Okay guys, you will have to help me out on this one. Three years ago, Cassini made it to Saturn, after taking 20 years to get to its destination…but…it’s just started running out of fuel as it got there? Oh my head hurts. But, I am believing all of it because it is NASA telling me all of this. Then they said Cassini became part of Saturn? I think it crashed down there or landed or something. We got a lot of cool pictures, but, I don’t understand all this space talk…it sounds like contradictions, but it is NASA, so it must be me that isn’t understanding.

If it were able to return, would it take 20 years to return or less? 5 billion miles since launch that’s good mileage per fuel. Can we fuel our cars with that kind of fuel? And who took the footage of Cassini out there? Oh it was Cassini filming Cassini. I guess that’s technology that we haven’t been told of yet…secret stuff.

I know this is an old video, but it’s a big deal. And at the end it shows you where you can get free videos of all the cool stuff through the eyes of Cassini that was captured. Or that’s how they said it.

I double checked for info and yep, it’s all true. 2.5 million commands executed; 4.9 billion miles traveled since launch (7.9 billion kilometers); 635 GB science data collected~4,000 science papers published; 6 named moons discovered; 294 orbits completed; 162 targeted flybys of Saturn’s moons; 453,048 images taken; 27 nations participated; 360 engine burns completed. What’s Next? Overview | Cassini – NASA Solar System Exploration

I swear this is all amazing. And it is all true because they have all the proof above and 453,048 images of everything. All able to be received in high definition right here on earth. Here is a quote from NASA’s link: “After a series of nearly two dozen nail-biting dives between the planet and its icy rings, Cassini plunged into Saturn’s atmosphere on Sept. 15, 2017, returning science data to the very end.”



  1. NASA spends lots of money on exploring God’s magnificent creation, yet here on good ole planet earth there is still a shortage of toilet paper. Why can’t they find a planet with some trees? Just for laughs, here’s something from Missing Links on page 158 involving things made from trees:
    “The financial institutions tell us a weak dollar is good, and the credit markets are fine. Have you been watching the news lately? I have seen economists with bags under their eyes because make-up artists can’t hide their despair. Paper is traded for paper, which is backed by more paper, and that paper is used to back more paper that was traded for the first paper, which is then backed by more paper. If there isn’t enough paper to keep everybody’s indebted butts cleared, then the Fed just prints more paper to pile on the mountain of crappie paper that is decomposing the economy. Maybe we can use the paper compost to organically grow corn to make environmentally friendly green fuel for our cars while we all starve to reduce fart emissions. [Revision 2020: Today, it looks like that we may have to start using 100-dollar bills to wipe our butts due to the shortage of toilet paper. I can remember using Sears and Roebuck catalogs in the outhouse. We were poor, but I like to think my parents were teaching me recycling.]
    Major Banks, Investment Firms, and Mortgage Companies are beginning to fail. The politicians that gave them the deregulatory tools to dig their hole are now being asked to fill it back up. They have dug a hole so deep that all the taxpaying surfs on the planet won’t be able to rescue them. Real estate values are taking a nosedive. Freddie Mack and Fanny Mae are in trouble. It may come a time you can’t even get a Mc-Mae Happy Loan for 1/10th the value of your home. Property was meant to be a possession and an inheritance, not leverage for credit, investment, and taxation. Since money and houses are made from trees, maybe we are seeing a metaphoric first trumpet burning of a third of them. (Rev. 8:7) Trees make paper that becomes money, which buys food, then after digestion – more paper wipes butt. God help us, we need more paper. God, save the trees!”
    Don’t need popcorn to have a good laugh! LOLGB+

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  2. C says:

    Interesting. There’s an earth-like location with Titan. The Luciferians worship Mol9ch, who’s a Saturnic figure. Satutn has a hexagon shaped storm. The hexagon is represented, among many saturnic pagan religions and cults as The Black Cube. Even in modern times, from Gaga to Deadmau5. In many religions, from Islam to Native American.

    Why is that significant? The 6 pointed star of Rempham holds a hexagon within it. Rempham is the earlier saturnic deity that even Pharisees and Jewish leaders bire the symbol of. Stephen called them out for serving “their” god.

    If you follow Genesis 6, the titans were the half angels. The Luciferians believe that they’re descended from Cain, and follow a transhumanist agenda. So Titan as a possibke “new earth” could be linked to the idea of that breakaway civilization they desire.

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  3. Ri-chard says:

    I was taught by a rebel Jesuit saying, we have no reason and should have no purpose to explore the heavens. All the answers we seek, are here on our unexplored the bottom off our oceans, seas and lakes . This is where the first civilized settlements on earth resided before the great floods.and the wars in the heavens lead by Archangel Michael against the fallen gods.
    Space exploration beyond our heavens,luminaries,low orbit is a distration from what is covited knowledge. We are also, older as a humanoid race than told and the earth is much larger than told. Our current race is of the seed of Noah.

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      1. Ri-chard says:

        They have also indoctrinated us to call them Aliens and/or ETs, when in OMHO they were the fallen ones, abominations of them or direct seed of them. The Anunnoki, Egyptian gods Greek gods, and Roman gods, India gods, China gods, Japan gods, Aztech gods, etc were not just ETs. They hate us but need us as the war on our DNA continues so they can also be more like us to assimulate among us…….. Remember, as our numbers grew the Anunnaki said we became too noisy.

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  4. Marcel says:

    You have to consider space is a vacuum with no air or particles to collide with the satellite. Once you accelerated, there is no force slowing you down (maybe sun particles, the so called sun-wind), this means all the fuel you consume is for correcting your course and navigation path. The 635gigabyte of scientific data sounds a lot for here and now, but within 20 years of time is approximately 90megabytes of data per day. That’s 63 kilobytes per second transfer speed (24/7). We had that in the 2000s with the ISDN Internet. Doesn’t sound unrealistic to me, at least from the technical aspects.


    1. Marcel says:

      I had a mistake in my last number and would like to apologize. Let’s check and calculate together. I’m intrigued about the scientific data and transmission of these.
      The 635Gb data was the number to begin with. I doubt it would be exactly 20 years of transmission, but for the easier calculation we stick to that. 635 divided by 7300 (20 multiplied with 365) gives us the amount of data per day. Which is 0,087Gb. 1 gigabyte equals 1024 megabytes, therefore we multiplay 0,087 with 1024. Now we have 89,08mb per day. To get the data per hour, we have to divide this by 24. This gives us 3,712mb per hour. Divided by 60 will give us the data per minute, which is 0,0619mb. Multiplied with 1024 will give us the kilobytes per minute, that’s 63,39kb. But I said per second, which is my mistake. We have to decide by 60 first to get the data rate per second. This equals 1,06kb/sec. I don’t know about the radio wave capacity, but 1kb is very very small. Just consider it is military/space exploration technology (despite the authenticity in your personal opinion), so it would have been better than commercial technology. Even though the other claims which NASA made, the scientific data transfer sounds legit to me.

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      1. In the video, a scientist says they got the ratios from Einstein’s work and Cassini proved Einstein to be right. They caculated according to Einstein…and it was a success! Now, how did Cassini take photos of Cassini. That’s what I want them to explain.


      1. Marcel says:

        You are referring to the videos on the website you included in the article I assume. Actually it is mentioned in a correct way as “Data-driven science visualizations and captivating digital animations”. The videos are neither real-time nor real or captured by Cassini itself.


  5. debjbalk says:

    I feel like such a “space cadet.” 🤪 Brain is swirling fast than Saturn’s rings! I’m outta my league, but will keep trying to understand NASA’s out-of-this-world stories🌍🛸🚀.

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    1. but if you expose the firnament is enclosed with a dome of protection…they are finished. All their plans are done, over. That is why it is such a threat. Come on… they are not riding a cart around on mars. Nor did 20 years of Cassini based on 1997 technology get them 5 billion miles before they ran out of gas right to the planet itself. And Titan? Good grief. But they lost the technology to go to the moon? Oh my head hurts. Lies.

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  6. Marcel says:

    Cassini can not take a picture of itself, that’s probably as authentic as the mars rover taking selfies. But the website quotes “Illustrations, artwork and infographics that reveal the inner workings of the Cassini mission.” It’s just computer generated, like the videos, but based on the data they collected. (I wasn’t able to reply to your comment, so I have to put it this way). I’m not planning to convince you of NASA’s authenticity, but it’s relatively simple physics just like the void of space. But you did mention the calculations for the route, that’s definitely a bit fishy to me as you still might encounter variables which can not be predicted, even if it’s just a tiny stone hitting the Cassini.

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    1. Oh Marcel, I have no doubt they did send it up into the wild blue yonder. It is the way they fill in the blanks I question…I am fascinated at all the energy the sun provides with all of its spectrum and what scientists have been able to harness and use. I just don’t like the cabal controling what can be used for good for distruction. And deceiving us as to what can be done like weather modification and tectonic plate shifting and acting like they don’t do it. And cloud seeding and spraying. And keeping everything so secret. It will all work out. Tesla is my favorite genius of all time. I do like technology, just not the harmful parts and not the weapons of mass destruction that have side affects on humans. Like 5G was a military weapons program…and without the proper shielding it will rob the Oxygen and affect our nervous systems. People die. I still believe that was the cause of the people getting sick and dropping dead in Wuhan. The 5G servers all laid out over miles and miles in Wuhan when they revved them up to launch their 5G in Europe everyone got COVID. I think they put it out to fast, to cover for the 5G sickness people experienced. I think they planned to release it closer to the elections. Just my thoughts on it.


      1. Marcel says:

        Well said to be honest, I totally agree to the first half of your comment. Although I have to say, energy weapons have to be pointed as far as I understand. Due to the high bandwidth of 5G it is basically a very short wave length (similar to microwave as mentioned most of the time). This makes it high energetic to carry all the data. But on the other hand it is supposedly a short distance only, that’s why there has to be many antennas in close proximity to give a good signal spread. This means you have to be close and within the direction of the antenna (probably like a satellite dish), just like the military uses. As long as you don’t install the antenna or use 5G next to your head, I doubt it’s going to be harmful.
        But in general, I want to add that almost every modern technology was first introduced by military science. Due to the high financial capacity and of course secrecy. But on the other hand, look at the internet for example. Built for the military to communicate, it’s now used for you and me to communicate. Even though it was intended to be used in destructive ways, it also can be used in positive ways.

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      2. The curious question there is…”When they released the technology for the internet, they had replaced that with something better” or so they said. What was it? Or was it to get us tracked was the something better? Either way… we are in their clutches bombarded by their narratives…first it was Radio fireside chats, then it was TV land, then internet. And Hollyweird all throughout. Now there are holograms and virtual C.G.I…….deception in reception.


  7. Marcel says:

    Interesting question, the infrastructure was already built up to the degree to spread the internet over the most modern countries. Considering the websites and software which uses or require the internet, social media is only one of them, there was for sure plans to expand the surveillance even to the level of mirroring the entire cables crossing the ocean. But you seem very negative, disappointed or even sad about most of it. You have to appreciate the good side of technology, use it for your own benefits. Actually you already do with your blog. I just like to thank you for the nice conversation, I did enjoy. But the comments for this topic seemed to reach the dead end already.


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