Listen to those who are fighting for you and our nation against the vaccine frauds and evil cabal depopulation indoctrination….covering events from COVID, to the lies about masks, vaccines, CDC guidelines, our children, education and the stolen election!

STEEL TRUTH Podcast, Blog – Ann Vandersteel




  1. Amal says:


    It’s a pressure cooker.



    So I think, in light of all of the things going on – and you know what I mean by that: the fake news, the Comeys of the world, all of the bad things that went on. It’s called the “swamp.” And you know what happened and you know what I did. A big favor. I caught the swamp. I caught them all. Let’s see what happens. Nobody else could have done that but me. I caught all of this corruption that was going on, and nobody else could have done it. [Remarks by President Trump before Marine One departure, Nov. 8, 2019]


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      1. Robert G Boensch says:

        Amal says:Concur Robert.

        The Cabal and Deep State is in for a slight attitude adjustment
        It will be so transparent we won’t be able to find them again

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  2. IN THE FIRST HALF OF THE FREEDOM CONFERENCE = the focus was on COVID LIES – anti mandates, including vaccines, masks, and testing….the entire sham of the COVID and the evil ones who have pushed the agenda for evil purposes. Exposure on the evil of VACCINE COVID TESTING DEMONIC INVESTED HUMANS DOING GREAT EVIL! That and General Flynn along with Dr. Simone and others sharing it is up to you to take back your lives and protect your children.

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      1. YW – not easy to find – they will be interviewing many – maybe, not today – will have to check back later to see if they have added any interviews.


  3. coldlogic says:

    Saltwater anyone? I propose that trump and ivanka both took saltwater shots! We’ve already seen people getting the shots with the plunger already pressed down. Smoke and mirrors! It’s public relations. Same reason food delivery drivers wear masks. They don’t want to be “seen” without them. Remember trump said they would have shut down the economy if he didn’t back the vaccines. How many politicians got their shot on live tv last night year, but it was saline solution?

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    1. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

      The wickedness of man didn’t need the vaccines…although it didn’t hurt….well, YES it did and does all life forms. But shutting down the economy was ALREADY in play with the virus plandemic.

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      1. Signe Mcdaniel says:

        I need help! The only way my husband won’t Vax our children is if I have a doctor call him to tell him it may not be safe. Please, if anyone knows a doc willing to call to tell him this please have them call him. I am desperate. I do not want my children to take the covid poison. He won’t watch any alt media at all. He thinks I am crazy. I know 100% I am not crazy but the only thing he will consider is speaking to a physician that says no you should not Vax your children. He did not specify doc credentials, just any foc willing to speak against the jab. Anyone, please help me!


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