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As we enter into this Sunday, remember to share the joy of the Lord with others. He is the light of the world and the giver of life eternal, our strength and our defender! Remember, greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world. That is powerful! With him, you are never alone. Invite him in and share your every moment with him for he wants to enjoy your friendship. Once you know he is in you and with you always, your life will be lifted up to an entirely different level. It’s an amazing experience to have him show you things in his word that you read many times and never understood. More so, the things you share with him in your walks and talks are always returned with powerful insights and knowings. I’m sure he loves it when you smile and have your “ahah” moments, because now you know that thing you never knew before. Remember, those who know, know. And once you see something, you can never unsee it. The Lord is merciful, loving and powerful. He died so you could live and he isn’t going to fail you now or never!Trust in him and know that all things work together for those who love and follow the way of the Lord.

General Flynn and Sidney Powell speak out together on the election, censorship and more on Spreaker!

Listen to “LTG Michael Flynn & Sidney Powell together on the election, censorship and more (ep#2-27-21)” on Spreaker.

Fired Up with Sheila Holm

Listen to Sheila as she explains how to keep your eyes on the Lord in this crazy old world and have a relationship with him every moment of the day.

As we journey the road less traveled, more and more people are waking up and looking at the road we are traveling on. Many have followed along out of curiosity and some have eyes wide open discovering many new things and pointing them out to others! We are traveling with the Lord leading the way and no one on this journey is afraid of what lies ahead for the Lord is on the same road leading all who will follow into the light. He has a Kingdom coming and he wants YOU IN IT! Amen.

Remember, you are never alone for he LIVES INSIDE OF YOU! Stay strong and keep the faith!


27 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING –

  1. Corner Stone says:

    “But now we are delivered from the law, that being dead wherein we were held; that we should serve in newness of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter.”

    Romans 7:6 (KJV)

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  2. ggerg55 says:

    Diane, I am one who has recently awakened. I discovered your blog a few months ago and I want to thank you for your encouragement each day. Sometimes it can feel lonely because those around you are not yet awake or just waking up but are not where you are.
    It can be discouraging and lonely. I feel blessed to have discovered your site because
    you remind me that we have loving Heavenly Father who is in control and holds all things in his hands. God bless!

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    1. Amal says:

      Welcome to the other side ggerg55, where light and love PREVAIL and GOD is with us all.

      Don’t take on the burden of others not believing or wanting to hear the truth.

      It is not your job to take on their hardships.

      You can inform and attempt to enlighten, leave the rest to GOD.

      PRAY, Be GRATEFUL, Give PRAISE TO GOD, and live with LOVE AND LIGHT.


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  3. inesnido says:

    Thank you for your understanding of the word and for working so diligently in Gods army. God bless you always. I’m sure He is pleased with what you’re doing to bring others to the fold. We all must do our part.

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    God does not keep secrets. Listen to the Word of God. Do not let today’s events shake your faith. Regardless of the enemy’s perceived strength, trust in the Word of the LORD.

    God anoints holy men and women to be His prophets and uses them to speak to us. Not just the prophets of old but those prophets now living among us. YES, they are here speaking the Word of the LORD!

    Listen not just with your ears but with your heart as well. Open yourself to the True Word, the Word of the LORD. Through today’s prophets, God has given us a promise. Our nation will be delivered out of the hands of evil. “GOD HAS GOT THIS!”


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  5. Tim says:

    It used to be such a great country when I was young in the late 50’s and on, America fought communism all around the world , It was our biggest enemy. What a long time ago that seems now! Today we have communism in our own government and you cant even trust a vaccine! All our leaders in government are supposedly intelligent so to put covid infected people into nursing homes in at least 6 (democrat controlled) states and killing our elderly to me had to be intentional! WHY? to get the death count up? These people are sick twisted people my mother died in early April 2020 in Massachusetts, In mid March her nursing home had 3 very sick infected people took them to the local hospital and for some unexplained reason returned one back to the nursing home! Within 10 days they had 32 elderly people sick with covid my mom included although they never told us we did not know until we got the death certificate! It didn’t take these states long to pass some bullshit bill so you couldn’t sue the nursing home!!!! Our state and federal governments are out of control and seem to hate the very people they supposedly represent would they push a vaccine that was designed to kill us off? what do you think?

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    1. Tim, I’m sorry for your loss. Its just another example of government screw up all they care about is themselves (except Trump). The real president sent the hospital ship and built a field hospital and no reason to send covid patients to old folks home. I caught covid myself In October (it nearly killed me) so I know what your mother went through. Now I have damaged lungs because of it. I know how you must miss your mother as I miss my mom. But our mothers are in heaven with the angels and we will see them some day and will give them endless hugs.

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      1. debjbalk says:

        Ohhh JCS, I praise God that you survived. Thank you for sharing your miracle recovery news with us. God is so good, and I thank Him for bringing you here to join us as the Family of God. I’ll be praying for your continued health, especially the recovery of your lungs. God can heal them!! (Mark 11:23)

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  6. R. Roberts says:

    Dianne, I look forward to your messages each day. This is such an amazing time, which we are blessed to be born for. It is also a very sad time. God picked us for this time for very specific reasons. I would love to see you capitalize He, Him, etc. It may seem like a small thing to many. His glory is NEVER a small thing. May He bless you always.

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  7. isolatedinsmalltown says:

    I am sorry Tim your mom had to go through that. I would like Diane to investigate Pathologists, Coroners, and Medical Examiners. I am beginning to think that is a seedy world of secrecy and getting paid off to ‘say whatever they want’ on death certificates. And what the heck is a ‘Forensic Medical Examiner’ that can get paid up to nearly half a million dollars? (They ALL should have some experience with forensics beings that they have 14 years of medical training if they are a Medical Examiner)….another interesting fact: Coroners can be ‘lay people’…this means no training? A conference? So a nurse can give a covid test on a deceased person and lookie there: covid positive ending on a death certificate?

    I live in a small town and you could literally get away with murder – there are a couple of historically strange deaths. I have a older friend who’s mother-in-law died of ‘natural causes’ yet the small town grim reapers asked if she was ‘sick’…my friend yelled at her and said: “No, she did NOT HAVE COVID”.

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    1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

      Good morning Diane – Just listening to Charlie Ward and an Ex NHS nurse. At the beginning of the video, Charlie said that there were no autopsy’s ALLOWED if a covid death is suspected…Is that true? If it is, ANOTHER reason to look into this seedy operation. Since husband always likes to argue with me, he said: “Well, that’s so the coroners didn’t get it” – I said: “Well, it’s not like ebola! – and if a nurse can do a covid test on a dead person, where was the fear THEN?” Here is that video:


  8. Vickie DeMaagd says:

    Please tell the TOP people that this all needs to STOP. Too many people are suffering and it is time to end the charade and get the truth out there before it is too late for some people. Not enough people are seeing this. I know we are trying to wake up people, but those who won’t pay attention need to know the TRUTH. STOP all this Covid crap.

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  9. Corner Stone says:

    “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.”

    Isaiah 54:17 (KJV)

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  10. JCS says:

    Hi Dianne,
    I think most of the patriots know what has to be done now. Every chance has been given to SCOTUS to fix this and they didn’t even try. Since they don’t want to do the job they’re being paid to do they need to resign. The longer they let Biden screw up this country the more work its going to take to fix it. I hope its soon and half the time I don’t know what to believe with all the fake news and all. In closing I hope the “football” has inactive codes if in fact Biden has it in his possession.

    In closing I thought we had a supreme court but now I see it is under communist control. If we lose the military all we got left is GOD and I think our great lord is at the end of his patience.


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  11. I am surprised there was no mention of the Washington Satanic group that put up a Pentagon on the north lawn of the Capitol on March 6. They carried out satanic rituals brazenly. There are several photos on the internet of it. Talk about Spiritual Warfare!! It’s not just spiritual, it’s visible!

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  12. Kathleen Arbizu says:

    I look forward everyday to your writings, sometimes it may be not the best news but its what is happening in our world right now. Its been very inspirational with the videos of Sidney Powell general Flynn and others.

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  13. JAYCEE73 says:

    I can’t bear to read most of that. First the dark forces [satan/luciferians] changed the name you know as Jesus. It’s not. Esu Immanuel is his name. He incarnated many times as have we, he is here.
    He goes by Sananda.
    The Bible and Church is man’s word not our Father God Prime Source Creator of Light. Esu ascended to a Pleiadian starSHIP. We are celestial, terrestrial, and extraterrestrial beings and while it’s end times, Father God, Archangel Michael and Gabriel, St. Germain etc channel ALL of us daily with updates on our ascension. The church is a cult and preachers try to mimmick Gods words and he is not happy about it. Esu walked the Earth 300 years BEFORE the first church and word CHRISTIAN existed. RELIGION CAUSES WARS.
    Santa is actually SATAN. There was no last supper or slaughter of a lamb, anything living is Gods creation, a soul, YOU SHALL NOT KILL
    Baal? Yes, that “God” is who is described in the Bible. However,
    We are ONENESS of our creator, CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, we are all Gods and Goddesses. His words and commandments are simple, there shouldn’t be umpteen edited additions, millions of different churches/temples/synagogues because there is ONLY ONE GOD. ONE TRUE GOD. All that hoopla is satanism and everyone is soon to learn that.
    Love and Light to all💞


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