Last week, former President Donald Trump told an adviser that he “would never” allow the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to hold a meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, as the Biden administration scheduled for March 18. But Biden, did it anyway and it did not go well. If it happened at all? Remember, we know nothing about what is and what is not REALLY taking place. But, Biden supposedly sent his best to negotiate…and that went not so well. Can Biden do some “they won’t get the money until they do this or that” junk like he did in Ukraine? It doesn’t look like it…remember, Joey is China’s Panda boy.

Psaki confirms US-China summit in Alaska next week
But the Truman Show…oops, I mean the Biden Show decided to do its’ own thing and they are not so smart, they are a rather stupid lot. But, hey virtual’s been working here and the media says they are fantastic, so what could go wrong? Plenty when they re-enter the real world and quit playing their green screen games with a lapdog cabal run media. The cabal never had China in their pocket, they only used each other, both sides for personal gain. Now it’s down to who will survive the next moves. It sure appears that China may be unsure if the Cabal is in charge or losing….??

According to Jack Posobiec, they ripped the Biden presidency into pieces on the mess the USA is sitting in. So it was, according to Jack, a USA fail.

If it really took place at all…

Either this is another CGI green screen, complete with tripping … or a set of stairs in front of a green screen and he blundered his climb. But…question all things. So, if this was real, do you really believe fake news would be showing it? Who is showing this and why? Is this part of the show?
Meanwhile, back at the Anchorage meeting, China had fun slapping the Biden Democracy around like an unwanted rag doll.

BIDEN VIRTUAL REALITY SHOW SETS THE STAGE FOR CHINA DREAM TO TAKE DOWN AMERICA. Biden is China’s stoodge, the black mail on this guy is off the charts so he will have to VIRTUALY DO AS TOLD.

So, there is the Biden international woe for the day.

And then again the Republican Party isn’t looking very promising either…remember the CPAC where we had Golden Trump and the media frenzy with that? But, at least we had the national anthem…..remember?

Stay strong and know that God is in charge and whatever this show brings… God will use it for HIS GOOD NOT THERES!



  1. C says:

    (I posted this before) “Here’s a thought, when it is revealed that Biden, Harris and Pelosi are impostors, who does that leave to take over, Iowa farmer, Chuck Grassley.
    Who would of thought he would be the one to “awake” the nation! 😉”

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  2. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    It is written in Gods Word of many kings (those of authority) who opposed each other yet became allies, and many became allies but are NOT.

    You are so correct Dianne that this “virtual” show must go on according to Gods Word. “…Repent, and turn yourselves from all your transgressions; so iniquity shall not be your ruin. Cast away from you all your transgressions, whereby ye have transgressed; and make you a new heart and a new spirit: for why will ye die,….” “…even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.”

    We are living in a perilous time here in the states, and on earth. We have allowed evil to completely control our country now, to take it down to the pit. Jehovah the Almighty is not known by those who (eyes/ears closed to the truth) and allow it (those in power of the iniquity) to run US into ruin.

    But God…we walk with Him and He walks us through this hell fire, as he did with the three friends of Daniel.

    “tell the truth, the whole truth…so help us God.”

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  3. irisheyes17 says:

    This might blow y’all minds, but I bleve Xi has been wrkn’ with Pres Trump 2 bring dwn the cabal n China…I do not bleve Xi is anythin’ but a figure head…

    Sum1 else is controllin’ the CCP…and I do not bleve it’s Xi…

    I remember a tweet from Pres Trump at the onset of the China virus, thankin’ Xi…WTH?!?!….why wud Trump thank Xi and 4 what?!?!…mhm…

    I also bleve Putin is wrkn’ with Trump 2 brin’ dwn the cabal…that’s why the globalist h8 Putin…he’s not 1 of them!!

    I saw the vid of Pres Trump and Putin, when Putin gave Pres Trump a soccer ball, and said, “The ball is n ur crt, Mr. Pres.!”…

    Every1 thought that ball had an mbedded chip n it that wud reveal many crimes by the dems…but if y’all look at the ball, the patches r n the shape of the molecular structure of adrenachrome…white rabbits…wish I cud show y’all a pic…they were red and white…

    It was a message from Putin that only he and Trump understood…as I watced that vid, I knew there was sumthin’ more 2 that than meets the eye…

    The cabal r ntrenched n the UK…I remember a Q drop 2 yrs ago that simply said, CASTLE LOCK, and gav a d8…xactly 1 yr l8r 2 the day, it was reported wrld wide that the Queen had been loct out of the Castle…

    How did Q know that and more mportantly, who loct her out?!!!..hahahaha…

    This is a very strange movie we’re watchin’ with even stranger actors…with a fake pres, who is nothin’ but a CGI…usin’ green screens and the whole wrld is watchin’ this farce…and they rn’t buyin’ it either…hahahaha…

    The clip of cadaver joe wlkn’ out supposedly from the WH 2 answer ?’s from the reporters shows the top prt of cadaver’s head disappears…it happend b4 when he supposedly was walkin’ thru the WH (he aint there!) and the top prt of his head seems 2 disappear…hahahaha…


    Mayb sumtime he’ll jus totally disappear!!….hahahaha…

    I’m w8n’ 4 that…POOF!!…he’s gone!!!

    At 1st I thought it was jus sloppy editin’, but now I’m thinkin’ mayb dliberate sabotage!!!…mhm…


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    1. irisheyes17 says:

      Btdubbs, Pres Trump also cut the strings of the cabal/CIA controllin’ NK…Kim and Trump 4med a friendship, that the cabal did not like…

      Kim and Pres Trump covo’d by letters, not ph convo, cuz Trump knew the DEEP ST8 was monitorin’ his calls…

      And Kim is rippin’ on dementia joe…

      And Putin is challengin’ dementia joe 2 a live dbate….well barely alive 4 dementia joe…hahahaha…

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    2. isolatedinsmalltown says:

      I agree irish17. Now how about this thought? When Trump okayed the vaccination on Fox interview the other night, what if this is a distraction for his game of chess? People are all freaked out about it, yet, what if what Charlie Ward is correct about med beds? If people die naturally with or without the vaccine, yet, there are millions of ‘injuries’, perhaps these injuries are basically harmless?

      This is from Health Impact this morning: (from the UK):

      534 Dead 330,063 Reported Injured following COVID19 Experimental Vaccine Injections in the U.K.
      That’s a lot of ‘reported’ injuries….what about the ‘unreported’ injuries? Are they a bunch of babies that go running to a hospital? Let’s check out the injuries:

      From the Pfizer vaccination:

      For the COVID-19 mRNA Pfizer- BioNTech vaccine analysis they report:

      2500 Blood disorders including 1 death
      1226 Cardiac disorders including 27 deaths
      5 Congenital disorder
      893 Ear disorders (?)
      14 Endocrine disorders
      1489 Eye disorders (?)
      11,193 Gastrointestinal disorders including 13 deaths
      30,533 General disorders including 114 deaths
      21 Hepatic disorders
      560 Immune system disorders
      2210 Infections including 38 deaths
      500 Injuries including 1 death
      1142 Investigations(?)
      629 Metabolic disorders including 1 death
      13,624 Muscle & tissue disorders including 1 death
      27 Neoplasms
      19,142 Nervous system disorders including 17 deaths
      39 Pregnancy conditions including 1 death
      1499 Psychiatric disorders (oh oh, here we go)
      227 Renal & urinary disorders
      442 Reproductive & breast disorders (?)
      3276 Respiratory disorders including 15 deaths
      7308 Skin disorders including 1 death
      24 Social circumstances (w.t.h?)
      67 Surgical & medical procedures
      1205 Vascular disorders including 1 death

      Total reactions for the COVID-19 mRNA Pfizer- BioNTech vaccine: 237 deaths and 100,809 injuries

      For the COVID-19 vaccine Oxford University/AstraZeneca analysis they report:

      1287 Blood disorders including 1 death
      2200 Cardiac disorders including 38 deaths
      19 Congenital disorders
      1424 Ear disorders
      42 Endocrine disorders
      2499 Eye disorders
      25,613 Gastrointestinal disorders including 5 deaths
      80,954 General disorders including 163 deaths
      41 Hepatic disorders
      633 Immune system disorders
      4382 Infections including 40 deaths
      1086 Injuries including 1 death
      2767 Investigations (what exactly does this mean?)
      2952 Metabolic disorders including 2 deaths
      27,948 Muscle & tissue disorders
      21 Neoplasms including 1 death
      49,655 Nervous system disorders including 20 deaths
      25 Pregnancy conditions
      4046 Psychiatric disorders(I don’t know doc, but I feel like a dog today).
      641 Renal & urinary disorders including 1 death
      354 Reproductive & breast disorders
      6040 Respiratory disorders including 12 deaths
      12,803 Skin disorders
      52 Social circumstances
      170 Surgical & medical procedures including 1 death
      1843 Vascular disorders including 3 deaths
      Total reactions for the COVID-19 vaccine Oxford University/AstraZenec vaccine: 289 deaths and 228,337 injuries

      Shouldn’t this be the Johnson & Johnson one? My understanding is that this is one time, one jab, NOT a series of two spaced apart.

      For the COVID-19 vaccine brand unspecified analysis they report:

      3 Blood disorders
      4 Cardiac disorder including 1 death
      9 Ear disorders
      13 Eye disorders
      89 Gastrointestinal disorders
      324 General disorders including 4 deaths
      1 Hepatic disorders
      2 Immune system disorders
      13 Infections including 1 death
      7 Injuries
      12 Investigations
      30 Metabolic disorders
      87 Muscle & tissue disorders
      199 Nervous system disorders
      24 Psychiatric disorders
      8 Renal & urinary
      1 Reproductive & breast disorders
      26 Respiratory disorders including 2 deaths
      57 Skin disorders
      1 Social circumstances
      7 Vascular disorders
      Total reactions for the COVID-19 vaccine brand unspecified vaccines: 8 deaths and 917 injuries.

      Total deaths combined from the above: 534….If I lived in the UK, and forced to get a vaccine shot, I would pick the c-19 vaccine BRAND UNSPECIFIED….I wonder what’s in it?

      534 Dead 330,063 Reported Injured following COVID19 Experimental Vaccine Injections in the U.K.

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    3. Henry Acres says:

      You might be on the right avenue there Irish…makes one think of things going on in the past, and when we as a world haven’t had to many if any war’s and Trump’s handshakes of most of the Middle Eastern bloc, it all seems to fit…oh, and here’s your soccer ball…

      More…search in duckduckgo for …putin’s soccer ball…

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    1. irisheyes17 says:

      I watched a clip of a mashup of all the FAKE NEWS journos all at the same time ‘reportin’ on a story and they were all sayin’ the xact same wrds…n stereo…hearin’ all of them syncd 2gether…. every1 of them…it was a trip!!..wish I cud show the vid but Youtube took it dwn!!!

      Givs a whole new meanin’ 2 what Q calls the MOCKINGBIRD NEWS MEDIA…hahahahaha…

      They get their ‘talkin points’ @ 4 am from a drop box from the CIA…and most FAKE NEWS r CIA-trained…if not CIA themselves!!!

      Oh, and watch the ‘false flag’ events with gun shootin’ 2 help the dems push their gun ban bills…they always stage a false flag shootin’ when they’re tryin’ 2 shuv more gun bans at y’all…

      It jus happnd with the man who shot and killed Asians…watch 4 the dems and FAKE NEWS 2 tell y’all that’s why they need 2 pass their gun bills, which r nothin’ more than outright gun ban…

      RIGHT ON Q…PUN NTENDED!!!…hahahaha…

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  4. These holograms and green screens are doing a helluva job destroying our country.
    They are doing. a helluva job robbing us of our liberties and freedoms.
    They’re doing a helluva good job of flooding the country with illegals .
    They’re doing a helluva good job of making our military bow to their Marxist agenda.
    They’re doing a helluva job of throwing billions of taxpayer money to strengthen their agenda.
    They did a helluva job giving Iran back the keys for nukes.
    They did a. helluva job bombing Syria.
    They did a helluva with the Keystone pipeline
    They did a helluva job locking up Patriots and throwing away the key.
    They’re doing a helluva job preparing for trillions for a Green New deal..
    That will be the nail in the coffin for any chance of future financial stability.

    Yes. the videos are bs and deceptive but for what purpose?
    We all know it’s not Biden running the country.
    But the reality isn’t in the green screens or holograms.
    The reality is what is fact. The facts are outlined above and are met with
    zero facts of any military opposition.
    If special forces are behind the scenes I’d like to see something
    happen before it’s to late.
    Certainly we would be seeing some sort of action, don’t you think.
    Myanmar certainly did what they are supposed to do.
    We are not going to vote or legislate ouf way out of a hostile takeover.
    I am a believer in JESUS CHRIST, I no longer trust our government
    and I believe our military is under their command.
    Arrests should have been made by now.
    This isn’t a matter of patience, it’s a matter of the reality of what is truly happening.
    This is a time for GOD’S PEOPLE to come together, like never before.

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    1. Anna Huber says:

      So true. We are like the frog starting out in warm water. By the time we wait and wait, we will be boiling and it will be too late. WTH is wrong with us. No one is coming to help. We the people have to do it.

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      1. Just a word of encouragement says:

        Mark:4:36: And when they had sent away the multitude, they took him even as he was in the ship. And there were also with him other little ships.
        Mark:4:37: And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full.
        Mark:4:38: And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him, Master, carest thou not that we perish?
        Mark:4:39: And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.
        Mark:4:40: And he said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?
        Mark:4:41: And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another, What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?

        Joshua:1:9: Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

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    1. Ri-chard says:

      Also, who was it that called the police and what was that reason? A potential crime had already been committed by the drug user, the use of Monopoly money as legal tender.

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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        What I wanna know is why when pres cadaver fell so many × dint sum1 go 2 help that elderly man?!?!

        Is it cuz it’s a virtual scene and no1 is actually there?!?!

        JUS ASKIN’…hahahaha….


  6. Henry Acres says:

    I found this site awhile back…and yeah, I have found some faults with it as is the INET these days, but it’s interesting to use for measuring the left vs. the right sites and who they are owned by etc.

    My hometown paper is right on the money in their scope of things, whereas one of the main news channels to whom I quit watching years ago, is in their eye’s, very informative, which made me laugh…they are so left they are almost falling off the map…enjoy!!

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    1. Ri-chard says:

      When the grifters started promoting the ZIM Redemption I called my financial advisor at Stansberry Research and was told, if it sounds too good to be true, walk away because China is printing the new Zimbabwe currency in exchange for tangibles of oil and diamonds? Nice Redemption of hopium.

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  7. Henry Acres says:

    Ah, come on man…lol

    And, here I thought the good ol’ Internet was offering me a pot of gold…damn..!! Guess I’ll go climb back to the old hole and sift some more dirt.

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