A new program called, “Analysis” has been launched by Donne Clement and House of Destiny. Listen as they take you through events of the day and compare them to both Biblical Prophecy and the prophecies of Kim Clement and make an analysis of what is taking place in America and throughout the world.

Join House of Destiny as they delve deeper into 2021 for their first “Analysis”!

“God spoke through Kim Clement about Damascus Road conversions. Today, Donné and Christie are going to go through some brief clips of prophecies Kim gave related to the state of the world right now, specifically in regards to the “Veil” that God said HE had placed on this nation, that God told us that He would “fool the people”, and echoes of Kim shouting as he prophesied that God has shown the entire earth how little we truly know.”

In these days of shaking, God has given us a both a look and a warning into his plans for the world and America in his Biblical prophecies. Years ago, Kim Clement was given visions and prophecies pointing to the season we are presently in with more details to what is coming, much has already transpired just as he prophecied. Listen and hear what more is yet to transpire. God is in control of all the world and has purposed these seasons that have come upon us.

Have faith in God and stay strong.



  1. inesnido says:

    I am blessed by God to be able to see all of this so clearly. I am a sinner, but surely God sees some good in me to allow me to see clearly what is right in front of my eyes while others are oblivious to all of it.

    Surely goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and in the house of the Lord I shall dwell forever.

    I love you Lord!!

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    1. It all depends on repentance and God’s timing….God has a plan, and no one knows the day or the hour the Lord will be sent by the Father to end it all….there are souls to be sent and until that number of souls is reached…we will be in great tribulation. It is written. Sadly, it was not taught to these last generations.

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      1. Hi Dianne,

        So true when you wrote, “sadly, it was not taught to these last generations.”

        I was hoping that I could ask you some questions?

        Do you know who Michael Jaco is? According to a video I viewed today, he is a Navy Seal and he stated in the video that things have been delayed because, “not everyone is on board” in the military. I’m not sure what that means. There are white hats and black hats, and the white hats have taken an oath recognizing President Trump as CIC. Are the black hats for biden then?
        Jaco mentioned that a certain percentage (25%?) aren’t on board with Trump. Does that mean that 75% are on board, so that’s how many white hats there are? Or, does that mean something different? I found Jaco’s remarks worrisome.
        He also thinks that JFK Jr. is alive.

        Sometimes it’s difficult to know what’s true in these military matters.
        I’m just so grateful that I know Who exactly is the Way, the Truth, and the Life – Jesus Christ. He always calms my fears!

        Thanks for all your great posts and strong faith in the Lord that you share here. We here in America have never faced anything like this before in our lives! It can be scary. However, no matter what happens, we have Jesus to carry us through- no matter what.
        🙏🏻 Christine

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  2. Jean says:

    Thank you Dianne, the Clement’s Analysis is on target! We’re to pray for those who don’t know the Truth. YAHUSHA is in control.
    Keep The Faith! Smile!!

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  3. ontheedgeofeternity2017 says:

    I’ve realized after 37 years of bible prophecy, That most people are interested in prophecy until it gets to End Time prophecy, The gloom , doom and destruction prophecies is usually when people start getting uncomfortable, And most Preachers are well aware of this , Which is why many Preachers wont discuss the subject and the ones that do usually are very careful not to scare or offend the congregation. So I’ve learned to be careful when it comes to listening to other preachers theories and so called prophets, Anyone that is a child of God, Has access to the Most High, You could be a poor person living on the street or a renowned theologian, If you are a child of God and search out the scriptures, He will reveal anything that you need to know. Just like God is revealing to many believers now that Rev. 17 and 18 is a inaccurate theory, gives a pitiful description and omits much of what God has to say about this prophecy, Some are misled into believing Rome is Rev. 17,18, Which God shows us is impossible, Because Rome is the 8th and final kingdom. Our Master has given everyone of us access to all we need to know, But one must be willing to search scripture and the more one searches out Gods true word, The more he reveals! To God Be The Glory!!!

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