The lesson in the Book of Daniel chapter 5 is a strong message for all on earth this very day. It’s a must watch as we see how God takes charge and says, enough is enough. Know this, God is not mocked and he prophecied this day. Daniel was shown the statue with the feet and toes of miry clay. I see a stone uncut by human hands and it is on its way…. READY TO STRIKE!

Many have been asking where to find the book of Enoch. Here is an audio book of the Book of Enoch for those who want to hear what the words are for the last generation, which appear to be us.

In these days of uncertainty, the only place to find the truth about what is taking place is in the Word of God for it is throughout both the old and new testaments and even in the books that were censored by the early fact checkers. Please enjoy these fact checkered censored words and know that we now understand what happened then and what has happened all along the way up to this day. Solomon was correct indeed, there is nothing new under the sun.

Another book so revealing is the book of Jasher. Enjoy reading the censored book by the same cabal offshoots that censor us today. There are many truths in the Book of Jasher that answer questions of Genesis. Lots of Details.

Learn the rest about Nimrod and his rising up and what happened to this great grandson of Noah.

Nimrod in history and today, still in our faces… secret societies know him…we aren’t supposed to know who he is. Seed of Cush who was seed of Ham who was seed of a woman who was of the seed of Cain, but who followed the ways of God. The book of Jasher explains it all. Read it here: Book of Jasher, Chapter 1 (

God bless and stay strong…God is in charge!



    1. Julie says:

      God bless you Diane!
      Thank you so much for sharing God’ Word as you place a seed in all who read this.
      I appreciate you giving the link’s to the lost Word’s of God.
      Be blessed!

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  1. Ed says:

    Hi folks, for your convenience, I have uploaded to the BOX.APP copies of the Book of Yasher and the Book of Enoch.

    If you wish to search and download yourself, all these books (and more) can be found on Internet Archive. You can also try Open Library and Google. (There is a word of caution with reference to a copy of the Book of Yasher by one Albinus Alcuin which is regarded as fraudulant)

    Book of Yasher
    There are 3 copies of the Book of Yasher. Although named differently 2 are printed by Noah & Gould New York and appear the same. The “Real Book of Yasher” is a facsimile of the New York printing. Probably an easier read.

    Book of Enoch
    2 copies from RH Charles, the 3rd by George Schodde

    Here is the link

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  2. Nimrod’s mother was a hamite and not from the seed of cain. You cannot and will not understand the book of genesis, without understanding the book of enoch, reason being is because there are too many missing pieces in the book of genesis. Why do you think noah/jabal never seeked counsel from his father lamech who died an unrighteous man at age 777. Yes that’s the same lamech:”of cain is to be avenged then lamech seventy times and sevenfold. The fall started around the time of jared the mingling of seeds with the sons of God(Seth) and sons of men(cain). These ppl b4 the flood were not ordinary humans as of today they were superior to us in wisdom and knowledge, so ppl would’ve considered them to be gods and demigods “mighty ones men of fame”. Lamech from the seed of cain were one of those ppl who decided to mix bloodlines and took 2 wives he produced 4 offspring Jabal/Noah, Jubal, Tubalcain/Azazel and Naamah who eventually became Noah’s wife.
    If you need to know more you can contact me Dianne.


      1. Robert G Boensch says:

        Thank You
        I added this may by more followers might be interested

        40 We did, however, seize this woman and asked who the young man was, 41 but she would not tell us. These things we testify.”
        Because they were elders of the people and judges, the assembly believed them and condemned her to death.

        42 Then Susanna cried out with a loud voice, and said, “O eternal God, you know what is secret and are aware of all things before they come to be;



  3. Nimrod’s mother was a hamite and not from the seed of cain. You cannot understand the book of genesis until you fully understand the book of Enoch. The book of Enoch is pretty much the missing pieces of the book of genesis from Adam- the flood. Why do you think that noah never seeked counsel from his father lamech? Because lamech was an unrighteous man from the lineage of cain who died at age 770. Yes that’s the same lamech from genesis 4 v24 “if seven times cain be avenged, then lamech seventy times and sevenfold”. When the fall occurred the sons of God (Seth) and the sons of men (cain) started mingling and mixing blood lines during the days of jared the fatherof Enoch. These men who lived before the flood were not as humans of today, but they were more advanced in wisdom and knowledge that’s why people considered them to be gods or demigods (genesis 6v4)”mighty ones who were of old, men of fame”. Lamech of the seed of cain decided to mixed blood lines , so he took 2 wives and produced 4 offsprings. Jabal/Noah who was the first shepherd who gathered all of God’s flock, Jubal/Nir, Tubalcain/Azazel forger of every sort of tool of copper and iron he made instruments of war and Naamah who eventually became Noah’s wife.


  4. Ri-chard says:

    Ahhh Dianne, this is great for the open and uncluttered minds. IMHO, to read and know why these books were banned from the bible is to know they didn’t want us to know our human story, who we are and were to be. You will better be able to identify the Fallen Watchers, the seed of Them and the followers of Them. Points of interest related to the geography and topography of our earth. This will also give many who understand these descriptive events the knowledge of why Jesus had to come and be our teacher…
    Here is a list of the other books the inventors of Catholicism don’t want our children to read.

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  5. So you’re somewhat right because Ham, Shem and japheth’s mother and father both had the seed of Seth and cain. But if you trying to single out Ham and making it seems as if he had a different mother from Shem and japheth, then you’re wrong. And just to be clear I’ve read the book of jasher and you can’t compare it to the Book of Enoch.


    1. debjbalk says:

      Oh my, oh my!!!! Okay, now I wait while peeps step forward and explain, justify, and excuse it away into a trash heap. The enemy is keeping folks super busy coming up with ways to pile on their trash heap with all their conniving, evil, deceitful tactics.. Yes, that’s not a typo. Enemy is exactly how I perceive them. And, BTW… trash is still trash, regardless if it’s on full display or if others desperately try to pile it into a heap. Wait now!
      Here it comes………..

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      1. No one seems to understand what CGI is or what they are capable of putting together in special affects. But, there are always hidden little things for those with eyes to see. Little bloopers that weren’t bleeped out. At least those you speak of are looking at something. Smile.

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      2. Like when the guy Richard filmed the south lawn and nothing was happening at the very same time they were filming from the south lawn… the live TV it was a bit sunny…not bright, but a whole lot brighter than in the photos. Yet, we see the live empty lawn…and people choose to believe the illusion. Why? That is the real question. The second question to ask, why do some of those defending the “prosperity pastors that have a direct link to God and you don’t – their words not mine…” defend also the CGI news shots? Maybe we can end the double blind lab experiment…for the Lord said…”Matthew 24:24
        King James Version
        24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Now this he speaks of are not just false messiah types…these are also false prophets….where have we seen these types deceiving the elect of God? Deceiving the born again Christians? Deceiving those who are called out? These who are being deceived have had their false ones tell them this means an anti-christ (mostly singular only one who will come and deceive) having little discernment to see that those who are beguiling them are fulfilling this warning right in their faces.

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      3. And that one…that one singular anti christ will appear at the time of some floating 7 years of tribulation. Tell that to the first followers of the way who were skinned alive in the Circus in Rome. Tell that to those who were tortured and slain for their faith. Tell that to all who have died for their faith in horrendous ways all throughout the last 2,000 years and yet still tortured and slain this very day. While we have been passed over with the Lord’s hand of protection…our complacency and going along with the rules and ways of the world have pushed that hand of protection far away and provoked its’ gentleness to the point of reshaping it into a fist that has pounded down on the earth and shaking it up. Meanwhile, most say the Lord delays his coming and nothing will happen until we get the president we voted for back. And some have the gal to blame Trump for their own fruit of complacency! The confusion that is befalling a lot of Christians at this hour is the result of following along with the modernized version of worship, which appears to be watching another form of show. Brought to us by lukewarm shepherds who have made church a lucrative corporate business, many filling their own vatican styled coffers with golden private jets, lavish homes, six figure cars because God has blessed them through donations from the poor and easily led. They sneer at those who aren’t giving what they demand and curse them like a sorcerer or witch if they don’t give all they demand. Some even tell the people their life is under a curse because they have not given all they can and held back from God. Well, God isn’t on TV he is in my heart and he is telling me these folks are deceivers and not of him. All the while the starving children are seen eating mash. (But pastor needs a new private jet to go where and do what?) Can’t they just hire a private charter? And still the children are carrying water from the river. How many wells have our donations really dug? They said only a few dollars will feed a hungry child for a month. Yet, no amount of money can feed these hungry wolves they are always starving for more and more and more. I’ll stop there. Open your eyes and see.

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      4. debjbalk says:

        Dianne, I cannot thank you enough for restating some of the exact points that I’m wrestling with. I know my earlier comment was sarcastic & bratty….and I own all of my downer attitude. I’m just so mad at Satan and at myself. This war we are in…..I know we will win it because GOD WINS. At the same time, though, I feel like I’m watching us lose a few battles in the meantime by giving the devil an opening, a foothold. I’m sure we’ll work through it though. I’m also mad at myself, but I’m going to own up to the choices I’ve made, and I’m going to reach for higher ground with God’s help. I’ve fallen for the very teachings you’ve spoken about. In my time of soul searching (so far….still searching), I’ve discovered where I went wrong. When it began about 6 years ago, I remember discerning that these aren’t beliefs I hold. However, someone I love was inundating me with books, CD’s, and DVD’s from teachers I’d never heard from before. So, part of me, SOLD OUT and I dove into them thinking, “I’ll just take what I need from these, and leave the rest.” Well, that didn’t work…their beliefs, over time, influenced me greatly…and, oh my gosh, so many scripture lessons were taken out of context, twisted and turned inside out. What I’ve discovered is that I compromised….I let my itching ears indulge the fact that I was being “spoon fed,” rather than digging into the Word for myself…. Why bother when I can plug in this DVD and this preacher will tell me how to think, believe and act. OH MY GOSH!!! Wake up, Debby…. OKAY… I’m awake now. After my initial soul searching these last few days, my next step is going to be to PURGE my shelves of all these teachings. I’m determined to get down to GOD, HIS WORD, maybe a good Concordance, and ME. ALONE…. STUDYING…. DIGGING… LISTENING TO HIM and not allowing myself to be hand fed the beliefs of other preachers. While I am NOT pleased with this path I’ve been on, I am grateful for the difficult lessons, the faithfulness of God to bring me to today, and am excited to turn this corner and grow deeper into God’s TRUTH. I hope by sharing this that someone else might want to brave a similar journey… maybe someone out there needs to turn a corner too….I’d be blessed to know that together, we’re searching a new path, turning away from a misleading direction, and turning toward VICTORY in JESUS. And it’s in His name, I offer this testimony… AMEN!!! P.S. Yesterday, was my 39th anniversary of the day I opened my heart and life to a personal relationship with Jesus…. What a perfect present to give myself (and my Lord) as I celebrate this momentous occasion…. on a path of victory where God’s truth abounds….Hallelujah & Amen!

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      5. Amen!! Been there done that too! That is why I have such a passion to expose it. Once you see what has been done you can’t unsee it. That goes for God especially! Let no man interpret for you says the scriptures! There are many a pastor that will glare at you like Copeland and all but SMACK YOU DOWN…there’s your SMACKDOWN! AND the do smack and give you curses like a Haitian Voodoo Queen. They curse through the TV. THEN TELL YOU GOD WILL NOT BLESS YOU IF YOU DON’T DO THIS OR THAT. THINGS GOD NEVER SAID! Each word is a curse on their own heads. THAT IS NOT JUDGEMENT…I AM SAYING WHAT THEY DO. THAT IS EXPOSING THEM. DISCERNMENT. God said he would gather his sheep and teach them himself and he is!!!! AMEN!!!

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      6. Ri-chard says:

        And then they say, take a fist full of dollars and through them against the wall. the ones that stick belong to you and the ones that fall are mine.

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  6. Jean says:

    Dianne, thank you for sharing this Article with Videos of the Great Books hidden from us. These are three good Teachers who are very good on teaching these and books in the Bible also, line by line, you can find them on Duck Duck Go
    Parable of the Vineyard, Adam Finch….. Kingdom in Context, Sean Griffin and Hanging on His Word, Ken H from Canada, if someone is interested?!? They are excellent! Amen!

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  7. Randy says:

    Here are some interesting videos of Dr. Michael Heiser, author of “Supernatural,” “The Unseen Realm,” and “Reversing Hermon” discussing “The Book of Enoch” and “The Book of Jasher”:


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