I will hold on to the words of Kim Clement that the giants will fall in the fall. Meanwhile it will be a summer where faith must grow and fear must diminish into vapor! The strange July is coming and the spring is with some good news that brings out, or shall we say, unleashes the fear mongers finest display of fear casting that they have left! Cast it out in the name of the Lord – replace the fear with FAITH! KNOW THEY ARE NOT GODS…THEY ARE EVIL SWAMP, lawless ones. Possessed bodies who do the bidding of wickedness for gain!

The fake fear news and their smear masters are losing! Even with their fake fear broadcasts they are losing ratings! Take off your mask and breathe! Bacteria and lack of oxygen is what breeds sickness! They are laughing at you for being so gullible as to wear the stupid masks and people who are wearing them all day are getting sick….we are not meant to breathe in the toxins that our bodies were designed to exhale. God made our bodies a thriving machine for health and evil people are poisoning it in every way they think of! Satan runs the board of directors of every single round table in the world. But he does not even come close to the POWER OF GOD and his mighty heavenly realm!

We can't stop COVID-19 without protecting health workers': WHO chief | | UN  News

It is time to stand… pray…cast out demonic curses, and gather all the faith you can. The first step is to self-censor all the evil lies and all the evil fear casts which are nothing but lies and propaganda. This time they will not be able to tell a lie over and over and over and have you finally accept it. God’s people are exposing the evil and have put their honor, their lives, and their purse on the line, using every resource to bring truth out to the masses and take down the strongholds of the evil monopolies!

Every soul fighting for truth is under attack and with each attack they are fighting back even stronger! My Pillow is now sueing Dominion for 1.5 Billion dollars! I bet God smiles on the lawsuit and he wins big! It’s BOOMERANG time!

PART 1: CNN Director ADMITS Network Engaged in ‘Propaganda’ to Remove Trump from Presidency … ‘Our Focus Was to Get Trump Out of Office’ … ‘I Came to CNN Because I Wanted to Be a Part of That’ | Project Veritas


PART 2: CNN Director Charlie Chester Reveals How Network Practices ‘Manipulation’ to ‘Change the World’: ‘There’s an Art to Manipulation… Inflection, Saying Things Twice … It’s Always Like Leading Them in a Direction Before They Even Open Their Mouths’ | Project Veritas

VIDEO: James O’Keefe Breaks Down BIG WIN Against The New York Times in Veritas Defamation Lawsuit – Explains Massive Media Ramifications for the Future | Project Veritas

Opposing groups clash after pro-Trump protests decry president's election  loss |

The cabal is pushing, and pushing to agitate, and confuse people to fight in the streets – they never anticipated the people using the most powerful weapons of all, which are – THE ALMIGHTY PROMISES OF GOD! These promises include bringing down strongholds, killing giants, raining down disaster on the wicked! They also include, mercy and justice for all who follow the Lord. Blessings for those who resist the devil and cast him out in the name of Jesus! The Lord lives inside of all who believe in him. He has sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in us, so who can be AGAINST US? Only when we lack faith, can the evil ones torment us with fear! When you are consumed with fear you can’t think straight, let alone wisely. You go in circles and look for something other than God to save you…this is what happens to those who are listening to lies. They are believing what liars tell them and following the Big Pharma pied piper to death camps. All because they put their faith in man made lies and propaganda.

Bubonic plague 2020 China: Di Marmot - Rodent disease from east Asia, wetin  to know about dis disaster type of sickness - BBC News Pidgin

It is sad how many will die from taking vaccines and getting sick from masks before this is all over. Not to mention those who give up out of fear of what might happen and committing suicide. Our children are killing themselves from propaganda, lies and fear. IT IS TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR CHILDREN, OUR LIVES, OUR FAMILIES!

Hold the liars accountable and not allow school systems to be concentration camps for the cabal! When all the people come together and no longer allow themselves to be divided by the liars…. the cabal will wither up. They are not sustainable. They never were. They operated in secret because they knew if the people ever learned what they were doing behind their backs, they would be cast down. They are only a percentage of the 1% of the world’s population. Once all mankind understands that they are also to be culled with the rest….they will fight their own leaders of death and poverty for all.

Eric Trump on Twitter: "🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸… "

That day is coming. The strange July…the cruel summer….brace and have faith this will be the time the prophets of old said, “Go inside and shut the door for a little while until the scourge passes over.” Be ready and know it is coming and have faith for God has told us all things. He has told us what to do. Those who are appointed for battle as warriors, God will prepare them and he will send his angelic guard to go before them in battle as he already has. There shall be a victory and the earth will praise the Lord as His new Kingdom is on earth is set up. Remember, the Lord said the Kingdom does not come with observation. You can’t point to it and say…there it is. It IS INSIDE YOU!

The Kingdom Of God Is Within You | Transcendental Meditation® Blog

YOU HAVE THE KINGDOM NOW! We are like Dorothy in the land of OZ searching for the Wizard who will take us home….all the while, we have been home in our hearts and the power to get there was within our selves. Our choices, our faith, our calling on the promises of God, our repentance, our putting on the armor of God, our faith growing…..growing….and with that putting away the milk and taking of the meat! We all know that Jesus loves us, and he died for us that all who believe might live. It is time to pick up your cross and FOLLOW HIM.

Today's Chef Special: “FOLLOW” – Chef Shermaine's Bible Cafe

Follow in the way of the Lord. Look not to a man, look to God so that you might know who it is God is sending to help you. Try every spirit to see if it is of God or of evil. Use discernment. Trust your gut feeling… for that is the Holy Spirit who guides you. Prepare ye the way of the Lord for his Kingdom is coming.

Come out of her my people….for yours is the KINGDOM OF GOD!



  1. debjbalk says:

    In the Book of John, Jesus told the crowds… “Believe in the light, that you may be the children of light.”. (John 12:36) He is the Light of the world, so he has personally let us know that when we believe in him, we can be his children and have his full inheritance of light in us. The darkness that is operating all around us is extinguished by our light. Light always overtakes darkness. So…. Shine bright, Patriots. The dark cabal will dissipate in our bright light. Believe in Him and fear not!!

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    1. From Out of the Darkness
      The world we have today began in darkness, when it was in need of a mighty restore, for Helyel’s rebellion brought darkness upon it, and evil at the Almighty’s door. He was the last, allowed to be first, to bring the earth life worthy to be fit, but failed by his rebellion refusing to sing the song, necessary to bring salvation upon it. A throne of worthy gracefulness, upon which a King can sit, Helyel disqualified himself by choice, by the pride and jealously in his angry fit. THEN, as the First born of the Father, Emanuel’s spirit moved across the darkness of the face of the deep, speaking “Let there be light”, and the darkened Sun did peek. The bright and morning star, shined forth its light once again, and Emmanuel, the truth and the light, said “this is how it’s done!” For I’ll become flesh like those of my creation if they choose to fail, for I’ll become the faithful son and sacrifice for their sin, and claim the keys to the gates of hell. It won’t be long now Charlie, while you’re at rest in peace, for the Devil is going to be beat once again by the Master fiddler who knows how to bring about the peace. Sweet is the sound of His music and the words of His beautiful song, for the earth’s throne He’ll claim in a day, from now not so very long. For he was the First, and became the last, the first Prince now crowned King, and soon His Glory shall come to pass, and all his sheep shall sing a new song. As this world’s judgement is being seen by all, the devil is once again about to see another fall! May our sleep be peaceful all through the night, so our Lord may grace us once again to battle in another day’s fight. Then at the break of a new day’s dawn, we can praise Him in all His glory, with words of thankful forgiveness, and praises in another day’s song.
      By Phillip S. Yarbrough (12/24/20)

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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        I jus read that the st8 of Wash is now givn’ kill jabs based on race…if y’all r black, y’all can schedule an appointment immediately…white, not so much!!!

        Whites r told they can’t schedule their kill jab, but r put on a waitin’ list…

        Sooo Wash is gonna kill off all their colored ppl 1st…

        Y’all jus can’t make this stuff up!!!

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      2. irisheyes17 says:

        LT/andweknow released his l8st vid…shows an interestin’ vid of Kamala Harris…he zooms n and it appears there r holes n her neck, or stitches, or a mask?!?!

        Y’all can dcide 4 yrself…I’ve already got my oppinion on what that is…

        Click on the 1st vid on the right

        The WORLD is WAKING up…


  2. irisheyes17 says:

    I jus watched Mike Adams l8st vid…now apparently Gov Witless Witmer n Mich is dmandin’ 2 y-o’s wear masks… is she jk?!?!

    I was a Sunday school teacher 4 2 y’o’s…there is like no way on earth y’all get a 2-yr-o 2 wear a mask…I cudn’t even get them 2 wear a hat!!

    Can y’all magine the germs that wud b n that mask?!?!

    Stanford U jus did a study on masks, and found out they r worthless…they r dirty and harbour all kinds of germs…they actually r makin’ y’all sick…

    Gt8s, Fraudci, the CDC, WHO…all need 2 tried 4 crimes against humanity….then hangd!!!

    I sure as hell hope BLM (BURN LOOT MURDER), antifa all the dumb ass libs were the 1st lined up 2 tk the kill jab…then the 2nd, 3rd, 4th…

    I saw a vid on that shows ppl who were xaminin’ the vax under 2000× magnification, and cudn’t bleve what they were seein’….

    IT’S ALIVE!!!

    And idiots r blindly havin’ that jabbd n2 them…hahaha….

    Beam me up, Scotty, there is NO intelligent life here!!!

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