It was about humanity and the children. Open your eyes and see. This had to end and it was never going to without a war. The war is raging. Be patient and know that God is moving, and he is about to roar.

The video below has of course been banned from social media eyes. Watch it while it still remains on bitchute. Then know what evil we are fighting and pray we end this evil forever!

WARNING…GRAPHIC. Sensitivity: Normal- Content that is suitable for ages 16 and over.

Russ Francis – Open Your Eyes (


These people are now in Washington, D.C. and their puppet masters are in charge. They will not escape what is coming.

God bless and pray for the children. Amen.



  1. Henry Acres says:

    Yeah, this is pure sick…and personally anyone caught in this ring, should be hung upside down by their whatever they think they might have and left outside to rottttt!! I don’t think the buzzards would even touch their rot..!! And most of us thought Deliverance was bad..!

    Hey, here’s a site you can grab vids from and save them if there’s a future need. Take the link and either keep it afloat, or delete it…thanks.

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  2. ronlankford says:

    Before long, as it becomes more public what’s happened, these people will start to kill each other (to cover up) and kill themselves. Watch for that.

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  3. irisheyes17 says:

    That 1 pic of the bearded dude next 2 a young girl lookn’ at the camera is none other than Hunter Biden…..I’ve seen pics that Chinese dissident Miles Guo posted from Hunter’s laptop…and that was 1 of them…there r 25,000 images of sum1 who looks xactly like Hunter…not with adult women only, but images of this man, who looks like man n the pic…brutally rapin’ and torturin’ young Chinese girls who appear 2 b 8-y-o….sum tortured 2 death…

    Can any1 dny that’s Hunter n that pic?!?!…look at it again…then look at the girl…she’s obvi abt 8-10 y-o..

    I watched a vid of a Chinese man dscribin’ what he had seen on the Hunter laptop…he was dscribin’ xtreme porn, (as he tried 2 xplain n Chinese)… he’s tryin’ 2 say xtreme torture…brutal, rape of 8-y-o girls….no respect 4 Chinese ppl…was all he cud put n2 words…

    Hunter was obvi high on crack…he looks demonic…

    This dmented crackhead is now n the WH, with his demented father…like father, like son…

    I hrd that the CCP provides all these young girls. and videos all these horrendous attacks on Chinese girls and uses it 4 blackmail, …as insurance policy 4 all the $millions they hav nvested n Hunter….and the ‘Big Guy’…the contract with Ukraine Natural Gas, signed by Hunter and Xi…

    They bought Hunter with an unlimited supply of drugs and young girls….now y’all know why Hunter and Joe made sooo many trips 2 China…

    Pres Trump was givn those hard drives as well….he has those 25,000 images of Hunter…givn 2 him by Rudy Julianni…who got them from the comp repair shop owner after Hunter abandoned his laptops…

    What I want 2 know is why wud Hunter leave his laptop with those ncrimin8in’ images?!?!

    I wonder who really gave those laptops 2 the comp repairman…I sus a White Hat op there…mhm

    Now y’all can c 4 urself why Pres Trump refers 2 Hunter’s laptop as the ‘laptop from HELL!’

    This is the reason fakebk wudn’t allow the NY Post story of Hunter’s business dealing’ with China…fakebk said it contained images of child porn…


    Fakebk was protectin’ Dementia Joe b4 the election..

    Btdubbs, WHERE’S HUNTER?!?!

    I’ve hrd a lot of these sick ppl hav been tkn out already…sum r committin’ suicide!!

    Oh, and the actress n the pic is Smallville actress, Alison Mack…she is talkin’ abt everythin’ she saw that was goin’ on n the Standard Hotel…(pedo hangout, now shut dwn)…eyewitness 2 an ncident with Congressman Schiff and young boys….she wasn’t goin’ dwn alone!!!

    Q dropped that Alison Mack was talkin’…hope they hav her n a witness protection program….or she won’t liv long enough 2 b a witness…

    I had a dream abt Bill Clinton 2 days ago…that was strange…no1 has even been talkin’ abt Bill, and I havn’t seen him 4 a long time…jus the witch…..jus pay attention…it means sumthin’…

    Be sure your sins will find you out!!!

    Q dropped recently:

    No one playin’ the game gets a pass!!

    NO ONE!!

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    1. Corner Stone says:

      “Joe Biden is a Chinese asset. His family’s business dealings with Beijing have compromised his leadership of America and the free world. Look at his recent statement in which he suggested that ‘cultural differences’ might explain why the Chinese thought it was OK to brutally oppress Uighurs. An unnamed source within the intelligence community has revealed that Biden could not unequivocally condemn China’s human rights abuses because Xi Jinping has ‘has something’ on him. The 46th President therefore cannot be trusted to stand up to Xi on the world stage.
      ‘The Russians deploy kompromat as leverage over foreign assets,’ says my source. ‘Chinese agencies use something called “black materials” to extort western authority figures into doing what they want.’

      General McInerney

      Soon human trafficking will be synonymous with Kamala Harris.

      We have it all.

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  4. lois gahm says:

    I’ve known all this Thousands are arrested and executed I thought that Pence was a Christian but I saw right thru him There are so many puppets in Congress The real people are gone I understand the list will be seen by the public of the arrests etc. Many are going to be shocked Thanks for allowing me to see your writings and the comments   Lois

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  5. JJ Abraham Lincoln says:

    These are immoral people that will not stop doing what their doing even with therapy, is their some kind of drug their sick drug companies can come up with that would replace that crap they are craving? Not death, forget about that, only God will relieve that, but actually something they can take to stop what they do…..unless that is something they actually want to do, if that’s the case I hope God comes, these are sick people, if drugs can be created to help them that’s one thing but wanting to do this without having any moral responsibility or feelings of pain those people are doing, well, I hope God comes and gives them a cure.

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    1. JJ Abraham Lincoln says:

      That was just wrong, seeing Aquaman fondle I guess his little girl’s titties….you are supposed to nurture your children and raise them up to try their their best to be role models…..this little girl is going to grow up thinking it’s alright to play with a young boys pee pee. Not cool.


  6. That man with the towel on and that young precious child dressed like a whore for him makes me boil.
    I’m going to lose sleep over that . Certainly if there is a photo the FBI could find out who it is.
    I guess they’re to busy targeting Trump supporters. My emotions are high and I know its sinful but I
    Wish I were called to kill that man.


    1. irisheyes17 says:

      Buddy!!…dude that is Hunter 2…Pres Trump has all the images and footage from the Hunter hard drives (there r 3)..enough 2 put these ppl n GITMO 4 life…or xecuted….

      4mer st8 dept Dr Steve Pieczenik said his neighbor builds fences 4 prisons and last yr went 2 GITMO 2 xpand fences by 200%…. that’s a dbl fence system I bleve, with guard dogs…hahahaha…

      AMG-NEWS HEADLINES, SEPT. 20, 2020:


      Either way wrks…and 4mer AG Barr renst8d xecutions by hangin’ and firin’ squad!!

      Pack y’all bags Killary…y’all goin’ on a long vaycay, staycay…it’s a tropical resort with a killer ocean-front view…and NO it’s not pedo island!!!

      I saw a recent poll askin’ the method of xecutions ppl preferred:

      Execution by njection–10%
      Execution by firin’ squad–30%
      Fed 2 Lin Woods dogs–60%

      I’m goin’ with Lin Woods dogs!!!


      1. Irisheyes, how can a grown man that has the authority see that picture, know who it is and not immediately arrest ( preferably kill) him? I dont understand Irish, that’s a little girl not a 16 year old.That picture has to enrage any decent human.
        I’m very concerned Irish that these Marxist globalist bastards have control over our military and the citizens are sitting on their hands waiting for them. Please show me some proof of what you’re saying and ease my worry. Regardless I appreciate your hope and spirit, thanks.

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  7. On Thu, Mar 4, 2021 at 9:08 AM THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” It was about humanity and the children. Open > your eyes and see. This had to end and it was never going to without a war. > The war is raging. Be patient and know that God is moving, and he is about > to roar. The video below has of course been banned from” >


    1. Sidney Powell has been putting info out on states saying re-election is necessary. Mississippi is one. I think there is about to be a dominoe effect of the states the Supreme Court ignored. We’ll see what takes place.


  8. For twenty years I have been called a nut job for preaching to family and friends about these demons.Have lost most of my so called friends and family.I seen most off these pictures before censoring started.We the people need to stand up to these demons and if so let the war begin I’m willing to die for justice for these children.God Bless America and President Donald Trump….

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  9. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    My daughter just sent me a video from the Los Angeles School district pushing this new “Daily Pass”. I right away noticed the “palm trees” behind the families homes…and THEN the LINE of them going down the road from the school. Also the rainbow shirt on the little girl. And to top it off the guy who was selling this to parents and kids looked exactly like the villain from the movie “eragon”, his mouth looked like his teeth were rotten…Mind you this was before seeing the video above because I was commenting to my daughter that 5G and the “code” being introduced with this Daily Pass.
    But, after seeing the above video I suspect the “palm trees” mean MUCH MORE! Dianne, you have got to see it. And it’s all about OUR CHILDREN!!

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  10. Rj says:

    As long as true justice is hidden from the view of us all this means nothing and the true justice for all of these victims will never be seen.

    Sun light is a disinfectant these children and their souls require and until we see perpetrators cuffed and walked pictures mean nothing.


  11. debjbalk says:

    The children…. “wail”… the precious children… ” wail”… the innocent babes… “wail”… God, please.. Oh dear God…please… the children… ” wail”… Please save the children, dear Lord. ;+(

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  12. debjbalk says:

    HIGH ALERT: We’ve got a lot of work to do and much of it is beyond our reach, that is, regarding the huge worldwide crimes against children… BUT, that by no means gives us a pass in our own corner of the world, in our own communities, and in our inner circles. We can all be on HIGH ALERT, to watch for kids’ safety, and to do our due diligence to ensure they’re protected. Brainstorming a few ideas: 1) One of the best things we can do is to stay alert, keep our eyes peeled, watch for children’s interactions with adults, build an open door with them. If you “see something, say something.” 2) Trust your instincts…if things seem off kilter, question it, check on it, don’t dismiss your gut. 3) Watch for interactions in all settings where kids congregate… church, sports, school, play areas, teen hangouts, etc. Be safe rather than be sorry… Try not to worry about offending an adult, like a coach, teen leader, etc. Instead, question things and err on the side of caution. 4) Be a strong advocate for kids. You might be the only link between a vulnerable situation and a child’s safety. While we pray for justice in this enormous criminal child crisis, we can do our part in our own communities and help to keep our precious children safe and loved. May God bless you as you stay on HIGH ALERT. Thank you!!

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      1. debjbalk says:

        Awesome clip, Dianne.. Woohoo!! I believe!! “Thank you, Lord, for your promises.” Sometimes our own childhood trauma leads us down a career path where we become advocates for those same little ones. My story…teacher, school counselor, licensed prof counselor & national board certified, all for the kiddos…they’re definitely my heart & life’s mission. Love ’em so much!! Since retirement, much of my advocacy has been down on my knees in prayer and ministering online. May we always be a useful instrument in God’s hands. Thank you to all of you for shining a light and doing your part for our children. #TogetherStronger


  13. Sam says:

    Yes, 100%, it was not about the election but humanity and the children.

    But humanity and the children lost.

    The Deep State had rolled the drums of ear under Blinken.

    The Guardian accidentally posted that COVID-19 like lockdowns will be needed to curb global warming. Meaning: the Green Deal is happening.

    Airline companies are rolling out “immunity” passports.


    Meaning; the Ca’Baal (Cabal) won… again.


  14. inesnido says:

    The truth is I could barely even watch this video. I wonder, will they show all of that on television when all of this comes down? Because if they do it will be absolutely shocking to the world and frankly I don’t think people will even believe it.

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  15. Henry Acres says:

    Take your pick…

    “A lot of people will be taken down for pedophilia in the United States in the next six years. Not just movie stars, but judges, prosecutors, governors, vice presidents, etc. Joe Biden is on a list. The Deep States uses false-flags. Zionism. The FBI was founded by a pedophile. J Edgar Hoover took small boys from the mafia as gifts. The FBI has four chains of command, not one”.


    As you recall: on the 21st of December several things happened:

    1) President Trump signed an executive order that basically declared a State of Emergency in every area – giving the President Authority to take down these Elites across the planet.

    2) General Mattis (Sec of Defense) made a surprise visit to our Leased Naval Base In Cube called Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) for an unannounced Inspection.
    The last time a Secretary Of Defense visited GITMO was 16 years ago when Donald Rumsfeld went there to prepare it to receive prisoners.

    3) The 850th Military Battalion from the Arizona National Guard was mobilized with all 800 personnel and sent to GITMO for a 9 monthly deployment to help guard — 40 Prisoners?
    Apparently the last insane President regulated that all Nation Guard Units to deploy for 1 year every 3 years — which completely destroys any one’s ability to find a job in the National Guard.
    Hey boss – I can work for you only 2 years out of 3 years?
    Speculation within the 850th MP’s is that the US is preparing for a huge influx of prisoners into GITMO that are very well off as the base also just received $800 Million Dollars to rebuild not only the Base Housing but the prison itself.

    4) Over 200 Elite CEO’s in America resigned immediately following the signing of the State of Emergency Act signed by the President.

    Most of these Elites are literally running for the hills – burying their dollars in offshore accounts. Unfortunately all bank accounts world wide may be accessed by the Federal Reserve System – Except – the New Bank that is being created by the Chinese and Russians in their New Inter-bank System.
    President Trump does have the full cooperation with the Russian and Chinese Leaders in that these Elites will not be able to run to either of these countries”.

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  16. Tim says:

    Everyday it is soon WE HAVE IT ALL!! It is waaayyyy past soon and yes WHERE IS OUR MILITARY??? I have posted that at least a dozen times in the last 3 or 4 weeks These sickening liberal elite scumbags GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING and it has to STOP NOW NOT SOON IF THEY HAVE IT ALL THEN USE IT!!!


  17. Deena Cordy says:

    Diane, thanks so much for showing this, this is what all the people must see to stand up, we as a society, must say NO MORE! GOD, FILL EVERYONES HEART WITH YOUR LOVE AND COMPASSION, AND EXPOSE THESE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY , AND LET THESE EVIL PEOPLE BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE.

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