While the Senate holds their hearings to decide what happened on January 6th, 2021 at the Capitol, and the left give their snarky opinions in a pathetic maneuver to skew the truth, we have Resigned Capitol Police Chief, Steven Sund on the hot seat, holding his own. Will the truth prevail or will the Dems successfully skew this part of the circus act to protect Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer, and all who knew ahead of time and helped to arrange this invasion to blame on Trump supporters? The election was stolen through voter fraud committed by Dominion servers, double ballot counting, dead people voting, and a host of other cheating tricks. Which brings me to the final question...how will enjoying the show and eating popcorn help the outcome?

Here is the live YouTube of the show taking place in the Senate. We are all supposed to be watching this baloney…we are supposed to be glued to this. So, because this is where we are supposed to be, and what we are supposed to be watching, I think it’s a good time to see what the other hand is doing. For those who want to follow their carrots…here is the feed. Hopefully former Capitol Police Chief Sund will be heard and his truth not tarnished.

There are things you won’t be hearing in the senate, and you all know the military knows and so do those who hired these radicals to do their bidding. Some of the ones who orchestrate their funding are sitting in the capitol hearing, trying to blame this on honest people who are not happy with having the election STOLEN.

And now to all of those who are sick and tired of hearing “enjoy the show” in one breath, and “wake up” in the second, and “do something to help be heard” in the third…only to be followed by a round of “grab another bowl of popcorn and enjoy the next part of the show”…then circle back to more accusations, blaming those still sleeping with statements like, “as long as you do nothing this will continue”…and those who are awake are told to do something, and do nothing at the same time but be awake and have a conversation, only to be condemned for doing nothing but having a conversation……


The Lord said to Peter, “Feed my sheep”, three times. The Lord sent out shepherds to care over his flock. WHERE ARE THE SHEPHERDS? Not everyone is able to understand this strange thing. That does not mean they are not deserving of liberty and freedom and I am sick and tired of hearing those who say things that divide those who are confused with those who know as if there are two different “We The People” camps. Either we get popcorn and watch the show….or we get out there and fight for freedom? Which one is it?

The Lord Flocks us Together, Shepherds us, and Commissions us to Shepherd  Others - A God-man in Christ

And those who are trusting the plan….what is the plan? I’ve been a truth searcher for decades, way before this new crap of trusting the plan….and I have been aware of the plan to depopulate, poison, steal, kill and destroy for quite a number of years. I have seen the history of the plan to destroy from within…and all of a sudden people pop up as though all were sleeping and they are the only ones awake and now must wake EVERYONE ELSE UP, and at the same time tell them to ENJOY THE SHOW…TRUST THE PLAN…which is a mixed message. Are we to watch or are we to do something? We are told to have conversations…and others are ready to defend…some say doing nothing plays into the hands of the enemy. So….which is it.

Wherever I go God is with me - CHRISTIAN PICTURES

Many who have directed their words of wisdom to awake have been very condescending to the average American. This has been a total turn off. Some have went so far as to blame innocent Americans that this entire fiasco will continue as long as they remain asleep. Others pompously smirk and smile at how much they are in the know, and offer to hold the hands of those who after all the crap hits the fan will be shocked, as though somehow these people will need them to stroke their heads after the truth is known.

To them, I say this…most are already shocked and see the crap has hit the fan…and the last thing they will want is for the smart arses to dare and offer a hand of help when their so called truth is known. Why? These have successfully built a fence between the masses. You can’t treat honest people who obey the laws like new recruits in boot camp! Especially the boot camp built on concepts of their own private sources and opinions that they themselves admit, disinformation is needed. Therefore, cut the crap…it is either WWG1 WGA or it isn’t.

Matthew 18:20 Inspirational Image

God is the judge of peoples hearts, not man. For those who have a list of algorithms that tell who is behaving this way and that and based on that, can determine what this or that outcome shall be, they have all left God out of the equation. God can’t be seen on their algorithms nor measured by such. So my message for ALL THE PEOPLE is this – prayer and doing what God directs you to do is the answer. I have said from the beginning the scripture says:

Isaiah 26:20 20Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.

Joy in the Body of Christ | Words, Nevertheless
Together we all who believe in the Lord, make up the body of Christ.

It doesn’t say to have finger pointing conversations for it appears we are all in this together, along with the entire world! God decides who gets to do what. So pray and pray for all that each find true peace and that each have the strength and courage to do what they are called to do. For we all have different gifts, and different callings. We are not all digital soldiers, and not all warriors in the military, and not all pastors over sheep, and not all nurses, doctors, lawyers, sheet metal workers, bus drivers, are you getting the picture? We all have different skills, backgrounds and we all have different gifts to bring to the table. Right now that table is dirty and full of filthy dishes. Some are so corroded they cannot be cleaned. Some will have to be tossed in the trash. But right now…that same table is full of rats eating the rotten leftovers…so, until the rats are removed…there is no resetting the table with fine linen and silver goblets. That being said, love one another and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Amen.


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  1. tonyb112 says:

    I don’t think anyone will tell us “The Plan”, why would they? We aren’t the only ones reading posts like this. Think CCP, Russia etc etc or anyone else that wants to know “The Plan”. I still can’t believe Trump walked away knowing he was screwed! If the Insurrection act was signed it’s all up to the military and FEMA. All we can do is wait and watch and post anything that seems different or odd.

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    1. Holly Garrison says:

      I completely agree. I think it’s hard being the one giving the messages. Those people are giving us their best, and well, when you’re trying to be careful to encourage people and instruct while avoiding spilling the beans it’s not easy. Everything’s at stake here. There might be a better way to convey the message but this is what we have. Think about it. We’re at war here. I’m inclined to not complain when they are the ones holding things down. Holding the line simply means pray for their accuracy in executing the plan because there may not be a “take 2” in this. There’s a LOT more going on behind the scenes than we realize.

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      1. tonyb112 says:

        I think what ‘they’ or Trump is doing by DECLAS everything and posting how corrupt these people are and showing who the pedophiles are is the best way. When people realize who the corrupt are from both parties when Trump or the military start massive arrests the public won’t be as pissed off and maybe less chance for riots etc…

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      2. tonyb112 says:

        Saw something today that said monkeywerks has show AF1 in the air but the call sign is NOT AF1 or AF2! Interesting! There is something for sure going on that we don’t know about.

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    2. Lois Gahm says:

      I have 2 children in their 50’s and 60’s and they’re going to get the vaccine and they think Trump is evil and I’m crazy because I won’t get the vaccine Very few people realize the danger the vaccine is and they voted for Trump. Many people have died because of this vaccine It needs to end soon. The evil in our government is very deep I trusted my government. Little by little my eyes were opened When Gush said he was going to vote for Hillary then I knew he was evil Sad that it takes so long to find out things. Trump has openned our eyes even more. Please prafor my 2 children Mark and Thersa. The accept Jesus into their hearts when they were children Thank you and God Bless Lois

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  2. Senate hearing does NOT mean a thing without following ACTIONs! They had hearing of high tech CEOs but what happened? NOTHING! They are wasting time & money. They (senators) only add to our disappointments to grow taller every time after hearings.

    > >

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  3. Patrick Barrett says:

    Please, if you haven’t heard what Naomi Wolf had to say, Watch her on the internet news. Democrat Clinton advisor disparaged the “Totalitarian Dictatorship of Biden!” says there is a small window, right now, to do something, before the window is closed. Watch this Democrat tell it like it is. “I wouldn’t have voted for Biden if I had known this was going to happen!”

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    1. tonyb112 says:

      had people payed attention to what biden said not voting for him should have been a non decision. He told you what he was going to do, he was caught in many lies. Hunters laptop and his business dealings with Ukraine, his video on quid pro quo and his video telling us how he rigged the election. This POS is controlled by many people, unfortunately not us.

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    2. YeahYouRight says:

      I remember Ms Wolfe from back in the day, and she’s right, but she’s preaching to the choir. She should have taken her message to a leftist media outlet first, before letting the car out of the bag. Now that they know her message, none will give her a platform to reach like-minded Dems who feel their party left them. She’s finished.

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    3. Ann says:

      Well I’ve been Trump supporter from the start but I took the time to print out & go over Biden-Sanders 110 pg showing exactly what Biden said he’d do! And he’s doing much of it already by EO!
      I shared it before election with many who still don’t believe it!

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    4. irisheyes17 says:

      Patrick Barrett , Reap what u sow, dude!!…y’all dint know how the Biden crime fam has sold out 2 China B4 u voted?!?!

      DON’T Y’ALL READ!!!

      Biden and his son Hunter r both MAJOR pedos…mayb he’ll hav more little kids feelin’ his hairy legs….yuck! yuck! yuck!!!

      Pres Trump has referred 2 Hunter’s laptop as the ‘laptop from hell!’…he has tbose hard drives…and 25,000 inages of a man who appears 2 b Hunter, (it is HIS LAPTOP!!) …brutally rapin’ and torturin’ young Chinese girls, who appear 2 b 8-10 yrs-o…the CCP video everythin’ 4 blackmail…insurance 4 the $millions they hav nvested n2 the Biden’s….I’ve seen the images….

      That is why fakebk wudn’t allow the story from the NY Post…they claimed it showed images of child porn…not child porn, dude!….brutal rape and torture of Chinese girls..sum tortured 2 death!!!

      Fakebk covered this up so clueless ppl like u dint know who these ppl really r!!!…they were runnin’ covah 4 Dementia Joe!!!

      The CCP were supplyin’ Hunter with his drugs and unlimited supply of young girls….then video’d EVERYTHING!!!….y’all helped these evil, dmonic ppl n2 the WH…with the CCP now runnin’ the show!!!

      Btdubbs, the FAKE NEWS journos r mostly CIA trained, if not outrright CIA!!!

      Hunter jus moved n2 a $5.4 million mansion…who says crime doesn’t pay nevah met the Biden’s…ncludin’ his brother, and Jill!!!

      Durham has been nvestig8in’ the Clinton Foundation (front 4 child sex traffickin’)…and Hunter’s business dealin’s with Ukraine and the CCP…

      Dementia Joe wants Durham gone!!!…but Durham has already finished his nvestig8ion…( he brought on 250 investig8ors on2 his team!)…and there r now ovah 250,000 sealed fed indictments…Durham can now start 2 arrest ppl…

      The sooner the better!!!

      Q always said, it had 2 b this way…2 wake ppl up….2 show ppl…sumtimes you have to walk thru the darkness to see the light!!

      Prob is, HOW DARK IS IT GONNA GET?!?!

      I blieve the CCP r responsible 4 the Texas power failure…sabbotage, dude!!!…thanx 2 Dementia Joe!!!…and he is responsible 4 the deaths n Texas!!

      He has completely sold out 2 the CCP and will do whatevah they tell him, cuz the CCP hav the video proof of the Biden’s crimes….

      I blieve 4mer FBI agent Clinesmith, remember him?!?!…changed the email 2 say Papadopolius wasn’t a CIA n4mant….actually rolled ovah on the higher-ups, like Brennan, Comey, Barack, Biden et al 2 get his sweatheart deal….

      Watch Dementia Joe do everythin’ he can 2 stop Durham!!!

      What do y’all think Durham has been doin’ 4 2 yrs, now?!?!…how do u think all the sex traffickers rings bein’ busted hav been outed?!?!….and CEO’s r steppin’ dwn…a lot of ppl commitin’ suicide… sum from Gslaine Maxwell givn the nfo…and I blieve 4mer AG Barr swapped Epstein out with a body dbl 2 rescue him from another attempt by Killary 2 kill him…


      Seems 2 b a lot of dbls out there…take a look at Fauci…he does not look like the old Fauci…nor does Dementia Joe look the same…..most of the time they want 2 keep him hidden away….everytime they let him out he says sumthin stupid!!…hahahahaha…

      Scavino posted pic of Gen Washington crossing the Delaware, on a boat called the ‘DURHAM!!

      The 1st arrest unlocks the rest!!!

      The 1st arrest might b Brennan…then the dominoes start 2 fall….we’ll c…

      And btdubbs, ANY1 nvolvd with Killary is EVIL!!!…and where r MAJOR pedos, John Podesta, and his bro Tony?!?!

      Where is Killay’s bff, Huma?!!!

      They seemed 2 hav dropt off the earth!!

      4 that matter, where is Comey?!?!…he’s always out there shootin’ his big mouth off…where’s Strzok, McCabe, Paige?!?!

      I blieve Clinesmith turned on all of them, ncludin’ Dementia Joe…that’s why Durham went after the little fish 1st…2 get 2 the big fish!!…

      OFC 2 save himself from treason/sedition…alterin’ fed docs is a crime….

      They don’ call Durham the ‘BULL’ 4 nothin!!!…hahahaha….


      Jus keep watchin’!!!


  4. I have had many conversations off line with good people confused on this plan…we discuss and know the plan is scriptural and man is a pawn in God’s plans. I have heard the confusion in comments from good people who are sick and tired of the obvious run around. The only answer is trust in the Lord and prayer. The military is in charge, people have been arrested and bad things are still taking place. God did not appoint each person to go with sticks and fight. He said pray to God and love him above all else with all your heart and soul and to love your neighbor as yourself. In doing this you will have obeyed all the other commandments. We are not to pull rabbits out of our hats for itching ears. We are to watch and see what is taking place and shout it from the roof tops for others to hear. If all were on the roof tops…who would be the others that are to hear? Everyone has a different calling. We are all in the same mess of world events. Have compassion on one another. It’s time to quit blaming all who were born into this time of history for the mess as those who know are blessed and all who haven’t figured anything out of this confusion are a part of the problem. The discord comes from finger pointing. Amen.

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    1. Nonsense. The Bible commands us to reprove evil. Also, I don’t want the military in charge. See, we have this republican form of government and no where in this republican form of government does it give it power for the military to be in charge. It’s We The People or nothing.


      1. fireflamestoves says:

        What you want is of no real consequence, just as what I want to happen doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter what any of us want to have happen; God is in charge of this earth, and His Will is destined to be fulfilled in His time rather than ours. For you to dismiss Dianne’s learned opinion out of hand, as you publicly did on her own website, is both condescending and narcissistic on your part. These traits are characteristic of progressive liberals, and you should be ashamed of yourself for imitating them, but I highly doubt you are!

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  5. debjbalk says:

    Thank you, Dianne!! I love the anointing on you. The way the Holy Spirit has you weaving circumstances, people’s behavior, and their potential responses “with” the mighty Word of God is so awe-inspiring. It’s precious to behold, and I praise God for the wisdom, courage and strength He has put in you. I’ll continue to pray for His filling in your life.

    Just wanted to share my reflections. With all that is happening around us, the biggest battle brewing for me is spiritual. Lately, my mantra has been… “I believe You, Lord. I trust You.”. Over & over again, I repeat this as the enemy tries to attack my mind or rob my peace or joy. He’s such a coward, and the more victorious we are for Christ, the more the pip squeak enemy attacks (or so it seems). This truly is an outstanding time to be alive, to be serving God, to watch His roaring movements, and to be waiting upon Him. As we remain in prayer, may we never hesitate to obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit in us. Thank you again for your continued God-directed insights. They are glorifying God in countless ways.

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  6. Ran Man USA says:

    Hi, Diane.
    I see I touched a sensitive spot🤡
    Please don’t hear, what I am not saying. You are a very gifted writer by the way. Assuredly, I am not.
    I’ll give it a whirl though.
    * I am disappointed in myself for believing this back channel …pick your “pejorative “ Info.
    I instinctively know, we get nothing for nothing in this life, accept the blood shed by our savior.
    Shame on me. I have been actively pondering a number of grass roots- community level ideas. Mentoring- running for a town board position- possibly teaching self preparedness etc.
    * Trust the plan…?
    There are numerous podcasts we all listen too and invest in learning and seeking truth. X22-SGT- Sarah W- and we know- Simon- RDS- Juan-Charlie the list goes on an on an on…the bottom line though is, this so called “Plan” by the White hats-Patriots- Military intelligence etc…has very little factual fruit – proof of reality.
    Trump was chosen by God to execute this plan…really? Say”s who? Where is the factual proof?
    * If a survey was taken, I believe most people trying to learn and seek truth would agree…whether it, Trump, Scavino, Q, who ever…would say the communication to help everyone stay in the game, has been extremely poor, and vacant of facts and tangible truth.
    * This so called movie, we’re watching is a bonafide example of how to retreat, while telling everyone your winning…please save the Art of War sales pitch.
    * I am not claiming to be self righteous, and all knowing, however, I am really shocked as of late how unbelievably gullible most Americans are…and how insanely easy it is to indoctrinate the masses…masks- lockdowns- vaccines etc…without some sort of divine intervention “which we don’t deserve “ our beloved USA is in serious trouble of not existing in any way shape or form, our founding fathers would ever recognize.
    The Spirit of anti christ has clearly been UN Leashed.
    * The depth of the Evil and wickedness is shocking, and likely has NO end…
    * Here’s the “ RUB” I continuously cannot rationalize. If the a Patriots are in control, and winning…the best is yet to come…WHY, in Scripture, in the book of Revelation does it reveals numerous references to global governance, pure Evil encapsulating the world…I understand the Gospel, and the second coming…in a heavenly sense, we undoubtedly win, through the blood of Christ. however in the Worldly movie, we’re supposed to be watching while we enjoy Popcorn…we lose!!!
    If you spin it any other way…you reject the inerrancy of Scripture….what say you Patriots 🙃

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    1. Why as a patriot am I conflicted? I trust the Bible, God’s word to us, which tells us that when we see the world moving toward a United government with evil intent toward God’s laws and His people, that then we should consider the days numbered. For it is then that we should expect a sinister and deceptive, but Charismatic world leader and an advancing tribulation followed soon by Jesus return. We in other words should expect the things of Revelation to transpire shortly.
      Certainly our own nation is in the throes of this sinister underlying evil plot toward one worldism. It’s almost as if God had set Trump up in leadership in this nation in order to expose, to anyone with even a casual understanding of Revelation’s message, just how far along we actually are to being gone as a nation. But Trump did more than that he was a vessel used to haunt that movement. Now that he is gone the evil actions are rocketing forward. But is this not what we should expect?
      So why am I conflicted?
      It is for this reason: there is another purpose in scripture for us and our time. For if God wants as the word states “all to come to a knowledge of the truth”; then there must be a great revelation of a different kind than what is in the book of the Revelation. There must be a revelation of the truth yet unexposed to the masses, if the masses are not enlightened as to the real truth they have no chance to find Him before they are forced to worship another. So, I am conflicted because I dearly want our God to miraculously break in upon our country exposing its evil even further, and revealing His righteousness to the world’s masses by so doing.
      So though I want to see Jesus return even though I know it will be preceded by great suffering still I am praying for the miracle of a deeper revelation of first this election fraud, and then the evil that is behind it. Only if it is exposed can the true evil that is behind it be exposed.
      I have another reason for thinking that this prayer just may be considered by our Father in Heaven. For in Scripture we are told of the nations who will participate in the beast system that is even now being set up upon the earth. These nations appear both in Daniel’s prophecy in Chapter 7, and in Revelation’s description of the beast. They are the bear (Russia), the lion (England), and the Leopard (Persia), these are devoured or possibly and more likely incorporated into a feared and dreaded forth beast of Revelation’s Antichrist system. We can envision the various conglomerate of nations effected by these beasts ( the British Commonwealth; the once Russian lead Soviet Socialist Republic, and the middle Eastern Arab Nations). But there is a fourth Nation that broke off from the Lion. It is a Nation represented in scripture by the wings of an Eagle 🦅. It is a Nation used of God to protect the people of His nation Israel during this coming Great Tribulation. And since it appears that this nation is not allowed by our God to be absorbed and devoured by the coming beastly Antichrist system; then though I know that this Beast must come, still I will pray that our Father will smile once again on this Nation and the Christianized world for the season that is needed to awaken the world to His ever present concern for her, and to strengthen once again the nation represented by the Eagle, and bring His righteousness once again to bear on her government and on her citizens.
      God’s will be done. His word is true. Jp

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      1. debjbalk says:

        Bless your heart, Jerry, for the ability to discern all of this, and then to explain it. I, on the other hand, don’t do too well trying to understanding it all. Instead, I’m better off when I lay it at the feet of Jesus. My best approach is to ask Him this… “Please send someone my way that needs to hear the Gospel, before it’s too late. Then please give me the courage to speak up and tell them about Jesus.” As Dianne so rightly pointed out in her blog…. We all have our calling and gifts, and we all don’t have the same ones…. I suppose that’s what makes us function so well as THE FAMILY OF GOD. Thanks for sharing your insights. I’m learning more every day.

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    2. RAn Man USA, I still believe the insurrection act was enacted and martial law has been declared at the Capitol. The virtual everything is taking place. The people who are translating and interpreting are creating the confusion…like the many translations of the Bible and interpretations that create discord among the same group that all believe and love the Lord. This is where the biggest problem of division lies, in my perceptions. Many mean well and do well, and many are now saying some odd things, and making odd statements that is their opinion…but, it slaps the audience who are desperately seeking answers. And some are just trolls. The only one to trust in is the Lord. Trump has remained silent. And so many have put words in Trump’s mouth, and his motives, and no one has spoken with him to ask a dang thing. He is but a man, who loves America…and until his actions show he is part of the cabal, I will believe he is working to end it but he is not God. But, he has done all things to bring down the beast. I believe that is what is taking place behind the scenes. For so many things are now a cartoon and the cartoon is even looking like a cartoon.

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      1. Ran Man USA says:

        Hello, Miss Diane.
        I get it. I believe we’re on the same page, and the same team. I obviously know not, what is taking place behind the scenes. It’s like the age old question, why does a loving God Allow evil.( Please don’t reply with an answer) I get it…I don’t like it, but I get it.
        Same thing allegedly, With Trump and the Patriots …why will you not engage… it just Grinds my gears that so many people and business- jobs- economy are being destroyed, by satan, and his wicked army of angels Mocking us, our constitution, and above all God….
        Be well

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      2. southern1952 says:

        Thank you Dianne…I can read the bible day in and day out, and not remember any of it, that happened in 2011 after having major brain surgery. as far as I can see, you explain it better than anything I read here, not that others can’t, but some are too deep for me to comprehend. I have to have plain language, not big words. I am keeping my faith that God has this, I have to because just today, the news are saying something about HR 1, trying to eliminate normal elections. Pelosi said in 2019 that it was a power grab, but for the people, not the special ones, whatever that means. So thank you again!

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      3. debjbalk says:

        Southern1952, I thank God that you survived your brain surgery. You are an inspiration of hope and faith….and….all of God’s goodness. Thank you for sharing your testimony. It’s such a blessing to know an “overcomer” and a lover of God.

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    3. Randy says:

      I was taught that everything will get worse and worse, then will come the Rapture (I Thessalonians 4:13-18), followed by the Antichrist and his world government, then followed by the Second Coming of Christ to Earth. Other Christians I heard saying we would see a great revival they call “the Greater Glory,” which seemed to contradict the other timeline. I now think both are probably true.
      In the Old Testament under King Josiah Israel experienced a great revival. But when he died an apostasy returned which led to the Babylonian Captivity. So I can see how the efforts of the patriots to restore the Republic could help to create conditions which would be conducive to a great revival, which itself could lead to the Rapture. Then with the influences of good removed from the world, those who ignored Christ during the revival would turn to the Antichrist’s one-world government. They will probably explain the Rapture by saying, “UFOs did it.” There will be a full disclosure of the aliens, who, instead of saying, “Take me to your leader,” will say, “We will take YOU to your leader!” But even then people will have a choice to receive Christ, or take the Mark of the Beast.


  7. sojournerwt says:

    Thank you so much, Dianne, for this message! I cannot express my own gratitude for these words of truth being written as I believe this has caused a burden upon the believers and others as well. I, personally, have had enough “popcorn” to satisfy during this time. And I have had my fill of the condescending attitude from those of us who have given what God has provided each to do our own “part” in all of this. God has directed me to not get involved in social media as this would have been a distraction for me. Instead, God has called me as a watchman to stand upon my tower and PRAY! THIS is what I have been called to do and to provide for those who have been called to do their jobs. I have been praying over these things for decades, just as you have been. God began to give to me many dreams and words which have to do with what we are experiencing today! Had I run about attempting to appease others….then my “job” would have been reduced to minimal useage for His glory and purposes!
    We must each seek God and His will on what we are to do….and all these things will be for His glory and purposes. Many do not have any idea of what it is that they have been called. And many do not understand the workings of God. All things are for His glory! First, God has called each and every one of us…we all have a calling, although different from others. (This calling has been provided by God…for His glory! Read Romans 11:29). Then with this calling, God has provided an anointing that powers us to “walk the walk.” This is provided by the Spirit of God as it is the anointing of God which destroys the yoke of bondage (Isa. 10:27). And then, we are given gifts to accompany the calling and the anointing…to get the job done….for His glory! This was provided by His Son, Jesus!! (Read Eph. 4:8). God has given us all we need and it is all for His glory…we cannot take any credit for any of it!
    With all of that being said….those who are called to “do something” are supported in prayer by those called to pray…etc. It is time that things begin to work together and stop the demeaning of others.
    Forgive this lengthy comment. And thank you.

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  8. pry from my Coldeadhands says:

    Well said!
    As for the Senate examining potential criminality on the 6th of January at the Capitol Building…with a few exceptions we’ve got a bunch of criminals looking for crimes committed…They’re the ones who have aided in the abrogation of our constitution.

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  9. Catherine Cavanagh says:

    Amen. Well said.

    On Wed, 24 Feb 2021, 5:54 am THE MARSHALL REPORT, wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” While the Senate holds their hearings to > decide what happened on January 6th, 2021 at the Capitol, and the left give > their snarky opinions in a pathetic maneuver to skew the truth, we have > Resigned Capitol Police Chief, Steven Sund on the hot seat, holdi” >

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  10. Ran Man USA says:

    Just to be clear…
    I as not in anyway disparaging X22-SGT …etc
    Most do outstanding, tireless work…to bring us truth.
    Please support them, if your led…
    Be well.

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    1. I was not disparaging good truths from good people…I am simply pointing out the confusion and some have gotten a bit scolding which is not fair at all to many good people. “His Glory” David Scarlett said it well….in their recent road trip to Arizona to speak, they found that Patriots came together with Christians, and Christians came together with Patriots. His comment opened my eyes to the separations that had arose out of two different perspectives on dealing with the chaos. It takes both. And some are innocent sheep who have fallen into fear due to mind washing propaganda. My point is…this is confusion and confusion is not of God. God is in control and to point fingers back and forth is not good for anyone. Love all of God’s people. Come together with some mutual respect for one another in this time of great evil.

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      1. Ran Man USA says: There are many good people speaking to share the truth and going to great length to share it. X22-SGT is one. There are many. And some are good but have begun to point and blame and laugh. That is not right, nor productive. We are all in the flesh and failable. And we can’t throw the good out with the bathwater if one is having a bad day. But we must appreciate and respect ALL THE PEOPLE going through this horrible time.

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  11. Donna Matthewson says:

    Thank you Dianne for what you do, and who you are! You manage to convey what so many of us are thinking and feeling these days. Current events are really taking a toll on God-loving, law-abiding citizens of our country.
    I pray that we will not have to endure daily hardship much longer.
    Thanks again, you are wonderful…….

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  12. Patrick Barrett says:

    hemp4shemp, sorry, the constitution says that a president can declare a National Security emergency, and give the government control to the Military. They are supposed to be non partisan and rule until the emergency has been taken care of. then the control would go back to the President. for instance, if foreign governments were getting into our Voting tally machines and changing numbers to help their favorite candidate to win, that would be foreign interferance and be considered WAR. So yes, there are times when the military should take control.


  13. Beth H says:

    Very well written, Dianne, and all the commenters who have contributed their own thoughts. Since the beginning of the “pandemic”, the areas of division have grown exponentially. We are divided by race, religious beliefs, political leanings, whether we are “maskholes” or non-mask wearers, etc. The devil is very clever and knows where to hit people so that the divisions become greater.

    I like to remember 2 Corinthians 4:8-11–“We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair, Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body. For we which live are always delivered unto death for Jesus’ sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh.”

    Also Isaiah 28:5-13, although speaking of the condemnation of Ephraim, can be applied to now, to us as a nation. When thinking about our frustration in not seeing what we want to take place when we think it should, we are told in verse 10 “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little…” God is working, and He is not surprised at anything that is happening.

    I keep reminding Him that there are seven things He hates, “A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.” (Proverbs 6:17-19).

    It is so important that as Christians, those who are truly born again by the sacrificial blood of the Lamb of God, we do not war against each other. We are ALL groaning for the redemption (Romans 8:22, 23).

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  14. milliealger says:

    I have lived my life by the simple rule to figure stuff out. Do the math and follow the money. Well the last part proves money can’t buy everything. This country is not for sale! We are not a socialist country. The Democrats out spent the Republicans by 5xs or more.
    1. Population in the USA.
    334,000,000 million people.
    2. 30,000,
    000 million illegal aliens in the USA.
    304,000,000 Legal citizens.
    3. 63% of the legal age to vote .191,520,000
    4. Registered voters in the USA. 120,657,758
    5. 15% Of Regestered voters don’t vote (history)
    6. People who legally voted. 118,848,320
    7. Trump received 78,000,000
    8. 5% of registered voters voted independent or write in. 6,032,888
    9. Votes remaining 34,159,932.
    You do the math. These numbers do not reflect the dead, under age children,homeless,made up names,trained monkeys or falsely filled out ballots. And Thank you Google for this information. All you have to do is read and do the math.

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    1. irisheyes17 says:

      Every yr 1 million anchor babies turn 18 and r eligible 2 vote…who do y’all think these ppl will vote 4 knowin’ their parents r ILLEGAL?!?!

      10 st8s r reportin’ illegal alien women r now outbrthin’ US women…and there r ovah 30 million illegals here, (FAIR REPORT)) not 11 million like they try 2 con y’all 2 blieve!!!

      That’s why Trump wanted 2 end automatic birthrite citizenship…by EO…

      It’s suicide 4 America 2 allow illegals 2 giv birth and hav automatic citizenship confered on them!!!…not 2 mention all the gov handouts they r eligible 4 now!!

      Every day pregnant illegals show up at the border…they’re lookin’ 4 welfare 2 take care of themselves and their bambinos….they cum from the jungles of CA. . . (google rural homes n C,A. it’s appalin’ what they come from!)…and hav nevah even seen ndoor plumbin’, they come from dirt floor shacks, and still hav outhouses…there r no welfare programs…no WIC, no foodstamps, no free schools, no free breakfasts and lunches n the schools 4 their bambinos…no world-class healthcare (which they xpect here)…and 2 top it all off…they h8 this country!!!…and so do their kids they drag ovah here!!

      That’s why the Pledge of Allegiance was tkn out of the public schools…it offended illegals, mostly from Mex and C.A….I know!!!

      But they sure do luv the free education, free food n the schools, free healthcare…most r sickly comin’ from a 3rd wrkd socialist healhcare system…

      Pres Trump said immigrants who come 2 this country shud b self-sufficient!!…once they come across illegally, there r catholic org and ACLU rushin’ 2 sign them up 4 WIC, foodstamps, Headstart 4 their bambinos…even puttin’ them up n hotels…buyin’ houses 4 them and their families…it’s outrageous what catholic charities r givn them!!!

      Catholic charities claim they r asylum seekers….more like 3rd wrld welfare maggots!!!…that’s why they don’t come n the ports of entry, but hire dangerous gangs 2 bring them across illegally…they don’t qualify 4 asylum and they know it!!!

      Losin’ ‘ ur country 1 illegal alien at a time!!!

      Losin’ ur country 1 illegal brth at a time!!!

      Oh, and btdubbs, Dementia Joe signed an order st8in’ we can’t call them illegal aliens anymore…




      Liked by 2 people

      1. debjbalk says:

        Sorry, IrishEyes, but I’m going to follow your example and be blunt…. That broad brush stroke you are using here should also be illegal. People’s life circumstances and this topic just aren’t that simple to “bottom line.” As believers in Christ, using a broad brush stroke to include all these people in your description (who Christ also died for) just tears at my soul. I have had a totally different experience than you. As an elementary school teacher, who has had thousands of Spanish/Mexican students (some legal, some illegal) over the course of 20 years, much of how you describe them just doesn’t match up with my real life experience. I have had the opportunity to get to know them (and their families), as real people, not just as a label (illegals). It’s a whole different view when you see their daily lives, you spend five days a week with them, you listen to their stories and struggles…and, you see the love they have for each other and in their families… plus their desires for a better life. But, you and I won’t be able to cover everything we’ve spoken of here…So, if we could “agree to disagree,” that would probably be a much wiser option. It’s just a way too complicated subject, one in which we won’t solve here today….although, I felt it was important to at least point out a different perspective. Thank you for sharing your thoughts…. I hope you’re okay with me doing the same. I’ve barely broken the surface….there are 20 years of personal stories I could share, but will spare those stories for another place and time. May God lead our country to find a workable solution for all involved. Lives are definitely at stake, on all sides.


  15. inesnido says:

    WWG1WGA=you&you&you, etc!! I don’t know what’s the plan all I know is that something is going to happen that is going to shake the earth. I just hope and pray it doesn’t scare people into committing suicide. I pray for conversion on a global scale. I’m Catholic and you may be a born again Christian, or Presbyterian, or Lutheran or something else. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we love and worship Jesus Christ. He’s the one who died the horrific death in order to give us hope for eternity. Trust in His plan for the world. I do believe God is using Trump for something bigger, but when push goes to shove, believe me, God WILL intervene and

    Liked by 4 people

  16. D Higgins says:

    Matthew 11:28-30
    28   Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
    29   Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
    30   For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

    This is “the plan” in every generation since the Shepherd showed the Way. Jesus’ disciples had expectations Jesus knew were NOT part of “the plan”. Conservatives could benefit by studying Divorcecare and Griefshare curriculum available at churches all over America.
    Grief manifests anger, confusion, depression…..caused by emotions involved with loss. This is exasperated by unmet needs (fairness, free expression, justice), and illogical maneuvers by opposing forces (politics).
    Acts 1 records the disciples asking Jesus, “Now?”, “When?”….. Jesus says it’s not for you to know…..ie, you have to walk by faith ! Remember on the boat, when the storm threatened your lives? I had told you “Let us pass over to the other side” Mark 4:35……transitions require that we trust him (ie his words).
    Paul was so sure he had THE Scriptures, he constructed legal arguments on a single letter to the Galatians (seed, not seeds).
    Jesus did same…..illustrating the resurrection on a single word (I am not I was….Mt 22:32).

    Diane….on a side note, have you looked into Noahide laws or Ecology of Peace documents? These have surfaced recently….could be interesting?

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