Conflicting messages like these are what make people go…”What the heck is going on?” The CEO of the US, Inc. had a virtual zoom call with the President of Mexico today. At the same time there was an unusual White House Press Conference where unaccompanied children were told to not try to cross the borders at this time because systems were not in place. These events followed President Trump’s speech yesterday at CPAC. I wonder if these unaccompanied children got the message? Who is with them it they are UNACCOMPANIED? I’m sure this makes sense, somehow. But, how?

Let’s start with the CEO of US, Inc. and his call to Mexico first...simply because it seems to set the stage. No….let’s start with what President Trump said first.

President Trump’s CPAC Speech addressing Biden’s Borders on February 28, 2021:

“By recklessly eliminating our border security measures, controls, all of the things that we put into place, Joe Biden has triggered a massive flood of illegal immigration into our country the likes of which we have never seen before. They’re coming up by the tens of thousands. They’re all coming to take advantage of the things that he said that’s luring everybody to come to America. And we’re one country, we can’t afford the problems of the world as much as we’d love to. We’d love to help but we can’t do that. So they’re all coming because of promises and foolish words. Perhaps worst of all, Joe Biden’s decision to cancel border security has single handedly launched a youth migrant crisis that is enriching child smugglers, vicious criminal cartels, and some of the most evil people on the planet. You see it every day, just turn on the news, you’ll see it every day.

“Under my administration, we stopped the child smugglers, we dismantled the criminal cartels. We greatly limited drug and human trafficking to a level that nobody actually thought was possible and the wall helped us a lot and we protected vulnerable people from the ravages of dangerous predators and that’s what they are. Dangerous, dangerous predators. But the Biden administration is put the vile coyotes back in business and has done so in a very, very big way under the new administration, catch and release has been restored. Can you imagine? We worked so hard. Catch, you know where that is? You catch them, you take their name, they may be killers, they may be rapists, they may be drug smugglers, you take their name and you release them into our country. We did the opposite. We not only didn’t release them, we had them brought back to their country.

Remember in Biden’s first E.O.’s he undid all of Trump’s executive orders and the fake news made it sound like a bad thing to protect our borders.

TRUMP’S SPEECH CONTINUED: “Illegal immigrants are now being apprehended and released along the entire Southern border, just the opposite of what it was two months ago. They weren’t coming because they couldn’t get in. Once they think they can get in, they’re coming and they are coming at levels that you haven’t even seen yet. By the hundreds of thousands, by the millions they’ll be coming. The Biden administration is now actively expediting the admission of illegal migrants, enabling them to lodge, frivolous asylum claims and admitting them by the thousands and thousands and thousands a day, crowded together in unsanitary conditions despite the ongoing economic and public health crisis, COVID-19, or as I call it the China virus.

“There’s no masks, there’s no double masks, that was a new one that came out two weeks ago. First Fauci said, you don’t need masks, no masks, no good, now he wants double masks. No social distancing, no nothing, no nothing. That together and I say it actually and I say for them, and I say it for our country, what the Biden administration is doing to push young migrants into the hands of human traffickers and coyotes is dangerous, immoral and indefensible, hard to believe it’s happening. Biden has failed in his number one duty as chief executive, enforcing America’s laws. This alone should be reason enough for Democrats to suffer withering losses in the midterms and to lose the white house decisively four years from now.”

Remember, Biden was fully responsible for creating his new task force for starting up unaccompanied children crossing our borders.

Actually, as you know, they just lost the white house, but it’s one of those. But who knows? Who knows, I may even decide to beat them for a third time, okay? Joe Biden defunded the border wall and stopped all future construction even on small open sections that just needed to be finished up, routine little work it’s already been bought. Wait until the contractors get to them and they say, “No, it costs this much more money not to finish the small sections than if we finished it,” that’s going to be nice. Wait until you see those bills start pouring in. He revoked the executive order cracking down on deadly sanctuary cities. He has effectively ordered a shutdown of ICE, halting virtually all deportations, everyone, murderers, everybody, no more. Let’s not deport people. And restricting our law enforcement professionals and they are great professionals, you have many of them represented here today, from conducting almost any immigration enforcement of any kind.

“The Biden policy of releasing criminals into the U.S. interior is making America into a sanctuary nation where criminals, illegal immigrants, including gang members and sex offenders are set free into American communities. They have no idea and remember with the caravans, these countries, not only the three of them, but many, many countries all over the world, they’re not giving us the best and their finest because they’re intelligent. They’re not giving us their best and their finest, remember I said that? I said that a long time ago when I made the first remarks, when I came down the escalator with our great future first lady, who says hello. Who loves you as much as I love you. I said that a long time ago, and we turned out to be 100% correct. Biden’s radical immigration policies aren’t just illegal, they’re immoral, they’re heartless and they are a betrayal of our nation’s core values. It’s a terrible thing that’s happening.

“The Republican party must hold Joe Biden and the Democrats accountable. They ripped up the diplomatic agreements we negotiated with Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to shut down illegal immigration. They got a fortune, they got paid $500 million a year. When I came into office, those countries were refusing to take back illegal alien gang members, including MS13, the most vicious probably of them all. No matter where you go in the world, MS13, they do things that even the worst don’t think about.” (There is more, but we’ll end here, you get the point. Who ever is handling Biden gutted everything.)

So today Biden, CEO of washed up corporation, Inc. has a virtual meeting with the President of Mexico. I wonder what President Obrador was thinking…

They know they have made a mess so now…let’s blame Trump. But…remember the president of Mexico was on board with Trump’s border policies working cooperatively.

López Obrador said in December, 2020, he intentionally waited until the electoral college vote before writing Biden. He sent a one-page letter that contained an implicit warning against getting involved in Mexico’s internal affairs.

The letter also let Biden know that he intended to keep with the Trump agreement regarding  their migratory stance that included that Mexico might continue to act as a buffer against waves of migrants seeking to reach the United States.

Mexico President, Andres Manuel López Obrador

Excerpts of the letter: “I also want to express my recognition of your stance in favor of migrants from Mexico and the rest of the world, which will allow us to continue with plans to promote development and welfare in southeastern Mexico and the countries of Central America,”

“I believe that this way, nobody will be forced to leave the land of their birth, and they will be able to live, work and be happy with their family and among their people and their culture,” the letter continued. “In this way, we can create a definitive solution to migratory flows from and through Mexico toward the United States.”  López Obrador wrote.

Read full letter here:

That being said…listen to Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security.

So, in other words, the virtual Biden administration, to their dismay and horror, found that the entire border system was gutted? I think that is the word he used. And that any Unaccompanied children cannot be processed into the US at this time. I think he said the ‘LOVING’ parents of the unaccompanied children. Yes, he did. The same unaccompanied that were sent from South America must at this time NOT send any more of their children through the trek to cross the border illegally because the systems needed to do so are all gone. They will have to build from scratch new systems and that will take some time.

It sounds like the border protection agreements with Mexico were working and the Secretary of Homeland Security is admitting that the CEO of the United States does not have the same set up with human and drug trafficking as he had during the Obama administration, and that system has been taken down. “Gutted”. So, it will take time to figure out how to put together a new system, virtually from scratch.

Sex and Human Trafficking Lawyers | Morgan & Morgan Law Firm

It appears they no longer have access to some key military arms and procedures. He sounds like he is saying that the human trafficking schemes have been shut down and now they will have to start from scratch to get those human bodies moving across the border smoothly again.

Dang that Trump…he did exactly what he said he would do. Make the borders stronger.  What do you think? How does this sound to you?  

It sounds a lot like the White House spokesman is saying –  Individuals need to wait before they take a dangerous journey to come to the USA. We need to replant the coyote houses. Trump’s team blew up the tunnels, and messed up our routes. They need to wait, it takes time to rebuild a system from scratch. So all the unaccompanied children just have to walk back through all the states they trailed their way through until the new administration can build back better from scratch.

Bodies of Evidence: The Challenges of Substantiating Human Trafficking –  AWKOLAW

Oh and the kicker is be sure and listen closely at ….around  16:02 minutes in and hear the reporter say – “former President Biden”.

So as the mass flood of unaccompanied children, and other have roared accross the borders and dealt with by Texas and others who aren’t having none of it…as well as a Mexican President who now is dealing with the mess on his end….let’s blame Trump for the gutting Biden did…and figure out how to get a secret system put together quickly because we just can’t human traffic out in the open. People will not want any part of that. Something tells me…Hansel and Gretel is getting ready to premier.

Who is telling the truth…President Trump or the ones who STOLE THE ELECTION AND OVERTHROUGH THE GOVERNMENT OF WE THE PEOPLE?


Other links related to the border confusion:

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  1. President Trump is correct. He tells the truth. And we must back him.
    Biden is full of dementia. He’s a puppet for the left. And the left is full of evil. And the left is scared to death that they’ll be exposed and caught. They had to rig the election or they’d be caught.
    I hope and pray that God will stop them stat. And I’m praying for a miracle from our Lord. And our true President Trump will be back.

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    1. Corner Stone says:

      Speaking of evil, the MSM must be deeply involved in the human trafficking and profiting greatly from it. Same for Big Tech. Think of all the “foreign workers” Big Tech brought in under Obama – paying them cheaper, and scaring them with loss of their job if they speak up about all the abuses they see going on in them. It’s just my opinion but I’m sticking to it.

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      1. Corner Stone says:

        The Bards of War report tonight on the elites’ Trillions of Dollars human and child sex trafficking economy.

        BardsFM, Foundations – 20210302


  2. irisheyes17 says:

    I saw a vid posted last yr abt the families that were bein’ sent back 2 Mexico 2 w8 4 an asylum hrn’, of which they do not qualify…they claim 2 b runnin’ from drugs and gangs and violence…

    OH, MY!!!

    The only thing they’re runnin’ from is poverty…and u can not take n the wrlds poor and pay 4 everythin’….y’all won’t hav a country anymore…

    Even Jesus fed the followers once and then sent them away 2 their own towns…yeah, even the children…

    I saw women tkn’ their bambinos 2 the border and pointn’ out a border patrol agent and sendin’ them back n unaccompainied…knowin’ they can’t b sent back 2 Mexico…thanx 2 our STOOOPID POLICY…kids from C.A. cannot b dported…but Mexican kids can…

    Scammin’ 3rd wrld trash…they found a way 2 beat Pres Trump’s ‘Remain n Mexico’ policy…

    Those parents knew their bambinos were gonna b tkn n and givn free healthcare (most r very sickly, and r bringin’ n tropical diseases we don’ hav here)…free education, housin’ with an actual ndoor bathroom…they come from the jungles of CA and hav outhouses… free breakfasts and lunches, even free eye exams and glasses…free dental, most hav nevah even seen a dentist or dr n their lives!!!

    And taxpayahs get 2 pay 4 it all…2 the tune of $billions a yr…

    Pres Trump nded the program that pays 4 English lessons and soccer 4 the illegal alien kids…

    I watched video of the border surge of minors when Barack let them n…I saw ‘kids’ n the camps that had beards and grey hair…but they said they were teens so y’all can’t ? them…they hav no id…I watched as sum of those ‘kids’ were mkn’ gang signs, until they turned and saw the cameras on them…
    boys and GIRLS!!

    I saw pregnant women sittin’ there jus w8in’ 2 drop that bambino n a US hospital…lookin’ 4 citizenship…and gov handouts!!…they come ovah abt 7 mos pregnant and w8 n Mexico until the 9th mo and hire deadly gangs armed with AK-47’s 2 bring them across the border…

    That’s why they don’t stay n Mexico…NO WELFARE!!!

    Our border patrol agents were warnin’ the Feds that a lot of those ‘kids’ were MS13, but were told 2 treat those ‘kids’ like the others…and Barack sent them all ovah the country…most back east….

    Y’all r bein’ scammed by these ‘minors’…who join gangs at the age of 8…the requirement 4 bein’ n a gang…they hav 2 kill sum1…ur gettin’ very deadly kids floodin’ the border…and they’re bein’ brought n by drug cartels and gangs….y’all think these ‘kids’ made it across 3 countries unnoticed by drug cartels?!?!..but they claim 2 b runnin’ from drugs and gangs

    AS IF!!!

    Pres Trump wanted 2 send all these kids back 2 their own families…n their own countries…

    Pres Trump wanted an EO 2 end birthrite citizenship…


    Y’all shud read the bk ‘Why God Hates Open Borders’…by Dr. Francis Myles…Dr Myles is a LEGAL immigrant from Africa…he says borders r necessary 2 preserve identity and culture…he pastors his own church n Cali.(he’s Pentecostal… and so am I!)… he’s self-supportin’, not tkn anythin’ from the taxpayahs…which is what Pres Trump wanted 4 immigrants….

    NOW?!?!…NOT SO MUCH!!!

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  3. Gary Nemeth says:

    Was you aware that
    the age of consent on all our Military bases
    is sixteen.

    That means if a little boy or little girl looks like
    they are even close to sixteen, they can freely
    have our American values pumped into them.

    Remember: They hate us for our freedoms!

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    1. Today is March 2, and the deadline for the military to clean house at the Capitol is March 4. I believe I have the date right since Trump announced on Jan. 6 and then had 45 days to file & 45 days to act. Am I right? I keep praying that it will happen. There are many that are going against the oath they took by endangering Americans by allowing illegals to enter.


      1. I’m not sure, I do know that I’m very concerned about our military being controlled by globalists.
        I hope we aren’t sitting on our hands waiting on a military that never comes.
        One thing we know is that GOD doesn’t need a military.

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      2. Corner Stone says:

        Philippians 4:6-9

        New King James Version

        6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

        8 Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things


  4. agon7777 says:

    What you write here, makes a lot of sense. I always look forward to reading your blogs as they give me a lot of insight. In response to Buddy who asks if the military is involved, why would this be allowed? Perhaps this is being allowed in order for the American people to wake up and see that open borders do not work. The democratic Del Rio, Texas mayor pleaded for Biden to not release unlawful migrants into his city and neighboring ones. Sometimes you just need to show people….

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  5. Trump had the best plan…and the President of Mexico restated his desire to continue it, giving assistance to poor countries so they are able to provide for their poor and rid them of their cartels who cause chaos over them. Trump also sought to allow fair elections so the people could thrive under liberty instead of die under tyranny. Instead…the swamp wants a RESET for all the world to sink in their swamp.

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  6. SchickMomma says:

    I’ve been following your page for a couple months now, I love your insight and perspective. I have seen you share God in a Nutshell videos in the past, and wanted to bring your attention to this Kim Clement one in particular, if you haven’t already seen it. At the very end he goes in to tithing prayer when he is given a vision. It’s hard to deny the current day implications of his vision.
    Thanks for sharing so much information! God bless!

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  7. etting29 says:

    Fact: People who didn’t like Trump’s “tell it like it is,” approach, voted for the slick, slimy talk of his enemies & press agencies AKA mainstream media. For all their holier than thou talk, & their condemnation of non- maskers, they ignored the crimes of illegal immigration in the name of “love,” choosing to not see sex trafficking, criminals, financial crisis, choosing instead to embrace unmasked, sick, carriers of TB, & other diseases into their arms as their crocodile tears poured into their masked faces. In reality, not one of these hypocrites will be dealing with this humanitarian crisis being safely ensconced in their distant quarters. ICE, police & innocent residents throughout country will be dealing directly with the consequences of this “false righteousness,” & be bled dry of their resources. Take he high road. Stop being forced into a defensive position. Stand up & face these evil people & be on the offense – put them on the defense. 75,000,000 of us, joining together, are capable of doing this!

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  8. trnathens says:

    Luke 21:1
    In the mean time, when there were gathered together an innumerable multitude of people, insomuch that they trode one upon another, he began to say unto his disciples first of all, Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.

    Galations 5:9
    A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.

    1 Corinthians 5:7
    Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened. For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us:

    Exodus 13:3
    And Moses said unto the people, Remember this day, in which ye came out from Egypt, out of the house of bondage; for by strength of hand the Lord brought you out from this place: there shall no leavened bread be eaten.

    Why does it seem things are taking so long?
    Why can’t PDJT and the Patriots just get it over with?

    Because WE are following the LAW.

    WE are NOT hypocrites.

    Does the Uniparty follow the law?

    “They” WANT PDJT to NOT follow the law, so that he is like them.

    He is not like them.

    We are not like them.

    “there shall no leavened bread be eaten.”


  9. nancyfitzpatrick319 says:

    Remember we all thought VP would be the one running the show. Ric Grenell was on TV news,NBC I think, and he said Susan Rice is running the show for of course BO and of course the NWO.

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    1. etting29 says:

      And they’re not the least bit discrete! Never tire of the clip of BO on open microphone telling Russian operative how much more he can do for Russia after inauguration. And the MSM church mice watched openly, for the cats had been banished from the castle

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      1. Corner Stone says:

        Remember his 2008 admission on ABC that he was a Muslim and his going on and on about the muslim call to prayer being the most beautiful sound in the world?


  10. What an excellent post Dianne! I certainly learned a lot.

    This is one issue that should be the one that wakes up those American voters who are still in a Biden stupor over the FACT that this was an obviously stolen election!

    Glad to read that President Trump had the tunnels and “housing” blown up and destroyed to prevent them from easily bringing back the human and drug trafficking into our nation.

    That deal with Mexico’s president was, and is, extremely valuable.

    How ridiculous was it to hear that Biden “official” tell the illegals wanting to cross the border to wait?!

    These crazy leftists want to destroy our country, in more ways than one. I shake my head in disbelief that so many young voters have fallen for the Dems terrible lies and deception, on this issue as well as on many other failed policies.

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  11. Roger says:

    This is by far my favorite political satire website! Always a good laugh. 🙂 And the way the commenters keep the satire going? I’m impressed! Keep it up, all!


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