The True Healing Light

The days past, present and those we’ve yet to see have been eye opening. Most are experiencing a wide range of emotions as we watch and feel the shaking of what we once called normal. By accident today, I ran across this little short story I wrote for a Child Crisis Center magazine years ago. It seemed to be fitting for today, for many of us are like children looking through the window to see if the one we are waiting to see is coming to see us today. Waiting and wanting so much for all to get back to the way things used to be, or the way we wish they would be. Yet, through it all, we are each growing into what we are meant to be.

I am the rays of the Sun dancing through the windows of every house...  Rumi....♥ | Souls inspiration, Through the window, Sun rays

A Tear From  The Window’s Pain

The big plate glass shown clear and bright as it spoke to the morning Sun.  “I hope this day is better for the ones who look through me today, than the ones who have looked through me on the days that have past before.” 

The Sun, curious, yet knowing, asked, “How so?” 

The big plate glass seemed to glow dim as he remembered past days.  He sighed then spoke softly, “My pane can not suppress the pain the little ones feel when they watch in the window for the arrival of the ones they love who have promised to come and see them.  They wait, and watch and hope that any minute the one they wait to see will come.  And they wait and they wait…and no one comes.  This is sad. Yet, there are also times that  people just look out and wish for better things.  They seem to hurt, and wish.  Many times people share deep truths as they peer out through me.”

The Sun seemed to dim as he listened, and the big plate glass spoke on.  “Some nights I watch and find another looking into my big plate of glass when the lights are all out.  The rooms are dark, yet, they peer into my pane as though they are hoping to catch a glimpse of the ones who were just hours before, looking out and waiting.  If only I could speak.  If only I could break into a million little pieces and somehow open the way for them to see.  But, alas…I can not.  I am but a window made of a pane of glass, made clearly for others to see through.  I hear the soft spoken words of hope, love, anticipation; and then at times, the hard words brought out by pain and hurt.”

The Sun beamed bright at hearing the words of the big plate of glass.  He seemed to burst forth with radiance as he spoke. “ I too have seen the same.  Many times there have been those who look up to me and speak out as though I had some magic power to help.  I can’t seem to beam bright enough to show them that the true hope lies far above me.  There is a God.  For God made me.  He too, made them.  So many can not seem to see past my shining.  They can’t seem to see the one who brings the Sun.”

At those words the big plate of glass seemed to shine a bit as he said, “You, the Sun, are too bright to look upon for any length of time.  I am to easy to see through.  There must be a middle that shows how to find what they seek.”

The Sun smiled and beamed, then whispered softly, “There is.  The Lord made the way.  And no matter the pain, or the blindness…if one just opens their heart they will find that it is not the window they peer out of, nor the brightness of the Sun that holds an answer to their heart.  It is the love of the Father and the sacrifice of His Son that they truly seek.  When they find this, the view in the window will be different from both sides.  And my light will truly be seen for what it is.  A gift sent to them from the Father. For my time is numbered just as the days of their lives.  All things were created by God the Father and redeemed through His Son.”

At those words the big plate of glass smiled and said, “Indeed, well spoken.  The years

come and go and always new people view through my panes, I see and hear a lot, yet, I am but a window.  Your sunbursts come into the rooms in the day, and it makes the people forget the time lost waiting in the window.  But, your wisdom in the one who created you is truly the wisdom that will heal their broken hearts.” 


12 thoughts on “The True Healing Light

    1. debjbalk says:

      Of course, our bighearted present indelibly brings up “the kids” (at border). We see your genuine care & compassion, Mr. President. We love you for many reasons, and your sincerity toward protecting children is just one of them. May God help you to “save the children.”. This is not their fault. Thank you, and Amen!

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    1. Ops! Sorry! Made a mouse click error. Still trying how to do a site and learn this blogging thing. Was trying to comment: Beautiful Diane! Then add read this scripture > Jer. 31:15-17. LOLGB+

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  1. inesnido says:

    Beautifully written. We’re all like little children waiting for our big brother to come and make things better again. When in reality, our big brother has already come and he’s just waiting for us to participate in making things better for ourselves.

    Thanks for sharing this. Tomorrow I’ll post a recording of Lin wood on fireside chat. He is a man after Gods own heart. He speaks the truth and the truth is with him.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. debjbalk says:

    Amen, Dianne! When you pen words, so often you speak our minds, hearts and emotions…. and, we feel heard…validated… loved. Your precious story from “years ago,” shows how you’ve been pointing people to Christ for a very, very long time. God’s grace in you inspires us, loves on us, challenges us, and points us to His Son. Thank you! And I thank God for you! Blessings, joy and love…in His name, Amen!

    Liked by 2 people

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