Questions of the day…”What happened to the Colorado Shooter stories?”

WHAT THE HECK ARE THESE GUYS DOING AT THE BORDER? Who trusts Graham? Why are they in an armed boat?

Can you make two lists? One of what we can see and one of what we don’t see is being done? What would the lists look like?
Here we go again. I felt it coming on yesterday. They are now predicting another world wide toilet paper shortage. The question is…. will it happen? And what else will there be a shortage of, even though we have manufacturers of toilet paper in the USA and we are self sufficient with food and many other basic needs?



Are we watching the rise of the Arab Spring again? Is this from the Cabal’s Play Book? Is this another here we go again?

WILL ANYONE TAKE NOTICE OF THIS? Or will it go ignored?

Laredo CBP Officers Seize Methamphetamine Worth Over $2.6 Million at the Juarez-Lincoln Bridge…
1 Mar 2021 132+ pounds #methamphetamine with an estimated street value of $2,647,283 #CBP_enforcement #smuggling #K9 #NII qt-cbp-media-1357 #borderObserver

LAST BUT NOT LEAST – When will we hold our OUR GOVERNMENT AND CDC accountable for VACCINE DEATHS?

Hold the line and stay strong!



  1. Ran Man USA says:

    Most of this is political theater on steroids. It’s truly hard to recon with for most Americans, including myself, how these demons despise Christianity, and our beloved Country…these disgusting bottom feeding swamp Creatures will eventually have a rendezvous with destiny…when they have lunch with the lamb who had been slain…But Risen…buckle up.

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  2. irisheyes17 says:

    Sum1 asked, Why does Biden randomly start shoutin’?!?!

    His handlers fitted him with a shock collar and it jolts him when he starts babblin’…hahahaha…

    Re: Evergreen barge…the DOD tweeted watch the water…a few days day b4. Evergreen got stuck n the canal blockin’ the waterways…. and 2 tug bts named Baraka1 and Mosaed came 2 help get her bilge out…


    Q drop last yr said the same…Watch the water.

    The DOD and Q givn the same message?!?!



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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        zekesparkman, I jus hrd the US military r on their way 2 help with possibly unloadin’ all those containers…wonder what’s n them?!?!…mhm…

        I read it was a strong wind that blew Evergreen sideways n the canal…and the Baraka1 and Mosead tugs cudn’t help Evergreen…hahahaha…

        Re: The flat earth theory…it says n Isaiah, GOD sits on the circle of the earth.

        N Job it says, GOD stretches out the North and hangs the earth on nothing.

        From my take the earth, and all planets, sun moon and stars r circular, and r suspended n space…but I cud b wrong….don’think so though…

        I had a very strange dream sev mos ago and I was above the solar system lookin’ dwn and I saw the planets were orbitin’ around the sun…it was xactly as I had seen n Science bks n school…I saw the whole solar system….

        Jus my xperience…don’t know why that dream… but I’ll leave it at that…hahahaha…

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  3. irisheyes17 says:

    Goog keeps blockin’ out the link I’ve givn 4× now…it’s SGT REPORT and nterview with Juan O Savin…

    It’s forbiddenknowledgetv

    That’s all I can giv, or my comment gets tkn dwn…

    THE VID:


    Mayb y’all can find it…

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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        YAY!!! that’s come everytime I gave the link it went POOF!!…disapeared…like 4×?!?!…enough already!!!

        That happens when I giv the link 4 andweknow….they must b flaggin’ them on their motherbrd…or their mothership..,whatevah!!!

        2 me Juan doesn’t sound real optimistic…

        JUS SAYIN’

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  4. zekesparkman says:

    A comment earlier asked ” Does the Bible say the antichrist will rule all the world? w/this cabal, ” My friends, I feel like their day has come and gone, you could make a strong case , they did for a long time. Tim Lahaye and the Left Behind Series painted a different picture. That was the narrative they hoped for and I wanna say we have passed into the 7th day or Kingdom age, sometime around 2012. Heaven seems to be manifesting as exposure to the darkness that is occurring has to be from the Father. To show it before he mows it. 🙂 Darkness for sure is in retreat. Maybe I am wrong, but like the days of Noah, as Christ says this would be. Every where you look. its a catastrophe, yet I feel more confident in Salvation then ever. Enoch never saw a tribulation of God’s family. He saw justice. So time will tell , if the light keeps getting brighter…..

    one more thing… i followed most conspiracies but laughed at the chem-trail one, thinking how preposterous this had to be, but turned out to be the only one you could visually verify. They are spraying the **** out of us. So I’m open to flat earth theory. Byrd and Antarctica, sounds legit. I have a novice telescope and once one of the planets was close and visible to the naked eye(i cant remember which,venus) . with the telescope you can see this planet is a sphere really far away, am I looking through the firmament ? It would seem they are moving around us, cuz they come and go?? we are probably lied to about space more then anything, I really dont know?? Im gonna post a excerpt about the star gates that Dianne talked about earlier(Cern).,, Its crazy but true, there are so many particle accelerators on Earth , like 10k’s , this is their space travel, through some sort of portals. Not through rocket fuel.

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    1. Zekesparkman, I have been going down rabbit holes all my life in one form or another, and steadily most all my adult life. Open to learning the other sides of things to see what they are about. When I first heard flat earth…on You Tube I would eye roll and flip it. Looking at it as psyop crazy no better than flying saucers. Then one day I was working on something else and listening to a youtube and it ended and started the next one. It was on Flat earth…I was busy writing and just ignored it and then as the person was talking he was relating it to the Bible in Genesis and what I heard grabbed my attention. I listened as I finished my work and then switched over and watched it. It was Rob Skiba. I later reread Genesis and it was an eye opener. It actually backed up the book of Enoch who was taught the course of the sun, moon and stars for the numbering of days, weeks, months, years and seasons, etc. This started a massive research and discovering the things I remembered in my youth. The big bang was always a theory so is evolution yet they teach it like it is a fact. The circle map was always used up until 1959. Then they put a globe into all the classrooms and mandated teaching the earth was a spinning globe. There is so much more….but I found this video to look at…it was not the one I first saw…this one wraps many things together. I think I will write on it…but it is a vast subject…for Admiral Byrd and the Book of Enoch go hand in hand. It explained a few things in Enoch.

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      1. Jean says:

        Amen, Dianne, same here! Looking forward to your findings on the Subject! We have been lied to all our lives! Thank you! Keep The Faith!

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  5. zekesparkman says:

    Secret Projects,
    CERN, Plasma Beam Weapons and Linear Accelerators
    CERN is not the only place they are creating black holes or forming stargates. Linear accelerators are in many places. What they are using them for is forming stargates and portals into other worlds. The details are not clear, but the discoveries of J.B. Micheals are very helpful in bringing this into focus: He writes:
    There is more then one way to shoot down vehicles and track invading aircraft. And there’s a way to form vortexes or wormholes to allow for travel between dimensions. There are quark-gluon plasma weapons that can change space-time and provide for entry by races standing by.
    In an accelerator, bare nuclei will rotate in opposite directions in a circular tunnel at nearly the speed of light and then collide. As this happens, an incredible amount of energy, approximately 100 billion electron volts per nucleon, will be produced. At that moment, a substance called quark-gluon plasma will be produced. To reach this explosive point of impact, ions as heavy as gold will begin their journey through the New York state’s Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, or RHIC, through a series of three increasingly more powerful accelerators, beginning with the Tandem Van de Graaff, then the Tandem to Booster, and finally, the Alternating Gradient Synchroton. From there, the ions will be extracted in bunches and transferred to one of the two collider rings. At six points, where the beams cross, particles will collide tens of thousands of times a second. One of the breakthroughs is that these collisions can be make to occur outside the accelerator by crossing several beams. There are six alternative tunnels and particle conduits that extend to the surface. The amount of energy being produced when this plasma is generated is beyond your imagination. It is insignificant it only involves a few particles, but for some reason it spreads, begins to internally generate more plasma, we are looking at a chain reaction that would make Hiroshima look like a firecracker. This chain reaction could create a rift in the space-time continuum. The effects of such a rift, are beyond the abilities of modern-day physics to comprehend.”
    -Micheals, JB (2014-06-01)
    (pulled from Rebel Gene: Secret Space and the Future of Humanity) Project Camelot


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