The latest on the vax, shared by Juan O Savin, who received it from Nicholas Veniamin, host of THE NICHOLAS VENIAMIN SHOW out of the United Kingdom. I had to pass this on. It was the most common sense and scientific smack back at the pushers of an unproven vaccine that alters DNA. It is proving to be an experiment on humanity by the great merchants of the earth to achieve their ultimate agenda and get what they always wanted, live human lab rats. Remember, to these sick people you are disposable and they don’t care what happens to you as long as they get to play Dr. Frankenstein long enough to figure out what they can create out of you.

JUAN O SAVIN, [21.02.21 08:31][Forwarded from Nicholas Veniamin]Someone sent this to me …This is powerful “I’ve had my vaqine and I feel fine.”This is the uneducated and ignorant defence from anyone that has taken the vaqine and uses it as proof that the vaqine works, when confronting anyone who questions it. If that’s your defence, then you haven’t listened to a single word anyone has said, including science itself.It’s an mRNA vaqine. Innovative medicine. Completely untested. Unlike any other vaqine. In fact, it steps out of medicine and firmly into genetics. Let me explain.What is RNA? RNA is Ribonucleic Acid. And if you actually went to school, you will have heard of DNA. This is deoxyribonucleic Acid. And if you know anything about DNA, it contains the genetic makeup of any organism.Both are very similar, yet have their differences also. But, more importantly, lets talk about their functions.DNA replicates and stores genetic information. It is a blueprint for all genetic information contained within an organism. RNA converts the genetic information contained within DNA to a format used to build proteins, and then moves it to ribosomal protein factories. The mRNA vaqine is a synthetic “messenger” RNA strand, that converts genetic information within DNA. Now, they’ve told you that they do this to produce proteins to in order to strengthen the immune system to fight the C0v!d virus, but if you really look at the bigger picture here, it might leave you quite numb to understand the potential reality of the situation.If you have had the vaqine, rest assured that your DNA is now changing. Do you have any idea of the implications of that? Your genetic makeup is mutating.You are being put under extreme pressure to take a substance that changes your genetic makeup, all because of a virus that has no more than a 0.03% fatality rate. A virus that is parallel with the flu (which has mysteriously vanished since the arrival of C0v!d.) Not to mention that the FDA have not approved this as a legitimate vaqine as yet, but have only approved for emergency use. This means that it’s being tested on you! Most “vaqine” companies don’t even refer to this as a vaqine, but as an “operating system.” I’ll assume that Mr Gates likes to call it this!If you are ignorant enough to tell me that I am selfish enough to want my DNA to remain intact, at the risk of somebody’s life, who already has underlying conditions and probably would have died from the flu or any other ailment, due to their own failing immune system, then you are completely insane.I see people stating that “if it’s the only way to get back to normal, then I’m having it.” I’m just gobsmacked. These people are more than prepared to risk change of the very fabric of what “life” is, just so they can get their “life” back?If you think I’m talking shit, then more fool you. Go and have the vaccine. Hopefully, you wont have to regret your decision, should the time come. This information is readily available for you to read. If you are ignorant enough to roll up your sleeves with your eyes completely shut, then maybe you have no idea on what the meaning of “life” actually is, and you’re chasing a complete fantasy.You think its about saving lives. You think its as clear cut as “life or death.” It’s not. It’s not dying from a vaccine that I’m scared of. It’s living with it’s potential long term effects. As opposed to the 99.97% survival rate that will see the back of the effects of C0v!d in about a week. I’m not a betting man, but those odds look sweet to me!So you took the vaqine and didn’t die. Wonderful news. I didn’t take the vaqine and I didn’t die either!Lets pick this back up in several years, when I’m still human… and fuck knows what you are.This is not scare mongering. This scientific fact. Not even scientists can ultimately know what this is doing. People really need to understand what they are lining themselves up for… or more to the point, understand what they “don’t” know what their lining themselves up for. Please wake up.Peace and Love to Everyone! 💖

Juan O Savin is a good go to source to find out what is taking place during these quietly/ loud times we are experiencing.

God bless and stay strong.



  1. This is not a vaccine but a gene editing shot. They push it as a vaccine so when you take it, get sick or die, you cannot sue. There is also no sars cov 2 virus. We keep telling people there is a virus you can expect more panic, lockdowns and mask mandates. If people keep equating it with the flu, it’s the same as telling people yes 9/11 was a false flag but a plane hit the pentagon. People get sick and die from the same things they always have but when you add chemtrails, 5 G technology, roundup in your food and an assortment of things we are not aware of, that is why people are dying. Monsanto is spraying crops with aluminum. Why? Well , it has to do with the combination of aluminum and fluoride and 5 G technology. We are in the process of being exterminated.

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    1. ellemy says:

      John Rappaport (the inventor and publisher of No More Fake News) tells the truth and has for years been exposing the fraud and lies being perpetrated upon the public through propaganda and mind control by Big Pharma, the medical industry, tech industry and other nefarious government and NGO organizations and activities He was one of the first to blow the whistle on this sham pandemic that was in lockstep with event 201 of the NWO agenda. Having said that, I have to ask all truth seekers, who was the President that bloviated over and over again about his “miracle” race to produce a vaccine and pushed for a speedy roll-out by the end of 2020 with project Warpspeed? Who was the President that called the Moderna and Pfizer “vaccines” a miracle? Who was the president that signed off on the speedy rollout of 5G across America while n the midst of the “pandemic” and lock downs? Who was the President that took the US out of WHO but then turned around and gave the money to GAVI (Bill Gates, Birch and Fauci) for vaccine research? Who was the President that became the perfect Trojan horse for getting “we the people” to trust in his MAGA policies and hardly notice what his left hand was doing? Who will demonize Fauci and the vaccine and give THAT president a big pass while supposedly exposing evil? Who is 107 (Jaun O savin) but another CIA controlled opposition asset to keep the sheeple from really waking up?


  2. coldlogic says:

    I tried to convince my sister not to take it, and she keeps telling me, “my friends took it, and they are fine!” But nobody knows for sure if they are “fine” until they have to get rushed to the hospital at 3 am. Hank Aaron was “fine” for a couple weeks. But even Zuckerberg was overheard saying they do not know what it does. I thought we all hated Bill Gates for Windows XP. I did. Why does anyone trust someone like him when he is not a doctor? Fauci is a lying sack of whatever. And if all the media says something is true, we know it is a BIG LIE! Why do they want us to take the vaccine? Maybe so they can install “programs” into their “operating system.” That is what you with windows or linux. Why not a human being? Anyone remember that spongebob episode when plankton gave everyone mind control helmets free with their purchase of some chum? That is what this vaccine really is. A mind control helmet getting injected into your arm. Remember you have the right to sue your boss I’d they tell you to take this vaccine. Sue them for as much as you can get. Your job has no right to look at your medical records. They are HIPA protected.


    1. Lois Gahm says:

      My son and daughter are both going to take the vaccine Hopefully Trump will come back soon and stop this. People had to see hard evil the deep state really is


      1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

        My husband and I disagree on this whole covid krap….My husband wants to get the vaccine this Wednesday….he told me last week….I said: “we better get your affairs in order” …..I asked him if something should go wrong, does he want to go to assisted living, or to a nursing home. He got angry with me….this morning I asked him to look at the Juan O Savin video…I told him this was going to be my last attempt at trying to inform him..he didn’t..I give up….then tonight I just told him about the HCQ being listed as a vaccine according to the American Medical Journal…we shall see what he does Wednesday…..I will keep you posted Lois.


  3. Henry says:

    “The mRNA vaqine is a synthetic “messenger” RNA strand, that converts genetic information within DNA.”

    This is not what mRNA does, and displays a general lack of understanding of mRNA.
    Small segments of DNA are used as a template to make mRNA. This is done by a protein called RNA polymerase, which is found in the cell nucleus. This process does not alter the genetic code, merely copies a small section of it. The mRNA is then transported outside of the cell nucleus, where it is translated into proteins by ribosomes in the cell cytoplasm. Again, this in no way alters the genetic code.
    The mRNA vaccine bypasses the transcription process in the nucleus by giving your body mRNA instead of having you make it yourself with RNA polymerase. Therefore, it does not touch your genetic code. The mRNA does not enter the nucleus, and even if it did, it would not affect the DNA, it would simply be transported back out because that is what happens to mRNA made by your body in the cell nucleus.

    If you have reason to believe otherwise, please let me know why and I will be happy to continue this discussion.



  4. Caroline Olson says:

    Two great sources for unbiased scientific information about the nefarious history of Covid, who funded it (Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates), and the corrupt World Health Organization’s (W.H.O.) agenda linked with the Chinese Communist Party, and the actual ingredients in the vaccines and harmful effects are provided in great detail by: Dr. Joseph Mercola at Mercola.com, and also at The Vaccine Reaction.org.

    I heard a female physician on the radio in Phoenix, Arizona a few weeks ago say she is fearful of the vaccine because “it has a protein that causes a SPIKE” that results in a pregnant woman not producing a placenta in the womb for a newly conceived fetus, which means it won’t get nutrients that Nature would otherwise provide, and will DIE. The Vaccine Reaction reported several pregnant women who got the vaccine during trials, had stillborn babies and miscarriages.

    This is DELIBERATE because Bill Gates, who funds millions of dollars through his nefarious nonprofits for vaccines (whose father was head of Planned Parenthood for many years,) said on a TED Talk years ago that “vaccines could be useful for POPULATION CONTROL.” His polio vaccine caused hundreds of thousands of children in South Africa and India to die or suffer horrific side-effects some years ago. Leaders of both countries told Bill Gates to STAY OUT of their nations. He is determined to get rid of old people who cost too much in health care, and certain races and people in low economic situations. BEWARE of anything Dr. Fauci or Bill Gates, both Democrats, claim. Also see OPERATION LOCKSTEP, THE ROCKERFELLER FOUNDATION for their demonic plan to destroy America.


      1. Janet says:

        I don’t know or care! I do not trust anyone in government right now no matter what their name is. I don’t believe they have our best interest in mind. Someone patented this virus and put it out there? Why?

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  5. And once again, our military is being used as another experimental population. Young, healthy men and women being pressured by leadership they are supposed to trust [and obey] to “voluntarily” subject themselves to the vaccine. Critical thinking and research are frowned upon. The VA system is a wreck now. When the claims begin on this, they will be denied because there was consent…

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  6. thankyourmuse says:

    Since this whole HOAX began, and was taken off pandemic status quietly in March of 2020, and they have not isolated the so called virus, and the strain they are testing for is the exactly RNA sequence of your 8th CHROMOSOME…which is over intelligence and fights cancer……THE RNA or PCR tests only test for RNA, no virus and certainly why we get so many positives, and never meant you were infected. This hoax is for bringing down the global economy. And Big pharma gets to try to alter everyones DNA which means THEY CQN PATENT you…which they had done with the SARS2 virus they were doing ‘GAIN OF FUNCTION’ research in the Wuhan lab financed by FAUCI and our TAX dollar grants, they had patented this in 2014…the CDC and FAUCI own the patents for the tests and the virus. Also the face mask industry which CHINA is getting rich off of…look at who has gotten rich and who has lost everything, small businesses…if you want to see what they wish to do…WATCH PLANET LOCKDOWN DOCUMENTARY https://planetlockdownfilm.com
    Also, some of these PCR tests have NANO FIBERS…what are those??? It’s similar to Morgellons that is coming out of people whose body is rejecting this NANO DUST they have sprayed on us and put in the vaccine, this is turning humanity into CYBORGS…you will be hooked up to the internet, or mainframe of the internet of things, you will be in a hive mind…has anyone looked into the FUN VAX, which removes your ability to be a spiritual person, it removes the ‘radical’ part of your frontal lobe. This mRNA is programmable. ELON MUSK talks about it…he says you can become a butterfly with this technology. This TECHNOCRACY and TRANSHUMANISM agenda…along with the UN 2030 and Bill Gates depopulation AGENDA, they will be able to control those who take it, it will be like a bunch of robots and to them this is evolution of humanity, you have no chooice. WELL>>>IT”S A HOAX…THERE IS NO VIRUS…PLEASE EVERYONE…you will never get back to normal following them and their edicts…they do not care about you. THEY WANT YOU DEAD, or turn you into a robot. THIS IS THEIR PLAN>>>THE GREAT RESET. Which they are already doing in Canada…they will want to keep lockdowns going for 5 years, but remember…WE THE PEOPLE give our consent, so stop asking THEM…THEY WORK FOR US…Don’t protest the lockdowns, this is ridiculous. They pay off leaders of countries to lockdown their countries and ruin their economies, with promises they will have a nice cushy job in their NWO and it will be us vs them and we won’t be able to stop them once they have gotten to the point of totally destroying and depopulating this planet.
    PLEASE REMEMBER…you are a free human, START ACTING LIKE IT…tell them you will no longer comply, take off the masks…they will go to the next phase which I think will be by 2023 LIKE THE MOVIE ‘SONGBIRD;….go see that movie, that is what it will be like. If that doesn’t scare you, then ok, but it scares me, and we got to unite and say ENOUGH…ENOUGH OF THIS TYRANNY.

    COVID 19 = Corona Virus Identification for Artificial Intelligence. Cov = corona virus ID= identification and 1= A(first letter of the alphabet) 9 = I(ninth letter of the alphabet). It is an ID and they are collecting your DNA after altering it will be patened and linked up to the mainframe…THE CLOUD.
    A group of virologist and immunologists tested 1500 samples of the ‘positive’ samples of covid, and found only SEASONAL A AND B flu virus in them. When they contacted the CDC for some samples of the covid virus, they did not have any…they NEVER isolated it EVER…IT”S A HOAX.
    They have filed a law suit against the CDC who owns the patent and so how FAUCI predicted there would be a surprise pandemic in 2017 when he gave a speech and then they brought it in…THIS IS THEIR FALSE FLAG, if Trump hadn’t went along with this as this was the least of death or causing death if it was stopped pretty quickly, than one of their usual FALSE FLAGS…BECAUSE ALL FALSE FLAGS HAVE AN AGENDA…like 9/11 was to get their war on Terror…anyone ever watch the interview with Aaron Russo about it…they want to chip us all.

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  7. Leigh Ross says:

    Hi, I have a lot of people asking me why Trump has been promoting the vaccine – can anyone shed any light on why it would appear to be when it is so dangerous. A lot of staunch Trump supporters are very confused over this…

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    1. thankyourmuse says:

      Well, he had to go along with this in the beginning, remember when he wanted to open up after two weeks and they went crazy? They stated they would not open up until a vaccine came out. He knows they cannot be successful with their GREAT RESET if they get a vaccine out and claim people can’t go back to work, that is for the fearful ones, but this agenda isn’t just about a virus, it’s about the technocracy and turning humanity into robots, transhumanism. Trump is one person, he can’t do it all, either he can stop them by showing how they lie about this whole thing by bringing out vaccines, after he tried to give everyone the cure with HCQ, and seeing how they didn’t want a cure, it’s a crime against humanity. NO MATTER what he did, they wanted to drag this out and those who did no research are the ones who believe this is still out there. The ones wanting a vaccine, are playing into the BIG PHARMA hands…bet they would have liked to kill off alot more people if trump didn’t go along with this whole shut down thing…all he could do is show them that they are lying and don’t want a cure, they want to destroy the economy he built up and those awake see this. NO ONE NEEDS TO TAKE THE VACCINE…do you not see how he exposed the VACCINE BIG PHARMA agenda by warp speed and how these people will want you to take this even though there is no reason to….so people report the problem since they hate him so much, they would be willing to turn on these BIG PHARMA companies just to make Trump look bad and out these criminals…it’s genius. Trump tried to tell people they cold even stop getting the virus with HCQ, and you see what our corrupt FDA and Big Pharma did with that. Robert Kennedy Jr. with Del BigTree won a landmark lawsuit against the government immunity for these BIG PHARMA because they have not been testing vaccines for safety OR efficacy for over 30 years…so with Trump’s promotion of vaccines…HE EXPOSED THEM…those who understand the vaccines are not good NOR never have been will find out that BIG PHARMA has put out these vaccines thru the FDA experimenting on people and now they can report on it, without getting called anti vax the death and harm they are doing to people….all because THEY HATE TRUMP. MOST TRUMP SUPPORTERS know not to take the vaccine.
      I have tried to wake people up who are wanting to get this vaccine…THEY REFUSE…they think I don’t want them to get the vaccine…I tell them then if you want to get it, just go to VAERS before you do, and you can have mine…I will not be getting this…ANY COMPANY that will force you to get it to have a job are liable for lawsuits…LET THE LAWSUITS BEGIN…there is also a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against the CDC and the WHO ahd many others who are exposing this hoax… I guarentee you that TRUMP IS NOT FOR THIS VACCINE…he had to EXPOSE THEM…so they exposed themselves just to HATE ON TRUMP…GENIUS!!!

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  8. Grace Bruno says:

    Thats my question. I agree with 99% of what the president says and does but his promoting this vaccine makes absolutely NO sense. Would love to ask him why he is promoting something so dangerous and if I know its dangerous I’m sure he does also.

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    1. thankyourmuse says:

      SEE MY REPLY ABOVE>>>this was to expose the REAL agenda and not about a virus, also to expose the VACCINE INDUSTRY, the CDC and BIG PHARMA…all because they hate Trump so much…he EXPOSES THEM…see above.

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      1. Joy Wyse says:

        It’s just plain wrong to expose the vaccine industry, CDC, and big pharma and hurt or kill human beings. I’m sorry but I believe Trump could be guilty of crimes against humanity and have blood on his hands for this action. My daughter took the vaccine to keep her job. I’ve been sick about this ever since last November. I’m worried about her and my whole family. This just isn’t right no matter how many excuses are used. You don’t take another human being’s life to make a point. I did support Trump and still want to, but this is something I cannot and will not agree with. All I hear on some of these programs is they are a causality of of war. I’m sick of this whole thing and sometimes I believe they are just kicking the can down the road and not really doing anything. Nothing has been officially reported on anything to do with this so-called war we are in.

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      2. Joy Wyse says:

        You could never understand losing a child unless you have. I’m no patriot to this country any longer. This is not right. I don’t agree with Juan either. My jury is out concerning him. I love my child and don’t want anything to harm her and Trump may have done just that. Any parent would feel this way. I’m not willing to give up my child for this country.

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  9. Aj Arnold says:

    I was told that Operation Warp Speed is the fight against child sex trafficing, the vaccine is the military. When Trump said that Biden got his “shot” in December he is saying that he was “taken care of via Firing squad”. At some point we ALL need to wake up. Everything depends on us ALL moving in the righteous direction. Its pretty simple to me, anything that Gates & Fauci says is population control propaganda thus not to be bellieved. We must take off these masks and for Gods sake get them off of your children. There is a beautiful world right there in front of us – all we have to do is approach it together without fear. WWG1WGA, I promise you!!

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    1. thankyourmuse says:

      Yes, you are right…there are double meanings to his words, if you look up gematria of VACCINE = 76 and Military = 76 IT”S 1776 again!!! Yes, the warp speed was more than about vaccines for for the sleepers it was also about the take down of Big Pharma…and exposing them. He’s a genious!


  10. Grace Bruno says:

    Thanks for your response regarding the president and the vaccine, appreciate it. I have never worn a mask I shop mainly in stores that don’t bother me, although, I get looks sometimes. Usually when shopping I look around at everyone in masks and its a really strange feeling that most people can’t figure out what is happening right in front of their eyes.

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  11. R says:

    I’m angry that Trump didn’t stop so many from getting the dangerous “vaccines.” My husband took it. I’m so sad and distraught.


    1. So, if you couldn’t stop your husband from taking it…how was Trump supposed to? By taking away his rights would have been the only way. So…how can our free will be blamed on someone else for letting us make our own decisions?


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