Everything is in constant motion. Much of it we cannot see with our naked eye. Does it mean it is not there? Even science answers this question with a no. Science has faith that neurons, electrons and protons exist, even though they cannot be seen. At CERN they are colliding the unseen things and watching the reactions and trying to figure out how all was created. How do we get into other dimensions? The dimensions unseen that must be there according to their thoughts of it being there. Yet, science will not see God in the creation even though it is seen in all he created.

ESA - ESA team blasts Intel's new AI chip with radiation at CERN

Which leads us to the real differences of opinion between those who believe in God and those who believe in only what they can see, which is hypocritical in itself, as much that science believes exists cannot be seen. Yet it is these factors that they labor night and day to figure out how to use, duplicate, and discover, and how to move about and travel through space and time as these invisible things travel. They call it Quantum physics. They have become the so called creators, yet what they are doing is discovering what has already been created, so they can become the creator of something with it.

CERN scientists get antimatter ready for its first road trip

They are more excited about having a theory and more concerned in what they have discovered, and less concerned in finding who created it all. They are consumed with the modern day tower of babel. Even planning what they will do when they enter through the wormhole, or portal to the dimension they believe exists but cannot see.

CERN investigating fake human sacrifice video filmed at HQ

All the while keeping secret the many things they have discovered, and proclaiming things that never transpired as having been done, all the while supporting it with fiction and not fact. With an idea and not proof. Announcing that things are billions of years old and all creation began with a big bang and clusters of micro objects unseen.

Facts About Tardigrades | How Do Water Bears Survive in Space? (

Perhaps the unseen things are heavenly and the creator is God? To proclaim this would be to shame science and allow all mankind to question and search and proclaim the promises given to humanity if only they seek him? Perhaps it is the same mindset of the Papacy council who proclaimed that if all the people read the Bible for themselves, then they would be as the theologians and have no need of them? Perhaps this is the beginning of secrecy? For if all knew that they can call on God through his Son and have the protection of all the angelic heavenly realm, then the devils plans would fall to the pits from which they came.

Fr. Georges Lemaitre, the father of modern cosmology. | Georges lemaître,  Science, Space and astronomy

There would be no need of any of their lies, for the truth would be both seen and felt. All the lies would be exposed and no one would follow their evil plans. Indeed the Kingdom of God would come and come swiftly. The people would gather and shout for truth once they realized the truth had been hidden, twisted, and replaced with theories, weapons of war, and enslavement.

Ponder the marvels of man made science and the flaws in their logic. Richard Feynman, Physicist could do both very well. He lectured on how it boils down to asking questions. The biggest question being “WHY?”

The trouble with science is that if all of mankind asked questions…they would lose the arguement. As it has been set up, the average man is shamed and labled an idiot for questioning science. Do you see how it works yet?

It is time to ask “WHY!”

Stay Strong!



  1. YeahYouRight says:

    Diane, I think you interchange “God” and “religion” erroneously here. Richard Feynman was among the many physicists and mathematicians who absolutely recognize that science has limits and can only explain so much. In fact, the farther you go in these related disciplines (economics for me) as a theoretician, the more glaringly obvious the existence of God becomes, as there can be no other explanation for the beautiful elegance of our world.

    The point of science is to ask why, propose a theory, test it, and either accept or reject the theory. It’s constantly evolving with our understanding and new discoveries. This is totally consistent with God. The bone you’re picking may be with the soft and political “social sciences,” ans the corruption that skews science more and more these days, but reasonable people can disagree without casting out all science for asking questions of the universe.


    1. Hey – slow down. I admire Richard Feynman. And have stated in posts why I admire him. Because, I care not that he was an athiest, but that he showed how a tiny question leads to huge answers. You misunderstood my reference to him. I like the way he thinks. I put him in the article so people can see how simple child like questions are all that are needed to come to an understanding of a thing.

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      1. The point is the secrecy of things. The cabal exposure. That is the club I speak of. Science is not all bad, Tesla’s technology was meant for good it was man that used it for gain. And should I say hid it for gain at the time in the scope of free energy. To me, science is proving God exists and man only discover God’s creation and not create it.

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      2. ahah…I went back and reread the sentence on Richard F. I see how you came to that…I restructured the sentence to clarify that he was an example of how to ask the simple questions to find the answers and flaws.


  2. Terry says:

    A group from MIT about 3 years ago maybe longer decided to try an redefine or re-calibrate Radio Carbon Dating. What they came up with was that radio carbon dating was relatively accurate up to 13,000 years but after that became in their words, very iffy. They also said that anything over 50,000 years was not reliable at all.

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  3. Terry says:

    Science tells us that the earth spins from west to east at about 930 mph at the equator. IF that is true then a non-stop flight from San Diego, CA to Miami, FL could never get there. Commercial airlines fly at a cruising speed of 520 mph. Much slower then the speed of 930 mph we are told by the scientists that the earth spins.

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  4. Science is one of the greatest achievements of our civilization. If it was not for science you were not allowed to have this blog and write your ideas in a way that can be shared by million of people around the earth. Science is based on 2 pillars: experience (data) and reason (logic). Science is behind everything you use and do everyday. We all should be grateful to science. Science has never been against God. Science is actually a very humble way to get closer the nature of God, to see better how God operate. to understand better its design. We will never fully see how God operates and we will never understand His design. Because God is the perfect scientist. And all the science we will ever create and discover is a minimal part of the science God is able to enact. Science does not dissolve the mystery. Instead it creates more powerful instrument to recognize it. Nature is written in mathematical character, Galielo says. That is true. Galileo believed in God. You want us to ask why. I agree. We must to ask why. Why God built nature using mathematical character? And our scientific effort and method could not be anything but an humble and respectful way to speak with God the language of God? Maybe one of the language of God? The language that God use when want to create thing?

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  5. Science will end, said Paul. Mathematics, a language almost as divine as music. Like engineering does justice to science, so music graces the creation with a gentle touch.

    But no tree would be heard falling deep in the forest if no man (observer) is there to hear the fall. And so, our discovery alters the music, our science deepens the mystery. The more we find out, the less we know. This is how knowledge works, and this is amazingly good, and humbling us to our healthy / godly position. Thus, we learn.

    Then came the shadow, the sons of shadows, with their religions, all of them. One is scientism –a religion of anything-goes-but-God. Before Soviet times, these guys were known as Nihilists. Then they changed their denominations to bolsheviks, communists, socialists, democrats, woke, etc. You can see their heads still talking if you waste time watching mainstream media. God willing, not for long. Because they were always a minority –the word bolshevik translates as ‘greater’ like what a great irony of a minority.

    “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you,” said Nietzsche.

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  6. inesnido says:

    In college I was the student that always raised their hand to ask questions and why of something. I actually gained the respect of many other students and most of my professors. I’m afraid today’s students are only shamed if they ask questions from their professors. This is so sad.

    So I spent the day watching the Nasa videos and some Charlie Ward videos and I am really amazed at how many lies I’ve been taught since I was a child. I remember standing in front of a little black and white television set watching the “ACTORS” walking on the moon and I was so shocked. I was only a little girl, but I thought it was so great!! Now I’m just ashamed of all the lies I naively believed. And the fact that, Yes, I do think the world is flat, now that I logically think about it. Doesn’t the Bible say that the earth is the foot stool of God?? How can something round, that rolls around, be the foot stool for anything?? It makes sense that he would use something steady to use as a foot stool. Dah!! How could I have been so gullible.

    Anyway, I think I may be in the fourth dimension after living in the 3rd dimension all my life. I can’t wait to see what the 5th dimension is like.

    About the vaccine non vaccine. Here is a video where you can get information on how to get a hold of a professional letter (free of charge) that you can either send to your doctor or ask him questions before telling him you don’t want the vaccine. I went on his website and printed out my copy of the letter.

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    1. I remember my dad laughing at the astronaunts bouncing. He would call us in and say, “Look they are bouncing again. Bouncing, bouncing, bouncing.” I would get upset with him for mocking them and tell him they are on the moon. He would point out things and I refused to listen. He pointed out… they drop the hammer and the feather and both land at the same time. Thud on the ground goes the hammer, and the feather lightly falls, but they can’t hold onto anything else because it floats away. He would laugh. He said the hammer and the feather are stuck on the ground, but he can’t even walk without bouncing, bouncing, bouncining and he weighs more than that hammer that just fell to the ground. I would get so angry at his mocking because I believed what I watched. He said things like, look at all the hooplah at the count down 10..9…8 reaching blast off and all the rockets it took to get the rocket off the ground….yet they land on the moon in a little pod. Bounce around and when they are ready to return millions of miles back to earth…the little pod just lifts up and zooms through space all the way back through all the stuff it traveled through back to earth. No blast off…just a lift up. He pointed out so many things. Today, I see he was right in all he said. How many, like I did defended it then and still do today. Now, we see the movie set up… my dad knew it was all fake set up then when it was happening. How many others knew then? I’m sure he wasn’t the only one.

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      1. inesnido says:

        Exactly!!. I think we were being indoctrinated and we didn’t know it until recently. I actually began waking up when Trump won the elections. I am still so naive, but everyday I am waking up!! Can’t wait to get to the 5th dimension.

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  7. marianne klink says:

    Dianne, as a former language teacher, I’d like to say you are unnecessarily sensitive about negative comments regarding your spelling, grammar, and syntax [mini-] errors! Your content more than makes up for it…I’d give you 100, deduct 1/2 point for errors, then add 30 points extra credit! What the heck — I’d go 50 for extra credit. Just a suggestion: It’s [note] impossible to edit your own writing!! I’d have written sooner, but I had no idea there was a link at the top of each report. Too busy devouring every word. ❤

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    1. The only way to acurately edit your own work, in my opinion, is to walk away from it for a length of time and then you have fresh eyes. The active mind reads past what you’ve written – it’s too close in your head – one of those half spelled words you fill in and know things. Thank you for the extra credit to compensate for the failures. Smile.

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  8. I remember hearing many years ago that there were about 300 scientists in Europe trying to discover the intelligence that wrote all the DNA. In their persistent, deliberate ignorance they refused to give God the glory that belongs to only Him. These scientists in their arrogance and vanity imagine themselves to be creators, when all they do is play with God’s creation. Texas Lady Juanita

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