able to do that for the rest of our lives anyway, we are all bound to come into contact with them one way or another, sooner or later!

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    1. Leon Hays says:

      I’m a 73 y.o. healthy man. I haven’t taken the jab but, have been in close contact with my brother and sister in-law that have had the jab. Two days ago I developed a slowlen and extremely painful area on the back of my heel. I didn’t hit that area or anything that would remotely case this to happen. I’m going to the Dr to see what they think. After reading a post on this current thread, I’m worried that I may some mysterious problem from being exposed to my in-laws.

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      1. Ri-chard says:

        IMHO your safe, but not from your age. I am 75 and experience the same/similar pains. Our best mask protections come from a strong immune system. A B Cs + D and Zinc not found in many of our processed foods..

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      2. debjbalk says:

        Leon, praying for you…that the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will cover you. God is for us, so who can be against us?…. Nothing!! No one!!! Amen!

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  7. Michelle VanGeest says:

    Diane, the video about Thousand Points of Light goes on to report that Donald Trump is part of the NWO. The speaker cites how DT surrounds himself with false prophets/ministers. Thoughts?


    1. saintsnotaints says:

      All that counts is up to this very week-trump is pushing the death jab and attacking the unjabbed. In tulsa gathered fantastic people but they have split personalitys as most anti jab but love the father of the jab. They wonder why trump didnt fire fauci. Trump hired fauci and every evil thug. Our best hope outside of Christ is trump vanish so a real patriots can unite against biden, otherwise false hope shill trump will lull many to non action and then be too late. Trump planned our destruction is why he did exec orders of right to try experminental jabs and speedy organs for all before the jab began. If one had for 4 years listened catefully to trump on pro trump RSBN only, his evilness was quite clear. But must chew on all content and not just pleasing pieces.

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  8. Karen says:

    Not to be rude, but God ALWAYS upholds His promises, as God cannot lie!!

    I will NOT pray that He upholds His promises, but I WILL thank Him that His Word is true and thank Him for His protection and speak His Word, NO PLAGUE COME NEIGH MY DWELLING!

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  9. lois gahm says:

    Fauci was in Gitmo before covid 19 Trump got him out to show us how evil he is Remember Trump needs us to see He and Pence both are evil Trust


  10. The world had been turned upside down and there is a lot of shaking going on! (Isaiah 24:1-5, Ezekiel 38:14-38, Joel 2:1-11) 12/21/2020 ended the sixth 800 year post flood Epoch and the seventh has begun. The seals are opening, the first in Spring 2020 and now the second has joined in. The only vaccine we need is injecting the Word of God into our minds thru the needle of our eyes! There will come violence in the streets – brother against brother, evil against good, greater evil against lesser evil, greater good against lesser good, pro-vacs against no-vacs, no masks against pro-masks, ethnicity against ethnicity, left against right, far right against near right, far left against near left, this against that and that against the other. Satan is really busy these days because he knows his time is short. The time of Jacob’s trouble is at hand. Pray, stay faithful and strong. LOLGB+

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  11. saintsnotaints says:

    Eze33 is spot on. There was a song with the lyrics-its the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine. In Christ that is true. Everything that can be shaken is now shaking. Even israel ruled by satanists trying to jab the people. Why? Because a 1/3 remnant of israel the nation belongs to Christ. The evil figure if they jab more than 2/3 then thats less than 1/3 for Christ, nullifying the prophesy and thus Christ wont return. But there will be 1/3 for Christ unjabbed in the land and the devil cannot not stop that. Even if over 2/3 the jews end up jabbed- the prophesy does not say jews but simply 1/3 in the land. If that 1/3 remnant includes arabs in Christ also, that 1/3 will be there. And i know this may shock many, but most arabs in israel are not arabs but jews converted to islam long ago. Every promise of Jesus will happen in rapid pace now. Stay on your roller coaster seat till the horrid ride ends and it will be well.

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    1. irisheyes17 says:

      saintsnotaints, There r many rabbis n Israel who hav now come 2 know Yashua as their Messiah…it’s AWEMAHZIN’ what is now goin’ on n Israel…the IDF hav all been issued bibles…

      CK IT!!!

      More, now than any other time n history Jews r comin’ 2 YASHUA….end time prophesy bein’ fulfilld……Jews and Gentiles comin’ 2gether 2 4m the 1 new man…that’s when the xplosion of miracles will happn, when the Jews come back 2 their Messiah…


      I watch vids of ppl who hav tkn DNA tests 2 dtermine their ancestry and the most ntriguin’ 2 me r Muslims who r n Egypt or Saudi Arabia when they c their results…

      They’re fun…watch them on youtube…

      Many r findin’ out they hav Jewish ancestry and they r like blown…hahaha…

      From what I read abt Mohamad, he gave Jews and Christians an option: Convert 2 Islam or die!!

      Seems like there were many Jews who opted 2 convert 2 Islam n name only, but secretly remained Jews…

      I saw a Muslim who has converted 2 Christianity jus found out the secret his grandfather was hidin’ from the fam…they r actually Jews…

      There r Mexicans n Mexico who hav been claimin’ they r Jews, but no1 bleved them( especially Jews)…until DNA test s jus proved they r…

      Wud seem logical since Queen Isabella of Spain was killin’ all the Jews and I wud suppose they fled 2 other countries…1 bein’ Mexico…

      The lost tribes of Israel r bein’ found!!

      PRAISE YAH!!!

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