Remember everything that was in place to take down President Trump and all of the little people were also the same things that were needed to take down the Cabal, should White hats decide to turn the tables. All the SUPER SPY STUFF from the NSA, CIA, FBI, fake propaganda media, infiltrated Pentagon, all the Departments from Defense to Homeland Security. All was in place from Big Pharma, Big Food, the FDA, the EPA, down to the dumbed down sheeple, to the thugs on the street. The senate was doing their RINO job of not vetting the Trump administration’s new heads of anything and good old Jeff Sessions recused himself of his Attorney General duties. The war was on and how each side reacted and countered was based on what the other side used first. So, this escalated into this type of throw the sphaghetti on the wall and see what sticks battle zone.

Ryan, VP Pence, et al, had plans to oust the President in a coup and put Pence as Pres. and make Ryan the V.P. That treasonous plan fortunately failed. I’m sure Trump knew all about it from the start. He is no ones fool. So are you seeing how this war began yet? This is a very different type of warfare, using cyber, spyware, thugs on the ground, traitors, Governors, Mayors, agitators, congress and senate persons, all the alphabets including the FDA, IRS, the Pentagon, and all the departments and the other two foreign corporations (London and the Vatican), wealthy men who worship Baal and sacrifice in the groves have lots of money and lots of friends that owe them lots of things. Secret societies always get their way, they have from the beginning of time, so why not now? We have the Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, and the Foundations from Gates, Ford, Rockefeller, a bunch of them, and of course Wallstreet, the Central Banks House of Rothschilds, and Soros who does their bidding and funds all their thugs so the rich and powerful never have to be bothered with such trifels.

I don't even know what to say... so much to unpack here... : Cringetopia

War has been raging on both sides the White hats and the Black hats. Or good versus evil…we the people versus the cabal. The difference was and is how they maneuver through what is thrown at them to win or counter. Without Trump waking up the sleeping giant known as the silent majority…. Trump would never have been able to win for you.

For all those who believe Trump entered the political ring to keep patriots at bay….think again. WE WERE MOSTLY ALL SLEEPING AND IT WAS A VERY DEEP SLEEP!! Why wake up a sleeping giant? It makes NO SENSE! The evangelical church was pumping out “don’t worry be happy” and “tithe to get rich quick”. It was a dog eat dog and no one was saying a word…they were spell checking to make sure the politically correct phrase was used as not to offend ANYONE.

So as time went by, Trump woke up the giant and turned the media on its head by pointing out they were all fake. He tutored Americans on what was taking place right before their eyes and what was going on. The obvious things. Trust me, we weren’t ready to hear all the other stuff we are learning now. We still thought we could vote things out. Very few had a clue as to the corruption that went on even in the Reagan years. Not a clue.

So, when President Trump said to Laura Ingraham, some time back before the election (August 31, 2020) when she asked who was funding all of the BLM, ANTIFA and Anarchists, Trump answered, “These are names of people you wouldn’t know. They’re people you never heard of. Laura looked surprised and came back quickly, “What do you mean I never heard of?” Trump answered, “You never heard of them. These are stupid, rich people who made a lot of money. They are very rich and not so smart.” Laura then looked wide eyed as she let that soak in.

As I looked to find the video with that exchange of words, I found the end part of that conversation was now edited out. However, the stupid rich people part was still included. I found another video and it too had been edited out at that same segment of time. The exchange begins at around 15 minutes in on both videos. Both have the end of the conversation edited out. So, for some reason Fox has censored that part of the interview. I first wrote about this back in August or Sept 1st in 2020 when it happened. At that time it was not censored at all. Trump must have hit a cord…for he also said something to the affect that “this was their ideology and these people will do anything to push it.” And since then a lot has transpired. Heck, all hades has broken loose and the Capitol is still surrounded by armed guards. But now we know it’s the corporation that is locked down. All ten miles of it!

So here we are waiting to hear what the heck is going on. Meanwhile during the last 5 years we were so spoiled in having Trump tweet what was taking place and asking “Do you want this? Do you want that?” All we had to do was go “YEA!!! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” And “WALK AWAY!” ETC. We got out the vote and we watched them steal it in the light of day.

AND NOW TO HEAR WHAT HAS BEEN TAKING PLACE IN BETWEEN ALL THE RUSSIAGATE AND IMPEACH, IMPEACH. Oh for the good old days when we thought America would be great again once we voted out the Squad, Nadler, Pelosis, Schiff, Schumer and a few of the RINO’s.

As I recall at a rally during the 2020 campaign, President Trump mockingly spoke of Lord Malloch Brown. Saying something to the affect of “what kind of a name is that? Lord Malloch Brown. It sounds really elite.” He made several jabs at the man who was exposed for the culprit he was. Trump knew, he was the hand of the British Intelligence that kept popping up during the four year Russiagate coup. From the obvious roles of Sir Richard Dearlove and his former MI6 underling, Christopher Steele, who together played a driving role in shaping both the dossier and the entrapment operations that targeted General Flynn. So I think these are some huge clues as to who he was exposing in the Laura Ingraham interview and why someone who did not like that did something.

The historical practice of unorthodox things runs rampant in the House of Lords. It was a very elite unelected group who held a branch of control and influence over the elected governing body of Great Britain. Like the elite do here, with the congress and senate, but, because its not lawful, they do it in secret. Please Read: Lord Malloch Brown Revealed: The British Hand Behind the Coup Shows Its Scales Again – Fort Russ (

Well, something happened and Lord Sewel put the entire House of Lords in a Crisis. In 2015, he was caught doing some very naughty things that had to do with sex, drugs, and other perversions. All of this scandal led to a campaign of denouncing all the unelected Lords. It sounds like it tied into Brexit somehow. I mean the timing of it was just plain lousy and it brought down the entire lot of them. Or was this intertwined with Lord Malloch Brown? What we now know as we connect dots, someone made someone very upset and so someone(s) got in a lot of trouble. Or simply maybe it just outgrew its usefulness?

Lord Sewel 'drugs' video: Peer pictured in orange bra and leather jacket  calls David Cameron the 'most superficial Prime Minister ever' | The  Independent | The Independent

Back to Russiagate and Trump: Then while Russiagate is pumped out like propaganda on steroids, and President Trump takes office, he continues on and writes executive orders. Among the first is one that addresses human and child trafficking. This is followed up with his first world tour that we now know set the stage to bring down a chunk of the Cabal. In 2017, President Trump first went to Saudi Arabia, then Israel, next Palestine. Then on to Italy, Vatican City, Belgium and back to Italy. In July he visited Poland, Germany, then France. In November he went to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and lastly, the Philippines. He was very busy, especially at the Vatican. We now know he discussed some very interesting Corporate Business.

In 2018, President Trump took off on another strategic European set of visits first in January to Switzerland, then in June to Canada, and Singapore, and July he went to Belgium, United Kingdom and Finland. A very interesting set of nations as well as sequence. Then in November he went to France and then to Argentina. In December he topped off the year by traveling to Iraq and then Germany.

During these trips the media kept pushing Russia, Russia, Russia and everything they could think of to throw at Trump. And the wall, oh the wall was a bone of contention…but it was getting built.

On May 15, 2018 · Mr Trump signed documents to officially move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

In 2019 Trump visited Vietnam in February. In May he went to Japan. In June, he went to the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, then back to Ireland, to Japan, then to South Korea and finished with his historic trip to North Korea.

In 2020 Trump travels to Switzerland in January to the World Economic forum, and in February he visits India. Pelosi does her shredding of the State of the Nation Documents, and President Trump is Impeached but he is acquitted. Not Guilty!! Just in time for COVID-19 Plandemic and nation wide shutdowns all but South Dakota. We have BLM and ANTIFA burning, destroying, rioting and governor Cuomo killing thousands of elderly in nursing homes. We have the Fauci, Birx, Gates, WHO show in our masked faces and businesses close and many never reopen.

Several good things take place. General Flynn’s case is dropped, but then that is hung in limbo as no court will sign off on it. Finally President Trump Pardons General Flynn and right afterwards, the court signs off on his case.

What the “Abraham Accord” between Israel and two Arab monarchies really  means.

A Historical World Event of Biblical Proportions transpires: The original Abraham Accords were signed by the UAE’s Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on September 15, 2020, at the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, we go right into more mayhem equal to mayhem from hades and election fraud, Dominion Servers confiscated and all out war between the constitutional republic and those who want communism. Sidney Powell and Lin Wood join General Flynn to fight for We The People, Rudy and Jen do their thing, and My Pillow becomes a Cyber Spy guy for the alphabets are not doing their jobs, and we have more who enter to fight the good fight of election fraud, the courts are corrupt and the people are all in the dark. No one knows what’s going on…but what they saw and that was a stolen election. Trump calls to speak to his supporters in DC on January 6th when the state electorals are on parade and the Capitol is breeched by bussed in anarchists, martial law is called in DC and a fence and guard goes up around ten miles of the District of Columbia. We The People watch and wait, as people drop dead from taking vaccines and the media continues to lie about everything. The world watches and has their own revolts and protests. Americans are censored and grow restless wanting answers and their country back and many sink into a pit of confusion while others believe if they wear a mask and get a vaccine everything will go back to normal. Well, if you look back at our last 100 years and even back to our very first revolution…nothing was ever normal. So here we are now.

No intelligence' of insider attack as FBI vets US troops | Military News |  Al Jazeera

Now I fast tracked these events, and left out many more things that took place. But the important picture layed out has to do with the reality of what President Trump has done for America and for other Nations all while being persecuted and attacked from all sides. When you look at the timelines as a guide, start to dig into what all took place at the timing of the events on Trump’s international travels. Every action had a reaction. To understand this war, we have to see what battle moves have been taking place. What has the cabal been doing to retaliate and what were the white hats counter moves? What moves made the black hats go crazy and vice versa. There has been a lot of movement and it has all been controlled demolition. Use this as a skeleton to start to build your own layers of what YOU CAN SEE TOOK PLACE. Remember…many nations had an entire change of presidential leadership. Start with Italy…that one is a mystery as to what has taken place there. The Queen and her Covid leaving the Palace. That’s another good dig. Keep it simple, and just start digging.

You can see all along the way President Trump has been winning and winning big. I believe he’s winning now. God bless and keep the faith. Remember it is the cabal puppets that are panicking. Trump is fine.



    1. Reality says:

      Lol. This is hilarious. Wasn’t it supposed to happen already…twice? Thrice? It will be fun in 20 years when all your characters are dead from old age and nothing has happened. Twats


      1. Becky Dewert says:

        It’s people like you that keep these evil people strong . Thenof course you have to throw a disgusting word in there for good measure to show exactly what the tolerant left REALLY ARE.


  1. Jean says:

    Good morning Dianne! You will be greatly rewarded for trying to wake up the people to the Truth! Thank you for all the hard work that you do. Praying for people to wake up, before it’s too late. YAHUAH bless you and keep you, YAHUAH make His face shine upon you and give you peace! AMEN!

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  2. You did it again, Diane! Great article. One thing I do not understand is how Fox is allowing Pence to commemorate the mini documentary on the late great Rush Limbaugh. It has been on the news that Pence will probably try to run for President in 2024. I ask the question: doesn’t anyone know what he is?

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    1. Jean says:

      Nieveslt, it’s hard to tell what happened to the SCOTUS…. some say that they could not take the cases because it was Unconstitutional, because the US was a Corporation and that now, the US Corporation is Bankrupt…. so, hopefully we will soon see what’s going on!
      Beloved, let us love one another and obey the Commands!!
      Keep The Faith!

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    2. Maybe they, and their families, were threatened with death. Roberts is an evil person that evil W put into that Chief Justice position. Hope to see them all perp walked to what they deserve – prison!

      I read a long historical explanation about the Nazi Sherff (sp?) family changing name to Bush and how GHW stole technology from Tesla. Nazi GHW Scherff killed many along the way, including the murder of JFK. Dianne likely knows much more.

      There are only two votes for President that I am happy and proud about now. Reagan and Trump. The others turned out to be evil criminals! So painful to now realize this and I’m sad 😔 about it.

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      1. Thought you might get a kick out of this. For some reason wasn’t able to copy link, it’s on The Gateway Pundit.

        Dr. Deborah Birx Is Set to Make Big Dollars in Her Latest Move: Will Join the G. W. Bush Institute and the Private Sector – Pushing COVID-Cleaning Air Purifiers
        By Joe Hoft
        Published March 13, 2021 at 8:16am
        Gab Share

        Dr. Deborah Birx is leaving and is taking her scarves with her to the private sector. The woman who recommended the President shut down the economy, which led to millions of unemployed individuals and hundreds of thousands of closed businesses, is now joining the sector she helped destroy.
        Newsmax reported:

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  3. Marcia Loomis says:

    Okay so Great Britain is not our friend. Were those last few words the president uttered removed or not. I honestly don’t know. Connie I must be a real moron to keep looking for Trumps return, for the swamp to be removed. It surely must be a sham but I don’t want to lose this great nation so am clinging to anything and everything to believe that it will be what you and I have read. I have lost some hope as the dates come and go. I don’t think April 4 – 6 will be different but I am still hoping.


    On Sat, Mar 13, 2021 at 1:32 AM THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” Remember everything that was in place to > take down President Trump and all of the little people were also the same > things that were needed to take down the Cabal, should White hats decide to > turn the tables. All the SUPER SPY STUFF from the NSA, CIA, FBI” >

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    Let our voices be heard. For we speak the Truth. It is this very reason the wicked try to stifle us. With each passing day, their fear of the Truth becomes more and more evident.

    So therefore, continue to walk in the Light of Jesus Christ and speak Truth with the conviction of the Holy Spirit. By so doing, we help expose the lies and deceit of the wicked who have set themselves against the Lord.

    God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is with us each day, protecting us with His angels. So, stay strong; stay in faith for “God has got this.”

    (John 8:32)


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  5. Nancy says:

    Thank you so much for your daily writings! It is wonderful to have a place to refer people to read and listen to when trying to wake them up. Please continue with summarizing as more need a history of what has been going on! I thank God for you!

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  6. j g says:

    This would be a good time to silently ponder the behavior of a wild animal that is cornered and fighting for its life… similar behaviors are occurring in the political and monetary arenas right now by various personalities as they fight to stay relevant and meaningful in the world.

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  7. inesnido says:

    WOW!! What a great summary!! I am going to forward this to as many people and I can and if they complain. Tuff!! The truth is sometimes difficult to swallow!! Ha!

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    1. X22 Report is very helpful and informative. I watch each video.

      The media of mass deception is totally worthless! A friend watches some of it to see what they’re saying to keep up with the enemies of the American people. I can’t stand to watch any of it! Find out some things on Newsmax.

      Those who don’t discern truth from errors and lies are so brain-dirtied by msm creeps! Will truth ever come back on those stations? I doubt it.

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  8. trnathens says:

    To me, and I don’t count or matter, but to ME if you start with the basic question of Why? then the rest falls into place.

    WHY would Donald Trump run for President?
    WHY would he put himself and his family in jeopardy?
    WHY would he take on the cabal?

    And for those who keep fretting…yes, he KNEW all about it, because he ran in those circles for decades BEFORE running for President.

    So, why?

    Because he knew he would win. He didn’t formulate a plan when he got elected. Getting elected was PART OF the plan.

    If you’ve read his books, if you’ve listened to him over the years PRIOR to 2015, then you know…he doesn’t do ANYTHING without a plan, and a PLAN TO WIN.

    Failure is not an option for him. Otherwise, why do it?

    Gee, I hope this works! Uh-oh, didn’t know that the private western central bank really controlled the world. Not a chance either one of those ideas crossed his lips. Why?

    He KNEW.
    He PLANNED, meticulously.
    AND…he’s executing.

    Like a Boss.

    OUR job is to bring people along. To wake them up.

    And Dianne, you’re site is awesome!

    Like a Boss.

    Keep saying it.

    Like a Boss.

    He didn’t do this to lose.

    He did it to WIN. Because HE KNOWS the potential of WE THE PEOPLE.

    He just wants US to KNOW IT, too.

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  9. pry from my Coldeadhands says:

    What a nasty business…and Donald Trump capped off his good life to take on the Cabal.
    Not the way people imagine spending their “golden years.” He most certainly loves this country.

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  10. 90% of the news on our planet is controlled by 6 major companies and their subsidiaries. Its globalist propaganda and it influences the masses. If it was objective none of this crap would be allowed. I think it’s the biggest hurdle the world faces.
    The education with Marxist indoctrination is another battle. It certainly influenced Obama.
    I remember Kapernick when asked about wearing a Castro shirt all he could say is that he praised their literacy programs and that Cubans had better literacy than Americans. He didn’t mention that if he protested their flag that he would have been in front of a firing squad.
    I’ve mentioned this to several brothers( I am white ) and you wouldn’t believe the blank stares and responses I got.
    We’ve got a mountain to climb that seems impossible and I believe we all know it is impossible without divine intervention.

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    1. Good point about protesting the Cuban flag during Castro reign. These knee benders “know not what they do” because Marxist indoctrination has seared their minds with garbage.


  11. Follower says:

    Thank you, Dianne for your precious works. I have been one of 12 million viewers of your articles. Every video, photo, story that you provided is rare to find.

    It is time for the churches to repent to see the face of God and feel the hands of the Mighty:

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    1. follower says:

      what I meant rare to find is hard to find, not many can find. your amazing research is very valuable. I meant good. Thank you so much and I will continuously follow your work.

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  12. Henry Acres says:

    A note to Dianne and all guests here…
    Don’t want to set off any alarms here, but I did some digging over the past few days, while going through and purging old bookmarks…blah, blah…and found some interesting links. Please, check and verify before making any judgement. I am on your side, and hope for the best results for all mankind.

    These two are somewhat linked together…

    Interesting stuff from 2016

    More to come…

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  13. Lydia White says:

    Every day, your site is the first I go to. You have information that is filled with great information, puts it all in perspective, and keeps me on purpose. Thank you. I know this takes a LOT of time!!! I can tell the work you put into it to bring it all together! Again–thank you!

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  14. debbie0829 says:

    Does anyone here know why president Trump pushed for the vaccines when they may not be safe especially they’re not being any clinical trials. And then the allegation that Gates has tampered with the vaccin ations?


    1. Henry Acres says:

      The one theory that comes to my mind, in wake of all that is happening, is that Trump knew ahead of time and had them analyzed and checked without the bad guys knowing. I have wondered why since the onset…I still stand on my immune system and the only shot I will take, is from a jigger topped with JD.

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    2. Curtis says:

      That comes up alot juan O Savin said it best. You have to pick your battles, Trump’s not a doctor but he never said you had to take it. The DS didn’t think a vaccine could be produced that quick, which stopped there plan of the scandemic dead in its tracks. If it wasn’t for the vaccine this plandemic would be raging worse than ever, see they thought the plandemic would do it, that it would usher in the great reset with millions and millions dying (with manipulated numbers of course) they wanted a war is what they wanted but Trump stopped them at every turn. A major war than it would of been over much easier to usher in the reset with a war going on death and destruction all around, the people would have never even noticed it. They would of said because of the war we need to have a reset and that would have been it. What did Trump do, he brought peace instead. Remember the staged syria chemical attack? That never happened it was all fake when Trump retaliated with the missile strikes those missiles hit nothing but trash cans and garbage dumps.
      Look who’s taking the vaccine, mainly, not all but it’s liberals, the ones that didn’t trust the “the Trump” vaccine, but AOC had no problem jumping the line and getting hers 2 months ago, so is that a bad thing? Sorry that might be a bit mean. Texas is the least vaccinated state in the country a poll came out the other day that 50% of Trump supporters won’t take the vaccine I think it’s much higher than that. Trump had to step away so the “virus” would go away, and look what’s happening like he said one day it will be gone just disappear. Remember when he said it will be gone in April? And the media went ballistic, he just said April, he didn’t give a year, well it’s almost april and look what’s happening. He meant April but not 2020 but 2021. Trump knew the plan the entire time and he knew he would lose by cheating and massive Fraud. exactly what he wanted. Election Night, POTUS was in a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) watching the Vote Fraud take place in real time because Quantum Computers work in the moment.

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  15. Scott Clark says:

    Keep up the amazing work Dianne. It is very appreciated and an inspiration during these crazy times. You are always in my prayers.


  16. ellemy says:

    The only way that the swamp will be drained or the cabal is brought down is through the people of God who have rejected the tree of knowledge of good and evil that operates through the adamic carnal mind and cleave to the mind of Christ. We are not called to fight a battle of good versus evil but to judge truth and error by the discernment that is given to us as we abide in the tree of life.. This happens as we obey the ministry of the Holy spirit of truth, rejecting error as it is presented to us. As the Day star arises within us we become the bearers of the light, the truth and the testimony of Jesus, in a parched land. As the light in us increases the darkness of the world is judged. When we allow ourselves to be judged within by the Holy spirit of fire we ascend in Christ from faith to faith and glory to glory. leaving the lies of the world behind. Though we are in the world we are NOT OF IT! Our true citizenship is in heaven, the abode of the living in the realm of spirit in the ecclesia of the firstborn where Jesus Christ is reigning as king! ALL authority has been given to Christ! There is ONLY one true power and only one good –GOD! This is our calling and election in Christ for we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken but is eternal in the realms of heaven. For this cause we labor among those who have been deceived by the lies of this world. It matters not who is president or what the world is doing, but what Christ is doing. Those who walk by faith understand that the things that are seen are temporal but seek a country whose builder and maker is God. It is the light of Christ pouring through His body that shines out of the darkness. In this way, God has chosen to judge the world and we now see it in declension. God is in His holy temple, let all the earth be silent in reverence and holy awe.

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  17. Curtis says:

    Dianne nails it as usual. Let’s not forget the soccer ball putin gave to Trump than tossed to it Melania. I would be brave enough to say with 100% confidence inside that soccer ball was a flash drive, some sort of computer chip that not only had all of Hilirary’s emails but I bet every criminal in our government and many others around the world were on that device crimes and all. Remember putin isnt the enemy he hates the globalists. Navalny was a false flag, he was never poisoned. Navalny is a globalist Tyrant funded by George soros and he’s deep into the central banks also. He runs a scam claiming he’s “for the people” he’s a globalist. Think about how the media covers putin than think how they covered Trump.
    Tells you everything. Why did they take such a hissy fit over a soccer ball? Why did they haul mike Pompeo Infront of congress to tell them what putin and Trump talked about? Fear, is what drove them fear that Putin told Trump all of there dirty little secrets… Which he probably did. Russia has been the scapegoat for years by the deepstate, to distract everyone from seeing china coming in the back door. Russia a threat? They have one aircraft carrier, which broke down on its very first launch and now has to pulled around the ocean by a Tug. 8 months or so ago they tried to repair it which led to a disastrous fire. Is Putin a choir boy? No.
    Last time I checked there isn’t any choir boys in any government in the world including our own by far.

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  18. Ed says:

    I don’t know how much you have studied the book of “Revelation”. Understanding it’s prophecy is a key to understanding these end times run up to the soon return of Our Lord and Bridegroom Jesus Christ to whom we are betrothed and whom is betrothed to us. He has prepared places up there for us and will take us up there and marry us to be together with Him and our precious Heavenly Father in Heaven for all of eternity. In “Revelation” we were told that there will be 7 trumpets blown in Heaven as the conclusion of the “end time” grows very close. We cannot hear the blowing of those “run up” trumpets down here. But we have been given evidence of their having been blown by the significant events that the blowing of them trigger. Five of those events have taken place within the last 100 years. The next one to come is referred to as the “sixth trumpet war” signified by the blowing of the sixth trumpet. We have been told that it will kill one/third of the people on the earth (that is approximately 2.3 billion people-that’s 40 times the number of people killed during WW2 !). It will be started by 4 angels who have been bound in the Euphrates river being released from their bondage. (obviously these are fallen angels, if they were God’s faithful angels they would not have to be bound but would simply carryout His commands). The man President Reagan put in charge of the atomic energy commission, in speaking about this coming war said he thought it would probably last for about 1&1/2 hours. Obviously nuclear.
    The hatred between the Jews and Arabs began in the tents of Abraham. Ishmael(the father of the Arab nations) was Abraham’s first born son. But not the first born son of Abraham and his wife Sarah. He was born to Abraham through Sarah’s handmaid Hagar. Jacob(the father of the twelve sons who head up the twelve tribes of Israel) was born of the first born son of Abraham and his wife Sarah, Isaac.
    Iran, backed by the devil, has sworn to destroy the Jews with whom God told their father Abraham He would make an everlasting covenant.
    The only thing holding them and those in league with them (including many Arab, and communist, and evil entities, such a Russia and China ) back from the attempt so far, has been the United States of America’s awesome nuclear power.
    As we have been told in the word of God, “Who can speak and have it happen if the Lord has not decreed it”.
    I believe the Lord has decreed it that our country would look weak and under surreptitious control by a main backer of Iran, China, to facilitate the sixth trumpet war proceeding !
    I received this about 4 days ago and I believe it was from the Holy Spirit, as it came to me in the same way many other things have come to me from the Holy Spirit, that turned out to be true.
    Much love from your brother in Christ, Ed.


  19. Ed says:

    I like you Diane and I have found your articles interesting and oftentimes uplifting, but I never in the world would have thought that any topic in the word of God (especially in the “New Testament”) would be forbidden to talk about on your forum including the coming “sixth trumpet war” that God told us through His prophet John in the book of “Revelation” will come to pass. Surely with your love of the Lord Jesus, you have not knelt at the altar of the sellers of “candy Christianity” that are making their living down here on the earth telling the gullible that nothing hard will ever cross their path. And that before anything difficult like tribulation crosses their path they will be raptured up to be with the Lord in Heaven. How then will the Lord purge their souls and make them completely white so that they will have the proper wedding garment on when approaching our wedding to the Lord up there. Haven’t you read how we will be tried and purged and made without spot or blemish like gold purified in the fire ?


    1. Brenda Carter says:

      Hates has also been talking about “seeds” and developing certain ones that are good for us. No farmers. This guy is so evil that he must not have a soul. He’s all about science and his billions.


  20. […] Remember everything that was in place to take down President Trump and all of the little people were also the same things that were needed to take down the Cabal, should White hats decide to turn the tables. All the SUPER SPY STUFF from the NSA, CIA, FBI, fake propaganda media, infiltrated Pentagon, all the Departments from Defense to Homeland Security. All was in place from Big Pharma, Big Food, the FDA, the EPA, down to the dumbed down sheeple, to the thugs on the street. The senate was doing their RINO job of not vetting the Trump administration’s new heads of anything and good old Jeff Sessions recused himself of his Attorney General duties. The war was on and how each side reacted and countered was based on what the other side used first. So, this escalated into this type of throw the sphaghetti on the wall and see what sticks battle zone. […] BRINGING DOWN THE CABAL – GOOD MORNING! — THE MARSHALL REPORT […]


  21. ANN DENNIS says:


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  22. I’m writing a lot of history to wake up my fellow danes. I started way down in the Rabbit Hole, Rothschild, Illuminati, financing both sides of ww1 and 2, 1871, JFK, 9/11 and so on.
    Today I’m writing part 15 about Trumps first time in office and I’m so happy to read what you have written here Diana.
    Is it okay if I quote and translate some of what you write here?

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      1. Thanks 🙂
        When all this is over, the historybooks have to be rewritten.
        The cabal invested in both sides of WW1 and 2. I wonder what that will do to the way we feel about each other, when we find out we were marionettes in their game.
        Same with 9/11 – all that hate so many eropeans feel against those poor immigrants fleeing their countries. And not being welcomed in my country at least.
        All so those damned Oligarchs could make more money and get more power
        The historybooks have to be rewritten and I thing we will each other with much more heartenergy


  23. Brenda Carter says:

    Excellent article and while things have been certainly abnormal with the virus, my favorite part is how much President Trump has done for the USA. And he was persecuted daily. I believe he’s 78 and I can’t imagine how in the world he has stood up to everything. Him against the World. We certainly owe him our gratitude and support. Thank you for the article. It gave me a sense of stand proud of our country & our President. God will win, this I know.

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