Just asking out of curiosity…how many are ready to send mega dollars to the NEW AND IMPROVED CONSERVATIVE PARTY after watching CPAC and the rah rah….we’re gonna fix it all but ya’all gotta wait until 2022 and 2024? And of course the Democrats all stick together and we don’t….but that’s because they join in as Conservatives but secretely are dems or RINOs. They stick together because they know the party eats its’ own or they commit suicide. That makes a difference…or have they forgotten Clinton body bags and Seth Rich didn’t kill himself?

At first, I thought it was sounding wise to move to South Dakota and support the likes of Kristi Noem, just saying. At least for the next four years.

A Day Before He Speaks, Conservative Gathering Is Mostly About Trump

That being said…the number one thing I am hearing is…where was Sidney Powell and where was Lin Wood? Oh, yea, they are still fighting to make the 2020 votes count that were stolen. Oh…yea… focus on that a moment. The two Americans – not politicians, most noted for being the ones that came forward to stop the steal and call out the thieves. They haven’t stopped. So where was the call to support these two? Where was the call to send donations to these two?

Now-imperiled case against Flynn cost him millions of dollars, his house,  his job | Fox News

And where was General Flynn? Another prominant figure in the midst of this battle with boots on the ground? Well, the General sent Trump a message of what he needed to tell the people at CPAC. I think he should have been a speaker and say it himself. Read what he said below…

”Elections are “of the most fundamental significance under our constitutional structure.” Through them, we exercise self-government. But elections enable self-governance only when they include processes that “give citizens (including the losing candidates and their supporters) confidence in the fairness of the election.”

The majority of Americans believe that the election in 2020 was irregular if not fraudulent. Trump supporters believe that President Donald J. Trump was robbed, and many of them are now saying that they will never participate in elections again, “Why bother? The system is rigged.”

We must now create an environment in which the American people demand the necessary solutions to repair this broken election system. The people need to find out “what really happened.” What is the matter with discovering the truth? Eventually, the truth will rise to the top.

President Trump can help all of us by speaking clearly in his upcoming CPAC speech. Whatever the reasons for it, the November 2020 election has shaken the “confidence” of all Americans in our election system, and all of us need to better know what happened. Only when we do can we correctly reform this system and then start to recover our confidence.

If the President simply moves on past the November 3, 2020 election without specifically addressing the massive election irregularities and then directing his supporters to specific action items, the nation may likely never have another free and fair election.

What would I like to hear him say? We, America First supporters, should consider taking the following steps:

  1. Continue to peacefully and patriotically make our voices heard using all means possible.
  2. We must get better organized and more involved in our parishes, wards, towns, cities, and counties.
  3. Identify key upcoming local elections and become a volunteer at your local precincts. We can no longer sit and talk, we now have to stand and do!
  4. Demand local, state, and our federally elected officials take measures to prevent future election fraud.
  5. Seek out America 1st patriot citizens for public office, but be careful not to recruit the next generation of establishment elites.
  6. Recruit others to the Save America movement.

If you want to get involved, you can join the “Defending The Republic” organization. Those leading this to include myself, we will ensure we follow these steps.

Thank you for your support over the years and for all you do for our nation.

God Bless America!

Michael T. Flynn

So, now the real discussion begins. Do you agree with General Flynn?

Did President Trump address the needs of the nation adequately? If you say not really or no, what do you feel he missed out on saying?

President Trump came out and his first words were, “Do you miss me yet?  There’s a lot of things going on.” He stressed the MAGA movement is far from over and promised to continue to fight on behalf of all Americans. He stressed there was no new political party and that was fake news. He stressed “OUR” MOVEMENT of hard-working American patriots was just getting started and in the end, we will win. (We’re all on board for winning…now fix the stolen election, we already won. I still believe that is forthcoming…so don’t say I’ve thrown in the towel.) He flirted with a 2024 run which although it was cheered from those in the room, it fell flat on many of THOSE IN THE MOVEMENT at home WHO were awaiting to hear something more like, “We are not giving up yet. We are taking this to…bla …bla…bla”.

So, aside from the fact that this year the CPAC was not held in the D.C. “BELTWAY” (for obvious reasons), it also lacked some of the flair. I mean something was odd about it all. I am still pondering the event. The lack of pomp and the entire town hall set up where the stage appeared larger than the audience. And less people? Was this due to being in a private hotel and COVID policies or something else? I mean, Trump could have more people waiting to see him at an Airport Tarmac.

CPAC 2020 | Newsroom
Compare CPAC 2020 to 2021
Gov. DeSantis kicks off CPAC: 'Florida's leading on the issues that matter  to conservatives'
CPAC 2021

So the question is…are you going to send your dollars to CPAC? The Beltway out of the way sorta thing? Conservative party of the likes of McConnell while McConnell is still at large? Trump did say he didn’t think McConnell would get re-elected and regretted pitching for him to boost him from 1 point below to 20 points ahead. Trump knows the people want Mitch held accountable for all his pocket stuffing corruption and his part in the fake breech at the Capitol. We still remember and are not happy about the fact that he was also responsible for guarding the Capitol and failed miserably to call in the guard when asked repeatedly to do so by the Capitol Police Chief. Nor are we forgetting that he called all Trump supporters worse things than ANTIFA!!!!!!!!!!! McConnell is unfit, and has been part of the entire globalist coup. Their very own turtle.

And President Trump did call out every slimeball in D.C. by name!

What the people also wanted to hear was more on the line of – we know how you feel being blamed for raiding the Capitol and we know who was really responsible for that and the election steal and we are working on bringing justice to that matter. We will not stop until all who were involved with this stolen election are indicted and tried for their part in all of it. From the very top down to the bottom. But maybe, just maybe that was included in the opening line when he said…“There’s a lot of things going on”.

How to Watch CPAC 2021 Live

I will hold on to that phrase, and a few other nuggets he threw out there for us to decipher….and be called crazy when they are discovered and I repeat them. For now, I still believe there is a lot going on and military tribunals have been taking place. I believe GITMO is filling up and there will be another election because the military surrounding the entire Capitol Grounds is not normal procedure, even for a Biden win. Never forget the fence went up with full military armed guard under the Trump administration and it is still up.

I believe the waters are being tested and the game has moved into another phase of interesting things that we can only guess about. The military is still in charge, the corporation is bankrupt and Biden is controlled by someone…but those someones are losing power. The only power they have is the power the states hand over to them. so breathe in and out and say your prayers for all to be revealed that has been hidden.

So, that being said, I will continue to pray for understanding and for reprieve of all the insane events that are in our face. Nothing is as it seems.



    1. Isotelus says:

      President Trump never said even once that he came in front of us today to let us know that he quit. And likewise he will never hear the same from me.
      He never said that he was sorry for committing himself and ourselves to a wasted cause. If we don’t stand now and continue this fight with this man as our leader we will finish this event on our knees. The only time that I will spend time on my knees will be the time that I spend giving thanks to God for the privilege to stand with this Man as we fight for this honorable cause. For God, Country, and Family. This is not over by a Long Shot. Hold The Line Patriot.

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      1. My beliefs and attitude about this movie is the same as Ms. Marshall’s. I was expecting more information and I don’t know why we have had to endure this movie that I hate. There is a lot to be said for patience but I am all out.

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      2. Corner Stone says:


        I heard the message that no more CCP Communist Rinos need apply, nor Communist GOPe……..etc…..

        Let them go to China and eat fried grasshoppers.

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      3. fireflamestoves says:

        He also referred to Biden as CEO rather than president. Could that perhaps be a nod to the bankrupt corporation from 1871?

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    2. Donna Brookerd says:

      I was discouraged about him not mentioning the justice for the election fraud. As a taxpaying USA citizen, I deserve for the case to be heard. I deserve for the evidence to be examined and a proper investigation. I live in the state of Ga and would like to sue the judiciary and kemp for not validating the ballot signatures and violating the constitution by changing the election laws without authority. This pisses me off that my vote was stolen and allowed buy a bunch of scum thugs caught on camera and the filthy judiciary and gov ignored it. Makes me furious and i have a right to be furious.

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      1. I concur with your thoughts and feelings. Now HR1 is intended to make everything in future elections legal which was done illegally to win this election. If God did not use everything that He had in place to win this election; then what is His message? Think about it. We held as Republicans every state legislature in these stolen states; we held the Senate where electors were approved; constitutionalists held the Supreme Court, set up as a last minute God tactic (He controls time of death). And as President Trump stated very clearly “cowards with no courage” in every case. The only patriots were outside of government. God understands the hypocrisy and He does not reward it. But it goes even deeper. Christians want thing to return to “normal”. God expects more of us. I’m concerned that He has made His decision against America, and in favor of future purging of His people?

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      2. Claudia Lambert says:

        I cannot move on without justice. I won’t. This is no small thing. This is treason and robbery of the worst kind. It is the people who were robbed and those who govern us are supposed to be there by OUR CONSENT. They have no right to act like it is nothing! I am looking for avenues to begin constitutional process to bring justice by our own laws. I believe it is our duty to dismantle our government when it is not responsive to the will of the people. I am looking into the logistics on how this handled lawfully. We the people have the constitution on our side to remove whomever is corrupt and replace them with whomever will do their job representing and serving us.

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    3. I didn’t watch too much of it, but I watched enough to know that this CPAC thing was some kind of tool the Leftists were using to infiltrate the GOP. In addition, it was like listening to one big, long infomercial. Selling products to the sheeple, making them believe “these things” were good for them because the sellers “are conservative”…wow…In addition, there were Masonic hand jobs all over the place. One thing that was very clear to me was Donald Trump’s energy level…it was nothing like it was when he was president. It was as if he “had to be there” to “do something” he really didn’t feel like doing. But being the winner he is, he never, ever, ever gives up and he did what he had to do…sometimes you have to do things you don’t like in order to win. And I believe we are winning. He hasn’t given up and neither should we. (PS…I wish he hadn’t addressed the VAX and encouraged everyone to get it…that’s one thing it think he needs to let go of.)

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  1. Jellybeans says:

    He also said “We have been winning a lot lately” early in his speech. Which makes me think this was our ‘legal’ State of the Union address, considering the circumstances. So many moving parts in this operation. From collapsing governments worldwide that were caught in the election sting to a new global banking system all while arresting hundreds of thousands of global elite criminals, saving the children from the DUMBS tunnels worldwide and getting ready for a new election this month. Does President Trump ever sleep?? God Bless America and the saved children worldwide.

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  2. Randal says:

    I heard America’s farewell speech. Trump knows there will never be another free and fair election. He also knows there won’t be a recognizable country in four years. I’d like to keep trusting the plan, but I realize now there is no plan. The communists have taken America without firing a shot.

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      1. Corner Stone says:

        President Trump has talked and talks a lot about the child sex traffickers.

        He also knows too many Americans cannot handle the full truth yet.
        It would be like trying to convince mideval Europe that the earth was not flat.

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    1. Suzanne Sund says:

      Oh my. No faith. Dianne has lost faith, too. There was so much more. Listen to it again. This time with open ears and your own ego aside. It was a State of the Union Speech. Filled with lots of gems if you caught them. Go ahead. Humor me.

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      1. I have not lost faith, I am just pointing out some of the absurdities and some of the things I was disappointed in. And some things I liked. Think of it like a round table like the Five and that is my take on it. Smile.

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      2. Agreed. According to the US Constitution the President must address the nation during the month of January or February per invitation from Speaker of the House. The only person addressing the nation on February 28, 2021 was DJT.

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      3. Suzanne, you have deluded thinking. Go back and listen for yourself, Trump’s BS speech. Trump did not say anything that we already haven’t heard. It was all just a big build up for a dud speech. Trump should have had Flynn to come and give us the encouragement every American needed from his broadcast with Truth Unveiled – FLYNN HAS A PLAN, does Trump? NOPE! Trump is all about “ego” right now. You people need to wake up and realize that Trump is NOT the savior of America. God is.

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  3. trnathens says:

    He’s a winner.

    Job 3:19
    The small and great are there; and the servant is free from his master.

    I understand peoples’ concern about vaccines. But look, if Hillary had won, there wouldn’t have ever been a vaccine. Do we have a vaccine for HIV, or cancer? No.

    Are they safe? Who knows. But it neutralizes the virus as a political weapon, AND it puts a HUGE wrench in their plans.

    Those who take it are putting their faith in Man. Those who are awake, won’t take it.

    If he HADN’T authorized Operation Warpspeed then we would be at the mercy of MSM and Fauci.

    Now, they look stupid every time they say we still have to wear masks even after the vaccine.

    Hundreds of thousands of people die every year from medication mix-ups IN THE HOSPITAL! Thousands die because doctors leave instruments in them…AFTER SURGERY. Thousands more die from infections picked up IN THE HOSPITAL.

    The government, prior to 2020 estimated that between 60,000 to 80,000 people would die from the annual flu… EVERY YEAR.

    People are afraid, and they need mental relief. Any port in a storm.

    There’s a LOT more coming. Remember, THEY are trying to crash the financial system. What do you think is going to happen to Mr and Mrs Citizen when the dollar crashes? If it does. What about food supplies. Gas. Access to ANY medication. If that is their plan, it’ll all be done on THEIR watch.

    This is crazy times. All the way around.

    Thank God, literally, for the Bible.

    Thank God, literally, for His Son Jesus.

    Thank God, literally, for the Holy Ghost.

    I am SO grateful that MY port in the storm is my relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost.

    Job 1
    [J]ob his mantle..shaved his head, and fell down upon the ground..And said, Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord

    Numbers 23:19
    God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?

    Matthew 18 [I] say unto you..if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

    1 Cor 15:51 Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed

    Matthew 6 Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread.And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.


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  4. Laurie says:

    President Trump continues The Art of War. His CPAC presentation was classic listen here, while the real action is there. Focus on a 2024 ” rerun”, when in reality 2020 was won. Yes, there is much going on because He is still the Man in charge.

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      1. kingdomdaze says:

        Well if the Art of War says to look weak when you are strong he certainly has taken it to an extreme this time.


  5. Leilani Macmillan says:


    FOUND THIS AT * * TODAY – AFTER TRUMP’S SPEECH. THIS MAY BE WHY HE DID NOT OFFER ANY NEW INFORMATION OR STEPS FORWARD. I was almost discouraged until reasoning that the PLAN cannot be revealed in advance. Then, found the ANON’S SERIOUS WARNING ON MARCH 4TH at EBH.CLUB.



    On Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 7:14 PM THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” Just asking out of curiosity…how many are > ready to send mega dollars to the NEW AND IMPROVED CONSERVATIVE PARTY after > watching CPAC and the rah rah….we’re gonna fix it all but ya’all gotta > wait until 2022 and 2024? And of course the Democrats all st” >

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      1. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

        yeah, like Humpty Dumpty! Lately quite a bit of the old classic’s have been coming to mind. Like the Wizard of Oz, big time.

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  6. inesnido says:

    So, I agree with some of what you said. However, Trump has never, ever, talked about what he is going to do or about to do before hand. Never let your enemies know your plans. So maybe he was playing it cool, low key. You know.

    I felt a little disappointed, because, like you, I was expecting something bigger, bolder from him. The speech fizzled away for me. But I’m not giving up on him. I finished the eBook of “The kid on the side of the road” and I do believe huge things will be happening from today up until April 1st. I also heard Charlie Ward, in one of his videos last week, say that this next week we’re going to see some things happen. He didn’t specify so I don’t know what that will be. He said when he gets the ok to speak he will. Who knows what or when that will be. However, he also said that today’s speech would have an announcement. I didn’t hear Trump make any announcement. Maybe you did. Anyway, I went on line and looked up the 2019 speech at CPAC and Trump sounded much more upbeat and–funny! I thought I heard Trump hint that after the 2022 elections, which he will be very involved in, there would be a new president, and he said “guess who”. So maybe he was trying to hint that it would take until 2022 for him to return. I know, I know, please God don’t make us wait that long!! Although, he sounded and looked like he knew that he was still President. He spoke very positive about our country even though “Joe” keeps signing our country away and screwing things up! Juan O. Savin said in his book that the next two years things would be happening and that 2022 looked good and that Trump would most probably return. At this point I’m trying to squeeze out every drop possible from every hint to see what I can get out of it. Until I see more action I will say, as our lovable president always says, “We’ll see what happens” 🙂

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    1. I have thought he may be able to get more done in limbo. Without the pesky congress stabbing at him. I believe the military is in charge and he is free to pursue other areas while the parade continues in the White House. That’s my real opinion…and this is an international movement for sovereignty which all rests on how America makes its’ moves. But, I was hoping for a bigger bone to be thrown. But I will take the small one. Smile.

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    2. Also, there is a German Attorney, licensed to practice law in America, that is organizing a team of thousands of participating lawyers who want to prosecute a “second Nuremberg tribunal” against a list of international elites responsible for what he calls the “corona fraud scandal.” I think this includes Mayors and Governors guilty too.

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      1. Gary Nemeth says:

        The first one was a complete sham
        why would anyone expect the second one to be
        any better.
        The evil lies from the first one is, to this day preached
        as truth. In which it falsely accused millions, who suffer
        to this day of false witness testimony.


    3. You notice how we are always looking to next month for four years. Oh something big was going to happen. If it did happen we never knew. How are people supposed to keep positive when they are always in the dark and waiting for that big event. Next month Hillary is going to be arrested, next month Obama is going to be arrested, next month the Pope and his cardinals are going to be arrested, next month the declassified info will be released (never happened to this day). Always and forever next month

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  7. etting29 says:

    Grateful President Trump pointed out we DID win, that Supreme Court {except two} spineless, the weaselly RINOS & Mc Connel-ites, no third party & literally immoral cohesiveness of left. About last 20 minutes strongest part. Much of what wasn’t said might be attributable to democRat legal actions. Flynn & Sydney involved in his defense. Mayor of Orlando imposed dumb-ass CV 19 restrictions. As to donations? Will follow . I’m happy my President is in this fight & living in Florida – for now.

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  8. Ran Man USA says:

    Hi, Dianne.
    I was very disappointed and angry with the same old talking points.
    I know you and others take hold of certain things he says, and think it’s some coded message. I have done the same for several years. I think he was ill advised to attend CPAC and play the same old broken record.
    I believe he lost a massive following of his support, hoping,hoping, praying, praying, we would see some semblance of justice forming…he almost acts as if this isn’t a big deal…we’ll get em next time. What an extremely poor message this sends. The country is being destroyed, families, businesses, communities, not to mention the Constitution, Bill of Rights, our money…it’s pretty shocking what a poor pulse reading they have on the 80 million plus supporters.
    What about Mike Flynn?
    Many have followed Q and others, who now look like a bunch fools, and suckers…why wouldn’t General Flynn denounce Q…if it was in fact a LARP…instead of allowing millions to chase down all the rabbit holes…
    He advises us to get involved locally in your communities etc, seriously??? I cannot even describe my disappointment. Like we’re all a bunch of imbeciles who cannot figure out civics 101…
    Trust the plan, Patriots are in control, enjoy the show…what a bunch of major, major, Bull Shit…
    Here are the simple facts: If Trump and his team allow This treasonous, fraudulent corruption to stand, after they knowingly Had several years of opportunity to extract justice from this wicked demonic swamp…He , and his administration are guilty of the same. We God fearing Americans Who legally voted for justice and rule of law, have been played for fools.
    I assuredly hope I am getting ahead of myself, and lacking the necessary patience to whether this storm…
    My instincts are rarely wrong.

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    1. Ran Man USA, I agree with your observation on the Flynn get involved … like that is going to change anything without fixing the corruption. Remember we were involved and ordered about rudely etc., many spoke this under oath. However as Becky commented, and it didn’t occur to me
      that required by the constitution the administration has to give a state of the Union address in February and none was given, except in the form of President Trump’s speech today. That was a big giveaway that he is still in charge. So, although I do not like the wait in the dark with hope of the light…there is a lot taking place. But, they need to throw a few bones people can see out there. Especially with all the crazy crap being pushed. In my opinion. But then again, perhaps that right there was a BIG BONE?

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      1. trnathens says:

        Just remember, the last time a President threw a few bones, by trying to warn us, he had his head blown off, in public, for all the world to see.

        Let’s all cut him some slack. He’s cleaning up a mess that’s been ongoing for a couple of thousand years.

        Also remember… THEY crucified Jesus.

        EVERY SINGLE PERSON that has dared take on this task has died, brutally. Only Reagan escaped.

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    2. donbernes says:

      As a Canadian I follow this report as my hope for a future for my grand children.
      I don’t pretend to comprehend trying to take down such the PTB but I would suggest more obvious works would help keep the faithful on board.
      God always wins.
      I truly believe that.
      If you believe that then you will win also just be his best aspect at this crazy time.

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    3. Kat says:

      Ran Man USA, totally agree with you 100%. Along with everything else you stated, the mere fact that he is still pushing the vaccine makes me think he is all part of the cabal and we have all been played for fools!! I feel really stupid for following Q and all these “hopeum” pushers. I just deleted every single one of them from my favorites.

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  9. Becky says:

    He couldn’t very well come out and give us his detailed plan on taking back the country. I find it interesting that the Constitution mandates that the new president give a State of the Union address in January or February and the only president to give a statement was Trump. I still believe.

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      1. Kym says:

        While the U.S. Constitution says the president “shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient,” it does not set a timeline. The last six presidents also have not delivered an official State of the Union during the year in which they were inaugurated, according to the congressional research service.
        Let’s be careful to not have faith in something so much we lose reality. I am praying Trump will return very soon but General Michael Flynn has said Biden is the commander in chief.
        Makes me sick. I do hope there is a plan otherwise, President Trump will not go down in history with his fellow patriots grasping for a string as we watch our country fall. GOD save America! 🙏🏻


    1. trnathens says:

      Actually, Constitution says “from time to time;” traditionally, it’s in January/February.

      But it’s a pretty big tradition to break, without explanation.

      And the double-standard is deafening. Imagine what MSM would be saying if PDJT decided to not give a SOTU.

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      1. We got the state of the Union Address from President Trump. He named names…watch for them to get called to the principals office very soon, if they haven’t been already. Joe obviously doesn’t have permission to do anything but wander around.

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  10. Erin says:

    Dianne, to answer your question: no, I don’t believe the Republican Party is worth supporting. I think they showed us what they are about. A few good individuals among the politicians will not change anything.

    General Flynn means well, just as he meant well after the election and as far as I know, did everything to help the President turn things around. Nevertheless, the people in control of the election system almost everywhere are highly corrupt and will fight hard against any changes. Just look at Arizona. Can’t even get an honest look. And the machines? They will never be hack-proof. I am planning to de-register and make a stink about it. I think all the people profiting from the corrupt system or just propping it up, will make lots of noises from now on about its reform. Because if people abandon the system in droves, all they have left is lies and naked force. I figure… sometimes it’s good to see the truth. The truth right now is that the system is broken, there will not be any fair elections any more, and there is no political solution to our predicament. Let’s let that sink in. Before rushing to outline solutions, let’s see it clearly in its corrupted ugly glory.

    Nothing will be fixed by the Uniparty by 2024. My 2 cents. I want to have nothing more to do with the political theater. The huge piles of 2020 BS are still steaming. No thanks.

    I think it’s time to lay down the popcorn, stop watching the clown world, and start building our own world.

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    1. Right. The election should have been overturned by the military since there is no honest government entity which includes the Sup. Court and put President Trump back into the oval office. Of course since I don’t have any information to think otherwise the military and P. Trump let us down greatly and are asking at least 75 million Americans to let the attack on our country and citizens go unpunished. We have to live with this garbage.

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  11. Gary Nemeth says:

    Look, I have mixed feelings here.
    As for me, I’m just an old white working class
    guy. Had some community college but certainly
    no university. And when I saw how Trump wanted
    the world see how he cared so much for Tiger Woods
    after his (possibly drunk) car crash. I get it they are
    personal friends — OK. But then, not even mention
    Sidney Powell or Lin Wood. THAT crosses (a) line
    and just pisses me off.

    He bends over forwards and backwards to kiss Jew
    bottoms. Goes extraterrestrial on proving he’s not a
    racist, bigot, homophobic. But then ignores those who
    truly deserve honor because it might be embarrassing
    to his NY cut throat friends, “Killer” business partners
    And, one more thing. I never gave a damn about

    If folks like Sidney and Lin are treated like nothing
    for all the work they are doing for us, I hate to think
    what some in that rich selfish crowd would think about
    working class men and women. I hope Ashli Babbitt
    would come to mind.

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    1. I looked at the Tiger Woods car crash and it did not make sense. His car was way off the road and all banged up and nothing in sight that he could have hit. It appeared staged to me. I haven’t dug into it, but had planned to later. I don’t buy the story. But, there must be something to see in it. Was it an attempt on Woods life? That was my gut feeling…but, haven’t looked into it. Just knew something didn’t sound right.


    2. Erin says:

      Trump threw Ashli Babbit under the bus, along with all the Patriots who got wrongly arrested. Yet I have never seen any of the true believers address this. Dianne? SAY HER NAME!

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      1. I did address this a while back, it was a fake death. That’s why it was never listed in the Capitol Chief of Police’s report. I showed the footage of the way they staged it and the guy who supposedly shot her was a fake DC policeman with the crew filming it all. No blood shot at close range. Guided in her fall, still no blood. The whole thing was a fake. But the fake news et al used it as real, but that has been shown that they lied. Now I see they buried her at sea with flowers.
        The second one shows the video.

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      2. Gary Nemeth says:

        Dianne even if Ashli was a fake
        or staged action, why would he ignore her?
        My point is, in part, his selections on who he
        publicly acknowledges looks just as fake.

        “George Floyd is looking down from heaven
        on us ” – President Trump

        Or, how about Trump and Kim Kardashian?
        Freeing all those criminals. Was it to prove
        that the “Lest racist person” is ashamed of
        being white?
        Maybe his converting to Judaism like his
        stupid daughter Ivanka?

        I am all ears!


  12. namvet6366 says:

    I agree with you Diane. Trump still hasn’t said anything about giving up, conceding, or actually being the 2024 candidate. He KNOWS he is still our President but as usual he is the consummate chess player, he never, ever gives any hint of his next move to his enemies. If Gen Flynn would be honest rather than slipping an answer he would agree the DJT is not only a master chess player, he is also a general’s General when it comes to strategy in how to play war!!! And we are indeed involved in the greatest war in history! President Donald J Trump is waiting for the that perfect moment to give the military the orders to snap the trap doors shut! Soon, Lord, Soon!

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  13. Rita says:

    So the question is…are you going to send your dollars to CPAC? I looked up and when you click on the Contribute button, it goes to which is just a GOP fund raising sight. I don’t get it. I thought it would be his organization using the money to promote republicans. I wouldn’t give to if it’s for the GOP in general. Can’t be trusted.

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  14. namvet6366 says:

    NO! I’m not giving any money to any organization anymore. I will give only to President Trump or individuals he specifically requests support for. And I’m talking about their personal accounts, no more PACS!

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  15. Mark Greenberg says:

    “President Trump can help all of us by speaking clearly in his upcoming CPAC speech. Whatever the reasons for it, the November 2020 election has shaken the “confidence” of all Americans in our election system, and all of us need to better know what happened. Only when we do can we correctly reform this system and then start to recover our confidence.”

    Bullshit! We need to know what happened? WTF!!! WE ALL KNOW WTF HAPPENED! They cheated and Trump quit and left us for the wolves! Never again will i vote and I dont give AF weather that means Dems will win! They will win anyways because Trump quit and handed them over a fixed election! This country is fkd!!!

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    1. kingdomdaze says:

      Yup. That’s how I feel; just blowin’ in the wind…..You can fool all of the people some of the time; some of the people all of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. For me? Time’s up. One thing I am convinced of is this IS Biblical. God recorded a lot of very bad human behavior in His Word and told us plainly what the consequences are. Not everything Biblical is something to be anticipated eagerly. But THAT, THOSE things are a certainty. Be ready. God is God and we are not. To say, then, that God is on our side is to miss the point. God is not on our side. Rather the choice is ours whether we will choose to be on His side. If you do you must, must understand that He and He alone has provide the only means possible for that to happen. How could it be any other way? It’s Jesus Christ; the way, the truth and the life. Peace on earth didn’t mean He was bringing peace TO earth. It means that through Him we can have peace with God whom we have sinned against and have so greatly offended. Time is running out. Find Jesus=find God=have peace. This is what matters most. I don’t know if I am preaching to the choir but I am speaking the real truth and it seems to me that is what everyone really, really wants and needs right now.

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    1. Wylder Starr says:

      If you really believe what you’re seeing on the mainstream news…do you really believe Syria was bombed and Biden doesn’t know who did and Kamala doesn’t know either? Do you really think Biden signed like 100 exec orders when on average a President might sign 5-10 in a four year term?? Can you not discern how strange Biden’s presidency has been?? BECAUSE NONE OF IT’S REAL.

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  16. James Morris says:

    We are the majority but we don’t know it! Why? Because the media is monopoly owned by the Democratic Party! The election was stolen but we don’t know it… Courts including SCOTUS are not held to account for the same reason. The solution is simple. Trump’s focus should be on establishing a media platform that tells the truth. Running for office again is not the answer. At best it is temporary as we’ve already seen. Sadly we live in an age where the media controls the narrative, manages perception, and sets reality. Reuters report on CPAC was “Trump repeats the lie.” That’s what’s broken and needs to be fixed FIRST!


  17. I thought it was a good speech but things I wanted to hear were not said. I think it’s not time for the President to say what I’ve been waiting for at this time. I think something slipped out in the speech but the subject changed quickly. We have to look between the lines.
    We are ready to hear it now and those that aren’t, wake up.

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  18. Deena Cordy says:

    I can’t believe after one speech, how so many lose faith, are you really forgetting about the Maga movement and all Trump did for this country? Why so many people love Trump and what he’s done for our great Nation? Do you believe after one speech that’s changed? I must have heard a different speech then you all did. God is in control, always has been. If there is a bigger plan, not everything can be revealed until the proper time. The final chess move has not been made yet.
    Nothing changed, once again when Trump speaks and if its not what you think he should say, then everyone loses faith. I for one have not and no the bigger plan to be played out. All will be revealed soon.

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    1. Deena Cordy says:

      It actually was and is about Trump, MAGA, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, HIS CAMPAIGN SLOGAN, Wow, so much confusion. The Patriots followed the movement because of the promises Trump made, and because we all wanted change and a better future. And as Trump kept his promises, and did make the country great again, thats when the people really got behind him, he fought for the regular hard working people. Thats why the people loved him, he was a business man not a polititian, and why the swamp hated him, he didnt play by their corrupt rules.

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  19. I wanted to hear something about how “they” were going to right my vote being stolen. Put up with the thieves for four years? Not American. I want justice, consequences not the same old campaign talk.

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  20. Maryann says:

    Silence is golden. I heard a lot between the lines when Trump was speaking. If a person believes that Amanda Grace speaks from God then PLENTY is happening!


    1. “I heard a lot between the lines when Trump was speaking. If a person believes that Amanda Grace speaks from God then PLENTY is happening!”

      Please list what you “heard between the lines when Trump was speaking.”

      Amanda Grace is NOT a true prophetess of God. Your faith and trust are misplaced. You need to take off the rose colored glasses here. I used to follow her until her true colors came out along with her pals Rachel Hamm and Kelly Marie. You are being deceived. Pray and ask God for discernment about them.


      1. Maryann says:

        I have never heard of Kelly Marie. Who is Rachel Hamm. Why is Amanda Grace a false teacher? I know that God DOES speak to his children today. He has spoken to me. I am not going to say what He told me because as the Bible tells us not to throw pearls before swine. Satan is the one who STEALS the seed of God’s Word. President Trump said a lot between the lines. Maybe you need to ask God to give YOU discernment so you can hear the truth.

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    Like you Dianne, I felt this whole thing odd, there was something missing and left me feeling dead inside, like I had going to see a movie with no ending.

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    Like you Dianne, I felt this whole thing odd, there was something missing and left me feeling dead inside, like I had gone to see a movie with no ending.

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  23. Lois Gahm says:

    Yes plenty is happening Many have been arrested. But for us elderly, we haven’t got much time left. I love my birds and animals all over the world that God has cfeated and I probably will never get to see them again. I know God will win. Trump is in control. Biden is fake as is a lot of congress Really look are they the rea people. Pelosi has lost her mind Think about it It’s a movie and Trump knows it.

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    1. Artie says:

      Who has been arrested? I have seen no names. That’s the problem. Don’t u think if someone of any kind of prominence got arrested, word would get out from family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc. If the military is in control they need 2 act NOW! real people r being affected by Biden’s exec. orders. Job losses, inflation going up, china on the march. if biden’s admin. is a hoax it’s time 4 action. Talk is cheap.

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      1. AMEN!! YEP!! Talk is cheap. Wouldn’t you think that if the names of all the people who have been arrested, tried, convicted and given their punishment, was made public everyday, that America would not have hope to see what is happening to the wicked? Why are they NOT telling America? Will they ever tell America? Most likely not, since they don’t do it now.


  24. Barbara Jones says:

    I think Trump had to say certain things because he was at CPAC, like donate money etc. To answer your question, I will not be sending any. I thought that Trump talked as if he’s still President. We are winning, there is a lot happening etc. This is a Global effort with lots of moving parts that we will likely never understand. With all that Trump is dealing with, talking to us is probably on par with an astrophysicist trying to explain quantum theory to 6 year olds. What could he say that we would understand and that wouldn’t stir up a hornets nest that he doesn’t need? He didn’t have to speak at all! I still trust that things are happening and all will be revealed.

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      Trump could have encouraged America and the world THAT IS WATCHING with a tidbit of hope, instead of droning on and on with the same 2 songs and pep speech of “me, me, me” and “I, I, I.” To Trump this was just another gig.

      I would have rather had Flynn rallying America in what American Patriots can do (and encourage the world to do the same in their countries), as he did in the Truth Unveiled Broadcast last week, as he told how this CAN be accomplished IF AMERICAN’S would step up, get involved and trust God to help them.

      I am putting a fork in all this “hang on, things are happening behind the scenes” deception and calling it DONE!! The only way anything is going to get done is when AMERICAN’S WAKE UP and CHOOSE to get involved and FIGHT BACK WITH GOD’S HELP, LIKE TRUE WARRIORS DO! Which is what I am going to do, with God’s help and guidance.

      All the “Trump, Q and the Patriots have everything under control” stuff is not going to work any longer. Keeping America “hanging on” by dangling a carrot in front of them GETS OLD and quite frankly suspicious of what is Trump’s real MO, and all the Youtube Patriot “know-it-alls” and their “sources” of behind the scenes what is happening. They are being played, just as we are.

      America no longer has any HOPE to hang onto. We are STUNNED by being kept in the dark with only a “hang on, Trump, Q and the Patriots have everything under control.” NAW!! I have had enough of that and I am WOKE!! America is being “strung along” for other reasons.

      We American’s are war weary and tired of all the fake, phony and false promises that Trump accuses others of having and doing!! Trump, Q and the Patriots treat American’s like we are too ignorant to understand anything, so they dish out the “Trump, Q and the Patriots have everything under control.” Well, they sure do have everything “under control” – they are controlling, maniupulating, suppressing and pushing people into compliance with their “good guy” persona – but don’t do anything about the pandemic hoax that has caused people to lose their jobs and businesses/livelihood and allow the “china virus” to hurt many people, all because Trump allowed the governors to make their own rules and to suppress their States. Trump had the authority during this “national emergency” to STOP all the BS mask mandates and the fraudulent virus testing, of which was a cash cow for Big Pharma, many clinics, doctors offices, organizations, etc. of which the testing came back with fraudulent high “postitive” virus counts. WHERE WAS TRUMP who could have stepped in and STOPPED this?

      “Well, Trump can’t be seen as being a dictator.” Really? A GOOD GODLY LEADER takes care of his people and country. Trump just passed the buck to the demonic State Govs. HE CHOSE to do this, because he didn’t have the testicles to step up to the plate and stop the closing of churches, synagogues, restaurants, schools, nursing homes, etc. he just pushes his cowardice onto others to do the dirty work.

      Well, they say, “it’s all about EXPOSING just how wicked, evil and mean the LEFT is.” Okay, I understand that. Then, it went to WE GOTTA SAVE THE CHILDREN, okay WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE OF THESE TRAFFICKED WOMEN AND CHILDREN?

      Now, it’s all about Special Forces, “cleaning out the “DUMB” (Deep Underground Military Bases) TUNNELS ALL OVER AMERICA. Really, what is next? Oh wait . . . . . I forgot, now we are seeing UFO’s, Aliens from outer space, space ships appearing in the skies, underground demonic lizards taking over people’s bodies and minds (well, I am halfway believing this one when I look at Biden, and the rest of the left). So, really what is next, that is part of this “movie we are watching and all the popcorn we are to be eating, as we watch this movie unfold?” All they wanted us to do was put our faith and trust in a “man” and a plan, instead of putting our faith and trust in God Who does have everything under control, Who loves and cares for us.

      All you “hanger on-ers” keep hanging on until you finally wake up to the realization, you have been hoodwinked and played by a billionaire who may be a part of the Deep State/cabal/illuminati/NWO and is just playing his role in this whole deception RUSE!! What is the next “dangling carrot” the Patriots are going to push on us to have faith in?

      OUR ONLY HOPE, IS IN GOD NOW. So, that is where I am getting off the “Trump, Q and the Patriots have everything under control BUS,” and I am going to be – under the shelter of God’s wing of refuge and protection, honoring and worshiping Him, trusting Him until He calls me home, or the Rapture takes place. I am going on with my life by, reading, studying my Bible and apply what I learn about God and His character/attributes, bake homemade bread, pastries, chicken pot pies, daily walks, praying for people, helping others with food, clothing, time, planning and planting my garden, enjoying my garden, the birds, butterflies, bees and pollinating insects, read other interesting books that will give me knowledge and skills to share what I have learned, learn a new skill, make jewelry for gifts and myself, sew clothes for my granddaughters and teach them to sew and to do counted cross stitch, needlepoint and other crafty things, teach them how to plan and plant a garden, paint rocks with encouraging Scripture, feed the birds and stray animals that come into my yard, eventually go to the beach to collect shells and just simply live life, by inviting family and friends over for a meal and fellowship, and just walking humbly with my God.

      “Que, sera, sera! Whatever will be, will be, the future is not ours to see, que sera, sera.”

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      1. namvet6366 says:

        Muummhuumm, the last section of your post regarding God having control; I agree with heartily. If all believers could just realize that God is on His throne & all of this is being played out just as He said in prophecy. “As in the days of Noah”, wickedness would abound, good would be bad & bad would good! Well, we are there & the only hope is in Jesus Christ. Without Him there is no light, no truth, no life & no Hope! A great ending to your post & my sentiments exactly. Thanks for putting it out there so well.

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  25. hocuspocus13 says:


    I’ve read [at times] a lot of negative comments here & it sounds like “Dianne” they finally got you to move over to their dark side

    I’m just really grateful that General George Washington never gave up never gave in & never backed down

    Or I would be doing a “curtsy” to a Queen 👑

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    1. Gary Nemeth says:

      No my dear hocuspocus13,
      If the revolution failed, you would have been
      taught that George Washington was a horrible
      dictator who wanted to murder six million men
      women and children. And the kind of devil who
      loved throwing live babies in to the fire.

      You would hate George Washington and the
      Patriots, with out ever knowing the truth.

      The sick, disgusting perverts, who run England
      would make certain of that.

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      1. Ri-chard says:

        However, George was a very weak man in standing up for the patriots and what they fought for. He was what he was. Remember the question, how many masters can one serve. Be it a King, Masons and what god or God is to be questioned.


    2. Ri-chard says:

      It appears you were not taught the truth of General Washington or read the historical documents for proof of what he did and didn’t do for us.
      After General Cornwallis (33 Degree Mason) read General Washington (33 Degree Mason) the riot act for what is to become of America by deceit and lies in 1781. Washington surrendered/capitulated. He did not create a Doctrine of Conquest claiming the spoils of war fought for by the Patriots/3 Percenters and Colonist. This conquest document would have documented that a victorious nation (America) in war acquired sovereignty over the conquered nation (British Crown) and could exert its own legal and political jurisdiction chosen by its sovereign residents.
      The practice for creating a doctrine of conquest dates back at least to Roman law. George Washington allowed King George III to dictate his own Trilateral Treaty of Peace 1783 on his own terms. This Treaty was negotiated for the King by another 33 Degreed Mason Ben Franklin.
      Therefore, at this point the Americans lost the right to vote, own their lands with free and clear title (allodial or land patent), the right to choose their Rule of Law form ( Common law built of the foundations of God’s Law and Natural Law), lost the right to chose their own Banking/Currency and Commerce practices. The people were recognized as Citizen Subjects and Debt Slaves, not as Sovereign men and women.
      the US Constitution became a dormant doc and Article IV of the Constitution was not implemented in any State with a Republican form of government. The Declaration of Independence became a calming message when G. Washington in 1791 created the First Bank of America supporting Hamilton, King George and the Tories with all Foreign Charter Members.

      That’s your boy George.

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      1. Gary Nemeth says:

        My boy Ri-chard,
        all that’s irrelevant. You know better then
        most, nobody cares about that stuff.

        Most Americans are more concerned about
        things with out the clutter of details.

        They prefer things like they love their drugs;
        cheap and strong and for some strange reason
        — imported.


    3. Ri-chard says:

      Forgot to mention the Queen who is not so absent from us.
      Queen Elizabeth controls and has amended U.S. Social Security
      S.I. 1997 NO.1778 The Social Security ( United States of America)
      Order 1997 Made 22nd of July 1997 coming into force 1st September 1997. At the Court at Buckingham Palace the 22nd day of July 1997. Now, therefore Her Majesty an pursuance of section 179 (1) (a) and (2) of the Social Security Administration Act of 1992 and all other powers enabling Her in that behalf, is please, by and with advise of Her privy Council, to order, and it is hereby ordered as follows:
      “This Order may be cited as the Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997 and shall come into force on 1st September 1997.”

      Does this give a new meaning to Federal Judge William Wayne Justice stating in court that he takes his orders from England? This order goes on to redefine words in the Social Security Act and makes some changes in United States Law.

      Remember, King George was the “Arch-Treasurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire and c, and of the United States of America.” See: Treaty of Peace (1783) 8 U.S. Statutes at Large. Great Britain which is the agent for the Pope, is in charge of the USA ‘plantation.’

      Yes, this was the game of English snooker that started in 1781

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    4. HocusPocus 13, There have been a lot of expressed negative comments, but compared to the ratio of readers versus comments, there have been but a few. A few people with over ten million readership since December is nothing. I have not given up, I continue to critical think and have never been a “Yes” person, when a thing looks off, I must say this looks off, the same as when there are things written between the lines. There was a lot written between the lines at CPAC…such as the big escort for the so called ex President. Looked just like the President’s motorcade. Why? Trump has never conceded, we all know that. I will never say, “Yea – we got a vaccine! Let’s take it.” Not for Trump, not for Fauci, not for anyone. So, I will question the logic behind pushing that type of statement? Was it to draw attention to it being done to open back up? Were we all supposed to go out and take it now? I’m not. This is a war, Trump is still fighting it, and each need to have eyes and ears wide open and have faith to move wisely. Trump knows the majority are against the vax and sick of Fauci. Maybe he wanted us to scream about it?

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      1. debjbalk says:

        I admire that you are never in an identity crisis, Dianne. Keep being your strong, holy blessed, love-filled, independent thinking, clear-headed, determined, resilient self.. Love ya just the way you are.. And, you can count on me to be praying for you “behind the scenes.” ;+). One more thing .. Congratulations on your ever increasing success. Who ever said that your talented musician son is the only talented one in the fam (wink wink). We know where he gets it. ;+)

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  26. Ran Man USA says:

    It’s going to be Biblical…I see🙃
    One thing for sure is Biblical… the deception.
    The calm before the storm…more like a fart, in a windstorm…
    The only storm we’ve experienced, is when they stormed the voting machines and hijacked our votes and the country…
    I will never ever, donate to the RNC / CPAC / Heritage foundation etc…Starve the beast…
    Tithe- donate locally
    It’s going to be Biblical, what Hell fire we’re in for with these demons in power…
    Join Sidney & Lin Wood…maybe when there done with the election circus, they can file a “ Treason- sedition “ Lawsuit Against the MAGA team for allowing this blatant in your face corruption to stand…

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  27. I’m with Lin Wood and Sidney and the military canceling the election. I’m for a new party option that doesn’t have a history of murder, assassinations, such as JFK and the World Trade Tower and a Bush Dynasty where Skull and Bones called the shots. The Dems are no different. The majority of Americans are for Donald Trump and probably not for the republican Congress that turned their back on him when they could have made him President on Jan 6. The faithful deserve a new party with a new history: a party Dems, Independents, true freedom loving honest patriots from Republican party can be proud of. What was CPAC about anyway? The identity of the Republican party is still bloody. President Trump must own what his incredible impact on this country and the world IS AND HAS BEEN and let the Republican image fade into history.

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  28. Ravin Local says:

    I will keep my faith in Trump for now. I know he never reveals his plan to the enemy, before a mission is completed, in my observations. I am praying, and God is listening, as He always does. Whatever is best for his children…. God will make it come to pass. I hope everyone is praying for each other and our country.

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  29. Ravin Local says:

    Remember…PATIENCE is a virtue. There are things happening that we do not know about. We either pray for God to guide and protect those fighting for us, or give up to be taken over by these evil beings that have been in charge for so very long. You don’t get rid of this kind of evil overnight. It’s been growing and strengthening for decades. Stand firmly in your faith in God. Remember that it’s HIM that’s actually in charge…not mere mortal men, and He loves his children. I’m proud, and thankful to be one of his children, and I put my trust in Him. I believe He’s teaching us a lesson in faith and patience. I just know that He has his reasons for whatever He does, and it’s all for the good of His people.

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  30. CharityinTruth says:

    Thank you, Dianne, for this thought provoking article and the opportunity to enter into this conversation. I appreciate many of the comments, too. Yes, I am still hoping and praying good is happening that is hidden and our Country will be saved back to God’s Ways, Truth and Life. All good things are possible with God.

    Still, I cannot understand how the November 3, 2020 fraudulent election is allowed to stand. President Trump needs to be our President, now. Are arrests being made?

    Did CPAC talk about the Plandemic and these harmful vaccines that will kill us? Was CPAC a show?

    Thanks be to God, many people are warning us.


    Don’t take the vaccine it will kill you:


    We need to warn others.

    LifeSiteNews has produced an extensive COVID-19 vaccines resources page and information on the GREAT RESET  View it here.

    The Great Reset:


    MAY THE LORD BRING LIGHT TO WHAT IS HIDDEN IN DARKNESS to save us. All Glory to God in the highest!!!

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  31. stormhere says:

    Wasn’t this election supposed to have been an election-fraud sting? I thought with the Kraken and the 2018 EO, this was a trap. I know a lot is happening all over the world – and it’s great. I’m just surprised because I thought we’d see the military step up with all the proof of election fraud and do something in the US specifically about it (similar to Myanmar). I’ll hold the line and all that – just asking what others are thinking.

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    1. I believe Sidney Powell has something brewing that will expose the corruption in the Supreme Court and all the courts and GITMO will have many tribunals. And Biden is already gone. We are watching a fake Biden. The Emperor has no clothes….replaced with The Emperor has no __________ fill in the blank.

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  32. BridlewoodCircle says:

    Does anyone know how trump got to Orlando?! Any footage of a motorcade or anything? I feel like now that I don’t watch MSM I have very little recourses for information…. I agree why the disconnect with Sidney and Lin and also Flynn…. unless that’s by design but there is so much uncertainty… and I do believe it is all in Gods hands on Gods time


  33. Ran Man USA says:

    Well said..Huum- Muum…
    I agree with you overall…
    Not disparaging others, that keep hoping for a MAGA miracle…
    I’m going to “Detox” from the “ Hopium”…
    Funny, how you never hear anything from “Q”…what a major intelligence scam of the first order.
    No need for “Q” now…all the Patriots we’re whistling Dixie past the USA graveyard…welcome to HELL…
    Brought to you By Demonicrats..Karl Marx…& CCP, orchestrated by you know who…the prince of darkness.
    Sure hope team MAGA is enjoying the weather at Mara Lago…While the demons GO, scorched earth in Texas….
    Oh, sorry. trust the plan…” Do you miss me yet…? While the country is aflame…please Patriots, take a deep breathe, set aside the Kool Aide and roll up your sleeves, we have a country to save…
    Be Well ?

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  34. Susie Adell says:

    Well, I have to say I was disappointed with Trump’s speech. Just expected more support to keep fighting for a “FAIR” election. Injustice seems to be the rule of the times we live in. Everything is speculation and there is little proof of anything actually happening. Our freedom as we know it is quickly slipping away so fast that in two years we could all be broke and being sent to re-education camps. We don’t have four years. There will be no America in 2024. Just a new land for China to rule. Praying for a miracle from the Lord and the hearts of men will turn to God. And there will be no donations to CPAC or Republican Party ever forthcoming.

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  35. tojak says:

    I heard the President say at cpac that he will attempt to resuscitate The dying “g.o.p.”.

    President Trump has done MANY good things for the USA, but he is about to find out that millions of his supporters DO NOT WANT to belong to a political party of spineless losers who always “cave in” and give the dimocrat/commies everything and anything their little heart’s desire…

    As to cpac, it supports rino losers like mcconnell, willard romney, lindsie graham, rubio, kasick, mccarthy, brian kemp, lamar alexander, susan collins, murcowski, blunt, toomey, et al., and I, for one, will never again give one red cent to cpac.

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  36. Pashta says:

    I was angry that Trump is continuing the BS and the lies. I HATE LIES and LIARS!!! We voted for TRUMP in a RECORD LANDSLIDE, people! RECORD!!

    We KNOW they have the evidence, WE saw the evidence and we are just regular people! WTH ARE THEY DOING??


    1. Gary Nemeth says:

      Excellent point Pashta!
      As for the Military — They are where they
      always are: Doing the dirty work for the traitors
      and political whores in Washington DC.
      While also keeping the cursed, desolate land
      of Israel protected from what it deserves.


  37. Ri-chard says:

    Those that didn’t like what Trump had to say because it seemed like a rehash, and it was. You must consider that half of the people that voted never heard any of it before. So it must be hammered over and over until a new communications platform is available… During his speech do you think CNN, MSN and the other MSM broadcast his speech without editing it? This is just one of the communication problems we and Trump are confronted with.

    How many people ever heard Trump say, “the people of America are sovereign, the people rule, and the reason why I was elected was to give power back to the people where it belongs”
    The only people I know that heard this were C-Span junkies or found it on the C-Span YouTube Channel.


  38. Sorry to go off subject but this is the only place I can leave a comment as I am not too computer savvy. I want to complain about post that are too small to read as the Q map you just posted and we are told to learn it. I increased my mac as far as it would go and that doesn’t do much. Then I brought out my magnifying glass and I still can not read the map. NEVER have been able to read the map because everywhere I go it is too small. Bad enough I can’t watch any YouTube posts because I have been banned. Thanks for allowing me to vent.


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