Here are a few updates on an otherwise calm day, as we watch the world spin a bit and circle back…..

After Finding Shredded Ballots in the Dumpster Earlier Today – A Mysterious Fire Breaks Out at Maricopa County Official’s Farm

The Arizona Maricopa County election coverup continues.  These crooks are doing all they can to obstruct justice and tamper with evidence because they know they can get away with it. After Finding Shredded Ballots in the Dumpster Earlier Today – A Mysterious Fire Breaks Out at Maricopa County Official’s Farm (thegatewaypundit.com)
Happy mask burning day in Idaho.

If what they do not want us to see is being censored on YouTube and social media, why are there still so many occult videos left for all to see on YouTube? Is it the same reason they allow the Super Bowl half time and CERN occult ritual videos to be seen? Is there something they want you to see? Is it all part of some sick ritual?

Why do they allow these type of videos to be seen?

Are they secretly letting Lucifer out into the light little by little? Or are they laughing at people thinking they are finding out secrets of which they really are not? Or are they? Does the devil have to reveal what he is doing before he does it or are those who do these things just anxious to reveal it? Whatever purpose these things serve, it is not really for good, that I am sure. But, the question is…why are these not censored? Is it all a bunch of garbage or is it to recruit others to seek this stuff out? Is it full of codes that tell others messages? Is it to discredit the real rituals going on in secret as nothing more than Hollywierd imaginations?

Stay Strong….. and trust this too shall pass!


26 thoughts on “ON AN OTHERWISE CALM DAY…

  1. RealRawNews has articles on their website stating “Hillary was arrested by SEALs and is in Gitmo waiting Military Tribunal. Please go on their and is this credible? We all know Bible is True and Jesus Christ does state that the New World Order does happen before HE returns. Marshall Report take a look on their.

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    1. We just read a few days ago she was arrested in New York , now Florida. People are just making up stories to get their jollies. Some of it so bizarre I think the Marxists write it to see how many people buy into it.

      If you think about it how would a tiny web site get information that news organizations that make 10’s or hundreds of millions annually.

      It certainly appeals to us because we all want it to happen.

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      1. I gotta start reading my posts, I wish I could edit, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed.

        I meant a tiny news organization getting top secret, classified information before all other Investigative reporters and many with unlimited resources is highly unlikely. If it happens on a regular basis assume its bs.

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      2. Earlier I watched a hot video…of Trump entering the White House on March 3rd, complete with Marine One landing and his walk up the steps. Along with a story telling how no one knew why he went there, but Biden had finally been allowed in earlier that same day. Trump was late, they said because he didn’t want to have to wait….and more bla bla bla…I got sucked in and started to share it. I then saw another one saying the same thing so I looked at it and found…Trump did arrive, but not on the third, it was his return trip from the hospital after he had COVID. I looked at the source of the one with all the bla bla….and shook my head. They definitely prooved to be a disinformation source, as I had long suspected. It wasn’t the popular choices people like to shout out about when I post, but it was one I had questioned on my own. So, I find these all entertaining and listen just to hear their BS. Know what they are spreading and see how many are believing it all. Now sometimes people get things wrong, but this was a total manufactured piece of bull hype. It is hard to fact check these days as everything is all over the place. But, one thing is true, there are a lot of people missing from the lime light that usually are there to gloat and push the agenda. They went somewhere….and that isn’t Biden we are watching. Smile.

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    2. Amal says:

      Agree DM.

      A lot of disinfo; it’s up to the reader to decipher what sounds reasonable and do further research into what you’re questioning.

      I took a look at Raw News and I’m certain things mentioned are probable, yet it’s ‘always a source’ which is questionable.

      Main characters are missing, they have gone somewhere…

      I smile and agree we are not watching the Real Biden.

      Joy, Peace, Love and Blessings to ALL!


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    3. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

      Patriot, where are you seeing in the Word of God that Jesus said that the NWO does happen before He returns?????


      1. Patriot says:

        Read the book of Revelations. The Antichrist NWO rules for 3 1/2 years mid tribulation. Apocalypse is 7 yrs long.


  2. It is pass time for Trump to take over as he is president and that BORDER CLOSED AND DEPORT THE ILLIGALS THAT ARE HERE a!all democrats NEED TO GO Now Trump vote moving !you are our president !we love u and need u desperately !!

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    God does not keep secrets. Listen to the Word of God. Do not let today’s events shake your faith. Regardless of the enemy’s perceived strength, trust in the Word of the LORD.

    God anoints holy men and women to be His prophets and uses them to speak to us. Not just the prophets of old but those prophets now living among us. YES, they are here speaking the Word of the LORD!

    Listen not just with your ears but with your heart as well. Open yourself to the True Word, the Word of the LORD. Through today’s prophets, God has given us a promise. Our nation will be delivered out of the hands of evil. “GOD HAS GOT THIS!”


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  4. koreshlives says:

    For those who don’t want to waste their time on useless bs, go to revolutionary radio and listen to Dennis Fetcho this past Saturday. He had a caller at the 67th or 68th minute for 30 minutes whose name is Lonny. Lonny lays it all out about what you need to do if you don’t want to murdered and the Edomites want you dead. What Biden did or didn’t do is misdirection. You will only survive if you know how to survive.

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  5. Christina🕊 says:

    Diane, any confirmation on this posting today from Robert S. regarding HRC to Gitmo?
    7 March 2021

    Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 7, 2021

    ROBERT STEELE: I have no direct knowledge but this tracks with other signals and I pray this be so. The portion covering Hillary Clinton is particularly gripping.

    6 March 2021

    We Will Not Comply
    Dinner last night with Juan O. Savin (P) at Trump Hotel in DC
    Satanic Empire stuff popping
    How The Fight Over American Freedom Will Probably Escalate

    Met last night for dinner with Juan O. Savin (P), he donated an additional $20K toward the Satanic Empire movie. Below is a photo. Restuarant and lobby bar were full of people not wearing masks and very upbeat about life.

    Just praying 🙏🏼🕊🌎❤️🇺🇸💯‼️
    Dont post if not too


  6. etting29 says:

    Arizona Maricopa County fire that destroyed ballots ordered to be forensically analyzed, not a surprise. Have tried contacting Senator SINEMA many times right after election only to be told by a woman in her DC office: “There is no fraud. Senator SINEMA said so.” It was repeated so often, my initial reaction was it was a robot. But it was just another robotic person with no synaptic action taking place between her ears.

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  7. Tim says:

    Enough of the games it is obvious now , NO ONE IS GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THE ELECTION FRAUD!! NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THE CORRUPTION!! They find trailer trucks with shredded ballots they report it and then let the left come and destroy evidence AGAIN! Where is law enforcement? Where are GOP election officials? and for the last time WHERE IS OUR FFFING MILITARY? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THEM?? THEY ARE NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING!! BECAUSE OUR ENTIRE SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT IS DIRTY AND CORRUPTED! I saw a recent interview with Retired General MaCenerney( pardon my spelling) HE never mentioned the military THE HOST WAS ASKING WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TO FIX THIS AND THE MILITARY NEVER CAME UP??? The General basically said the people have to do it, keep posting and talking about the election fraud THATS WHAT HE SAID!! So it comes down to this,

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  8. trnathens says:

    Question for discussion:

    WHEN “they” use the 25th Amendment to “retire” Joe Bidan, based on diminished mental capacity as a result of accelerated effects of early-onset dementia, the full extent of which was not known prior to election, and only fully understood after taking the oath of office, are there any LEGAL challenges to ALL of the Executive Orders he signed?

    Executive Orders are just that…orders by the Executive. They are not legislation passed by both Houses of Congress. They are based on the desire of the Executive, written by the Executive, and executed by the Executive, but all having far-reaching affect.

    Could legal challenges arise alleging diminished mental capacity at the time of the writing AND signing thereby nullifies their affect?

    How can one say that his abilities have diminished to the point that he can no longer hold office, but the decisions he made leading up to that point are valid?

    We know this is the route they’re going, because even DEMOCRATS are saying that no ONE person should have access to the nuclear codes. That is their way of saying they don’t trust his mental faculties…NOW.

    If they don’t trust his mental faculties with the nuclear codes, AND they get rid of him (they will, it’s coming), then HOW could a court say, “Yeah, but I’m sure he was fine when he signed all those orders…”

    As Citizens of America we HAVE standing to challenge THIS.

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    1. betseyross says:

      Bingo. Since everything about the ‘Biden Administration’ is fake and that’s not really Biden how does he get to change the laws or anything about the Presidency from the person who preceded him? Just off the top of my head……he doesn’t. His signature means nothing.
      Others who don’t look or sound quite right are Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar, and that nut case, Anthony Fauci. I’ll be checking out Kamala Harris soon. It was rumored last summer she had plastic surgery. So now we have three time frames to check out. A simple compare and contrast exercise is very revealing.

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  9. Henry Acres says:

    My cup of Ovaltine in the morning…

    They can do so much stuff and manipulate so many with technology these days…my opinion, is that nobody we are looking at is our president. Obama, is the puppet on the string of the puppet masters.

    As far as the Military, they will never disclose their real intentions to the masses. I mean, why would you want the enemy to know your plan. We’ll all just have to sit back and go about your daily life and learn how to use your God-given rights and stand on them. Stand tall, stand your common ground.

    Read yesterday, that the military had Pence in their grasp and he got away…

    And, he’s supposed to give a speech next month in South Carolina…so, believe what you may, seems the whole tomatoe is rotten, and pouring out foul odor.

    This I found this morning…seems Biden is well and up to his old self.

    And, finally, them squirmy cowards did it again…


  10. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    Patriot, the Book of Revelations reveals ALL the previous Books. And the previous Books are all revealed in the Last Book…The Revelation!

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  11. eze33 says:

    With all that seems to go unattended as truth is revealed, The Great and Terrible day of the Lord draws near. The white horse (political, economic and religious confusion and chaos) began its ride spring 2020, Spring 2021 is just around the corner and the red horse (Violence, anarchy and war) will join it and there will be two. [The black horse (food shortage, control and high cost) will begin and join the other 2 in spring 2022. Why is Bill Gates, Ted Turner and Warren Buffet and a few others buying up so much farm land?] Currently, domestic and foreign groundwork is being laid for conflict. Just in the past 7 days or so:


    Wonder what Biden will say or try to do about this? Now New York City asks citizens to ‘physically intervene’ in violent crime after defunding police. I ask with what? NYC has strictest gun laws in the nation, except for criminals,



    The US has always supported Taiwan. I remember doing doing underway replenishment with a Taiwan Destroyer while serving on a supply ship in the USN in 1977. We sent them toilet paper and they sent us fresh watermelons. We were out of fresh fruit and there was a paper shortage in Japan, Korea and Taiwan at the time. Wasn’t doing business with China at the time although Nixon did open the door to China in 1971.


    Israel is like most Americans. Can’t trust Iran or China. China is close with Iran and Biden likes China more than Israel. Of course the military industrial complex pulls the strings on these types of things. We all know who is behind it all. There was a supernova seen in the western sky in the spring of 5 BC and the Magi followed it from the east to Jerusalem. There was a supernova witnessed in the spring of 2020. [In Chapter V of Missing Links (page 84) I showed the dimensions of the Great Pyramid as 757.5 feet or 505 cubits and multiplied by the 4 sides the perimeter was 2020 cubits/year pointing to the return of Christ. Add 7 seal years in Revelation.] Supernovas are a once in an eternity event, as Christ being born in the flesh and Satan being cast out of Heaven permanently. The Revelation countdown has begun. We know who will win this chess game, but many pawns shall fall. (Zechariah 13:7-9)


  12. Tera Woods says:

    Just as there is a political Problem -> Reaction -> Solution, there is also a spiritual one. These evils are being intentionally exposed by the enemy. His kingdom has a dark side and a light side. The dark side is at the root of the cabal, while those in the light side are the “enlightened spiritual ones”. For example, the creator of the Plandemic videos is a high level New Age practitioner/leader. The evils being committed on all fronts will be brought to light (thereby creating a spiritual problem) in order to usher in the One World Religion (the spiritual solution) in which people must be enlightened (and open their third eye or whatever) to be truly set free. This makes it all the more important for the Church to understand these things.


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