I sure do and that was in July of 2018 when we were in the heat of the battle that we now ALL KNOW WE ARE IN. From the first day President Trump entered office he has been battling the invisible enemy – the ones behind the curtain paying all the minions to do the dirty work to cull humanity and seize the world!

It was at a rally in Montana that President Trump brought up Herbert Bush’s “Thousand Points of Light?”  He said, “What the hell does that mean?” The media scurried around and quickly tried to find good world views to back Herbert Bush’s push for his thousand points of light. The big idea to take over the world and rule it all.  Also known as globalism.

The amazing thing is they still have this video up? That makes me wonder why? Especially since the answer to the question is all about Lucifer the light bearer. Each of these things is Luciferian and we are just now catching up with President Trump on what he has been telling us all ever since he came down the escalator the day he announced he was running for President.

Trump entered the Dark Swamp House knowing he was walking into the devils platform. What people don’t realize, or some have forgotten in the midst of the shaking and gleaning….is President Trump has known and been fighting the good fight for all of us all along the way. AND HE IS STILL FIGHTING FOR ALL OF US! Most didn’t notice anything strange until COVID…..

Granlund cartoon: Trump cements relationship with Fauci

He was telling us all then that this was a spiritual warfare battle and one that has been taking place since the fallen angels…and before the dawn of earth’s creation. The book of Enoch has the heavenly battle and Lucifer falling on the second day when the earth was still filled with water, for he had not created the land yet.

Hopium.... When Your Last Hope Wasn't Your Best Hope - Willy Wonka | Meme  Generator
There are many hopium pics, but they are sickening to see, this was the nicest one…just to give you the point in the way these Luciferians are pushing fear and mocking hope and faith of God. They will soon all cease their laughter. God is not mocked.

Many conspiracy theorists, who are today called other names, being labled and mocked as idiots following “hopium”, these all knew what President Trump meant…the real idiots doing the name calling were and still are clueless. My first response to Trump’s question on the Thousand Points of Light was New World Order/Globalist/Satanic Rituals…..then the curiosity kicked in as to how this was openly introduced in the early 90’s to the public at a time before computers and social media.

It was spoken and applauded at a time most of “We The People” believed the government was there to guide our every way and protect us from enemies foreign and domestic.  It was also the same point in time when many baby boomers were ‘finding themselves’, outgrowing their first wives and buying Harley’s at age 49 (and up), not to mention finding a 20 year old to take along for the ride. No one was worried and Miss America Pageants were still cool and they all had the goal of world peace.

Reagan had just torn down the wall a few years back. So flickering points of light were cozy like Christmas trees and no one understood anything secret about any of it.  That made it easy to point in your face in the light of day. The more people wandered off doing their own thing, the more mega churches who looked the other way began to thrive. Children of the Boomers grew up believing they could do anything and their children grew up with no child left behind and common core. Oh what a mess was weaved ushering in those thousand points of light. A light that wasn’t new, but has an ancient past…a shining star story…and one that has now become our darkened days. So here we are…and now…we are waking up, yet, many are still sleeping looking for those good old days where no one was really awake.

The truth is, President Trump and a band of American Heroes are fighting every day 24/7 and most people are still shouting NOTHING IS BEING DONE! While a remnant is shouting…wake up!

Good grief those that are complaining are beginning to look like the story of the Little Red Hen…

President Trump most always reveals his intentions.  People need to listen close.  What he doesn’t do is tell how he will do a thing.  He is full of surprises.  He never tells his battle strategies.  That is what makes following him so fascinating.



44 thoughts on “Remember When President Trump Asked, “WHAT DOES THOUSAND POINTS OF LIGHT MEAN? DOES ANYBODY KNOW?”

      1. I agree, Dianne. If I ever get the virus, I’d use the therapeutic combo. My husband told me that he heard that docs will prescribe them now that the so-called “experts” are no longer disputing their effectiveness.

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      2. I just finished watching part 1 of a 2 part video presentation by SGT Report with guest Juan O’Savin. Many questions about what’s going on are asked and answered. Towards the end of Part 1, the vaccine controversy is brought up. Juan’s answer will be presented in part 2 tomorrow (grrr…I really wanted to hear it tonight!). Here’s the link to part one:

        The host specifically brought up why President Trump is touting for the vaccines, when he (the host) fears that they are a eugenics plan to depopulate the world. There is a short clip of Dr. TenPenny (sp?) who, I’m guessing, is against the vaccines, at the end of part 1. We will need to look for Juan’s reply tomorrow.

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    1. Tamra, I haven’t heard Trump bashing anyone who chooses not to take the vaccine. When and where did you hear that?

      Since Trump and Melanie both had the virus, didn’t they build up anti-bodies and since they had the therapeutics, they wouldn’t need the vaccine? I’m just guessing here, but I read where someone thought that Trump meant that his “vaccine” was when he got the therapeutics.

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  1. lois gahm says:

    Thank you Dianne I’ve been telling people that Trump knows it all and is fighting for the entire world. Give him a chance With GOD’s help he will prevail. Didn’t he say the best is yer to come. We need to be more faithful and trust

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  2. God leads those who are awake to the right places. What I heard today, made me decide to get some popcorn and enjoy the movie. The storm is coming but will pass quickly and we will be at peace. I still try to wake people up but when the name calling starts, I block them. Biden recognized the genocide and is getting praised and they don’t realize he’s repeating it!!! It’s sad, I’ll stay close to God and stay put until the storm passes!

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  3. I recall GHW Bush saying that “a thousand points of light” mantra. Back then, I thought that he was expressing something positive. But now that many pf us know the horrible truth about his evil ways, we see how he tried to “mask” what he meant.

    Lucifer (meaning “light-bearer”) was cast out of heaven because of his evil bent against God, and 1/3 of the angels went with him. New fallen name is Satan, and that 1/3 that fell with him are a lot of demons!

    It’s really sad to now see how evil the Bush family was, and is; and from what I’ve heard, seen and read – Bush Jr. was complicit in 9/11. I always thought that his non-reaction when a staff member whispered into his ear that America is under attack – he just sat there with a strange look on his face. The excuse that he didn’t want to “scare the children” in the classroom where he was sitting seemed odd. Now we know why. It was all planned! Gotta start another war…so sickening!

    The people who are not yet awake (I know some who REFUSE to hear anything about what I’ve learned) will be absolutely shocked…just as Kim Clement stated in his prophecy.

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    1. Grace Bruno says:

      Not just to start another war but the Patriot Act was very important. They needed the public with them and now they could spy legally on everyone. #911


  4. C says:

    In the summer of 2018, I visited Washington D.C. During a tour of the capital, when I was in the rotunda, A strange feeling came over me when Looking up at the paintings. It was something I’ll never forget . Now, I understand why I had that feeling. D.C. is on a ley line, I’m thinking sacrifices to Satan occurred under the capital, whitehouse, Washington monument and probably all the other monuments. When I look at current smart phone video posted by patriots, there is a lot of activity at the Whitehouse- moving things out etc. I believe the white hats are getting ready to destroy these evil sites. I’m also thinking the Vatican will also be taken out maybe with the “Rods of God” . Thank you Dianne for posting information, videos, and your biblical in sight helping me and others understand this complex and hidden secret .

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  5. JIM MARTIN says:

    Oh Dianne, You are keeping it going ! I thank God every day for you. You have educated us all.
    And you’ve certainly inspired me and many other Patriots. Because of your teaching us, we are on
    a roll and the Satanists are on the run. The Cabal is gradually being defeated and our God is winning !

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  6. Michael says:

    Did I totally miss something? The comments, of a purported Brother in the Lord, after the Trump speech questioning the “thousand points of light” indicated that Trump was part of the cabal and none of the comments even took note of that; am I crazy or just plain stupid? Someone help me out; I come to the Marshall report for truth and then something contrary to what everyone else is saying is glossed over.

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    1. Trump is not a part of the cabal…not sure how you interpreted that…he exposed the cabal and has been fighting the cabal from the day he entered the white house and before he even won. He had questioned 911 being an inside job from the day it happened. He even went on tv talking about the first explosion and the melted steel and no airliner fuel could melt steel. He is the one that called out Obamma for no birth certificate, he has always called out things that weren’t right. If he were cabal…what the heck would have been the point to rock a boat that only conspiracy theorists were rocking? Years before he ever became president. He actually has a different history, that I won’t go into here. He is a white hat. In addition, His quiet deeds for troops and people is miles long.

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      1. Ri-chard says:

        According to Gnostic theology, when Eve and then Adam ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they ate the beautiful fruit of gnosis, or knowledge. According to Pike, Adonai was an evil demon, forbidding Adam to eat of the fruit of knowledge, but Adam obeyed an angel of light (Lucifer) and ate from (the good side of) the tree. 8 St. Iraneous professed in Gnostic literature that Wisdom (Sophia/mother of Ialdaboth) cunningly led Eve away from Ialdaboth via the Snake, whence both Adam and Eve then became acquainted (all knowing/gnosis) with the power superior to all and then rebelled away from Ialdoboth. 9 Hancock and Bauval note The Nag Hammadi Texts depict the serpent as a hero and a benefactor to humankind, for after Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge, they awakened to their luminous nature. 10 Adam and Eve then became like gods, knowing both good and evil 11 and the seven spurious sciences.

        As a result, Adam’s descendants achieved very high levels of knowledge, even to the point of manipulating the antediluvian physical world with clever machines and devices, whereupon Demiurge intervened once more with the flood to restrict human potential. Hence, the flood was designed to punish humanity for having risen so high; it was designed to remove the light (knowledge) from among humankind. Survivors were then thrown into toil to survive, but some fortunately maintained the antediluvian knowledge to benefit a future generation, when a general awakening will once more occur 12 via A Thousand Points of Light.

        Satan, then, is believed to be the great emancipator of Adam and Eve, freeing them from the bonds of ignorance. Gnostics additionally believe each person of a specific race contains within his or herself a hidden seed of the divine that is crying to be released from its prison, the person’s body, so that it can reside in its natural home, the spirit world of the gods. 13 This hidden seed is the power stolen by Ialdoboth that Zoë, and supposedly the Holy Spirit, are assisting the Gnostic race in collecting. This is the spirit of globalization, which will join the collective seeds of the divine, enabling discriminating elite to vibrate into godhood. From the descendants from the antediluvian Gnostic Sethite sect, according to Gnostic expert Bentley Layton, springs a “race” (the descendants of Nephilim, Rex Deus bloodlines, Gnostics, and Theosophists)— a race where the so- called seeds (Point of Light) lie hidden, waiting to be freed. 14

        The Gnostic/New Age church claims to be the heavenly posterity on earth tracing back to Seth.

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      2. lmmoonlight says:

        Michael was talking about the video you posted regarding the 1,000 points of light. If you watch the entire video, the video’s creator tries to prove that Trump is part of the cabal. I also came to read the comments to see if anyone noticed that.

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      3. ellemy says:

        Diane, did you watch the video you posted above on Trump all the way through? He actually does expose Trump and his occultic ties as well. Check out the Trump coat of arms (double phoenix),his repeated use of Illuminati/Masonic hand signs, the occultic design and location of Trump Tower and the occultic interior design of his suite at Trump Tower. He also is featured in predictive programming of the Simpsons and the Illuminati Cards. This is the Hegelian dialectic at work. Order out of Chaos. Given your investigative background, I am surprised that you do not see what is really transpiring and how patriots,especially lukewarm Christian and those under the deceptions of false apostles and prophets are being played to bring in the NWO and a false one world Luciferian religion that “seems good and Christ like, but has two horns like a dragon”. Many warnings have been given for God’s people to come out of her. You have said it as well. But what is the “her”? As believers we have to recognize that it is the mixture of state and Christianity and all of the worldly systems. Now, under Q and other patriot movements, the people have united under many religions to fight against the Cabal, yet it is the New Age Luciferian/Gaia behind its “light”. Do you see where this leading? How is this not being unequally yoked together with unbelievers? The thousand points of light have infiltrated the Church as it has slept and become more and more Gnostic in its teachings, denying the Christ that bought them! This is very, very deceptive. The Dominionist 7 mountains teachings have the same tenets as the Gnostic’ New Age/Alice Bailey and the Lucis Trust of the United Nations. These are man made and not the teaching of the WORD! The church has prostituted itself with merchants and the governments of the world. This is antichrist. Where is Christ? Was America really ever great or is that a tale that is told while we were sleeping? Yes, the Cabal is exposing its own evil, to provoke rebellion and mass unification to fight against it. They want people to become disillusioned with Christianity. This is the externalization of the Hierarchy under their god, Lucifer. Many of its founding fathers were Masonic 33 degree and illuminati. America is not a holy nation and is abiding under the wrath of God for its many abominations. What Church leadership in America has called for true repentance to leave all of these things and return to Christ? Yet this continues to fall on deaf ears. If Trump does arise “out of the ashes” like the Phoenix, then the stage will be set for the Antichrist narrative that has been planned for a long time and infiltrated the teachings of the churches and especially the NAR movement. Do you see? Be prepared for fake holographic alien invasions and a fake holographic rapture, courtesy of Blue Beam. It is ludicrous to believe that the “patriots control the narrative”. There is only ONE that controls all things and we must search our hearts before Him and pray for discernment.

        Pro_9:10  The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

        May the Lord have mercy and awaken those who think they are awake but are under a strong delusion. The Way is Christ, the truth is Christ and the life is Christ.

        The Faith of the Founding Fathers of America


      4. Ri-chard says:

        Remember to consider, Trump told us and the whole world at a UN meeting, We are Sovereign and we Rule. However, we are still consenting to the impersonators.
        Also, keeping your enemies close to to you is a way of knowing how to defeat them. Trump was a New York businessman and knew how it worked to be successful. He had to get his hands dirty to play. You cannot be an outsider looking in to find the pulse and heart beat of evil..

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      1. debjbalk says:

        Praises to God & the Holy Spirit who lives in us and teaches us all things. The enemy has no power here. Brothers & sisters, our prayers are powerful weaponry. Thank you to all of you who continue to pray for this divinely appointed space God has graciously provided for us. May the indwelling Holy Spirit keep us sharp, discerning, and on our guard…in Jesus’ name. Amen!! (Way to knock one out of the ballpark, Dianne!!)

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    2. lmmoonlight says and Michael, Gotcha (meaning I get your comment now)…yesterday, there was a person who posted to anti trump links and they went right to virus’s…and I had to yank them off before our users clicked on them and got the virus in their computers. It was at that time Michael had posted and I thought…he was referring to the two articles by a user named Hawkeye…that were anti Trump. And yes, that video was used in an article I wrote in 2018 at the time when he brought it to our attention. Trump has always worked with all the people. He has repeatedly said I donated to both sides, worked with all sides to get city permits, to accomplish my business and I know everything about them. He said he knew the worst people that you would not want to have dinner with or be around, but they know how to get things done. It was shallow of the Christian to slam all the Christians who prayed over Trump in the White House, and shallow for him to make his claims. I lifted it to the present because so many kept asking about the vaccine…we all have wondered. So, I left it unbiased, for a reason…to see how it ends. I believe with or without Trump, we are in a mess and God is in charge. I believe also that he does have a past of dealing with these evil sorts, for he has told us…and we must use discernment. I have received mine…from the Holy Spirit…each must receive their own. Take it to the Lord. I’ve been shown…he is prepared for battle for he knows the enemy and yes….since the show went into left field…with Ivanka vaccines, Trump reminding us he made them at a time people are dying from them…makes no sense….but he is still my president and we must all see all things…not just what we want to see. So…he exposed it, now the question is…why? What will he do now…? It does not depend on the youtuber’s opinion…but on God’s and his. We all must look at both sides. This is a test of loyalty…but not stupidity.

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      1. I’ve always said that I don’t follow blindly…but I always support him for he is exposing the agenda…and in that I have been behind him. Yet, the Holy Spirit is the discernment and any good researcher always looks at all sides and … at that…I leave it up to each to discern. I still see him as taking down the cabal. Why? Trump’s pride is too great to go down in history as it has been written by the cabal. He already had his billions and fame…they had nothing to give him. Therefore…Trump is on God’s side. But, each has to discern on their own.

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      2. Trust me, I have a list of all the questionable things of my own. Starting at the congratulations to the NASA astronauts show, the going to Mars, Jan. 6th, and the vaccines. Those are the biggies…but there is a list of other things. Do I trust it is taking place like this for a reason…? Yes. Do I fully understand that reason? No. Do I have ideas about the reason? Yes. A list of ideas. Where is Kissinger now? Where is Albright now? Why aren’t they yapping now? Since they were removed from the Pentagon advisory group they have gone silent. Why? No one is talking about either one…yet, they are always in the middle of the dog dodo. So, we shall all see how this plays out. I also remember Trump saying he likes to test loyalty. I don’t like manmade loyalty games. I also don’t like the mixed messages for Q against Q….especially when most Q hunts distract from the present. And in the future 4 years later, distract taking people back to the past of 2017. It’s a circle back thing. I don’t have time for it…too much is happening now that is to be figured out. But, that is me.

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  7. southern1952 says:

    I am sorry to say I was one of those thinking, nothing is happening, but it didn’t last long…I do believe Trump is doing everything he can , and Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and Michael Lindell and countless others…I am determined no matter how it goes, I have God, they can’t take that. I am not taking the vax and my immediate family will not either praise God!

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    1. southern1952,

      I’m with you on feeling like “nothing is happening.” For me, it’s because I feel like everything is taking too long. However, I just viewed a video that informed me about how intricate this operation really is and why it is being worked out like a 5D chessboard! The link to part one is above (my comment at 11:09 pm). Part two will be posted tomorrow. I came to realize that millions of lives are at stake and that’s a big reason why every act by our military – directed and approved by President Trump – must be done right.

      Keep praying people! God is listening and guiding and directing this operation through those chosen to do this intricate mission for our beloved USA and also for many countries around the world.

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      1. southern1952 says:

        yes Christine, I agree with you, that’s why I said in my comment that basically I had to take a step back and be patient, keep praying, also, no matter how it goes, i will not blame God, I will praise Him! so many people have not given God a lot of thought the past years, and i’m thinking He is giving us another chance, i know a lot of people are turning to Him, was that part of His plan? it worked for me!

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  8. We may never understand how and/or with whom God works, but must always remain faithful that he knows
    what he is doing and the timeline will be maintained. Even when Christ was on the cross, there was a plan in process.
    This is this week’s Sabbath Message post:

    4/24/21 Sabbath Message
    Ran across a Drama titled “Risen” made in 2016 that was free on Tubi TV this past week. Just had to check it out
    because of the title and found it more than interesting. It was inspirational! It also aroused my historical curiosity.
    It was about a Roman Centurion whose name was Claudius Lysias during the time of Jesus Christ’s crucifixtion and resurrection.
    The second name Lysias is what got me researching some history about who this Claudius was and may have become.

    There are a number of times the word “centurion(s)” is mentioned in the New Testament. There are three by name
    and the other two are by name are “Cornelius” and “Julius. The following are specific references:
    (1) Claudius and/or Claudius Lysias – Acts 18:2, 23:26, 24:7-22 This was a chief captain that rescued Paul from the High Priest,
    elders and an orator named Tertullus. (Acts 24:1-7) The second name “Lysias” was more than likely from being from “Lycia”,
    a province in Asia Minor. (Acts 27:5) This same Claudius would have been at the crucifixtion. (Matt. 27:54, Mark:39-45)
    (2) Cornelius was a Roman Centurion who believed and had much faith. (Acts 10:1-22) and most likely (Matt. 8:5-13)
    (3) Julius was a guard that the Centurion Captain (Claudius) turned Paul over to after he claimed Roman citizenship. (Acts 22:22-29)

    In the film, Claudius Lysias was a Chief Captain in Jerusalem during the latter days of Jesus Christ and his last Passover celebration
    as the sacrificial Lamb of God. This would have been prior to Paul’s conversion. (Acts 9) The issue of the body of Christ came to
    question, and that is the basis of the film. It begins and concludes just after the ascension of Christ following the catch of many
    fishes. (Matt. 28, Mark 16:14-20, Luke 24:45-53, John 21) The Sea of Galilee was also called The Sea of Tiberias
    (Tiberius as in Caesar, Luke 3:1). I believe the film is truly inspired. I also believe that this Claudius also became Emperor of
    Rome and reigned 41 – 54 AD, the years Paul made his missionary journeys freely. He died in 54 AD and his nephew Nero
    became Emperor and began the Roman persecution of the followers of Christ.

    After the movie post are four other sites with some historical information:

    God is always in control and the Lord chooses whom he pleases to fulfil his desires and maintain the prophetic timeline.
    Emperor Claudius (Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, 41-54 AD) pretty much allowed religious freedom of
    all kinds during his reign. Claudius was murdered and Nero became Emperor in 54 AD and reigned until his death
    in 68 AD. Hope yawl enjoy the film. Have a restful Sabbath. LOLGB+

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    1. Did it again with cut and paste from word. What must I do different? Will try a more narrow “page setup” next time and see if that will solve this problem. Should I cut and paste on the “reader” format? Can someone help?

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      1. debjbalk says:

        Eze33 & Dianne, I noticed that it only happens when a long link is attached. It appears as if the text follows the length of the link, and the link doesn’t divide into more than one long line.

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      2. I noticed last night I reposted the same cut and paste when I clicked “reader” in upper left corner of PC. Clicked the article in question and went to “comments” and pasted same thing and it was fine there. The thing about those long links, some “carriage return” in multiple lines without link breaking. That was the second one I’ve come across that did not do so. Those once in a while “ops” can still be read as one can move left and right on screens. Learning every day something. Thanks! LOLGB+

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      3. debjbalk says:

        Ohhh Eze33…. I’m so happy for you….very proud, too. You, dear brother, are an inspiration. I can’t wait to go visit….today, in just a little while…on my way. Congratulations, friend!! HOORAY!!! YOU DID IT!!! Woohoo!!! Hip, hip, hooray!!! 💪👍🙏😀👀🤩😉😊

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  9. JIM MARTIN says:


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