The Scariest Picture Ever….and there’s a lot of them!

This is just a scary picture. Vaxed, masked, distanced, and the results are everything opposite of a free nation. Open borders with human and drug trafficking so obvious, pushing unlawful mandates and gun grabs, stealing elections in the light of day, sedition off the charts with fake news and lies, lies, and more lies. This show can be called the Reign of the Zombies! Dumbed down and virtual… brought to you by the puppet masters and their idea of a show. Their lines are script, written by old rich guys and gals in hidden castles while the world spins and men ride rovers on Mars.

Welcome to the zombie nation puppet show. They are so dumbed down with their power of dishonor and clueless as to what real history will write about them all. They, like Nero have gone mad with power shouting insane orders to do insane things and blame all of it on the Christians. False flags are just a modern day burning of Rome…and they play their theater parts virtually acting like they had no part in the disgusting terrible things WE ALL SAW THEM DO WITH OUR OWN EYES.

This ridiculous scenario is not knew. It is ancient. All wicked rulers have done such things. This is the baseline moral of the story of the “Emperor Has No Clothes.” Will it take a child to stand up and point and say, “Look mommy, the President stole the election, he’s not a real president!”


55 thoughts on “The Scariest Picture Ever….and there’s a lot of them!

    1. ROBERT PILCHMAN says:

      BTW: I also question Trump (1) Why does he continue to advocate for the vaccine? (2) Why did he treat (allow to be treated) so horribly (for many months / years) his supporters like General Flynn, Roger Stone, … and why didn’t he pardon Julian Assange? (3) Many of his nominations were horrible like Sessions, Barr, T-rex, Mad Dog, … – WHY DIDN’T HE FIRE CHRISTOPHER WRAY ??? (4) Did his so called declassification ever result in all the documents relating to the targeting and spying of innocent Americans being released? (5) WHEN THE 2018 ELECTION WAS STOLEN for many seats in the House and also some seats in Senate – what the hell did he do about it??? (6) I could try to make excuses for him for not using the insurrection act, not using the defense production act to stop companies from Twitter censoring medical info, failing to retaliate when we were attacked by a bio weapon, allowing Drs Fauci Birx to inflict huge damage, not demanding appointment of special prosecutors for Hillary, Cuomo, et al – BUT IT ALL HAPPENED ON HIS WATCH!!! He didn’t even finish the wall !!!

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      1. Robert G Boensch says:


        When one is doing a controlled demolition
        It is best to bring the Whole structure down
        Make sure all are in place for a clean event
        Keep the public safe for the future

        Time to review previous Posts


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      2. Casey says:

        I agree with you 100%…
        I am really starting to feel quite ignorant trusting Trump like I did…..He isn’t even endorsing Lin Wood after fighting so hard and is still going through hell to help Trump…..and just leaving us to the dogs instead of calling Martial Law is unforgivable…then he has the nerve to talk about the next elections like nothing ever happened…..The more I see, the angrier I become for Lin, Powell, and so many others that have their lives turned over trying to help him…


      3. debbylooloo says:

        It would take multiple chapters to explain, but, Obozo E.O.’d that nobody in his administration could be prosecuted during the time in his administration.
        Therefore, Pres. Trump needed to keep the holdovers to prosecute in Trumps admin., that included re-hiring garbage from past admins.
        The covid, pandemic, vaccine B.S., while a tool for the left was used by Trump as cover for halting the Human Trafficking Global Crime Cabal.
        He let everyone hang themselves on video.
        Now, he has woken the World of the Evil among us.
        They have done evil behind closed doors for centuries.
        Now, they do it in the open while giving us the middle finger.
        Knowledge is power & Pres. Trump has returned the power to us.
        We’ll never know the next moves or the complexities of Pres. Trumps Chess Game.
        Pres. Trump said he’ll be back in some form & that the Best is Yet to Come.

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      4. debjbalk says:

        Why ask why. The war is on… We are in the heat of the battle on the battlefield. Enemy’s arrows are flying at us from every angle… duck!! Its just my way of processing this, but stepping back and assessing all the “why we got here” questions is a step that doesn’t take place until the battle subsides. In my career, we called it “debriefing.” It’s absolutely a critical step to reflect on why decisions were made and how things could have been done differently. I just feel that trying to figure out why Mr. President has done things this way should be answered by him.. When all of this is behind us, a huge “sit down” public interview with our president is in order. After all, shouldn’t he be the one to answer these great, legitimate questions? Anyone else trying to answer for him is merely speculating, or giving their best guess (which is okay to do, also). Just my 2¢.

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      5. So when the people place their lawsuits against big pharma for crimes against humanity, the big checks will go to all the people? Didn’t Kim Clements prophecy say (can’t remember the direct quote) something to the effect that Gates will open up a financial gate for the church. (which are his witnesses called out. Church in Aramaic is witness in Greek it is those called out.) So lawsuits and compensation for all is a possibility once all their assetts are confiscated.

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      6. “NEW – Dr. Fauci says it was him and NOT Trump who started the ball rolling to develop #COVID19 vaccine: “It was the best decision I ever made,” he said on CNN of the push to make #COVID19 vaccines (Daily Mail)” Maybe this is why? To flush out the real culprits in the vaccines…the truth sometimes only comes by pushing narcisistic personalities to the edge where they have to come forward and take the credit for their crimes against humanity. They want the all the credit…and it is appearing to be kicking in and working.

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    2. The pawns are the little people on the front line and are first to be sacrificed and fall. The second line are the Queen, Bishops, Knights and Rooks with all the moves. The King can only take one step at a time until he falls into checkmate. There are only two players – good and evil’ There are pawns who have been deceived on both sides. Hell of a game!

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      1. Not much on chess. Checkers was my game. When it comes to Queens, I do know she is master of the hive. Bees are the Amazons of nature! Farmer’s best friends. LOLGB+

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      1. Grace Bruno says:

        Everyone should contact their congress women and men and let them know your feeling regarding this vaccine passport which will control every aspect of your life. Please watch this before its taken down.


  1. Diane:
    You have written about Biden not being in the White House, etc.
    How is it that they have gathered all these people in a fake room and nobody says anything?
    How is it that not one member of Congress has said anything?
    I am a avid fan of yours and I want to believe that Biden is not control but…
    How about the fake planes you mention. How can one tell for themselves?
    And I ask because I want to learn so I may see it clearly.
    Is it like daycare and then every one goes home at night?
    Forgive my naïveté.

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      1. anthonykmdouglass says:

        And yet, the supposed virtual corporation continues to control our lives, our bodies, our children, our freedoms… Hmmmm….. How can one say, then, that it’s all a “show”. Well, it’s a “really big shew” and we are all getting taken.

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      2. debjbalk says:

        They ain’t controlling my life, body or freedoms… Not now, not later, not ever. Only those lying down will be walked on… I’m not a rug!!

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      3. Just got back from taking some time out at the park and watched a woman walking around the lake wearing her mask. I felt sorry for the woman. All by herself, no one around at all, in the fresh air and sun wearing a friggin mask like a mind washed fool. It’s sad to watch these people who bought into the lies. Some don’t need any carrot dangled, they just march up and do as told.

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      4. They are stealing everything, those who are going through the legal systems declaring their rights are winning…the sad part is most just accept what they are told and don’t go through the legal system unless they are pushed in a corner with fines, or businesses shut down. They win because we allow them without using our rights legally through the long process of courts.

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    1. Black people should be insulted by the demonic rat party. Said with a southern black accent” who still thinks we be too stupid and simple to get an ID, have that ID on you and know where the damn ID # is on the card?” Wake the hell up people, next thing they have you poor black people riding at the back of their damn bus. IT IS THE DEMONIC RAT PARTY WHO ARE RACIST AND IGNORANT AND PLAYING US FOR FOOLS. Do not fall for that horse manure!!!! God created us ALL equal, men and women, black, white or somewhere in between. WE ARE ALL HIS CHILDREN AND HE IS NOT BEHIND THIS EVIL. SATAN IS AND HIS DEMONIC ARMY OF DEMONIC MINIONS. Until we start calling this for exactly what it is, then it will continue to thrive and feed on the souls of whomever it can find who is willing to give it up. So many are lost and think money is the way out when it is exactly what he uses to trap you with.
      Money, greed, power and One Hundred Million Dollars is yours, just ask Cardi B. He owns her twisted soul now as well as soooooooooooooooo many others.


    1. I agree. If I see one of these signs on the door there is NO WAY IN HELL I am going inside. Look at the demonic players in this commercial. ALL ILLUMINATI. Screw Hollywood and Gaga they are going to burn in hell. They better have their fun now. cuz the shit they are dealing out to those poor children is exactly what awaits them all in hell. We have a just GOD, who allows them to live their lie. It will be the Angel Army of Jesus Christ that will cast them all into the Eternal Lake of Fire and Damnation. Where they will receive the same torture, pain, and suffering, a pure hell where they will live out their eternity never to be consumed by the fire. A rather Poetic Justice, don’t you think?

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  2. isolatedinsmalltown says:

    Just a curious question: Did harris borrow some pant suits from hellary? Can’t she afford classy outfits? When I got to see Melania Trump, I was fascinated by her outfits and could always more or less pinpoint what the event was….harris? You never know what ‘day’ it is and I think it’s deliberate. I was forced to wear the same uniform in Catholic school – Grades 1 – 8….then high school grades 8 – 12. Pros and cons to wearing the same thing every day but when you are in her position? Come on man.

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  3. grassvalleygearhead says:

    This very Good Friday I choose to put my eyes only on Jesus. He gave us new life and his Holy Soirit by giving his life for us!!
    Scripture says Jesus loved his disciples all the years they were together and he loved them to the end. And he loved them beyond the grave!
    Thank Jesus for this very Good Friday!

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  4. lois gahm says:

    I agree Robert I understand Princess Diana and JFK Jr are going to testify at the Tribunals in Cuba this fall. Everything needs to play out. It’s upsetting. We’ve got children that are taking the vaccine but I feel Trump needed to do this. I also feel Soros and Bill Gates are gone and they’re using doubles.

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  5. I know things are happening… but how are all the illegal migrants going to be sent back? Once they are here, who is going to do anything about it??? Why are the 1% still controlling this country…..where is military? I am so sick of seeing more and more idiotic crap!!!Blood is on all of our hands concerning all the horrible things being done to kids!!!

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    1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

      I don’t know John but imagine if a group of people moved into your neighborhood….if there were no kids/babies, I think I would get together with other neighbors to join forces….release snakes/rats/etc….form a band in garage and play loud music all night….get very noisy every morning (EARLY).. have BBQ’s but don’t invite them. borrow ‘something’ everyday to keep an eye on them…(a cup of sugar, a tool)..bring them a plate of cookies and really freak them out! Remember, this is about unity….and unify with your neighbors and friends now for this ‘silent war’. .Two summers ago, I had to deal with 3 crowing roosters, 3 diesel/loud-muffler trucks…I was going insane with no sleep. I talked to the mayor and he said there was nothing he could do beings as they were on city limit lines… I don’t know how the illegals can think they can just move into any residential neighborhood they want. If they don’t have to work, they will be home all day – that drives me nuts with stay-at-home neighbors unless they are old. This little town is not conducive to ‘muslim dentists’ as we ran him out….but if people need their roofs done, they do get the job done. Otherwise, they don’t tip, don’t produce, and don’t assimilate.


  6. Anita says:

    So excellently written, Dianne! Concise! Such a farce carried on by totalitarians that stole the election & committed treason before the eyes of conservative Christians!

    I understand RB why you question President Trump but also remember that vile obamao and his minions were already carrying out their evil plans right after he won the election in 2016. General Flynn was the victim of the traitor pence and Trump the victim of Rinos, obamao, the corrupt media and the marxistdems of being accused of having stolen the election from queen hillary. President Trump didn’t have a moment’s peace. The Backstabber Paul Ryan interfered with the America 🇺🇸 First Agenda and too many spies ran to the NY Slimes to hurt President Trump. Flotus Melania & even Barron were trashed. The evil military twins fabricated stories against him while the willing corrupt media happily embellished hateful stories against President Trump. The Wall wasn’t completed because of Ryan, pelosi and schumer; the money 💴 for the wall was denied or very little supplied. President Trump was alone among vipers from both parties and the marxistdems media continued , even now, its evil mission of personal destruction. 8 years of salivating for the obamaos and now the fraud usurper thief China joe; disgusting! The media is complicit and are thugs and criminals. President Trump could not imagine the depth of such hatred and evil and he fought it alone. The corrupt obamao judges inhibited his decisions and even decided President Trump could not end DACA which is both unconstitutional and illegal! Lindsey graham threatened President Trump if he pardoned assange that the Rinos would find him guilty of Insurrection during the second impeachment. . President Trump the only president to suffer impeachment twice thanks to the vile pelosi and the marxistdems. Yet obamao wasn’t impeached albeit deservedly so. Usurper thief China joe is guilty of fraud and treason along with corrupt cackling kamala and the rest of his cabal and marxistdems and Rinos as well as the corrupt marxistdems media. I could go on…….
    President Trump isn’t perfect just like all of us. Let’s pray and spread the truth and fight the good fight for the return of the legitimate re-elected president, President Trump.

    God bless us all!


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  7. I heard Iran wants to nuke DC. I say we let them do it. I say we turn a blind eye and allow them to destroy DC. They would be doing the world a favor by extinguishing the evil at the core of this Country. Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, Fienstein, Nadler……ALL DEMONS/ FOOT SOLDIERS OF SATAN TRYING TO BRING ABOUT THE DEMISE OF AMERICA. THE MOST HIGH GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISSAC AND JACOB IS WHO IS SOVEREIGN AND HE RULES THIS WORLD THAT HE CREATED. NOT LUCIFER AND HIS ARMY OF DEMONS. Their limited power is about to be extinguished and I pray I am here to witness it all come crashes down around their demonic heads.


  8. Satan made his way into Politics, then he made his way into Hollywood, now he is going for all the Professional Sports. The NFL, NBA, and now the MLB. You see they all just want to FAMOUS, they all want to be RICH, they all get caught up in the POWER. The ones who stick around so they can play their sport, act, sing, legislate will all be BOUGHT by SATAN and they will continue to rape the people and perform their demonic rituals right in front of us…….UNLESS WE PUT A STOP TO IT. STOP FEEDING THE BEAST AND HIS DEMONS. Don’t buy their music, don’t watch their videos, don’t watch their satanic movies, or watch the newest of Satans demons running around bases or dribbling a ball. JUST STOP. When no one goes to their games and stops watching them on TV then they will know they messed up. But it’s too late for them. Ask Cardi b. That poor thing has a video where she tells you she sold her soul to Satan for One Hundred Million Dollars and now SHE IS LOYAL TO HIM. The others are just too smart to make a video about it and tell you. BUT THEY ALL DID THEY SAME DAMN THING. STOP FEEDING THE BEAST PEOPLE AND KNOW WHOS TEAM YOU ARE ON. It ALL comes down to this……..GOD vs SATAN.
    I don’t know about ya’ ll but I am on TEAM JESUS 1000%


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