Juan said by 4-1-21 Trump Will Be In Office…

Time is running out… there is still time…but if not… Juan will lose his bet with his buddy. The rest of us…will keep on with the dual presidency…and hold the line. The next hours will be interesting. But, maybe it will be a few days or a few months later, eventually it will be done.

Something tells me we have been under two presidents all along. The real one and the fake virtual one. The clone one. With the military running interference. Everyone has their own take…their own ideas, and only one is real. Which one is it? We may never be told everything.


56 thoughts on “Juan said by 4-1-21 Trump Will Be In Office…

  1. mlgray01@mail.com says:

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    Bull crap. Ya been sating the same thing every week. Oh wait .. next week.. then. Ah. Nwxt week for sure…. im so sick of these fake reportsSent using the mobi

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    1. I’ve been sticking to the Kim Clement Prophecy that there will be two presidents and people will say, how can this be…and hot temperatures rising in July, strange July…but they will fall in the fall, and joy at Christmas. That’s the plan I believe, but have my hopes crossed that we have our president acting in public before the fall. But I’ll wait to then because I know he is working behind the scenes.

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  2. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    Mean while the fake one, the one I didn’t vote for nor did 75+millon, is conducting a MASSIVE INVASION to turn our country into Venezuela! And that’s with the eagle eyes on the southern borders. I wouldn’t be surprised if China is “sneaking” in on the northern borders to get us on board with China! Both a THREAT to our FREEDOM!!!!

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  3. Thank you for all the work you do!

    I know it is a lot to write all this up. As I am a writer myself.

    I hope truth will finally be revealed – public needs to have a big wake up call.

    I listen to a lot of shows & people say that the public is waking up well believe me they’re not.

    But the other day my business partner told me she loves Biden!!!

    I almost fell down on the floor. I don’t know if you get these emails – you probably don’t. But I think the only way to wake up the public is to take over the emergency broadcast system and the Internet and show the public tribunals and confessions to the world !!!

    That is the only way to do it. Surely President Trump must know that.

    Thank you for all your interesting articles

    Landa Coldiron
    Two-Time Award Winning Bloodhound Handler
    818 442-2952

    Sent from my iPhone

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    1. I think there are more getting it. Those who had their heels dug into the left are stuck there. Many have started paying attention and woke up to the fact that this is not about who is president this is a evil global cabal who wants to govern the world. And will do anything to achieve it. Hold the faith it comes down to each one on their own struggle with God and group survival.

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  4. billyz95993liberty says:

    The Military Better Keep Their Oath To Preserve Protect & Defend The Constitution Of The United States! Because NOBODY ELSE HAS Except President Donald John Trump! Anybody With A Brain Knows The Democratic Party Is A Bunch Of Thieves And Fraudocrats!
    Trump Needs To Be Installed As He Should Have Been On 3-4-2021

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    1. Abraham Sarabia says:

      Wake up Everyone Trump Had his chance to Uphold and Protect the Constitution also America and its people. TRUMP Failed Us He Didn’t have the Fortitude to Fight the Deepstate..,He Caved..Trump has No Authority and Power to do Anything. Wake Up Thats the Facts. Almost everything that Biden and Obama are doing to destroy America is Trumps Fault..for the Most part. Wake Up you all are Delusional!!!


      1. ROBERT PILCHMAN says:

        You don’t know if you could have done a better job – you were never in his shoes – the facts are he tried MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE and was treated horribly. You probably assume he should have used the insurrection act but we don’t know if he would have been removed from office. One point I concede to you is that many of his nominations like Mad Dog, Sessions, etc. appear to have been horrible; however, at least we know much more than before how terrible things are and we owe him a great thank you for making us much more aware of the truth. Finally, is he really part of (/compromised by) the deep state now? I don’t know but he seems to be our only possible hope; help me Obi-Wan Kenobi

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      2. billyz95993liberty says:

        Remember What Trump Said On 2-28-2021 At CPAC In Orlando!
        “Let There Be NO DOUBT We Will BE VICTORIOUS, And America Will Be STRONGER & GREATER Than Ever Before!
        I Believe Trump !

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      3. steven says:

        I get why you’re saying that. But remember it’s not anybody’s fault but your own for not paying attention for 4 years and keeping up with everything Trump put into position that is playing out right now. But I know, I know it’s about YOU, I get it, some people just need that constant drama in there life to get through the day. Drama Queens…. Hard to deal with.

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      4. GranmaBarb says:

        Abraham Sarabia, and yet here you are, reading & commenting on Diannes blog … If you don’t believe or have hope in the things discussed & shared here, jog on … simple 🤨🤡

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    2. ldetloff50 says:

      There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle. A lot of arrests need to be made. First it was a suitcase bomb that the Dems were threatening innocent citizens lives with, now Linda Rothschild is threatening to poison ALL our water supply if we make a move on her. She has all our pipeline rigged to go at her command. That is stuff that President Trump is dealing with! Give him a break! He IS coming back! Do your research! Your ignorance is no excuse to be bashing this wonderful journalists credibility!!

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    3. debbie0829 says:

      Agree totally
      Biden is destroying and undoing all the good that President Trump did for us.
      This thing claiming to be President (?) excuse me? Is UNACCEPTABLE. Arrest him!

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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        Buddy, I’m w8in’ 4 the military 2 get out the lead and do sumthin’…like the military n Myanmar…they knew their election was stolen usin’ Dominion machines and arrested their fake elected leaders…

        That sent Dementia joe n2 a tailspin, dmandin’ the military release the leaders, who btdubbs is his, Killary’s, Barack’s, and Soros’s bff’s…the st8 dept threatened them, Dementia joe threatened 2 withold aid….

        The military dint care…they even seized the bank accnt of Soros…hahahaha…

        Myanmar even has their own type of antifa/blm sendin’out groups 2 attack the military….not smart…the military started shootin’…even kids were used and sum were killed…the military’s not backin’ dwn…

        Where is our military?!?!

        Watchin’ all of this mess knowin’ our elect was stolen 2!!


        Y’all know Pres Trump 1 n a BLOWOUT!!

        Y’all were monitorin’ the election…arrest these criminals already…hav sum guts like the military n Myanmar…

        Y’all r sittin’ on a powder keg that’s abt 2 blow sky high cuz the ppl r very angry watchin’ the country bein’ dstroyed by a fake pres, who doesn’t even know where he is most of the time…and can’t even put 2 sentences 2gether…

        We’re the laughin’ stock of the whole wrld…they’re all mockin’ Dementia joe fallin’ UP THE STEPS 3× 2 BRD AIR FORCE 1, which was more than likely a green screen!!!

        WHAT THE HELL R Y’ALL W8IN’ 4?!?!

        DO SUMTHIN’!!



  5. Little Charlie says:

    I will be speaking directly with God like I do everyday. Yeshua and the angelic beings love America that much I can tell you. We the only country that put effort into reading the Bible and helping other nations draw closer to God. Juan O Savin seems like a stand-up guy to me. I think he might be JFK JR.

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    1. He has said, Little Charlie, that they didn’t think it would take this long…indicating that they were the White Hats. He seems to know all the history of everything that I’ve ever researched as well, and he really focuses on growing up in the 60’s and 70’s as a kid. Put’s him right in there to have known, be, or fascinated with. I keep hearing people had dinner with him and he was so nice, not jfk jr. and paid for the meal. This has to be code for something, because they all keep saying “he paid for the meal” like that is some big deal….I mean, these are people who have meals paid for them a lot, I’m sure, for even I have many meals paid for when I didn’t expect it. So…the three things are….I had dinner with him. He’s not JFK Jr. and He paid for dinner. Now if we read this backwards…(and it is so Juan O Savin) here is what we are telling everyone….”Dinner for paid he, and Jr. JFK not? HE’S HIM, WITH DINNER HAD I!”

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      1. Gingersmom2009 says:

        An interesting tidbit I’ll throw in here. I just received my two print copies of “Kid By The Side of the Road” in the mail, a couple of days ago. The back cover is a muted portrait of POTUS, with a little stylized postage stamp in the upper right corner. The stamp says:
        Savin Hill
        Boston, MA

        One other. A couple of years ago I purchased a book entitled “Jackie’s Girl” by Kathy McKeon, who was Jackie Kennedy’s assistant and occasional nanny to the children from 1964 to 1976. It’s a beautiful little book. The final chapter. The End of Camelot, begins like this . . . The stereo was blasting “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, a sure sign that John was in the house . .
        Remember all the rallies, and how you never could figure out why POTUS played that song every time.

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  6. Jellybeans says:

    If Trump isn’t back in office by April 4th my family will have me committed somewhere. They prefer to just move forward and deal with more mafia style government then be told a bunch of hopium. On the flip side, thanks to the Marshall Report I understand the Bible and how to read and understand the passages. I have also never felt closer to God! Thanks Dianne.

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    1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

      When both of my sons said it was Trump supporters that attacked the Capital, I have had to bite my tongue for months now…I so badly want to be able to prove they were not…it’s tough to be so quiet when you are so right.

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    2. Jellybeans…keep talking to God and pray for your family. That’s how family does. I have that on my end to…a sister and some others that believe COVID is real, but not taking vaccines. Call it COVID mind control if they like…it’s all dangerous 5-G, and bio warfare with vax, stress, and depleted immune systems and breathing in bacteria that makes you sick through the trapped toxic goo in your masks.

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  7. Mark says:

    Juan o savin……….it’s good to be incognito, then when everyone realizes it’s all a load of crap he can move on to another alias.

    Here’s a prediction that seldom fails: Whenever someone sets a date for some big event to happen and it doesn’t………..you can be sure that they will come up with a new date and great excuse.
    Anyone want to put money in a pool guessing the next jos Trump reinstallment date?

    Date setters never go away, they just pick a new date.

    They are getting dumber over the years though. It used to be , in the days of Marilyn Agee, they
    would set dates years in advance. We would all read and go ooohhhhhooo. Made for a lot more time to sell books and stuff.

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    1. I believe most are saying things in good faith. It’s like telling your spouse you’ll be home at 6 and then you get stuck in traffic and get home at 7 and they jump at you…WHERE WERE YOU, YOU SAID YOU’D BE HOME AT 6? Better off not calling and saying anything. Smile.

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    2. debjbalk says:

      I admire these Juan types. They’re gutsy! They aren’t afraid to be wrong. They’re willing to put everything on the line, including their reputation. They’re courageous in their reports, and you can tell they’ve done their research. They’re endlessly hopeful and optimistic… They believe in our ability to reach a positive outcome… no matter the naysayers. They are totally bold and sometimes “out there,” and that doesn’t silence them. Instead, it seems to embolden them. I admire these Juan types. The voices of “gloom and doom” are a dime a dozen… giving out cheap shots, discouraging the masses. But, listen to a Juan type and you’ll sense hope rising, encouragement restored, and a sense of community. So, I say THANKS to all the Juan types out there. Bold, gutsy, courageous, hope-filled encouragers, who don’t bristle at being wrong a time or two..(or three or four). They just march on…my kind of peeps!!


  8. Dianne, when was that video made? If it was weeks ago, maybe that’s where I heard that President Trump would be back by 4/1/21? 4/4/21 would be even better! I’m praying more lately. The bad news on what’s happening at the border is so distressing! Two babies dropped over a wall in Mexico I think and the perps ran away leaving them for the traffickers? So cruel!

    Lord Jesus, please hear our prayers and cries for justice. If it’s in Your Will, please grant them! Amen!

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  9. Z says:

    April 1st ??? Seriously???
    Everyone knows what that day is also historically known as, Right?

    April 4th??? I think a lot of big things would need to take place over the Holiday weekend to make that date.

    My hope hasn’t completely eroded away, but hope doesn’t achieve anything except gets you through another day one day at a time. My strength comes from Christ who tells me no matter what happens, in the end everything will be ok. God is the one in control here. But keep in mind, God’s plan doesn’t always coincide with what we want or think needs to be. I’m reminded of 40 years in the wilderness….

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    1. debjbalk says:

      Speaking of wilderness… Read this today, an excerpt from Jonathan Cahn, The Book of Mysteries, Day292. “In God, even the wilderness can be part of the Promised Land…(It’s) not outside the purposes of God, nor outside His promises. It’s the place God brought you to. And (He) will use it to accomplish His purposes and to fulfill the calling and promise of your life. In God, even the wilderness becomes a place of blessing. And if God is with you, then your journey is also part of your destination. Your life on earth is part of heaven’s domain. So even while you journey on earth, you can live a heavenly life. Therefore, no matter where you find yourself, no matter what your circumstance, no matter what your surroundings, rejoice, press forward… and choose to live in victory even now… For in the end you will see it… that your wilderness was part of the Promised Land.”

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  10. Leon Hays says:

    When I read a post from Abraham S. My blood started to boil! He blamed President Trump for about everything. Maybe that was the plan all along to let it play out. Dave from X22 report has always said that ” you have show the people and not tell the people .” In other words if Trump had “forced” his will on the people there would have been potential violence in the streets. The people have to see that ALL attempts to reverse the fraudulent election were taken i.e Congress, the court’s, and the states Representatives and see how corrupt and evil the communist demorats are.. Trump and the military are in control. There is no way that Trump would simply walk away without a fight. And to Mr. Abraham S. You need rethink your attitudes or keep your negative, wrong thinking thoughts to yourself!! What we need to do is pray to God almighty with all our strength to save us, our country, the children and the world from the evil cabal!!!!

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  11. southern1952 says:

    I agree with you Leon…some people should not be seen or heard. tomorrow may well be April Fool, but I believe Trump is doing all he can to right this horrible situation…I myself feel closer to God no matter what happens, maybe that was the plan all along, for people to call on God because i know i have been slack..lets just keep praying, going to Heaven has been on my mind for some time, if i have to worry about something, that would be it..

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    1. Leon Hays says:

      Thanks for the reply. Yes, we must keep the faith and believe that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. And, as long as we believe upon him we are assured of a place in the kingdom of heaven. Trump was chosen for a reason…to root out the evil cabal and all those who follow Satan. We MUST BELIEVE THAT GOD WILL NOT FORSAKE US AS LONG AS WE LOOK TO GOD FOR SALVATION!!

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  12. irisheyes17 says:

    Ummm. isn’t 2day like the 1st of April?!?!

    Guess we shud xpect sumthin’ big 2 happen!!

    I’ll bleve it when I c it…and I’m like Sooo ovah this shit show!!!

    All I know is Pres Trump bettah come back soon, cuz we’re bein’ nvaded by 4iegn countries sendin’ all their stupid ‘kids’ ovah here…and Dmentia joe is flyin’ them all ovah the country…most 2 Cali…

    Cali4nians can’t hav n person schoolin’ 4 their kids, but the nvaders r gettin’ n person education…WTH?!?!

    We’re gonna start 2 look like a 3rd wrld hell hole n short ordr..cuz all the crap is comin’ here…brdr patrol r xpectin’ millions more…and they all xpect y’all 2 feed them, house them, educ8 them and provide them with free medical care…most of those ‘kids’ 13-17 hav nevah even seen a dr n their lives…

    We’re losin’ the country if Pres Trump doesn’t take back his rightful Presidency….

    I’ve lost confidence n Juan….and my pocorn is totally stale…hahaha…

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    1. I agree, and if the CIA or NSA or Pentagon give 2 sh**s. about Juan o , they would stop him.They surely would know who he is , if they care and there’s always the possibility he is one of them.
      I’m hoping for something big out of Patrick Byrnes evidence , but then again, we already have massive proof of election fraud. The ignorant masses won’t even hear about it but maybe the military will actually uphold their oath instead of upholding woke bs.
      Hang in there Irisheyes.

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    2. Irisheyes17, I still like Juan… I have his messages memorized but not mezmorized. LOL. I checked and the message was an old one, but consistent up to recently. There was an inaugurational payment made … not sure what that entailed or did (in March around the 1st, 2nd or so). But, Trump has never stopped meeting with his key people moving through the virtual show. Nothing we see makes sense…except God is in charge and this has the hallmark etchings of days of Noah, and Moses “coming out of Egypt” with both stiffnecked and faithful. Smile.


  13. TimfromME says:

    Step back people and look at what these sickening corrupt people have done to America and keep doing yes they stole elections and many committed treason, The democrats have corrupted our entire Federal Government!! The DOJ, the CDC, The court system including the SCOTUS!! Are all working AGAINST the American people!! Does anyone trust these people with these TRILLION DOLLAR BILLS their passing? How much of our tax dollars have they stolen? We all better pray the US Military will uphold their oath

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    1. debjbalk says:

      Eyes are wide open, TimfromME!! And my response can look a bit like bipolar. One minute, I’m seeing opportunities for spiritual growth in all of this. The next minute, I glance at a headline and struggle to grab the “F” bomb that’s trying to fly outta my mouth… and has on more than one occasion…. darn it. This is one of the most frustrating events of a lifetime… endlessly difficult to cope. When you come here, you’ll find us plugging along together, trying to
      manage it all. We get it… and, we’re joining you in prayer. So glad you joined in. (;+)

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  14. Juan is Full Of Shit says:

    Just remember to buy Juan’s book for the real info….Juan is a shill for those that still havent figured it out yet. There is a reason every thing he says turns out to be wrong. He’s FULL OF SHIT.


  15. TimfromME says:

    I am here every day I love Diane and her report , At this point 5 months after the steal, The pressure is building NO ONE wants these people getting away with it!! To be clear if our Military fails America all you need to do is look at China that is where they want to take America complete communism, These democrats are the worst people I have ever seen in my life I saw it 10 or 15 years ago they never stop with their race-baiting and gas-lighting using their FAKE MSM! Look at the Uighur’s in China a million of these people are completely enslaved in camps RIGHT NOW used for free labor!! And there’s the demonrats pushing BLM and reparations ITS RACE-BAITING, Do you ever here anyone in Congress fighting or even talking about the Uighur’s? Slavery in 2021 It is sickening! And that’s our future if we let it happen!

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  16. Anita says:

    I’ve lost faith in Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes both who speak bs, and Mel K simply is repetitive and has made bombshell errors such as horn man working for Trump and that Trump was in possession of the stolen laptops courtesy of military white hats. I am not yet ready to believe Juan O Savin albeit he sounds sane. It sounds more like hopism and not truth. In such a short time usurper thief China joe and corrupt cackling kamala have engulfed this nation with illegal aliens for American citizens to support and higher prices on gas and other items. Schools are closed in San Diego but teachers are sent to teach illegal aliens. This is no longer the USA 🇺🇸; since November 3rd-4th we no longer have a constitutional republic. Time magazine shamelessly admitted so to the election steal and dominion machines helped steal more votes from Trump & given to usurper thief China joe in real time for us to see. Unfortunately, there are millions of idiots that lie about what they see.
    I watch Ann vandersteel because she reports the truth and never refers to the usurper thief China joe who stole the election as being president but as the installed thief. I watch Greg Kelly because he ridicules usurper thief China joe and corrupt cackling kamala.
    So should Juan O Savin be believed or Kim Clement? I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️. Too much time has passed by & the dates keep changing. I believe Mike lindell because he puts his money 💴 where his mouth is: 3 separate videos that indisputably demonstrate the steal , corruption, and treason by the marxistdems, Rinos, China, marxistdems media etc. This evidence indicates President Trump won re-election in a landslide and should be rightfully in the White House as the sworn in re-elected president with Flotus Melania by his side. Myanmar can figure out treason but in the USA 🇺🇸 it is allowed to stand with cackling Nancy & vile schumer leading the way to install an illegitimate fraud. Never would the marxistdems allow a presidential election fraud election against their party stand. Now patriots that are Trump supporters are being arrested as Insurrectionists. If it were true, usurper thief China joe and corrupt cackling kamala & the rest of their cabal would be in orange jumpsuits in gitmo.



    1. irisheyes17 says:

      Bang on, Anita!!!…If the Military don’t hav the resolve 2 rectify this treasonous act by dims, then where do we go?!?!…2 the SUPREMES?!?!.. they’ve been nuetered by the cabal if they even take any of the fraud cases…and we know Chief Justice Roberts (bestie of Epstein!) shud b n GITMO!!

      We also know Justice Antony Scalia was murdered by the cabal 2 get him off the crt so fake pres Barack cud put Merrick Garland on…Garland, what a joke…he actually said durin’ his conf hrn’ that antifa riots and burnin’ dwn buildin’s wasn’t terrorism cuz they rioted at night….

      That blitherin’ idiot cud hav been permanently on the SUPREMES, nstead of the DOJ…..

      And yeah, I know of the Rothschild’s threat of poisonin’ the water supply if any of them r arrested…that already happend n Fla, when it was discovahed that sum1 hacked the water brd and tried 2 poison the water…mhm….

      Wonder who n Fla they were tryin’ 2 kill…the cabal hav their minions everywhere…and they wud hav killed every1 n Fla tryin 2 take out Pres Trump…that’s how much fear he nstills n them…they don’t know what he’s up 2…hahahaha…

      HE’S BAAACK!!!

      I hav 2 take 1 xception, little bit, with y’all’s assumption that Pres Trump doesn’t hav the stolen laptops from 1-6…ncludin’ the witch Peliosi’s….he does!!…

      That nfo came from Gen Thomas McInnerney, while n a celebration at Mara Lago after Christmas…he revealed that SPECIAL FORCES were sent n by 4mer St8 Dept Dr Steve Piecznek 2 steal Pelosi’s laptop and she was frantic knowin’ Trump has it…

      I posted the vid on another site that shows SPECIAL FORCES dudes comin’ dwn the stairs at the Capitol, wearin’ big puffer coats with backpks on and hoods pulled dwn and shades…basically obscurin’ their faces…

      It was quickly tkn dwn by CEO of youtube, Susan Wujiski…she dint want any1 seein’ that vid…so what was she afraid of?!?!…mhm…

      I also posted vid of the horned guy n a pic with Pelosis’s son n law…which btdubbs showin’ him sittin’ n her chair was a green screen fake…I saw a vid on andweknow…as were all the pics of them n the floor of the Senate…

      I posted vids of the Capitol Police escortin’ n 5 buses of antifa/crisis actors…all tkn dwn by Wujiski…

      I watched a vid that was jus posted by forbiddenknowledge that shows sum ppl xaminin’ masks and swabs used 2 test 4 covid under a microscope and they’re seein’ little black strands, which move when xposed 2 heat or moisture…


      They look like little worms that react 2 heat and water…what r they mbeddin’ n those masks?!?!

      Can any1 xplain 2 me what those r?!?!

      I can’t giv the link cuz my comment will b thrown as far as it can, but I think I can do it this way:

      https:// forbiddenknowledgetv .net

      Now put it 2gether without the spaces…let’s c if that survives …hahaha…

      The vid will b the 1st 1…

      Any1 wearin’ those stupid masks bettah dump them…

      JUS SAYIN!!!


  17. Looks like these days, all things ‘the Bushes’ and all things ‘the Clintons’ and all things ‘oBama-Brennan’ and all things ‘Epstein-Maxwells’ and all things ‘the Bidens-whatever’ and about ‘all things’ that have been declassified, one may talk publicly. Like Dianne does, like others do.

    But all things, the ‘other all things’ that remain highly classified, about these other things one cannot talk publicly, as Gen. Flynn suggested to hold the wine, as Juan O Savin may through a bet, or as Sydney Powell releasing the Kraken, etc. –these may sound like urban legends, because they are classified, and how could you talk publicly about highly classified operations?
    This alone may give you a hint about who is President and who’s nowhere, not even there.
    Just saying.

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