Inspections have been taking place since March when EVER GIVEN was finally freed thanks to a full moon and a ‘huge lever’, at least that was the claim. “A high spring tide rose at noon and sharply ebbed over the next hours, acting as an invisible hand pushing on the upstream end of the vessel, as the flotilla of tugs pulled from downstream.” So, there were no RED SEA GOD moments according to the article giving glory to the Moon. Read more here: How a full moon and a ‘huge lever’ helped free Ever Given from Suez canal | Suez canal | The Guardian

full worm moon supermoon march 2021

The full moon known as Worm Moon…seems to be something to look into? Just saying it is a bit interesting considering the events…

  • This year’s full Worm Moon will reach peak illumination at 2:48 p.m. EDT on Sunday, March 28, 2021.
  • Its name marks the return of earthworms to the soil, one of the first signs of spring.
  • Scientists disagree on whether March’s full moon is a supermoon or not.

When and How to See March’s Full Worm Moon in Spring 2021 (prevention.com)

When Is the March 2021 Full Moon? The Worm, Sugar, Sap, Crow Crust Moon Explained (newsweek.com)

Not that I’m superstitious or casting spells, but the Cabal sure is. Or so they have such parties that oddly represent such things…from Superbowl halftimes to CERN Tunnel Openings. They do it…not me. Just saying.

Once dislodged, the EverGiven was hauled by tugboats to Bitter Lake. They have been undergoing inspections. Suez Canal Authority, shipmanager and shipowner are also expected to conduct parallel investigations as they all pledge to co-operate with all authorities.

ever given great bitter lake
Satellite images show on April 1st, three days after the container ship was dislodged from the Suez Canal, it remains anchored in Bitter lake, its future route uncertain. It is now April 4th, and still being inspected by authorities. Interesting. A spokesperson for Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, the company that manages the Ever Given, told Insider the ship is due for a “hull inspection” and will remain in the Great Bitter Lake until it’s completed.
Evergreen said in a statement that the upcoming inspection “will determine whether the ship can resume its scheduled service” to Rotterdam.


ever given great bitter lake suez canal march 30
Investigations into the cause of the grounding have begun. The International Maritime Organization has received the ship’s Voyage Data Recorder — the ship version of a “black box” — while the Suez Canal Authority is expected to begin its own investigation soon. Ever Given Waiting in Suez Lake to See If It Can Still Deliver Cargo (businessinsider.com)

From an article by Lloyd’s List, it stated that two canal pilots were on board the vessel, which was fifth in the convoy transit at the time of the accident according to the vessel’s shipmanager, which attributed the casualty to winds blowing Ever Given off course and was adamant there had been no mechanical or electrical failure. This conflicted with the canal authority’s executive who initially said that winds were not responsible.

Lloyd’s List determined that winds at the time of the accident were about 30 kts and navigation rules permitted a vessel this size to sail under such conditions.

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM), the ship’s technical manager, as well as the Japanese-owned shipowners and the UK P&I Club will also feed into this central investigation, as will the Suez Canal Authority.

The UK P&I (United Kingdom, Protection and Indemnity Insurance) Club insure cargo London (ukpandi.com)

BSM will fully co-operate with all authorities in any investigations, a company spokesman told Lloyd’s List.

UK P&I said similar, with both declining to confirm whether their representatives had reached the vessel.

BSM declined to comment when asked whether or not there will be a crew change. Read more here: Investigation into Ever Given casualty begins :: Lloyd’s List (informa.com)

So as we continue into the matter, we shall see what is found and what happens to the ships in the north going south and in the south going north. Especially with Russia in the north waters, and the USA in the south waters. Or have they been sent into Bitter Lake to do inspections?



    1. Wenna Allred says:

      Don’t know about kids but it was said there is livestock on board and we’re worried about if there was enough food for them cause it was stuck for such a long time.. We shall see.


  1. Henry Acres says:

    And, then you always have the equation of “what if” that’s what they planned and deverted their course with other sources. Where’s Bobby Fisher..!!

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    1. Well, I guess we are sitting in the same row boat just like FB Politicofact, fact checkers said – they asked and are waiting to hear back from Ever Given on what was found in the containers… we haven’t heard back yet either.


  2. Sometimes ships are built with inner and outer hulls like the Battleships of WW II. The purpose was that if a torpedo was to breach the outer hull, the inner hull could contain the water and be pumped out from in between the two hulls in order to maintain buoyancy until assistance or rescue, if necessary.{Double plate hulls were usually only below the maximum tonnage waterline, those above were single plate.} Torpedoes did not sink the USS Arizona in Peril Harbor in 1941. It was the internal explosions from torpedo damage to disrupted ship’s systems, aerial bombardment from the dive bombers and the resulting fires, the surprise and numerous other physical factors. There remain some political ones still subject to conspiracy theory to this day. Don’t know if container ships are constructed with such safety foresight. Remember the Titanic? Moons phases? Hum. Cosmic time clock? Signs, times and seasons? Here is a moon cycle post saved from last year in my word file:
    This October is that “once in a blue moon” month we will see two full moons. It happens once every 2 to 3 years when a full moon occurs on the first and last of the same month since the moon cycle is 29.5 days. There is never a blue moon in the month of February. In 2018 there was a full moon on January 2 and March 2 with no full moon in February. That happens only once every 19 years. Remember that Sacred Calendar (7 in 19) number? [2001 + 19 = 2020 + 7 = 2027] The first full moon following the Autumnal Equinox is call the “Harvest Moon” and usually starts off bright orange in color. This year it may be a little deeper in color that usual. We’ll see tonight. The next full moon is called the “Hunter’s Moon” and sometimes the “Sanguine” or “Blood Moon”. October 31 is the “Blood Moon” and is also the Druid “Night of the Dead”. The last time both Harvest and Hunter Moons were in October was 2001, a 19 year cycle and same year as 9/11, 50 days later, which is a very important number in Biblical counting. The first full moon was 10/1 (19 days following 9/11). After 29.5 (30) more nights, the second or blue is on 10/31 for a total of 50 (49.5) nights. Prophetic maybe? [2001 + 19 = 2020 + 7 seal years = 2027] 9-11-2001 was a wake-up call for America!
    Isaiah 24:23 talks of the moon being confounded, which is from the Hebrew – chaphar meaning: to blush, to be ashamed, disappointed, a reproach, to shame, be confused, or confounded. The sun is ashamed which is from the Hebrew – buwah meaning: pale i.e. by implication ashamed, to be disappointed or delayed, confused or confounded. The two terms are translated interchangeably throughout the Old Testament. Reign is from the Hebrew – malak meaning: to ascend the throne, to induct into royalty; hence by implication – to take counsel, consult, set up, to surely be King, which is from the primary root – malkuya meaning: to rule, a dominion, empire, kingdom, realm, the reign royal. Malak proceeds malkuya! The induction period is the seven seal years!
    Isaiah 24:23 is not the sixth seal of Revelation 6:12-17. It is the present, as the entire chapter is currently being fulfilled. [Since early 2020.] The “paleness” and the “confusion” of the sun is yet to be seen; however, the moon is easier to look at during the night than the sun is during the day. They both are “disappointed” with those that see their light. It just may be that their creator is also “disappointed” with those of us (God’s creation also) who see their light. What can our creator be “ashamed” and “disappointed” about? Can it be that which is written in Isaiah 24:5? The seven seals are the “Induction Period” to the time of the arrival of the King. [More to come on Isaiah 24 & 25-35]”

    {Then there is the 20 year cosmic cycle thing and Jacob’s 20 years. (Gen.31:41)} LOLGB+

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  3. Corner Stone says:

    Has President Trump addressed Evergreen like he did this?

    ..fight back – we have more people than they do – by far!” Trump said. “Boycott Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, JPMorgan Chase, ViacomCBS, Citigroup, Cisco, UPS and Merck. Don’t go back to their products until they relent..

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    1. These all have stuff in containers in the canal….so in essence it goes hand in hand. Great merchants of the earth…cabal benefactors. IT WILL BE BIBLICAL – BRING THEM ALL DOWN TO THE DIRT THEY KICK IN OUR FACES!!!
      Revelation 18:11
      “And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:”

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  4. I’ve been to the rail yards hundreds of times delivering rail containers to the rail yard. You can see when they get loaded on a ship it is impossible to inspect them ( unless on the ends providing the swing doors are facing out) without using a crane and picking them up and pulling them off. Every single overseas container has swing doors and are sealed. I dont know if they have to have a warrant to break the seals or not. The process has to be done at a shipyard or coastal rail yard where they have the special equipment to stack and unstack the rail trailers. I’m sure if they had the resources to check them all it would shock the world. I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of drugs confiscated from freight terminals, including 700 lbs of methamphetamine picked up by one of our drivers ( he didn’t know) in Alpharetta Georgia going to a farmers market in Des Moines. All I’m saying is you cannot inspect those containers without unloading them, you could not open the trailer doors nor inspect those in the middle, where most likely illegal things would be loaded.

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    1. caregiver02 says:

      Buddy thank you for the info I am sure if they suspect humans or weapons are in those crates they will not care how they have to get into them and they will search every inch of them our Navy Seals are not a joke they are awesome Trump did not uncover all of the other stuff to let this one slide he is not only for the We The People his whole life right now is saving as many children and sex slaves as he can and to stop a world war as for that ship being pushed by winds or whatever they say I can see the hand of GOD pushing it so that the entire world will finally see what has been going on What is done in the dark Shall come to the Light ..it is mind blowing how many people have been tortured for money ..the Root of all Evil.. everyone who loves trump and hates him should remember one of these children or adults could have been from your family and secondly he did not have to do any of this ..he could have just walked away and lived out the rest of his life in peace but GOD would not let him do that and his heart would not let him when all this evil comes out some people still will not believe it after all they do not believe in JESUS and never will but that is their choice in no way do I worship trump I am just glad he was and is willing to use his talents to help the least ..he was not a GODLY man to start with and he has a tainted past we all should look in that mirror and see what we have been quilty of before we point fingers no such thing as a tiny sin in the LORD”seyes every sin is the same size tnhk of the world last year before biden and think of it now you can not have it both ways you have either peace or you have war if all the haters really knew what trump with the LORD’s guidance has done for YEARS they would absolutely gasp for breath as Dianne says stay strong and GOD bless all of you and GOD bless America ..WE THE PEOPLE!!

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    Freed, rescued and miracle, words used by scheming story tellers in their description of the waterway’s reopening. This is their agreed-on tale. Yet, they will not say, what truly caused the artery’s blockage to begin with.

    Yes, this event did happen. There was rescue, many lives were and are still being set free. Indeed, it is miraculous. Just not the way the scoffers want us to believe. Trust not their applied version.

    Just as we know and believe the miracle of Jesus rising from the dead, we know that it is the LORD’S hand at work here. For we recognize and doubt not, His miraculous works. He continues to rescue and free those in need. He is fulfilling His promise, not only to this nation but to all the world. “God has got this!”


    Proverbs 24:11-12

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  6. brian says:

    Couldn’t agree more Mark, so far we’ve seen zilch, and we know zilch, just the same old same old gossip that will result in zilch as usual and even if the containers are full of people dead or alive, the filthy media would never report it anyway so how would we ever know? The world’s attention will be diverted away from this and it will all just ‘go away’, expect nothing from this because that’s what we’re going to get. We’ve been promised so much over the last 4 years and been given nothing but the run around and not one ‘name’ arrested, i’m really beginning to think that Trump has been part of all this, after all the Trumps are freemasons and freemasons ARE the cabal. We keep being told we are watching a movie and asked if we are enjoying the ‘show’, it’s just a big Hollywood production for the world with carrots being dangled to keep us where we are until it’s too late and imo we are walking into a trap we won’t be able to escape from.




    1. ROBERT PILCHMAN says:

      https://gab.com/mitchellvii/posts/106008951424870615 :


      The #WokeWars are only beginning folks. This is going to become a full-blown economic civil war.

      We are already seeing states like Texas and Georgia fighting back against #WokeCorporations for cancelling their states due to voter integrity laws. We are seeing President Trump calling for boycotts of the #MLB. We are hearing rumblings of Conservatives across the land walking away from corporations run by leftist CEO’s.

      In response to #BigTech cancelling Conservatives off social media, we have seen new free-speech platforms like Gab, CloutHub, Parler and others surge. We are seeing Conservatives investing in tech infrastructure and cutting the cord to far-left server farms.

      But we know from 2020, there is NOTHING the Left will not do to win this war. They don’t care how it looks, it’s win or die for them.

      So what next?

      I expect #BigTech to attempt to deny the Internet itself from us! Not just social media platforms, but Conservatives will be banned from service providers and not even be able to get online at all!

      Yes folks, the #WokeWars have begun and it’s gonna get worse before it gets better. We need to find a way to take back Congress in 2022, or America is finished.

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      1. Lostit says:

        Welcome 2 the United States of China. There is no single man going to change this. The bill of rights might as well be obolished. We are in a new phase of government, a hostile corrupt takeover. Only one way for things to change is people, until then welcome to their new world order. People can hang on to hope ( a feeling of expectation or desire) but that’s not going to happen. We are nothing but ants, packing on our backs for these shi—rs. You put an army of ants together and you have a problem. What a deal. Sorry had to rant a little.


    1. In most of Europe coroners are not allowed to do autopsies. I guess it’s the same in USA. So the deathnumbers could be even lower.
      In Ireland, professor Dolores Cahill was in contact with families, who then said to coroners “it’s illegal under the law to write a false cause of death. So are you a 100% sure?” They then did autopsies. And the 1700 dead of corona turned out to be 0, CERO.
      What’s reprehensible is, that if they were treated with HCQ many would have recovered.

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      1. TimfromME says:

        That is one of the worst tragedies of the whole covid scare, I believe many people should be jailed for what they did to the world with HCQ! The CDC , the WHO The Lancet report actually writing phony reports, and the MSM false reporting all of it should all be complicit!! How many died? (including my own mother in a Massachusetts nursing home) The whole covid scam including the election, needlessly spending trillions of dollars (Why should taxpayers get stuck with that bill ?)and ridicules lock-downs could have had different outcomes and it is truly disgusting how far these people will go!

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      2. debjbalk says:

        TimfromMe. I’m so very sorry to hear about your mom. It’s heartbreaking. I hope you’re finding your way through the darkness…. so thankful you’re hanging out with us. Blessings to you and your family.


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