At a time when more and more people are experiencing varied forms of loss, the time for renewed hope and a sound mind to think decisively has come.

Gone is the illusion that big brother will take care of you, especially at a time when no one even knows who that is. The illusion that happiness cannot be experienced without luxurious material things and the forever young persona is quickly disappearing as those who slumbered during the past generation’s media blitz are slowly waking up too.

Surcharge on super-rich raised to up to 7% over tax in Budget 2019 - The  Federal

The illusion that more money, fame, and romance will fulfill you is abruptly being replaced with the renewed awareness that God, family, friends and a sense of community was always the foundation. It is the solid ground on which we build our lives, the ground that can sustain our basic needs. Needs like housing, food, clothing, family and friends. The basic need to put in a hard days work in return for a fair days wages along with the opportunity (for those that desire it) to create their own entrepreneurial niche.

Micah 7 Israel's Misery - Believe Trust

Yes, basic needs will be met. Remember, God’s positive energy is always in motion and those who wake up will see and move with it!


10 thoughts on “BASIC NEEDS

  1. anthonykmdouglass says:

    Diane: Though I don’t agree with all of your posts, I do respect this forum as one of the only ones I feel is worth paying attention to anymore. For that, thank you.

    One comment specific to this post, regarding “slowly waking up”….

    I feel the adverb “too” needs to be prepended to that clip. I have numerous family members (I belong to a very large family) who are lining up to get jabbed. Based on the constant and consistent reports of the ill effects of the “vaccines”, including horrendous deaths, my wife and I fear the worst. Are we supposed to hope that some random percentage of our loved ones will survive okay? How morbid has humanity become that we can refer to the unnecessary loss of loved ones as “acceptable collateral damage”?

    I do know that God is our only hope, but let’s be honest. The breadth and depth of depravity and evil perpetrated by “good” people (not to mention those that are simply evil in their nature) have us all in a position of facing a mass extinction of our own making and, because of our precious free will, I doubt the Good Lord will intervene.

    It is time for those who are awakening to take a deep look inside and begin to strip away all of the dross that matters little to the real value Life has to offer.

    I am a person who has worked within myself for over 20 years to align to the image of God in which we are made. I am fairly adept at finding the good in any and all things and people. However, each day I grow more weary and sad of continued sufferings of so many across the globe, whether due to ignorance, blind obedience, suppressed self-hatred flung on to others, or simply the overbearing evil that looks at what is going on and laughs at our continued bickering over “hold the line”, “just wait, you’ll see” etc.

    When I was young – a long time ago – we used to joke about (much smaller) strife with the line “stick your head between your legs and kiss your butt goodbye”. Surely it is time to trust God. But we must take responsibility and tie up the horse – or, if we fail to do so, well, what I just said….

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    1. debjbalk says:

      I’m up for this….to go ALL THE WAY! Why? Because I go in the strength of the Lord, not my own! BRING IT ON!!! To the bitter end of this! Amen!


  2. Carol says:

    None of us know what God Almighty has for our future, but you can be assured the Lord does! If you give your heart and life are in his hands you don’t worry you just accept the fight, for the Lord could rapture us out anytime, we just don’t know! Christians should look forward to it. I know I am. It’s our one hope in the Lord! Those that get left behind are going to regret they never sought out Jesus as their Savior. Seven years of tribulation is coming right after the rapture. This will be frightening for those that didn’t make it, and you will be have to take the Mark of the beast eventually and then die from not being able to eat or whatever they tell you to do! It will be terrible but if you can survive without taking it, they will follow you until you either die or they kill you. I’ve heard you can make it through, but most people won’t! I’m saying this because I’m a Christian and I know Jesus as my wonderful Savior, and have served him most of my life. I did stray a few times, but I came back to my Lord! It was a strange event, getting into drugs was not my plan but we don’t always know we’re going to do such things when God has left the building and you let him go! Many years went by and when I came the the end, the place where I called upon him, he was instantly there for me! My life changed and has been so wonderful that I had to say what I always tell people that need to hear about God’s goodness! I want to let those that don’t know him personally to read the Bible and find out all about Jesus Christ and his love. That is my plea right now, it won’t be pleasant if you don’t! We think we have happiness but we really don’t, outside of God and his son! Happy Easter!

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  3. ldetloff50 says:

    Amen! Back to basics is what our younger generations have needed (besides a swift kick) to face reality! As scary as it is right now, I sure do not want to see what’s coming! I just watched today’s ThriveTime with Pastor Hotsenpiller and it was AWESOME! It is a sad sad time right now watching our loved ones and neighbors taking the Covid test and the jab. All we can do is warn them and pray. It broke my heart when one was on his way there and I pleaded with him to no avail. I felt like he was on his way to the gallows.
    Pray, pray, pray!! That is our best weapon against this evil!!

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